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Aruna’s Story

  • desipapa
  • September 17, 2015

Hi I am Amit. Remember my last story with my colleague Aruna? After fucking her four times I was deprived of sex for two months. How bad it was for a man of high sex drive. Aruna was enjoying with her husband while I was being frustrated. To add insult to my injuries a friend had fed me with excess dose of pornography, vcds he brought from abroad. Besides he had also brought a delay spray and an arousing cream which absorbed in the body, for me. on whom to use was the question. He claimed to have tried it on girls who went mad after having sex with him.

He also warned me not to use the cream in excess as it loosened the vagina. Rima was our telephone operator who was recently married. She was 38-26-38 and was envied for the round ass she had. Her boobs were a bit saggy and inviting. I had decided there and there that I would fuck her till my balls are empty. Her husband worked abroad and that was a opportunity. One evening I visited her with all my tools. She was wearing a white nighty giving me a full view of her bra and panty. My dick stood up. She had gone inside to prepare tea. I followed her and moved my arms to hold her breast. I pressed them hard as she turned in surprise. Staring into her eye I moved on . she crossed her hands to cover herself. Don’t come close she said but I moved and reached near her. You are very beautiful let me see you completely I said as I opened her nighty. What are you doing she said . I moved to kiss her lips . I missed and got the cheeks. She protested and tried to move away but my strong arms held her. I lifted her. And unhooked her bra.

In a instance I ripped her panty. It was here that I saw here nude. she was as lovely as ever. i lifted her hands and had a glimpse of her boobs. they were firm. my eyes moved to see her down. she was bushy .I placed here on the bed and borrowed myself kissing her neck , throat. As I moved down there were protest again. I said “please let me , you are too beautiful to avoid” .”i have not had sex with any one before. I lied I wanted my first experience with you ,as a result i have not masturbated for three months. My balls are full ready to splash. her resistance seem to subside. I said continued kissing this time on here pink soft nipples. I sucked hard and till they were erect in my mouth. I forced my leg in between hers. I bushed my 7 and half inch penis in the inside of her thigh. That satisfied her at the first instant. I could make out that she was enjoying. She took a deep breadth perhaps she thought I was to enter here. But that was not the case I wanted her not only now but always that is why I had to take care of her needs. Slowly kissing here I moved towards the most desired part of a woman. she had a nice cunt with hair all around. Parting her pink lips I kissed them she was uncontrollable. i looked at her face .she closed her eyes and bit her lips as my fingers and mouth played with her slit and clit. She was coming and lifted her hips as a refused to let her clit out of my mouth. She had her first orgasm as I moved again to concentrate on her nipples. I sucked and sucked with all my force she was twisting and turning and could not bear the pleasure .

I stopped when a few drops of white liquid oozed out of her breast. i continued my fore play .i wanted her to speak and tell me to enter. taking no more she said come in i cant wait. I made way between her legs and brushed my tip with her lips down there. I knew the theory and opted for the position giving me the maximum penetration. She knew I was to enter her . she opened her eyes which met mine. slowly I made my way into her. She shirked and with a powerful thrust I moved as deep I could .she turned her head and again bit her lips as my balls banged the area between her anus and clit. She was tight and I felt I was coming with all my force at the first thrust. I envied for her tightness. I also felt jealous of her husband who got this cunt before me. I relaxed till the stimulation subsided. As I wanted to enjoy her to the max. I moved away and got the spray on my hard member. I opened the cream bottle and applied on her slit. She began moaning as I brushed it on her inner lips till it got dissolved. placing her thighs on my shoulder I entered with a powerful stroke. She cream had made her sensitive as I could feel her cunt pull my member. I was numb by the spray. I moved slowly probing here weak areas. Till I found I such move when she was reacting the maximum.

I quickly took this as a another achievement and increased the pace of my thrust. Soon she had two powerful orgasms. I could feel the pull on my organ and flush of blood on here face. My work was done and I had given her the real taste of sex. I slowed down again and moved. We rolled from one edge of the bed to another with me inside her. Towards the end of the roll I would piously thrust her and stop. With my thrusting on the effect of the spray was subsiding. I was showing signs of coming .when this happened I would stop. This delayed my orgasm but readied hers. This continued till I felt she had enough. Clenching here firmly I started banging here as hard as I could. Here moans increased so was the pressure inside me. I wanted to slow for the last final time when she said no. I continued harder as she shivered in the best of all orgasms. I too got a feel of it and continued. I came soon after a few thrust emptying my store of two months deep into her. I clasped on her saying her that she was too good. She too responded by saying I was good and she had the best time of her life.. Any sex starved ladies with husbands abroad or girls looking out for great sex in Goa contact me at bye , Amit

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