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Ashmeeta… Sex Story

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  • October 5, 2015

I have read may of the stories published on desipapa and have enjoyed most of them. However there seems to be only the 18-25 year age group who submit their stories and all so very similar. There seems to be a lack of female writers. The other thing that intrigues me is that all the female portrayed are always super hot model looking figures…. I wonder if the average looking darker girls ever get to enjoy romantic and sexual life too.

The experiences I am going to write about is true, revolves about several girls and women in my life. This is my first story. I am a mature IT professional, married with two children. I class myself as a romantic, easygoing and friendly person. My younger teenage days have been spent on family farm, where I experienced teenage crushes on bhabhis, cousins and neighbors wives.

My real sexual experience came when I left home to work in the city. I rented a flat with another school friend of mine and started working as a cadet engineer in telecommunications. One of the duties was the maintenance of exchange communications systems and here I spent some very long hours listening into private conversations of people, without their knowing. I would pick out ladies and girls who were making it out without their husband’s or families’ knowledge and later trying my luck. I would start my initial approach with phone calls at suitable times and introducing myself as phone technician. Later on ask personal questions and then moving on to their love and sex lives. By know they would know how I got their contacts and their secrets.

Today I will tell you about one particular experience, I got after finding out about Ashmeeta. She lived not very far from the exchange I worked in and she used to be on the phone at about 10.30 am everyday with some guy. They seemed to know each other very well, as if they were husband wife. They talked openly of their sex but it seemed that they got together late at nights and secretly. Today something was bothering her a lot. She had missed her period.!

I called Ashmeeta just after her guy had finished his daily chat. She answered the call and was surprised that I was doing the phone line check. She asked me if I can listen if someone is on the phone and I said that I had heard all. She pleaded with me not to tell anyone anything and that she is in very big trouble. I got sympathetic and started conversation with her. I found out that the guy who had been fucking her was her uncle (father’s younger brother) who also lived in the same house. This had started from about a year ago, when her father had died. Her uncle was not married. His aim was to somehow get his brothers property by being friendly with Ashmeeta’s mother and Ashmeeta, the eldest daughter (no brothers).

She told me that her uncle is very nice and always looks after the family now. She said on night when her mother was away to some pooja and her younger sister was sleeping, he came into her room at 9.30 pm and sat next to her on the bed. While talking she complained about sore neck and shoulders and uncle offered to massage her neck and shoulders. It felt good and she also experienced getting hot. Uncle asked her to lie down on her side on the bed and massaged her neck harder and slowly moved his hands to her lower chest under her nightie. She did not protest and he carried on rubbing until he got to her breast and nipples. By then she was feeling hot did not care what was happening and let him do whatever he wanted. It felt good .He undressed her slowly, kissed her on the neck and sucked her breasts. When he started to touch her in between the legs, she was already dripping wet and let him take the panties off. He slowly put his finger in her hole and started to massage her clit. It felt good. He then took off his pants and made her feel his cock. He told her it will feel real good if he let it rub on her clit. She was in no position to stop him. He rubbed his cork for a while and then pushed it in her until it went right in and took her virginity. There was hard pain and pleasure same time. There was blood which she found out later. He fucked her for 10-15 minutes first slowly and then faster and faster. When he came, he pulled out and squirted his come all over her belly. She started crying, but also feeling some new pleasure she had never experienced. Her uncle made her promise not to tell anyone and he will always give her anything she wanted. From that day, her life changed and she had sex with her uncle whenever they were alone in the house or late in the night when everybody was asleep. Uncle was careful most times and used a condom. It always had to be quick and quite.

