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Arabian Beauty And Me

  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015
Hi all, this is Mishal khan with my new real experience of life. I have made a lot of good friends from this site. All of them were my real incident with My Afghani Aunty and My neighbor Doctor’s wife and daughter.As for the new comer I will like to introduce myself. My name is Mishal khan age 24, basically from Pakistan, having Sportsman Body. My family lives in UAE and my brother lives in UK.I come 2 UAE after my studies n I met a local Arabic Lady there. Now I m in UK living with my girlfriend in her house also Visit UAE every month.

So now comes to the story. As I get to UAE I use to go out n meet my old friends there as I studied my earlier education in here. Me n my friends were use to go to Discos n do car racing. One day as I drop my friend after Disco n was coming to my Flat. I stopped on a Red Signal, n sudden something hit my car from behind. I comes out from car n when I look my car was Hit badly by a black color, tended black mirrors, Mercedes Benz. I become so nervous coz in UAE local pplz can do whatever they wants, I was thinking there must b a Sheikh (Arabian) in this car. Sudden door opened n a lady comes out in black Hijab as they used 2 wear in UAE. She start sorrying in Arabic Language, I say its ok but v should have to wait till Shurta (Police) comes, coz here u have to wait 4 police otherwise no one will repair ur car. She says No plz I will gave u Money, but I cant stay coz I m already too late. It was 2:30 of night. I say U r rite but rules r rules. She open her purse n gave me 500 Derhams note. I say Mamm I cant get Money v have to wait for police.She says ok come n stop both of the cars in Parking n we will discuss it.We Park the cars in Parking n she told me that plz I have to go home urgent my husband will b waiting 4 me and if u wants come with me to my Villa(Home) n he will solve this problem.I agree and go with her 2 her Home.Wow her home was very Big n there were 2 cars parking there.She take me 2 Drawing room n say plz b seated I will come now.After some time She comes without that Hijab(black full dress).She was a beautiful Lady in her 30s.She was Slim n Smart n very Sexy.She sit n told me that her husband still didn’t come.I ask is he at work?She just smile Heh.i ask what happened?She says he may will b some other ladies or may will b enjoying his life in Discos. I ask her its 2 bad isn’t he gave u some time?She told me that she had done anything to please her husband and keeping her figure fit for him, but he has no interest in me anymore.He provides me Cars,Homes,Gold everything but I need him n his love which he didn’t gave me.She starts crying.I come n sit near her n tell her its ok plz stop crying. Then I asked theres no body in ur home?she replys all the servants r sleeping n I have one daughter who study in UK.I hold her hand in mine n says its ok everything will b fine.She just hold my hand in her both hands n says u r so nice n I m very sorry abt the car as I was thinking of my husband making sex with other ladies.I reply is ok car doesn’t matter,But y don’t u enjoy ur life as he do? She says I cant coz I wants to b loyal to him.i say he is doing anything he wants,u also have full rights 2 enjoy ur life with all happiness.She says thank you u r soo sweet.I say its ok I will go now coz I m already late,forget abt the car.ok.She says can I have ur telephone number?I gave it to her n comes home.

After 2 days she calls me n it was weekend n she told me that can she meets me?i say yah sure.She comes n take me in her car.We enjoy a lot,she done her shopping n then she parked her car near beach.All the things were so romantic.She told me her husband went to Lebanan for some work,n she wants to enjoy her life as I said.She asks me which kind of enjoyment I was telling her.I say everykind of.She says EVERYKIND?n there was a sexy smile on her face.I knew what were her intensions. Then She asks me r u Virgin?i reply YES (Lie 2 her;) She says awww so sad,it means u have never make love n sex to any lady.i says yah.Then she says do u wants 2?i was nervous n says Yah but with whom?She says what do u think abt me?I was shocked then she runs her hand on my cock which was in my jeans n was erect.She says oooo u r hard.Then she open my Zip n ake it out.Wow she was amazed. She says its 2 bigger then my husband’s one.she was pressing my cock n then comes near to kiss I was not in my senses.She kissed me sooo passionately.Then she comes near my cock n take it in her mouth WOW.She lick my cap n suck my whole cock.As all the mirrors were black so nobody can c us n also there was nobody outside.She sucks n sucks until I cumm.n I was astonished to c how she eat my whole cumm.Then she says lets go to my home.While in the whole way she was holding my erect cock like a car’s gear.As we reached her home she told me to come by the backdoor I will let servants to go n take something from market.Then I came to her room by backdoor.

