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  • desipapa
  • September 14, 2015

I write here my one experience with my aunty. when my age at 17 I had intercourse with my aunty who distance relative for me. My aunty many times came to my house and stay for long time. She had two children married already. She is age group of 30 to 35. She is sexy and her boobs are very big, it always want to come outside. Her backside butt seems to separate. His stomach full of muscles.

I every time watch these things and imagine these things in night and masterbate. Really i want to fuck her. She like me for chatting and take me with her to going to market. I expect one chance to fuck her. But not brave to say to her. Many times I touch her boobs when she sleep. I expect that day also came.

In my house all are gone to one function for three days. I am refuse to go. My aunty and I in house. That day we both are watching TV. my aunty ask me did i have any massage cream, I ask her why she want it. She tell me that she have back pain so that want to apply the same.

I bring the massage cream and give it to her. She apply herself but not complete the same. So she ask me to apply the cream in to the back. And I apply that time I touch the body, it is very nice and smooth. my eyes watching her boobs I want to squeeze but i am not do. After she sleep well. I want to confirm She sleep well so I call her aunty for many times she is not wakeup. I release my penis from my pant and start to masterbate. My tension is down. In dinner she serve foods for me. And I asked her how is his back pain.

She told me not cure. I tell her to take hot water massage after it will cure quickly. She ask me to who will massage me. I tell her i am here for what? Then She arranged for hot water and call me. She wear petticoat up to her boobs. I don’t like that. I put water and massage her back bone. Same time i move my hand little down She is not say anything. Now I am try more she is not say any thing. I tell aunty why u were the peticoat it will disturb massage. She said ok I remove and remove the dress and says I am buddy why i shy in front of u.

That is good. First time I saw her nude. I am not say anything. I will catch her fully and start to kiss her. She asked me what i was doing . Nothing is here by me. I kissed her. She tell me beta control yourself. I came to normal. and she say me to first U massage me and I will give whatever u want. I massage her complete body and her backside butt. She ask me to massage the Butt I press the Butt with oil and slowly I put my finger in her ass hole. At the same time she remove my dress and catch my dick and massage up and down. She ask me to lick her cunt. I lick her cunt and put one finger in her ass hole. After small time I put two fingers in her cunt and move in and out. She had temp. she monnning oooooooo yaaaaa

I kissed her lips and press the boobs like a mad. From her cunt her organs are come out. She had satisfied and she want to pass urine. And tell me to sit down to her and piss urine on me. I wonder this thing. I put soap on her back side and slowly press my dick on her ass hole. It will come outside. She catch dick and put it in her aass and tell me to press. I press it and she is make sound because of pain. From backside I catch her two boobs and pumping my penis slowly.

I increase the speed slowly and fuck the ass. When I fuck back side I put my one hand on her cunt. and fingering it. She is moooonning and noise are different. I errect my cum in to her ass. After I remove my dick and both are take bath and came out. I ask aunty to not wear dress. And I also nude. In full night we nude and fuck each other. Aunty ur not buddy If u buddy I want to fuck buddy. In full night we play sex and enjoyed for threedays. After my family returned to home.

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