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Aunt and her maid

  • desipapa
  • August 31, 2015

HI readers. I really enjoy reading erotic stories, be it on the net or from books.So I decided to share my experience with all of you. I am a guy of 17 from Mumbai.I am 5.7″ tall, fair and I am proud of my muscular body.I live with my parents.I have one sister who is married and staying in Delhi. Once my parents decided to visit my sis at Delhi and they were planning to stay there for at least 3 weeks.I decided not go with them because I had just visited my sister a month ago.My mom was not ready to leave me alone for so long.She thought I would be mischievous and would be careless about money if she would give me some to last 3 weeks or more.Since our relatives did not live in Mumbai, my mom asked her friend whether I could stay with her for a month.her friends name was Priyanka(I used to call her Priya aunty).My mom and her friendship started before I was born.

She was my mom’s best friend. Even I knew her very well.This was nothing new to her because earlier if there was no one at home and I did not have the keys I often used to go and spend some time with Priyanka aunty. Priya aunty said it was ok for me to stay with her.She assured mom that I wont do any mischief and mom can stay at Delhi as long as she liked without worrying about me.Mom agreed and decided of the trip to Delhi.Let me tell you about Priya aunty. She was fair,about 5.7″ with real good body (36d 27 37).Priya aunty was married to a businessman who used to often stay away from home.Even priya aunty used to work.She used to teach at a college.But now she has left that job and now is a housewife.I liked Priya aunty cause she is funloving and always spends time with me.But the main reason of my liking is that she is very beautiful and sexxy.I like her the most when she wears sleevless blouses and wears her sarees below the navel.She looks real sexy wearing that. So on the day when my parents left for Delhi I shifted to Priya aunty’s house.Ofcourse I had the keys to my house so that i could use it in case of emergency.

We ate dinner and priya aunty told me to use her house as my own and not to be shy.Till now she was dressed in a saree.She always wears low cut sleevless blouse.I was enjoying watching her clevage.After dinner she changed into her night gown.I was stunned.Her night gown had thin straps and was only kneww high.Thin straps ofcourse means no bra. Her legs were smooth and silky.I had instant hardon.Even I changed into my comfortable shorts which I always wear while sleeping.We chatted for a while watching tv at the same time and then we both went to sleep.We slept in different rooms. The next morning when i got up Priya aunty had already taken a bath.She said she had to go outside for some work and will be back soon.before leaving Priya aunty wanted to change her clothes so she went to her room closing the door behind her.Luckly I saw that the key hole to her room was wide enough for me to peek.I thought for a while whether I should peek at her and decided to do it.When I peeped through the key hole Priya aunty was in bra and panties with her back to me.What a lovely figure she had.Good bums too.I saw her wearing a saree and I quickly went to watch the tv before she came out the room. She told me that she would return at night before dinner.So while she was gone the maid might come do her work and she would also make lunch for me.

I said ok and then she left.I cursed myself for not being able to see her naked. I took a cool bath and masturbated with a picture of Priya aunty in my mind.After having the bath I searched priya aunty’s wardrobe.There I found several bras and panties.Many bras were strapless.After sometime the maid came and was doing her work.I noticed that the maids boobs were quite large.She also had big bums.I thought her husband must be enjoying while fucking her. The maid left after her work.I ate lunch and then slept in the afternoon.I was watching tv when Priya aunty returned at about 8 pm or so.She was looking very tired.She rested for a while sitting in front of the tv and then got up to change her clothes.When she went into her room I knelt before the door and was looking through the key hole.Sadly again she wasnt facing me while changing her saree.She removed her clothes except her panties and then she was putting on her gown when for a moment or two I was not looking through the door.Then suddenly the door opened and Priya aunty was stunned to see me getting up outside her room.She asked me “What were you doing?” I was frightened and said “nothing”. Priya aunty : “you were peeping through the key hole weren’t you?” Me : “No aunty, no” Priya aunty : “yes you were and you will be punished for that” I did not know what to speak.Priya aunty had caught me red handed. Priya aunty : “Let us have dinner first and then we will sleep.I will decided what to do tomorrow” I had my dinner and immediately went to my room to sleep.I didnt say a word till that time. Next day Priya aunty woke me up and told me to wash my face and come in the drawing room.I remembered yesterdays incidents and was terrified of my punishment.

After we both had tea Priya aunty asked me “So its punishment time” Me : “Sorry aunty I will never do that again, please” Priya aunty : “Do you want me to tell your mom what your were doing yesterday?” Me : “no please dont tell my mom about that” If my parents came to know about what have I dont then i was a dead person. Priya aunty : “then from today onwards you will whatever I tell you to do.OK?” I had to say Yes.No other choice. Priya aunty : “good. From now on you will always roam naked in my house and will only wear clothes when someone visits us” I was stunned to hear that.I did not expect this punishment from her.I had thought I will get a severe beating or something else but not this punishment.I was in my thoughts when aunty said “remove your clothes now fast” I did not move.She again said “Remove your clothes now or i will have to tell your mom” I still didnt move.Aunty then got up and came to me and told me not to move.She was going to strip me.I was taken aback. She told me “If you move or resisted then you will have bear the consequences.” Priya aunty then started removing my T-shirt.Now she went to remove my shorts and underwear together but I resisted.She just gave me stern look and then I had to give up.Then in a moment i was standing naked in front of her. She said “Ok from now on you will roam like this.You arent allowed to masturbate.No clothes on you untill someone visits us.Oh and yes, when the maid comes you can wear only shorts nothing else.THANK GOD atleast only one person is going to see me naked. After a while she smiled at me and said “Cummon smile.Now theres nothing to hide.i have seen you naked when you were small so why are you silent now” I didnt understand her.

