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Aunt Seduce Me

  • desipapa
  • September 14, 2015

Myself , Jeeva , i am 21 yrs of age . 6 ft tall , 67kgs weight . I spend my evenings in the gym for the past 10 years . So i have a very good , structured body . I am going to narrate my first sexual experience in which how my aunty (mother’s youngest sister) seduced me . I am regular reader of So i know pretty well how auntys seduce their family guys . She is my mother’s youngest sister , named santhi , aged 24 years when it happened . she is now 31 years . I was 15 years old by then . She was married to a guy who works as a cashier in a shopping complex in muscut . I was on my summer vacations . I went to her house . she alone lives there with a lady maid . Her in-laws are staying in a house which is 100mts away from her own house .

I guessed she could n’t be having xtra marital affairs since her in-laws are so near . Since my childhood , I have noticed her looking me too often . I have seen her several times smelling my pantys and my shorts in the bathroom . Soon I came to know that she has a sexual liking towards me . But , to be faithful , I was not at all interested as she is so lean . I like only gals of big boobs . I am a boob-lover . A boob fetish guy who alwways wants to suck milk from those sexy melons . I love gals having a massive pair of boobs . I love to suck milk from them all day .My aunt is only 32″28″36″ . when She wears saree , One almost have to search for her boobs . So I decided to myself not to show any interest on my part on her but if she approaches me , then I would certainly help her come out of lust . It was the second day after i go there . It was around 6pm in the evening . She gave me a Tea while I was watching TV and told me that she is goin to take a bath and left to bathroom after locking the door from inside .

I continued watching STAR MOVIES . After 15 mins or so I heard a loud ‘thud’ noise from the bathroom . As i have read several stories of aunt’s seduction , I suddenly understood that this is one of her tricks . I guessed she is decided to try sex this time with me . I went to bathroom and found the door half-open and once again confirmed it as aunt-seduction . ‘siththi enna aaachchuu ?’ ( what happened ?) Saying this I slowly peeked in . I saw her fully wet , wearing a red blouse , white bra and a pettycoat soaked in water . Her eyes were closed and she was pretending to be unconsious , I guessed . I sprayed some water on her face . She shooked her head with a twist and said ‘ soap vazhukki vittudichchi ! sssssss apppaaaa ‘ . saying this She tried to stand up but in vain . So I took her in my arms to her bedroom . All the way to the bedroom , her both hands were round my neck . when i put her in the bed she didn’t move at all and my head stuck in her hands and was very close to her neck . I was all thinking that she has decided to seduce me , and what’s happening there stood like a story I read from desipapa.slowly i felt her hands gripping my head steadily and she pulled my head to her neck . I decided to myself that if she is so much decided , let’s spend this evening with her as she is not having sex for 2years . I kissed her at her neck . she opened hr eyes and turned towards me and looked into my eyes . she suddenly hugged me tightly , I was xperiencing hot and cold simultaneously since she is wet .

She started hugrily kissing me all over my face and even bit my ears once . I unbuttoned her blouse and she helped me to take it away . I was madly kissing her all over her nick and her breast . Then i almost tored her bra , caught her nipples . Her breast were in full erection , but there was no bulgeness . Damn shit . I hate myself to be with such a women with plain breast like a tennis court . But , What to do ? She is longing for sex and she likes it to have it with me for a long time as i have watched her smelling my pantys . I started squeezing her nipples knowing that there wouldn’t be any milk at all , but I did it just for her sexual satisfaction . I even pulled her nipplles while handling her other nipple . I licked all over her breast . I moved my head to her naval . She quickly removed the knot of her pettycoat and moved it down . I was about to laugh at her sexual urge .

She must be so much thursty for sex with me . I drove my tongue deep in her vagina and started sucking her there . She was making strange sounds like ” mm mmmm mmmmm ssssss apppaaaa nalla …..” . She used vulgar language too like ‘ nalla ooommmbu innum nalla nakku …” and was moving her hips round in accordance with my tongue play . I was dong this for almost 20 mins . She was screaming like anything and sudennly she opened her legs wide in V shape and asked me fuck her hard . I dropped my lungi and panty down , took my 6″ prick and inserted in her vagina .

First it didn’t go . I myself foud it very hard to insert it as the light was very dim in that corner of the room . I couldn’t locate her vaginal opening . she only caught my penis and guided into her hole . I slowly thrusted my penis and as she was already cumming , i didn’t neeed any kind of lubrication . After sometime I was fully inside her . I slowly thrusted to-and-fro in her vaginal opening without taking my penis out . I slowly increased the speed and after about half-an-hour , I was about to cum , i told her and she told me to cum inside her . I came in her . Loads and loads of cum inside her . Then I took my penis and laid my the side of her . I was very tired so I closed my eyes and was about to sleep when i found a hand in my penis . I opened my eyes and found my aunt taking my penis in her mouth and like licking a lollypop she was licking it . Slowly my penis started growing harder . After sometime my penis was fully erect and she was eagerly licking it . I stood up and stand on my knees she continued sucking my penis like a lollypop , After 15mins or so I felt I was about to cum , So i came in her mouth . she took in all of my juice .

We lay in each other ‘s arms for someime . After that I collected my dresses and went to toilet to pee . When I was about to pee , she came in the toilet . She asked me if i like it or not . I didn’t want to spoil her enthusiasm parallely i didn’t want to acknowledge this so I didn’t say anything . She came closer to me and asked me again . I said ‘ u r my siththi . this should not have happened ‘ after that i didn’t say anything . She started comforting me saying that what has happened between us is quite common all around , everyone are doing it . I interrupted ‘but neenga enakku amma maadhiri , how can i do this with u ‘. Then she said ‘don’t call me sithti anymore if u feel so . take me as u’r friend .u can have me at bed anytime ‘. sayin so she smiled . so i too agreed and smiled inreturn . Then she asked for what i came to toilet . I said to pee . She said pee in my mouth . I also did as she said and peeyed in her mouth and she took it all but didn’t swallowed it . after that whenever she likes to have sex , she would ask me and I give her company eventhough i don’t like to do it . but she doesn’t know that I don’t like to do it with her until this second . In return she used to give me costly present like webcams , shoes , shirts etc., We have done it more than 15 times and I am doing it for her only as she is away from her hubby and she is very thirsty for this . I am getting bugged up with this lady , she is just a tennis court in her front . I am longing for an young girl with massive boobs and want to suck it hardly and drink the milk to empty . I am badly in need of those milky , massive tits (36″ or above). So any sexy gals , married women’s , newly married womens , pregnannt ladies , divoorced ladies , pls mail me if u r ready to give u’r milk to me .my mail id is

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