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Asma And Kamini In Bhawalpur – 2

  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

Hello Desi Readers: This is Ali again from Lahore with the 2nd part of story “Asma and Kamini in Bhawalpur”. After the great response of Desi readers I decided to write the 2nd part. For those readers who want to complete understand this story please search part one at the story page of So let us come to the topic.

After Kamini’s migration to Karachi I always feel very sad due to my sex habit which was developed in those three days which I spent with Kamini. Those days I was trying for sex with someone and I tried to approach with my some female class fellows but the all of my class fellows were away from sex even away from friendship with guys. I think that was due to Bhawalpur was a small city and not modern like Lahore , Islamabad and Karachi . As well as there was a trend of “Naqab” and till now. So, I start trying to approach Asma for sex but that was too difficult due to my Auntie (Chachee) always at home and always keep watching Asma and me. Some days I spent with masturbation by thinking of Kamini as well as I was trying for a chance with Asma.

One day, when I came back from university Asma opened the door. She was wearing school uniform. I paid Salaam to her and went to my room and changed my dress. After five minutes I heard knock on my room’s door. I opened the door. There was Asma standing outside the door. She asked for lunch. Usually my auntie calls me for lunch. I asked her that “where is auntie and Haris:? She replied that due to a sudden death of a relative Uncle, Auntie and Haris are gone to Lahore . I asked her that “why you not gone with them”? She said that “my exams are starting tomorrow” therefore I cannot go. My cock immediately erects to think that Asma and me alone at the home. I told Asma to prepare food on dinning table I am coming. We took food together. After lunch I moved to my room for planning that how to have sex with Asma. At the mean while I heard sounds of shower I decided to avail a chance. When that sound of shower stops I came out from my room in the main lounge and starts waiting Asma that when she comes out from the bathroom.

After ten minutes Asma came out and drying her hair with towel. Asma was a beautiful girl and why should not because, she was just sixteen years old. After bath she was looking more beautiful. I can saw her reddish white body through thin cotton suit which was pasted with her body from some places due to wetness. I start focusing her and her body. She noted that and gave me a panic smile. I stand up from chair and walk towards Asma. I asked her “What was you looking at doctor’s house at that night”? She put down her eyes on the floor. I moved forward and put my hands on her shoulders and make a kiss on her forehead. She started abnormal breathing and said that someone may see us. That was a sign that Asma is also willing sex. I told her nobody at home who will see us. She said wait till night somebody may come. I told her nobody come. At the mean time I start kissing on the face of Asma while Asma’s abnormal breathing getting faster and faster. She starts moaning mmmmmmmmmmmm….. aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh… plzzzzzzzzzzz…. Don’t do that…. But I started doing.

I start licking her neck veins. I put down her on sofa and remove her kameez (shirt). She was wearing shameez (a sleeveless thin lawn shirt normally females wear under thin shirt of shalwar kameez in Pakistan ) wear under her shirt. Her reddish white shinny shoulders were nude in front of me. I licked both for some time. Her runway of breasts is clearly visible. Then I removed her shameez also. Mmmmmmmmmm… Her breasts were perfectly in round shape having big size like Kashmiri apples. Her nipples were light brown and erect. I start sucking her apples. Ohhhhhhhhh… the taste was very gooooooooooood. Her moans were getting louder and louder and I put her hand on my cock. She surprised to hold a huge cock in her hand. During sucking her boobs her moans get slow till finished. I saw on her shalwar at the place of pussy. It was very wet with her cum. She discharged. I immediately told her to go to the bathroom and cleen your legs. She went to the bathroom and after 5 minutes she came back with the fresh face. I removed her shalwar. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh her pussy… It was cleen shaven and Just a line. Not more then a line. After all she was a virgin. Her feet and legs were too beautiful. I start licking from the sole of her feet and then to her fingers. Her feet were nail polished. I was moving my tongue towards the hot point but slowly slow with tasting every part of her body. She starts heavy moaning again and that was increasing. During licking I reached to her thighs. I opened her legs completely now her small pink pussy was completely visible for me. I was also can see erotic movement of pussy muscles. I was thinking that may I lick her pussy or not, because after all it is a dirty thing. But her pussy was perfectly neat and cleaned. I decided to lick pussy in the first time of my life. I moved my tongue towards her pussy and put at the outer muscles. There was a mysterious smell which allowed me to do that immediately. Then I started licking and sucking her pussy. She was moving her hand in my hairs. With the pleasure of licking she starts pulling my hair and moaning loudly. AT the mean time she was on her 2nd orgasm. Her pussy flew a huge quantity love juices. I cleaned her pussy with a cloth and start French kissing her. She now starts masturbating my cock with her soft hands and telling me the now I cannot stop please do it. I said ok.

