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Ashmeeta Ke Saath Ji Bhar Ke Sex Kiya

  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

The Story of my sexual escapades continues. I started seeing Ashmeeta regularly and fucking her every time we met. It was always in the motel unit and by now the owners of the place knew us and were us giving discounts for the room. We explored many fucking positions and oral sex. During our chit chat, Ashmeeta said that her sister Praneeta is suspecting her affair with her uncle and seems to be always around whenever he is home. When I asked Ashmeeta if her sister had a boyfriend, she said no. I started fantasying fucking Praneeta. I really got turned on and fucked Ashmeeta really hard doggy style. Trying out new blood was really on my mind and I asked Ashmeeta if I can have her sister some time. She told me she was thinking same, and if she can get me Praneeta, it will save her trouble at home about the uncle. We thought that taking Praneeta to a movie and smooth talking and seduction will be starting point. Ashmeeta arranged we will meet Friday afternoon after Praneeta’s school or the weekend when her uncle is likely to work.

We met at 4.30 p.m. at the post office after Ashmeeta’s work finished. Praneeta was already there with her sister in her school uniform. They had told their mother that they will be going to a movie before coming home. I picked them up in my car and drove to the theatre complex. We bought tickets to an English movie which was raunchy and romantic. We picked the seats in the back rows against the wall. Praneeta sat against the wall, me in the middle and Ashmeeta on the other side. Ashmeeta had earlier phoned me to say that she had told Praneeta that I liked her very much. It was up to me to make the moves. We watched the movie for a while and during a kissing scene, I rubbed my hand “accidentally” on Praneeta’s dress. She didn’t mind, and gave me a slight smile and shook her head towards her sister in case she may notice it. It was dark and Ashmeeta was fully engrossed in the movie as planned. I rubbed more and Praneeta held my hand and started squeezing. It was green light for me to go further. I slid my arm around her shoulders and she leant sideways towards me. I touched Ashmeeta with the other hand to indicate that the seduction was working. I started to rub Praneeta’s neck and behind her ears and put my fingers through he hair. All his time she just whispered to me saying and now and then looking at her sister. Praneeta started to breathe faster and I moved my hand over the dress buttons and released the two top ones. I slid my hand under her bra strap and touched her nipple. It was hard and standing. I rubbed my palm over her breast and squeezed he nipple gently. She moaned lightly and started to squeeze her legs together. With my other hand I pushed her dress up and touched her inner thigh.

She squeezed my hand in between her legs and stopped me reaching her panties. I rubbed on her breast and squeezed her nipple more and she relaxed enough for me to reach her panties. Ashmeeta gave me a side look, and went back to the movie. With my forefinger I started to rub on the panties looking for the cunt hole. Putting my finger under the elastic I managed to find her wet patch and pushed my finger in her cunt. Ooh …oohhh.. she moaned and started pulling my hand out. I squeezed her tits and breast with the other hand and forced my finger in her cunt. I easily found her clit and started rubbing on it. Now she held on to my hand hard and came… body stiffening and shuddering and moaning softly….please…please…… Ashmeeta looked over momentarily and knew what was happening and went back to the screen acting really interested in the movie. My hand was wet with Praneeta’s juices. I pulled my hand out and wiped on her panties, straightened her dress and held her tight in my arms. She relaxed and smiled shyly and held on to my hand to continue watching the movie. Now my next move was to make her feel my cock which was very hard and painful in my pants. I brought her hand on my hard-on and made her rub from the top. She did it slow and reluctantly. I unzipped and got her hands inside my underpants and made her hold on to my cock. Very nice and soft feel came over me and she just naturally started squeezing and caressing. The pre-cum oozed out of the head and she fingered it and rubbed it on the cock head. Oh ooh… While Praneeta carried on playing this way, I managed to rub my other hand on Ashmeeta’s thigh and indicate that all was going well. I gently pushed Praneeta’s hand away now to avoid coming and making a mess of my pants. I whispered in her ear another day…another day….your sister will find out!! She withdrew her hands and we continued to watch the movie to the end. After the movie I dropped both Ashmeeta and Praneeta home, went in to say hello to their mother. Her mother invited me for a cup of tea, but I was in a hurry to get home to wank off!! So I told her mother another time. The girls went into their rooms to change and I left. It was 10.00 p.m. when I got a phone call…it was Praneeta “you are a bad bad boy…I’ll tell you later !! can we meet again?”

“when?” I asked …”I’ll call you, now is not a good time..uncle is home already and I think Ashmeeta knows what you were doing !! she wants to talk to me..I don’t know what ?” “I’ll call you later …click”

Sunday afternoon Praneeta called and told me on Monday 10.00 am her mother is going to the doctors with one of our aunts. “There will be no one home and I’ll call in sick from school…can you come home or better still pick me up from school gates at 10.00 am ?” I told her if I can make it I will be at the gates or else..some other time because I will have to get leave from work. Anyways I could not sleep and must have jerked off 4 times in the night thinking of fucking Praneeta.

