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Aunt My Sweet

  • desipapa
  • September 25, 2015

My name is Sunny(name changed).iam from Bangalore aged 24 5″10,fair,and sexy too.this is my true incident with aunt (my father’s brother’s wife). .her name is Kala aged 37. Kala is having 1 daughter and 1 son,daughter aged 18 my cousin sister and son 14.

kala is tall 5″6 and totally different lady having 36d-30-36 fig.she used to talk to me in a friendly manner. i used to shagg atleast once in a day thinking of her beauty. one day i visited her house she was alone,she invited me and she was wearing a pink nighty she gave me coffee and started to sweep the floor,i could she her boobs swinging in her nighty as she didnot wear a bra,the sight of her cleavage was great,as her nigthy was bit loose i could she her armpit too when ever she raised her hand its was hairy and that black hairy armpit made her look more sexy.she had untied her hair and she used to sweep her buttocks could be easily seen she was wearing black panty,and nighty was stuck in between her ass cock was grown fuly and seeing the skies in my pant. I told kala that i need to got o bathroom and i went there lockd myself and started shaaging my hairy 7 inch cock.i washed myself and came back to my house. th ewhole night i kept thinking of her,and nearly shagged 3 times that night,i got a chance once again my uncle had to go to chennai for some stage play,my aunt seeked my mothers permission to send me to her house to sleep in nights.i was very happy and wanted to seize this opportunity. i wento her house at 9:30 pm she gave me some fruits to eat.

My cousins were alredy asleep i slept in other room and my aunt was watching tv. she went to sleep at 10:30,and i was thinking how ic ould have sex with her.i went to her room and saw she was 11:00 i slowly went near her and saw that her nighty was up till her tighs,i slowly moved the nighty and put my hand carefully over the thighs .i unbuttoned her nighty one by one and i was stunned to see boobs with black nipples over it i put my hand onleft boob pressed it,i heard a moan and suddenly my aunt woke up and slapped me,i told that i am hungry for sex i need her,she refused and said it was sin,i didnot care and put my lips on to hers and sucked rosy lips,she first didnot cooperate then slowly i sucked he rtongue.

I removed her nighty and she was only in her panties,she removed my lungie and undies and caught my cock and pressed it,i moaned in pain.she sucked my cock and i was in heaven.she licked my cock balls too,i slowly removed her panty and kissed her hairy pussy and i smelt her pussy it was great.i licked her armpits too i brought a bottle of hairoil and poured some on her pussy and massaged her pussy hairs with it i cock was very hard and hot at that time since my dream came true.she too massaged my cock with oil,i inserted my cock in her pussy slowly inch by inch and dicovery through the pussy made luch puch luch puch sounds.

I fucked her for nearly 15 mins and i cummed in her pussy adn i was exhaushted i kept my cock in her pussy for half an hour and kissed her and went back to my room. i had sex with kala many times thereafter and i even fucked her ass many times. Any hungry teen gals,aunts,widows(mature ladies) from bangalore can mail me to my email id,waiting for ur mail ladies,bye.

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