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  • September 11, 2015

Hi, this is aamir. im a major in army and an avid desi papa fan. This story is about me, my friend and our wives. we belong to Pakistan army and though people think that there is a lot of group sex and wife swapping, there isnt. However, we decided to change that a bit. I was married for 5 years and my friend who was newly promoted as a captain got married to a brigadier’s daughter who was really a sex bomb shell. Though my wife was pretty hot too but may be I was bored of fucking the same pussy. So one night while I was having a hot sex sessin with my wife and I was licking her pussy , I asked her wat did she think of me fucking another woman in front of her and she fucking another guy infront of me. She instantly came. This answered my querry. So I told her that I was damn horny bout faiza (friend’s wife). My wife said that her hubby loves her and wont share her with any one. so I asked my wife to seduce adnan (my friend) and we’ll blackmail him then. She agreed after some convincing.

So I told adnan that I wanted an important file from my home and he had to go and get it. I gae him the keys and told him that ayesha (my wife) wont be home and he can go in my bed room and check my drawers. he agreed. When he reached home and was searching my drawers he heard my wife singing in shower. he got a bit tense and was about to leave when my wife came out of the wash room totally naked. She screamed oh no and hid behind the door of wash room. adnan said im sorry bhabhi.  I came to see the file an thought u were not home but he was totally mesmerized by the view of ayesha’s 34 size tits and her dark and big nipples. She asked him to give him a towel. as he came near the door to give towel, ayesha gave out her hand and in the process showed the wet boob a bit. This made him crazy and he grabbed her hand and brought her out. ayesha was now naked in front of him. He forgot every thing, picked her up, threw her on bed and got on top of her. She said leave me im ur bhabi, but he was totally horny. He opened his fly, opened her legs forcibly and pushed his dick in my wife’s pussy in one hard thrust. She screamed with pain. She was acting as she was actually getting raped. He fucked her and fucked her hard. He was biting her nipples and milky boobs. She said, lz don’t come inside me for which he brought his dick out of her pussy and asked her to suck wife accepted that and sucked him till he ejaculated in her throat.

He then got up and left, leaving my wife bruised.Next day, I called him and told him that I was going tolaunch an official complaint that u raped my wife. He was stnned as he never thought I ayesha would tell me. He begged me. I said ask forgiveness from my wife. He went to ayesha who told him that the only way out was tit for tat. He said what do u mean/ Ayesha said that it means that my hubby will rape faiza.he was stunned.

He thought for 2 days and then agreed. he gave me his house keys and send his servant on leave for 1 day. He told faiza that he’ll b I reached his home and asked for a file. Fiaza didn’t know of it, so I asked her that I might look for it personally. She hesitantly agreed. she took me to their bed room and their I threw her on the bed. She started to scream but I put a hand on her mouth , put a her in her blouse and tore it. It revealed her boobs trapped in a lacy blue bra. She was terrified. I took the oppurtunity and pressed my lips against her. She was resisting strongly so I slapped her hard, and again and again. She started feeling dizzy and I instantly removed her bra and took her magnificant tit in my mouth and bit real left her screaming ith pain but I had my hand firmly on her mouth.i then started to lick het nipples. I told her u want to make it easy for me or painful for u/ she was terrified now. She siad ok, do it and go, don’t hurt me. So I removed her pajamas, opened her legs and started licking her cunt. She was avoiding it but I could see that her pussy was getting I removed my clothes and pushed my dick in her pussy.OH it was so bloody tight. My wife had told me that adnan ‘s dick is slender. As mine is quite meaty so it gave me added pleasure opening and stretching that lovely pussy even more. faiza was saying, OH OH , its so big an fat.u r tearing me. I kept doin it and then I asked do u want to get pregnant with my sperms and she sai no, never. I thus motioned her to turn around, she said no but it was too late. I forcibly turned her around, and pushed a finger in her pussy and then pushed that moist finger in her ass and after some time second finger also.then I lubricated my dick with her cunt juices and in one go was inside her virgin ass. I didn’t forget to place hand on her mouth coz she really screamed hard.i styaed still for some time and then started fuckin her hard like a whore and in 5 mins I came big time in her tight ass.when I took my dick out it had blood on it too.

Faiza was crying that wat will I do now. I told her the reason that she got raped coz her hbby raped my wife few days back. She was stunned to hear that.then after some time she said u deserve more. She asked me to fuck her again iu I wanted. I agreed and this time she wasan active member. We tried every possible position and when I nearing my climax, she lifted her legs inviting me a dee entry in her pussy.i fucked hard and came deep inside her.she pressed her legs behind my back ensuring every single drop entered her womb. She then told me you r the first one to throw sperms inside me. Adnan and I have been using protection. She thought this as a revenge by her of his act.

I left after sometime. few days later, they came to our place and said they wanted things to be normal again. I said they can be if they agree to orgies once a fortnight. They looked at each other and started laughing and agreed. Ever since we have been having an active sex life and an excellent frienship.

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