She hold me so tight in her arms n starts kissing me.She lay me on the bed n comes near me wow her room n bed was looking like a princess room.She open her shirts buton n her nice big breasts were being trapped in her black lace bra.then she take her pajama Down n wow her Black lace Panty was wet. She come over me n I kiss her lips,I take my cloths off n leaving my underwear only on my body.I Lay her on the bed kiss her lips,her face ,her neck n then kiss press her boobs in my hands.I unhooked her bra n wow her nipples were already erect.She was of 38 but was looking like 26.I sucked her boobs n lick her nipples n then I go down take her panty off from her long legs.Wow her pussy was looking so sweet.It was shaved I open her pussy lips with my fingers n feel her totally wet.I placed my lips on her pussy lips n start sucking n licking her clit,ummm she was moaning AHHH OHHHH YESSSSSSS.She was soo tasty I suck her n she press my head deep in her pussy,I suck n she moan AHHHHH I m CUMINGGGGG.n then I start fingering her n she cum on my she take me near her n say I Love You,Nobody ever sucks n lick my pussy.But u do which feel me soo good.

Then kiss my lips n going down by kissing all over body n then she take my hard cock in her mouth n sucks me badely UMMM OHHHHHHH I was so hard n then she come over me n placed her pussy on Hard Cock.Wow she comes to ride on me UMMM,her pussy eat my whole cock wow.she sits on my laps n I feel her sooo hot inside.She starts Up n Down on my cock UFFF it was SOOOO good.she do it for 10 minutes n then I take her n lay her on the bed,I placed a pillow beneath her Hips,which pull her pussy up 2 my cock.I placed my cock on her pusssy n my cock runs in her pussy WOW she was so hot n wet.i feel that she cums more then 10 times on my cock as I was fucking her.I was near to cumm so I take my cock out from her pussy.Then she asks what happened y u dindt cumm I say I don’t wanna cumm inside u,may b problems.She says ok so where u wanna cumm sweatheart?i Say in ur ASS.She says No plz,once my husband try to do it but it hurts too much n ur cock is bigger then him u will kill me.I say trust me I will do it very nicely.Then I say plz give me a chance darling she says ok but if it hurts u wont do it ,I say ok.Then I putt a lot of cream on her Ass.n start fingering her slightly ,slowly slowly her Ass mussles allow my finger to roll n go in n out her Ass.Then I add my another finger slowely after some time my 2 fingers were going smoothly in her tight Ass.Then I put my finger out n WOW I saw her Ass a bit open I placed lot of cream on my Big Cock n placed it on her Ass.I slowely push my cap in her Ass n then move it in n out slowely She was holding a pillow verytight in her hand.Then I Push my cock a bit more n like this I take my whole cock in her Tight Ass,Wow she was so tight n says Darling b nice to my ASS plz.I say I will b sweatheart.Then I slowely start pushing it in n out ,in n out, I also start fingering her pussy which makes her a bit calm.Then I start fucking her Ass slowely n fingering her pussy as she was in Doggy.Wow I was in Heaven ,it was soo good n Tight Ass hole.She likes it also coz she was pushing her Ass towards my cock n she was Moaning AHHH ,OHHH HARDER,She says plz talk dirty to me.I say oh Sharmooth Kabir(U bloody Bitch) I m gonna fuck u soo hard with this hard cock.I will fuck u n u will beg to fuck u more.

I fuck her soo deep n harder in her tight Ass n then I Cumm inside her Virgin it was too good.we done sex 3 times that day me cumm 3 times n she cumm countless times.Then She used to gave me more time.We used to have sex in Car, in Her home in my Flat n even once in a Super Market Stairs wow it was like European Sex.She used to gave me Money,Gifts n I also used to gave her full sex n lot of gifts.

I live in UK n also in UAE.In Uk I live with Her daughter age 18,she used to help me in fucking her.I will tell all this later u can e mail me on and

Any lady of any age can contact me without any hesitation. I will prefer Ladies in UK,UAE & Pakistan.Love u all take care n enjoy ur life.

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