She said ” I am not going to ask you to do my work or anything.You can do whatever you want but you should remain naked all the while.OK” Priya aunty : “Hey your penis is small right now.” Ofcourse how would I be aroused when I am being treated as a sex slave? aunty came near to me and said “I want to see your size when its fully erect.” Saying this she took my penis in her hands and started playing with it.I was getting aroused now watching Prya aunty playing with penis.My penis was getting bigger and bigger.Priya aunty looked at me and smiled.I was starting to enjoy this.When it was fully erect priya aunty got up and said ” You do have good sized penis now.” She laughed even I couldnt stop smiling. She told me to take a bath.But instructed me to keep my door open while taking a bath so that she will be sure that I wont masturbate.I took my bath keeping the door open.All the while Priya aunty was watching me.I started to like this.the Only thing i wanted was that I wanted to masturbate badly.My penis was erect by now.Priya aunty smiled at me and asked “What are you thinking of now?Do you want to masturbate?sorry you cant do that.But I might help you.” Saying this she told me to stop the shower and she entered the bathroom.She took my penis in her hand and started masturbating me.The feeling was damn good.Priya aunty masturbating me.WOW.I came very fast all over hands.She smiled and said “You do shoot off quite a load” She washed her hands and told me to finish my bath.

After a while I was getting comfortable when suddenly I herd the bell ring.Priya aunty came to me and told me to wear only shorts (no underwear).She opened the door.It was the maid.She started doing her chores all the while I was just in a shorts.I have never been in a shorts without a underwear.Priya aunty told me to relax and said that nothing will happen.She told me she was going to take a bath and told me to sit in the drawing room.I said ok. Priya aunty finished her bath came out in another gown which was same as her night gown.She came near me and touched my penis through the shorts and did not remove her hand untill my penis was erect and throbing.there was a big bulge in my shorts.Anyone could see that.She then took me to the drawing room and we both sat there. Now the maid was a very talkative one.She came in the drawing room and started talking to me and priya aunty.All the while my bulging shorts was easily visible to her.I wanted to hide that but Priya aunty understood what I was doing and stopped me from hiding my bulge.I was embarrased.The maid could clearly see my bulge.After a while aunty told me to go and sit in another room while she did some work.I left .I left immediately.While I was going I saw the the maid was looking at my bulge.I went to another room and relaxed.After sometime I heard that the maid was talking to Priya about me.I got curious and carefully listened to what said.She said to aunty that I was a shameless guy.I was surprised hearing that.

Priya aunty asked her why she thought so.She said “Didnt you see at his shorts?There was bulge in it.usko itna bhi nahin samajhta ki use kuch pehna chahiye shorts ke under” Priya aunty laughed at this and said “So what its normal for all the guys to get aroused.” To this the maid said “haan lekin kuch to sharam aani chahiye use.” Priya aunty said “Usme sharam kaheki.Agar main use bulau yahan par aur kahun ki tu apne kapre nikal to woh nikalega.” the maid was surprised at this.Priya aunty said “dont you believe me? wait” and then called my name and told me come here. I didnt move from my place.So Priya aunty came to my room and said to me “Come out and you will do whatever I tell you to do.OK? Dont worry the maid wont tell anyone about this” Saying this she caught my hand brought me outside.The maid first saw my shorts.My penis was not erect at that time.How could it be when I am frightened? Priya aunty sat next to the maid and I was standing in front of them.Priya aunty told the maid to tell me anything to do and I will do it and asked me “hai na?” I didnt say a word.She again asked me with a stern voice “HAI NA?” I just nodded my head.The maid was surprised.Priya aunty told the maid “If you dont believe then you tell him to remove his pants.” The maid told me remove my pants.I looked at priya aunty.Aunty said “do as she told you to do” Now I had no choice/

I removed my shorts and there I was standing naked in front of two ladies.The maid was stunned to see this.Priya aunty said “are uska to khada nahin hai.Shanta(maid) tu agar chahati hai to uska haath main pakad aur khada kar uska.” To this Shanta got up and took my penis in her hand and immediately my penis started to grow to its full length.When it was to its maxximum Shanta complemented me on my size.Then suddenly took the whole of my cock in her mouth.She started to shake it in and out of her mouth.I was taken by surprised.But I was liking it.I came in her mouth in just a minute.Shanta drank all my cum.Only a bit was spilling from her mouth.Things were going fast and i was liking it.When i saw towards Priya aunty she had had already removed her gown and now was only in her panties.WOW I was seeing Oriya aunty naked for the first time.I liked her boobs.They were big and firm.Priya aunty told me to come near her.I went towards her.Meanwhile Shanta began removing her saree.In a short while Priya aunty,Shanta and me were all naked.That day I enjoyed threesome.I fucked both of them.What a lucky guy I was.I had never fucked anyone before that and here I was having sex for the first time two ladies. I hope I was good at writing for the first time.Any girls/aunties/guys want to contact me can mail me at Comeents from all are welcome.I will reply to all the mails.Thank You. Bye

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