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Aunty and her two Daughters

  • desipapa
  • October 1, 2015

Readers might recollect that I am a Doctor by profession, practicing at Chandigarh, sportsman like body, 5’8″ tall. After graduating from medical College – Shimla, I joined P.G.I. Chandigarh to persue my M.D. Started living at home, once again in my first floor room. Soon I became popular in the area and people would walk in for consultation, either they had developed confidence in me or because it was free for neighbours. All my stories are real incidents of my life with no names changed. We had rented out house Annexe to a family, Mr. Sharma, belonging to a lower middle class group, around 50 but looked much more, his wife Sudha Sharma was in her early forties but looked much younger. Well built woman with a cute face. They had two daughters Neha 20yrs, short with 34-28-36 figure and Shama 18 yrs. Around 5’5″ with 32-28-34 figure. The elder one was on Mrs. Sharma, studying in B.A. final, fair and pretty looking. The younger was more of plain looking but smart looking girl, studying in Pre Medical.

In a few months the family became quite close to ours. Sudha and my mom would chat after finishing the house chorus. I once overheard her telling my mom that she and the two daughters sleep in the bed room and sharma ji sleep in the living room, as it was a two room accommodation.

It was after couple of months after they moved in, I had had come back from my morning badminton games and was going to get ready for the hospital that there was a knock at my room door. Still in shorts and T-shirt I opened the door. It was Mrs.Sudha Sharma. I wished her and asked as to what happened. She told me that she has fever and cough for the last two days. I asked her to come in and told her to lie down on the diwan, which was my make shift arrangement, an examination table at home. She was wearing a pale colored saree.

I checked her throat. It had inflamation but I could feel she was having heavy breathing.

“Are you Asthematic”” No” she said I knew it was a case of acute & Infective bronchitis. I made her lie down on the make shift examination table and checked her lungs with stethoscope. My hand roamed over and pressed her breasts several times as I examined her. Her breasts were firm. I prescribed the required medicines and asked her to come again after five days.

It was Saturday. I came back from the hospital at around 2 p.m. had lunch and dropped my mom at the temple for her Saturday prayers routine and came back to my room for a nap. I changed over to Kurta-Payjama and was going to lie down when there was a soft knock at my door. It was Sudha only, had come for review. She told me that fever was gone but cough is still there.

” Well for proper examination you will have to remove your blouse and bra, cloth rustling interferes with the lung sounds” I told her.

She was a bit uncertain but having no alternative, went to the bathroom and came out after three minutes, having removed the blouse and bra, covering her breasts with saree paluu. I made her lie down while adjusting the stetho in my ears, removed her pallu. There they were two large size breasts, white like cream with dark brown nipples. I started moving the knob of the stetho, starting from the side of her right breast, asking her to take long breaths and moved stetho on the breast, pressing from top of the nipple. After a few minutes moved to the other breast.

” Aapki breasts bari hard hain” I told her. ” Chup badmash” she said ” Lagta hai Sharma ji nei inhein masla nahin” I said while pressing the stetho on her nipple. ” Sharma ji ko in cheezon mein intrest nahin hai. Do bachhe pata nahin kaise paida kar diye” she said. I knew she was a sexually frustrated woman.

” Aap to jawan ho per Sharma ji budhe lagte hain” I said removing the stetho, keeping it aside I moved my both hands over her breasts and started pressing them. She looked at me with startled expressions but without caring I bent over and placed my lips over hers and gave a long kiss while pressing her breasts. She tried to break away but my hold on her was quite strong. I again kissed her, this time pushing my tongue in her mouth and sucking her lips with mine. She started to give in may be liking it as I moved my lips to her breasts, taking them in mouth, one by one, sucking the nipples hard, while my hand moved towards her waist, slipped in her saree and brought out the petticoat string. I gave a pull at the string and it opened. She realised as to what was happening, pushed me with her hands. I came to the sitting position and once again took my hands to the either side of her waist. Slipping them in, hlding the pettie coat, gave pull, bringing the pettie coat along with saree below her knees. She tried to push me with her feet but I gave another pull and removed her pettiecoat along with saree. She was not wearing the panties, which I later came to know that she hardly wears. She immediately turned over, trying to hide her assets but exposing her large ass. I left her for a minute, removed my kurta and payjama and moved her over and came to lie on top of her. My mouth over hers, kissing her and my erect 9″ cock thrusting in between her legs. I decided to enter her as she was still in that resisting stage, so pushed my cock in, in the second push my cock went in almost half way and on the third I was full length in, still kissing her and pressing her breasts hard I started my strokes, slowly first and making them rapid afterwards. As I moved my mouth away, she opened her eyes, looking straight into mine. She had started responding and I knew she was enjoying now. I sat up on my knees and holding her knees raised her legs up and opened them wide, increased the thrust of my strokes, my baals banging her ass with every stroke. She had her mouth open and breathing hard through the mouth. I came after about ten minutes, exploding inside her.

“Liked it” I whispered in her ear. “Aisa mere saath kabhi nahin hua. Toone to thaka diya” she replied. ” Ab to mana nahin karogi” ” Nahin jab marzi chod lena, mujhe acha lagega” ” agle hafte phir isi time aana” I told her and she nodded in acceptance, dressed up and left. Next week she came to my room immediately when I came back after dropping my mom. Closing the door behind her she came straight into my arms and I planted a kiss on her lips, long one, we kissed for couple of minutes before I disengaged from her, held her from the arms and said

” Aaj main tumhein achi tarha se nanga dekhna chahta hoon” I said. ” Kyon us din dekha nahin kya”

” Nahin us din to jaldi ho gaya” I said, gave her a kiss and started undressing her.Within a minute her two melons were already hanging in front of me as I removed her saree also and made her completely nude. She had a protruding belly. Sitting on the bed and making her stand in front I took her breast in mouth and started pressing the other. I bit her breasts many times on which she would give out a cry. Later making her sit on the bed I quickly undressed, standing in front of her. She grabbed my lund, the moment it sprang out, moving foreskin back planted a kiss on the tip. Holding her from back of her head I brought her mouth to my cock, forcing it in her mouth. She took the whole of it in her mouth and started moving her lips over it. With every stroke I could feel it grow further attaining max erection. She kept on sucking for about five minutes. Later I made her lie down on the bed, turned her upside down and moved two fingers in her pussy from behind. She was already wet. After a few strokes I forced the third finger also inside and pushed my thumb into her anus.

” AAAAAAAH Kya kar raha hai” she cried out but without bothering I kept pushing my thumb in her ass and three fingers stroking her pussy. After about ten minutes she had her first orgasm. Her juices dripping from her pussy. Coming in between her legs, with my thumb still stroking her ass, I entered her from behind with full push, pushing the whole length of nine inches into her in one go and started long strokes, almost pulling out the whole length of my cock before pushing in again.

” Oh God – Oh God ” she would hiss out with every push in. I fucked her in this position for about fifteen minutes before exploding my cum inside her and crashed over her. Both of us were completely breathless.

” Teri biwi bahut khush rahegi” she broke the silence after sometime. ” Haan aap ko chod chod ke aur experienced ho jaoonga” I replied but my mind was already on her virgin daughters, whom I will fuck. Contact at

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