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Asma and Kamani in Bahawalpur

  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

Hi desi fans this is Ali again from Lahore . After the great appreciation from my 1st story I decided to share another real story of mine with you.

Six years ago, I passed Fsc examination in 2nd division. I applied for admission for B-pharmacy in Lahore . Due to low marks I was not sure that I will get admission and I was right. Then I applied for admission in Bahawalpur where my Uncle lives. After all I succeed to join B-pharm classes.

There were five people’s lives in uncles home, me, my uncle my auntie there 2 years old son and Asma. Asma was younger sister on my auntie and studying here in Government school in metric. There were Hindu doctor and his family lives in adjacent to my uncle’s home. They were a husband, wife and there eight months old son. Doctor was 40 years old while his wife was just 24. I usually visit to Dr. Sahib for help in my studies because I was studying medicines. My mind was clear with every evil thought because doctor was a good person and he always helps me.

One night when I was trying to sleep but that was far away from me. I stand on the balcony of my room and started watching stars on sky. Suddenly, my eyes focused on doctor’s compound. There was a sex scene between doctor and his wife. The both were complete nude. I was first time looking some lady nude in front of me. Kamani (doctor’s wife) has a sexy figure. Doctor was playing with her sexy body and licking her D shape boobs. I was thinking perhaps those sweet apples come in my mouth before doctor. My cock was in my hand and I was moving my hand ups and downs. I can also saw the expressions on the face of Kamani. Kamani pick doctor’s black cock with her white hand and start playing with that. After some masturbate doctor come on the Kamani and inserted his cock in her vagina. He start jerking slowly slow after two minutes he increased his speed and laid on Kamani like a dead body. Then the both of them wear there cloth. I also decided to go to the bed and trying to sleep now. When I was turning I saw Asma (my auntie’s younger sister) was also standing on window of hes room and her hand was in her shalwar. I immediately decided to go to Asma’s room and explode myself in her but due to I was panic from my uncle I decided to sleep.

On the next day when I came back from the university auntie was not at home and Asma just arrived from her school. She asked me that should I like lunch? I said yes. When she goes to the kitchen I go towards the kitchen and put my hands on her shoulders. She was looking afraid. I told her not to be afraid just tell me what was you looking at doctor’s home last night. Her complexion was gone reddish due to shy. She said nothing. I asked he “why not we do all of that what they were doing” ? She immediately told me no some one may come to home. That was the sign of agreed. I was pleased and decided to fuck her as early as possible. Now I was availing a chance with Asma but there was no chance.

After some days doctor Khanna came to our home and asked my uncle that “I am going to Karachi due to some official work if you never mind you please allow Ali sleep at my home on nights, because your bhabhee cannot live alone. I will be back in three days”. My uncle allowed me to sleep at doctor’s home and he also told me to take my books there for study.

I was very happy for a chance to live near Kamani. At 9:0 0 Pm I knocked at the door of doctor’s home. Kamani opened the door with a sweet smile. She said that “I set your room you can take rest or study there”. I went to the room and sit on the chair. There was a good smell of air freshener. I opened my book and starts study. But there was a film running in my mind when I saw sex between doctor and Kamani. I was thinking about that. At the mean time, Kamani entered into the room and gave me a cup of hot milk. She said would you like to play card with me. I said off course. She said ok, I am going to sleep my kid and will be back after ten minutes. I started waiting for Kamani. After right ten minutes she came back. Oh… She was wearing a sexy nighty and the run-way of her boobs giving me more temperature. We started playing cards. After some games she said that she is not enjoying the game. I asked then what? She said let us play game with a bet. I asked what bet. She said who wins, he kiss to other face. I shyly said ok. The game started and I won the game. She said now you kiss me. I shyly kiss on Kamani’s cheek. She said Ali “you don’t know kiss”? I said I don’t know. She said ok when I win I show you how to kiss. In the next game Kamani won. She said Ali now ready for a Kiss. She started a French kiss on my lips. Ohhhhhhhh…. What a pleasure of French kiss. She laid down me and removes her nighty.

She was wearing just a panty. Her boobs were open and giving invitation to me for suck. I immediately put my hands on her boobs and Kamani started moaning. Mmmmmmmm….. ahhhhhhhhhhh….. I taken one boob in my mouth and started sucking. The sweet milk was coming out. Kamani said take all milk and empty my brast. Ohhhhhhhhh uuuuuuuuu Ali darling take it take it. After 10 minutes she removed my clothes. She was looking at my 9 inch long hard cock with some unbelievable expressions. She started to play with that. Ohhhhhh… I was in heaven. My cock was in the hands on the lady of my dreams. She removed her panty and came at the top of my cock. She was trying to insert my cock in her pussy but she was not succeeding, because my cock size was larger then the doctor’s cock. Then she went to another room and brings a cream. She applied some cream on my cock and some on her pussy. Now she tried again. She started up and downs. She was making different types of sounds with her mouth of pleasure. I was also enjoying with her acts. She put her hands on my balls and starts messaging them. After some time I told her to change the style. She immediately lied on bed and now I was up. I inserted my hard rock in her pussy and start fucking again. She was continues licking my neck and as well as she was moving her body. She again put her hand on my balls and starts massaging. That act of her made me to cum. About 50 grams of my semen entered into her pussy. She was looking happy. Now we both went to the bathroom and taken shower together and sleep in each other arms.