I opened her legs widely and sit between them. I hold my cock in my hands and stats moving up and downs on her thin line out side of her pussy with her love juices. When I found that cock is well lubricated then I put at the hole and tried to push in that thin hole. I succeeded to insert about one inch in Asma’s hole but Asma starts crying. She was saying that I am feeling that this act is very painful pul it out pul it out immediately. But my cock was not ready to come out without cum. I start little jerks but I was not succeeded to insert more while Asma was continues crying. I decided to push a heavy jerk and that I did. Almost 5 inch of my cock in the pussy of Asma and Asma lost her scenes. I immediately pulled out my cock with worry. As my cock came out from her pussy a lot of blood starts coming from. I come to know that hymen is broken. I cleaned her pussy with a cloth and bring some water for Asma. I through some drop of water on Asma’s face. She came back in her senses and complaint me for pain. I told her that this is first time and every lady feel a lot of pain on first time sex. After some time I start kissing on Asma’s lips and we both erotic again. I was also feeling pain in my cock due to half sex. And without wasting more time I came into the position and opened her legs again. This time I applied some oil on my cock and some on her pussy cause oil is better for lubrication as well as better for wounds. I start inserting my cock again into her pussy. She start complaining again for pain. I said this is for some moments and you will feel pleasure in the pleasure in some jerks. I start jerking slowly, now Asma starts moaning mmmmmmmmmm… ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh… her pussy was very tight. After some jerks I increased my speed. Now she was making loud moans mmmmmmmmmm… ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh… plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… Zara Zor Say. I start hard jerks with maximum speed and after 5 minutes of hard fuck Asma discharged again. I was also feeling cum in some more jerks. I pulled out my cock and cum on her legs and pussy. She was looking at my thick white cum. After ten minutes rest in each other arms we both went to the bathroom and taken shower together.

After wearing the clothes I saw the time on watch. I started to make planes for night. Because the time was too short and my home fellows were purpose to back tomorrow and once they came back I was sure that there will be no more chance with Asma. So, I decided maximum fucking with Asma till tomorrow. I saw time on the watch. There were 4:30 PM . I decided to sleep for some time because at night I was again willing to sex with her. She started studying her books for preparing the exams.

At 7:00 PM I awaked and start searching for Asma. She was also sleeping and a book of her course in her hand. I went to bazaar for purchasing some house hold. After one hour I back to home and ring the call bell. Asma opened the door. Her face was wet she was washing her face after awake-up. She said that she will now make dinner. I start watching TV and the evil thoughts starts running in my mind filming in my mind, that how Asma agrees to suck my cock with her white teethed mouth. I told Asma that I am going to meet some friends and will be back after half-n-hour. Till then you prepare food. She said ok. I moved to a notorious Video centre of our colony and asked for a XXX movie. Then I came back to home with movie and told Asma that I bring a English movie and we will watch that after dinner. She said as u wish. In the next 15 minutes she served dinner on the table and we both taken the dinner. Then I asked what you think that should I play movie. She said okay.

I inserted movie into VCR and push play button. That movie was a stoical movie. After 15 minutes the first sex scene starts and Asma covered her eyes with her sweet hands. I asked her what happened. She said that this movie is very nude and dirty. I told her that there should be no problem with you because you are an experienced girl now. She starts viewing movie. The scene was a between a black man and a white girl. As the film characters undress as we undressed ourselves. Asma said now you lay on bed I will do all which you did with me this evening. She immediately starts licking from feet. I was in heaven. She was moving her tongue towards my erect 9 inch long cock. I was surprised when she by passed my cock and starts licking and kissing on my belly. I asked her to suck my cock because there were also cocks sucking scene playing on the TV screen. She refused for that Act. I asked shy not? She said that she must be vomit. I told her to see on TV. Is that white girl vomiting but she is enjoying. Then she kissed on the top of my cock and starts sucking. After some sucking she starts enjoy and she making more sucking then the TV girl. I was in heaved and enjoying the pleasure of Asma’s mouth. She came in top of me; hold my cock and trying to insert my cock into her pussy. She slowly slow starts up and downs with a grate rhythm. She was moaning very loudly mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. Ali jaan tum kitnay achaay ho tum nay mujhay sari dunjya k mazay karwa diaya… oh Ali jani… ohhh kal baji aa jay gee tow main tumharay lun k mazay kaisay loun gee… oh jani… She was now to her orgasm and after some and downs she discharged her love juice on my cock, belly and thighs. She cleaned all with a cloth as well as she cleaned her pussy. I positioned her in doggy style and inserted my cock in her sweet thin hole. I start heavy jerks. Her big butts are touching with my thighs and this was most pleasure for me. After some more hard strokes I pulled out my cock and through my hot thick white seamen on Asma’s back.

That night we kept watching XXX film and fucked about three times more. Next morning my mood was not for go to University but due to Asma;s exam she was going to her school and I also decided to go University. What should I do at home? All time during the studies at university I was thinking that when Asma will back to home. I came back to home at 1:00 PM. Asma was not arrived yet. At 2:00 PM the door bell was ring and thinking of Asma my cock stands up. I went to the door where I found my uncle and his family standing there. Uncle said sorry baita, due to emergency we were in hurry we were not able to inform you about our travel to Lahore and as well as I have not informed that to my office so, we back by Air. I said its okay, and nothing I have to say. After 15 minutes Asma also back from the school and looking me with smile (perhaps she was thinking that you disturbed me very much in the last night now you disturb yourself).

After one month my exams started and after finishing the exams I came back to Lahore . In that one month I found not a single fucking chance with Asma just some french kisses I did.

So, Ladies of any age resident of Lahore and around of Lahore can contact me for sex as well as questions and comments on my above true sex story are welcomed. You can contact me at these e-mails. & Secrecy and satisfaction is guaranteed.

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