Ashmeeta had told me all about her losing her virginity, because I told her I was listening to her everyday and she did not want me to tell anyone, as it would ruin her and her families’ life. I started to phone her daily, after listening to her uncle talk. I started asking sexy questions and wanting in detail every time she had sex with uncle and what else was happening in the house. I would get turned on while talking and wanted bad to fuck her too. I told her I wanted to be her friend and see her some time. She agreed and we made time to meet in the city one Saturday. I was surprised to see her, she was slim, average dark and a friendly face. She greeted me with a smile and said we better disappear from the streets quickly. I took her to an obscure coffee shop in the back alley and ordered coffee for both of us. I actually liked her pleasant face and attitude. She told me her mother was trying to marry her off, but she couldn’t as she was the eldest child of the family and until her younger sister finished school, she had the responsibility. Ashmeeta told me she was looking for a job, but with her School Certificate qualification, it was hard. She could not get higher education because of financial trouble after her fathers’ death. After coffee, I told her that I liked her and I touched her hand, she did not resist, so I started to caress her and also rubbing her legs with mine under the table. She was frightened that some one might spot us, so asked that we go away to some other place. I decided that a motel would be a safe place, would cost a bit, but then there would be no bother. She was not so sure if we should do that, but I persuaded her. I drove to a motel I knew people used for daytime encounters. After we were in the motel room, she was quite relaxed and I held on to her shoulders and caressed her hair and face and shown sympathy on her misfortunes. She made me promise not to tell anyone of our meeting, never to uncle otherwise she will kill herself. I agreed, and proceeded to caress her and started kissing her neck and touching her breasts from the top of her salwaar dress. She started to sigh and making soft purring noises and breathing faster. Ashmeeta then responded by kissing back and holding on to me. I laid her on the bed and unzipped her dress, put my hands on her back and released the bra hooks. Together with her dress and bra, I peeled off her back and same time started to suck her breasts. She started to pant and I kept on top of her for some 10 minutes just enjoying her breasts, neck and face,…kissing..licking and caressing. Her nipples got very hard and erect and I sucked on to them like a little billy goat. I then tried to removed her dress completely and she assisted by lifting her back and legs. She was quite shy and I asked her to get under the bed sheets. Knowing things were getting better, I took off my shirt and jeans and slipped under the sheets with her. When I held her naked body, she was quite hot and very receptive to my caresses. I started to kiss her , squeeze her small breasts and with one hand got under her panties waistline. Soon I had my forefinger on her clit and started rubbing it. I then took off her panties and she pushed my underwear off. Ashmeeta moaned and held on to my hand pushing it harder inside her cunt. I held he hand and guided it to my raging hot rod. She held on to it and started to rub on back and forth. The feeling was out of this world. Knowing she had probable done this with her uncle, I did not want to get wasted before fucking her. She smelled so nice and fresh, I kissed her down her body, her navel and then her clit. Her juices were flowing and I tasted it. I must say it was like sweet nectar, with a smell that you can’t get away from. I licked her clit with the tip of my tongue, and she started to lift her torso in a rhythm to meet my tongue and lips. I drove my tongue in and out as far inside as possible and held on to her pulsating buttocks. She came!!!!…her body tensed up ,she cried out loud and held on to my head and bucked around until her juices were all over my face. She finally subsided and release hold of my head. I still had a raging hot cock and I moved up to suck her breasts and same time put in the large head on her waiting hole…wet and ready. My cork went in with a bit of a push, but the tunnel was well lubricated. I started piston in and out of her sweet hole and she responded to lift her bum to meet me on the thrusts. I could not hold out for too long. I started to come as soon as my cork started hitting the hard button deep in her tunnel. I did not want to come out so I ejaculated deep inside, spraying her bud. She came again and her tunnel was full of our juices. I stayed in there for some time, while still sucking her nipples and kissing her neck. She finally moved form under me to withdraw and gave me a very sweet smile. I kissed her in return and caressed her hair. She then asked me if she will get pregnant. I assured her that she will not, as she was due for a period in a week. She asked if I would marry her I got her pregnant. We stayed in the bed for 2 hours talking about her family, uncle’s dilemma and marriage. I asked her if she enjoyed losing her virginity to her uncle and their sex. She said her uncle was always quick, rushing and never made her cum like today. But she still liked him as a person who always asked her wellbeing. She said that her uncle has suggested she get married and he will look after the house and mother and younger sister.

While talking I also asked her if she ever sucked a cork before, she said her uncle always wanted her to do, but she refused. I told her it feels very nice for both and will teach her to enjoy next time. I made her to hold my cork in her hand and rub, which she did while I caressed her hair and sucked her nipples again. I made her move on top of me and while I inserted my cock into her again. She started moving her cunt on my shaft slowly while I sucked and pulled on her nipples. She increased her speed as she came and collapsed on me panting. My shaft was glistening with her come and I asked her to hold on to it. I gently guided her head towards my cock. She knew what I was intending and slowly she brought her lips and mouth on my cock head. I told her it was feeling real good and she moved her tongue around the cock head. I got hold of her waist and pulled her cunt on my face and started sucking on her clit. As soon as I did this she took my shaft right inside her mouth and sucking hard. I exploded in her mouth, and she rubbed hard her cunt on my face. After she sucked me dry, I continued to suck her and made her come again. (very little juices left). We checked out of the motel after having shower together.

Later that day, I took her for some late lunch, and bought her a bunch of flowers. I drove her home and went on to meet her a friend who will help her get a job. I was fortunate to know of someone in the office and got Ashmeeta an interview for a Librarian position. She was lucky and got the job later that month. (and she thinks I did it for her). She asked me to meet again and she said she will have a surprise for me. That’s another story.

Well that is only on of my many true life experiences and if time permits I will write another episode.

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