After midnight when I was sleeping I feel some pleasure. When I opened my eyes I saw that my hard rock is in the mouth of Kamani and she is sucking it. I made no noice and shows Kamani that I am sleeping. The pleasure was increasing with every stroke of Kamani. Increasing and Increasing and Increasing. That was more then any pleasure. After some time I completely discharged in Kamani’s mouth. Her mouth was full of my seamen and some seamen were dripping from the side of her mouth. She saw me that I was looking at her. She smiled and went to the bathroom again for cleaning her mouth.

She returned back and asked how you feel sucking. I said I feel great. Now she was thirsty again and she started kissing on my body after some time my rock is again ready for fuck. I told Kamani lets fuck now into doggie style. She agreed. She put her hands on her butts and pulled them for open the whole of her pussy. It was very easy for me. Her whole was visible clearly to me. I put my cock on her pussy and hit a big jerk. My all cock gets in her pussy and she cried ‘Ali you are busting my pussy”. Then I started jerking with a smooth rhythm. Kamani start moaning again mmmmmmmm… ahhhhhhhhhhhh….yesssssssssssssssssssss… yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… As well as I increased my speed. My cock is running on Kamani’s pussy @ 100 miles. And then the peak time was coming. I pulled out my cock and exploded of Kamani’s butts. Kamani clean my cock with a cloth. Then we sleep in each other arms.

Next morning I went to the University and told all story to my best friend Amjad. Amjad was also interested to fuck Kamani. He told me please Ali make a chance for me. I told him ok I will try. At evening I went to the Kamani’s home and told her that my friend want to stay this night with me due to we want study together for preparing of tests. Kamani was an intelligent women she knows that why I am telling her this. She said ok but make sure that your friend not tell all of this to others. I said you don’t worry.

At night I and my friend both went to Kamani’s home. She welcomed us with a warm smile. She went to another room for her child. After half an hour she came back and starts chatting. After fifteen minutes she came on the topic of sex. We were both waiting for that. We immediately removed our clothes and Kamani as well. We engaged in group sex. I start sucking breast of Kamani. While Kamani stats sucking Amjad’s dick, Amjad inserting his fingers into Kamani’s pussy. So, we were all enjoying that moments. When we became hot Amjad said that he will fuck to Kamani first. I said ok. He starts fucking Kamani while I inserted my cock into Kamani’s mouth. I was fucking her mouth and Amjad was fucking her pussy and Kamani making sexy sounds from her throat. We all were enjoying sex. Amjad increasing his speed and seems to be discharge in some more jerks. As Amjad discharged I immediately entered my cock into Kamani’s pussy and start powerfull jerks. Kamani starts crying with pleasure ohhhhhhhhhhh…. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… coz my cock was larger then Amjad. After some powerful strokes I also discharged. After some rest we start sex again. As it was Amjad and I fucked Kamani two two times continuously. Now we were feeling very tired and we stats play cards. After on hour we all feel horny again and engaged in sex. This time Amjad told to Kamani that I will now fuck your anal. She said that it wills hertz me. Amjad said it wills not hertz you because I am expert of anal fucking. I was fucking annals of the boys in my childhood. Kamani agreed. Amjad apply some oil on his cock and some on her ass. At first he inserted his finger in her anal. I was looking all happenings with full attention. Because, I ever not saw or experiment anal fucking. After some finger fucking he said that this will help to lubricate anal from inside. He put to top of his cock on the hole of anal and starts pushing lightly in the hole. There were many different expressions on Kamani’s face. He slowly slows inserting his cock. After complete insertion he starts ins and outs. Kamani was crying with pain. But after some jerks she starts moaning mmmmmmmmmmmmm…. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Ohhhhhhhh. Fuck me hard. Amjad incread his speed and exploded in her anal. Kamani cleaned her anal with a cloth. During that my hard rock shaft awaked again and I taken position to fuck her ass. I applied some oil on my cock and put it on Kamani’s anal. I pushed a little and there was a huge cry of Kamani. Because my cock was too long. But after a few jerks Kamani came in rhythm. I was feeling very high pleasure due to the hole of her anal was very tight. Actually her anal was a virgin anal. Kamani was also making some moves which were giving me more pleasure. After 15 minutes of hard fucking I discharged in her ass hole.

Kamani said that this night is wonderful and most remember able night of her life. I took pleasure from both sex holes of my sexy body. After cleaning our bodies from the bathroom we slept together on one bed.

Next night I, and Kamani were again alone. I was feeling very tired as well as Kamani. We chat about last night and taken a sleep together without any sex activity. At 5:00 clock of morning I was dreaming that Kamani is sucking my cock with some hard mouth strokes and I am going to discharge. There was a good pleasure at the mean time I discharge and awake up. I saw that my cock is in Kamani’s mouth and she is looking at me with a naughty smile. She cleaned my cock and went to the bathroom for cleaning her mouth. As she came back I was ready again to fuck her. I opened her legs and start fucking her again. She was kissing my chest and making sexy sounds. After 20 minutes of hard fuck I again discharged but this time my semen was containing just few drops.

We lay on bed nude and in the arm of each other. Suddenly the door bell starts ringing. Kamani immediately wore her clothes as well as me. She opened the door. That was doctor Khanna at the door. He came to my room but I acted like I am sleeping. At morning on breakfast table he informed me that he is transferred in Karachi and we are shifting Karachi after two days. That news was shocked for me. In the university I told that news to Amjad. Amjad and I feel that day very bad.

But I decided to approach somewhere else and that was Asma. Then I started to wait for a good chance with Asma. And that I will write in my next story. Till then Anties, Girls, Married women and ladies of any age from Lahore and around of Lahore who wants real sex please contact me at these e-mails without any habitation. The e-mails are and . You can also send me your comments as well as questions on the above e-mail. The 2nd part of the above story will be published soon.

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