Monday…I didn’t go to work …called in sick too. At sharp 10 am I was at the gates of the school. Praneeta came about 15 minutes later. She quickly jumped in the car and said to quickly get away before anyone notices her with me. Once on the road to her home, I stopped at dairy shop and bought a coke and chocolate bars. We drank out of the same bottle as we drove to her home. Once home, I dropped her at the drive way and decided to park the car in another street to avoid suspicion from neighbors. I walked back to her house, the door was left unlocked for me to come in. Praneeta was in the kitchen when I walked in. She quickly came to the door and closed it behind me and held on to me. I held her face with both hands and gave her a long deep kiss. She responded back and held on to me around the neck. I put my hand under her school dress and rubbed on her cunt over the panties. She tugged me towards her bedroom and I followed on holding on to her and rubbing on her ass. Once inside her bedroom, she closed the door and I pulled her on top of the bed. She sat on the bed wanting to say something, but I started to kiss her hard and unbutton her school dress. She was breathing hard and faster as I took her dress off, her bra and kissing her neck and ears. At this point I decided to take my shirt off and loosened my pants. She had very round firm breasts with long tip now standing really hard. After rubbing and squeezing her nipples for a moment, I moved my mouth from her lips to her tits..sucking and licking .. making circles on her both tits. She was now moaning ..loudly… ooh oooh… nahi.. ooh piray hai..oh.. huh umm huh….While sucking her breasts, I pushed her panties off. What a beautiful slender body lay on the bed ..all for me to savor. Without leaving her tits, I slid my pants and underwear off and lay beside her. I started to caress her body all over, kissing her neck, breasts and lips. Holding on to her shoulders and head I put my hands through her hair. My fully erect cock found its way between her legs and on her soft pubic hairy cunt. The sensation and sweet pains in my groin urged me to keep on pressing my hard-on inside her cunt. Praneeta started moaning and said she has never done this before. “it’s so big… will it pain?” Her pussy was oozing with juices and her pubic hair now wet and slippery.With one hand I massaged her clit and she went wild … oh naa.. ohh ohh.. please..oh naah… I pulled away for a moment and went down kissing her stomach and then to her cunt. Oh how sweet it was. Praneeta could not control herself and started coming as I put my tongue inside her wet and virgin cunt. She just lifted herself to meet my long tongue and held my head hard against her cunt.

Once she was finished cumming, I took my cock and started to rub on the entrance of her cunt. Wet with her come, my sliver and pre-cum smooth head found its way into her hole….. very tightly. Only the head went in and her cunt refused to take any more… it felt like clamping on my prick just behind the cock head. I started to rock back and forth pushing bit harder every time. Praneeta is now pleading in pain and digging with her nails in my back. I could not hold it any further and with one very hard push put my cork right inside her cunt. She screamed as my cock went through her hymen breaking her cherry. I stayed inside her for a moment and then started to rock in and out. She still cried in pain, but I would not take out my cock from inside her. When the pain subsided, she held on to me and I carried on caressing her back and hair while enjoying her tight cunt. Then with urgency, I fucked her faster and faster until I came deep inside her.. filing her with my thick warm cum. She just held on to me hard and fast keeping me inside her for what seemed a long time. I withdrew from her tight cunt slowly when my cock became soft again and kept on kissing her on the lips, neck and breasts. She was sobbing and feeling sorry for what had happened. Caressing her naked back and bum I told her she was great and all will be ok. She told me that she wanted me for a long time since I had come to their home as a friend to her sister. I asked if she was paining still, she was still sore but o.k. She got some tissue from bedside and cleaned herself, before going to the bathroom. After a quick shower, she came in the room again wrapped up in towel. I got up and hugged her tightly and kissed her again and again. I asked her to dress up, but she insisted that she wants to sleep with me for a while under the bed sheets. I wanted to have a quick shower as I was sweating too, so I went to the bathroom and was back in few minutes. Both of us snuck together under the bed sheets, holding on to each other and caressing.

I asked her if she was feeling guilty or upset. She told me it was the first time she had been fucked and was just a bit worried about getting pregnant. Praneeta told me she has secretly seen her sister being fucked by her uncle in the late nights. She has rubbed herself off many times thinking of what her uncle has been doing to Ashmeeta. What she liked most about making love today was my sweet talk and gentle nature, always reassuring. Her uncle has tried to get her too, but she has always resisted and threatened to tell her mother whenever he has approached. Praneeta has liked watching her sister being fucked because it gives her hot feelings and she has a good sleep after rubbing herself. While under the sheet, I started to finger her cunt again, and my cork was hard again. I asked her to lie on her back and spread her legs apart. I turned around and went on top of her body on all fours and started to lick her cunt, while she had my hard cork rubbing and sliding on her breasts and face. I licked and flickered her clit with my tongue and then put my tongue right in. She was wet and sweet and I sucked her until she was ready to come. I quickly turned around and inserted my cock gently in her cunt. This time she held on my cock and guided it in. Slowly please…uhhh..slow please…yes …yes.. aah until I was right in again. I pumped and gently rocked until we both came together. Another load of my cum was now deposited deep inside Praneeta. She had a mysterious satisfied smile on her face and I knew she was happy and well. I decided to have a quick wash and leave because her mother could be coming any time soon. Praneeta got me an orange juice while I dressed and kissed me good bye until we meet again. We made appointment to meet secretly and fucked each other whenever we could. I had told Ashmeeta a week later, but she some how knew. Her wish was to catch her sister doing it with me, and I told her I will make her wish come true soon. I hadn’t thought that the day will come so soon and I ended up fucking both of them one afternoon. But that’s another story.

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