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Appa, Me And She

  • desipapa
  • September 30, 2015

Hi readers this is shah g this time i’m narrating my another TRUe story but before telling this story i’m really thankful to all of those people who liked and appreciated appriciated and that appreciation really forces me to carry on to share some more xxx —- experiences ….now i ‘m going to start this story..

It was a hot day of summer and i was going to my friend’s house in real hurry when i found a boy,standing in the bazar and weeping.a lot many people were surrounding him. I also went there and i was shocked when i realized that he was my younger cousin adnan,as soon as he saw me he ran towards me and cling with me.he was still weeping,his body was shaking..”kia howa adnan..?”..”uncle main ghar ka rastaa bhool giya thaa..” he replied ..”oooooh” i put my hand on his head and took him towards his house on my bike.when we reached there,there were plenty of people gathered there.Every body was worried for him as an obvious reason especially his parents. As soon as his mother saw his son,she ran towards us,making noises with disbelif and joy.”where was u my son. Then i told the whole story.thay thanked me especially his mother.I remained there for quite a while and then returned to home.On the same day in the evening his parants came to my home with some sweets and thanked again .

At that time her mother was expressing gratitude so much that i felt a little shy They were also complaining my mother that shah daily come in their area but never visited to their house. It seemed that i’m annoyed with them.I said nothing wrong. next day i visited their home and a sexy lady caught my attention..(she was their neighbour ‘ghazala’,i called her ghazala baji.She was very beautiful with big breasts(i think 40c),very fair complexion and a very very big gand that as u all know always make me mad)the more i was probing her,i was hearing my heart beating like a drum,she was so so sexy and she was also getting attraction to me.We sat there for quite some time and did talked a lot.We chat together on different topics but as every body was sitting there,i din’t find time to ‘Chat’ her on some special topics. Then as i found her,i started goind at there house quite often.As and whenever i entered their house,she came there and in a few days Appa sensed that there was some thing fishy there.One day when i was playing with adnan (and searching for ghazala actually as she was not there yet),Appa asked me,”shah g come here.”…. “ok appa” I replied and went near to her.”hey r u waiting for ghazala?” ahhhhhn no appa no im not…….then she said i know u r taking much intrest in ghazala so is she.

One thing i tell u that without me u can never succeed. what u think? u wish her.?? “Aur andha kia chahiye do ankhen”.After some hesitation(or pretending)i said.”Jee appa” she then asked.”ok per maree eik shart ho gee.” “shart? kasee shart appa?.” “if u promise then i’ll tell you my ………..”. “mujay aap ke har shart manzoor hay plz i want ghazala.” “ok ur job will be done but tum ko karna ye hay ke…… tum her woh baat ya kam jo ghazala baji say karoo gay,without hesitation u should tell me first….. agreed?” i was surprised to listen that but i didn’t say any thing to her.Then she shaked hand with me “agree appa” i also said. Ab sumajh lo tumharaa kam ho gaya..i will make a chance and she is an easy girl but remember u should tell me the whole story..ok..??.”…”Kiyoon nahin aaaapppaa.”I smiled this time “Ok phir aik tip to abhi lo”..”Woh kiya aapa”..”u’ll appreciate her black silky hair too much because she love n is proud of her long silky black hair.”ok appa i said.. I smiled on her idea .next day i reached her house and saw their baji ghazala sitting with i entered appa said.”ghazala shah g liked u hair very much.” “hey!!is it true?? mr.??”ghazala said with smile. “yes baji u have very beautiful long hair which i never see before.” “oh thank u dear,u r so kind” she said, in the meanwhile appa said “Ok u people sit together,I’ve to get my clothes from the tailors shop”,She said,winked at me and went we are alone in the house. After appa’s departure,she became much frank with me and after some chating,”I again said ghazala baji really ur hair is very shiny.may i touch that silky hair please?”..

She blushed for a moment and then replied.”yes why not dear.”and i stood up to touch her hair that was really very silky and soft,she was sitting on chair and i was standing in front of her i was wearing shalwar qameez as i touched her hair from head to shoulder and then i touched her hair from top to bottom and my tool was tightning,i touched her face with my tool with a slow mood to check her response but there was silence,then i asked myself shahg risk lo and i i whispered in her ears,”Ghazala ur hair is tooooo soft,” and then i touched her other soft things ,the breasts with my cock.she sighed .”haaaaaaaaaaaaaa”.but all of a sudden she said “shah g na karoo appa a jay gee” and i felt her body shivering and her face becoming red with passion “kuch naheen ho gaa baji.appa tailor ke pass gaee hain”.. “per mujay dar lagtaa hay please na karoo.” but i continued…then she asked me to look in street if appa is not there then to lock the door.i obeyed her order and saw the street empty,then i locked the main gate and reached ghazala baji.she was standing in the front of room.”have u locked properly”.. “yes baji..” “every thing is ok”.Saying that i hug her and started kissing her her neck,her face all in extreme passion. “ooooooohhhh jo be karna hay please jaldi karoo i m very scared.”she insisted and i put my lips at her soft lips.we kissed,our tongues were meting each others and we were mixing and enjoying the salivas..

