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Aunty And Young Boy – Chennai Andra Experience

  • desipapa
  • December 14, 2015

Hello every one, this is chinna paiyan ( name changed ) . I have been following Indian sex stories for very long time ! I m 18 now !! Young but energetic boy . I don’t know why like aunties a lot ! They r sexy , caring and unsatisfied soo I love them. This is the time fa me to say my story which happened one year ago !! with my aunty Sunitha age29 .she s very fair and slim . she looks like small girl .her stats 32-30-34 . she s from andra.. I thought her homely first but later she was a sexy bitch .she s housewife ! .her husband works in some company . so due to some work he didn’t come . . I use to see her only during some functions rarely ! One day she and her child age 6 alone came to Chennai for an function in my cousin uncle s home ! I came early to help my uncle in function ! ! She just chatted about life , school etc I don’t have any intention towards her first ! We normally chatted and ate our dinner !
As it is summer season its hot inside d home ! So me my aunt and her child . and my grandma decided to go upstairs to sleep ! My grandma slept soon in d flexible bed ! . I was sleeping near my aunt to her right . to her left her small boy s sleeping ! . I removed my shirt due to sweat ! . she made her child to sleep ! We all started to sleep ! When sleeping she placed her hand over my hip .suddenly my heart started to beat fast !! I could not sleep further .. Me and my aunt shared one bed sheet ! I was overjoyed when she placed . I watched her eyes .she was sleeping ! Then I slowly placed my hand over her hip ! She didn’t took a move ! And felt her hip . it was so soft and smooth .. I made her close to me !

But I removed my hand due to fear that my grandma may see ! .it was d best !! so 2 to 5 times I felt her hip and I thought that she s unsatisfied with her hubby . I must take care of her ,I waited fa a chance soon ! And slept ! We both woke causally as nothing happened ! She s great actor ! I was confused whether she know that I put hand over her hips or not ! And function went well ! And then like others she went to her place andhra . I was frustrated .I thought to myself that I missed opportunity ,! I missed her a lot ..

But within few months I got good opportunity !! I thought to myself that I should never miss this opportunity ! I thanked God fa this !! I never thought that this will happen ! It’s was my house opening ceremony in Chennai ! She came !! And attended . as it relatives are full .. I went to my cousin aunt place ! I never thought she will be there ! I was surprised ! . then it was night time ! My cousin aunt instructed me to sleep over bed . my sunitha aunt . cousin aunt slept down ! As it broke my heart ! I decided to taste sunitha ! I said my aunt that I can’t sleep well over bed ! So my cousin aunt and me exchanged my place ! I was lying perpendicular to sunitha . her head and my head same place ! I dint sleep as my angel was there .

I took some time . I started my play .. First I touched her lips ..wit fingers . then rubbed her face with my finger . she was fast asleep ! Then I started to kiss and taste her lips ! It was juicy !! I licked well !! She acted asleep !! But I didn’t miss this opportunity ! I changed my position . slept close too her ! Face to face . her boobs calling me ! . i frst inserted my finger over her nightie . and felt her boobs nipples ! She didn’t respond .. I knew she know that but she kept her eyes closed ! And her heart beat raised ! I started to press her boobs ! Well .. It was spongy .. She didn’t react ! I took her boob out and sucked her nipple like baby ! She made some moan like ahhhh shhhhh .

But even though she didn’t open her eyes !! . I sucked well !! Then inserted my hand deeply in her nightie touched her hip .. Played with navel ! She didn’t wire bra but she wore panty it smelled good 🙂 try to smell girls panties they r awesome ! I inserted my finger and felt her pussy . it was hairy .she didn’t shave ,! . but I was in fear that my cousin aunt and other relative might seen !! I inserted finger inside her hole ! And felt her vagina ! I was in heaven ! She almost cummed !

I tasted with my finger ! It was too good ! Then I removed my hand .. I kept her hand over my penis and started masturbating!! Ahhh it was d best feel ever !! I cummed over her fingers !! And I kept her hand over her mouth . her lips were with my sperms .. Then I started to sleep . but after one hour I saw that her lips had no sperm ! She might have licked that ! It was best experience ! I am waiting fa chance to fuck her soon . any aunties girls in Chennai can email me .. I love auntie’s a lot of any age .. I am ready to fuck you ! Mail me don’t forget !! Thank you 🙂

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