Her lips was tooo soft and her mouth was too hot..her tongue wer too salty and her saliva were too tasty.she again asked me.”shah g dar be lag rahaa hay aur muza be a rahaa hay please be quick.” i took her “azar band” off.She said,”no… please aisay he kar lo “.she bend on her knees and took my lund and put it at her big gand..”wow a big and soft ass was there and my hard lund was enjoying it,sensing it..” After some time i asked “baji please shalwaar utaroo.” “no! try to understand shah g im too afraid koee a giya tu kia ho ga? no plz no phair khabee aram say mar lay naa abhee kuch aur kar lo.” at that time i was too hot i said “please suck my cock then.” “theeek hay i do but please puree shalwar na utarna..”Then i took my half shalwar off.she looked at my cock and said” wah kia sakhat aur hot cock hay” and licked my knob sucked from top to bottom also cressed my balls after some time she suddenly asked “shah g bardasht naheen ho rahaa please fuck me maray undar daloo aur khoob zore say in out karo”.then she also took off her shalwar,not full but half so that her pussy was nacked.It was a redish hairy pussy.”come be fast shah g”… and i put my knob of cock right at her red choooot and it slipped in her beautiful pussy.” ooooeeeeeeee oooooooooh ahhhhhhhhhhhh…….. full zore say shot oooooooooooooooooooooooo ahhhhhh uffffff oooooooooh muzay a rahaa hay ooooooh….hhhhhhhh” .

After some forcefull shots i cumed in her choot then she right away got up,without washing or cleaning her choot she wore her shalwar and also asked me to wear my shalwar too i said.”baji per main nay tu abhee lun saaf be naheen kia.” “no no plz aisy he pehan lo baad main saaf kar lay na”. ok baji and i wore my shalwar after wearing she told me to unbolt the main gate when i returned from unbolting the gate.she said.” wah kia lund hay tumharaa thoray shots main bekamal kar diya hay i enjoy ur lund..u have a great cock.”during chatting appa come in the house and after her arrival,she said “thanks God u came in,i have an urgent piece of work at home so main challi see u in the evening.bye.” When she went away,appa samiled mysteriously and said “i think u had done ur job? and now as per promise tell me in detail.” “detail……….” i said,”yeeeeees in detail but appa ……” “no aghar maghar i want detail.” ok i said,”as u wish.” she stared at me and said “kiss ke thee??”..”yes..”.How long that took? and how she reacted???” i said,”just normal.” “french..???” “yes”. I asked you to give me details but u r hiding..”.She said with a smile and suddenly a thought came in my mind that………that….this lady also want me ahhhhhhh yessssssss yessssss she wants me ….and then a wave of a pleasure came in my whole body and then i was watching appa with a different angle.she was tan, weatish but sexy looking lady her breast and gand were also small.. “Shah g???? kasaa muzaaa thaa..” This time i smiled and said “that was a french tongue was meting her tongue,and we both were enjoying that kiss…she was so tasty aappppppaa” “did u fucked her big asss?..” Now appa was watching into my eyes and i replied “she had a fantastic ass appa i only fucked her pussy..” “ooooh did she sucked ur cock..”. “cock ?bataoo na pleaseeeeeeee ..” now as i was staring at her,she asked me “shah g kia dakh rahay hoo?” She again reminded me of my promise and at that time i said,”appa zubani sunaoon ya acting kar ke?..”

This reply was unexpected for her,she gazed me for a while and then said,”as u wish dear shah.” then i sat beside her and said,”aapa i started kissing her from her neck like this.”Then i licked her neck,”Then i kissed her lips like this” and i put my lips on her lips and sucked her lowerlip.’ummmmmmmmmmmm’ she did not resisted then after sucking her juicy lower lip,i inserted my tongue in her hot wet mouth.she opened her mouth slowly and then she offered her tongue to my mouth for a suck and i sucked her was salty and her mouth’s womanish smell was making me crazy and i took her hand at my cock it was hard n hot she griped my cock and pressed again and again.

Our kissing lasted for about 10 mints.During kissing i held her small breasts with my hands those were hard. after that she took off her cloth and then she was fully nacked and she said to me “aoo ab main tum ko be nangaa kar doon..”After saying that,she took my qameez off and then shalwar,when i was totally nacked,she took my cock in her hand and said,”shah g ye tumharay lun pe kia lagaa hay???” Actually my cock was full with mine as well as ghazala’s cum and it was uncleaned then i said “appa baji ko chood ke main lund saaf naheen kar sakaa thaa and this is our mixed cum.” “wowwwwwwwww i love mixed cums,She said and she entered my cock in her hot n wet mouth “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh what taste u both created……….” she cleaned my cock with her tongue and eat our mixed cum and said,”shah g tumharaa lund kafee sakhat hay aur it is very hot now u lay in the bed and i wanna lick ur body.” i laid in the bed and she lickeddddddddd me from forehead to toe her tongue was amazingly licking my whole body and i was in heavennnnnnnns.

After some time she said,”its ur turn now lick n suck my complete body and i licked her full body and when my tongue reached her hooot pusssy it was wet …………. …………..mmmmmm…and her cum was tasty when i licked her clit she griped my head and cried yessssssssssssssssssssssss lick meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ahhhhhhhhhhh ooooooooooooooooooh muzaaaaaaaaaaaaa a rahhhhhhhhaaaaa hay plzzzzzzz aur chatoooo maree clitoris and i did that..i bit her clit she cried out uffffffffffffffffff and said “shah g u know how to deal with a woman” and she took my cock with her hands and said “ab undar karoo main maree ja rahee hoon for ur cock plz aur na tarpaooooooo..” and i put my cock over her clit and pressed it for some time.she again cried and said “pleasssssssssssse fuckkkkkkk meeeeeeee fuckkkkkkkkk me………. bastard noooooooo lickkkkkkkkk no bite onlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk fuckkkkeeeee me im dying for a fuck” and she started jumping her pussy then i entered my cock in her wet pussy and making shots forcefully and apppa was crying ahhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh uffffffffffffffffffffffff oooooooooooooooooooooh hoooooooooooooooooooonn and few mint later she said “stop shah g “and i stopped and pulled my cock out.

It was full of mixed cream,she saw it and said “wahhhhhhhh kia khoobsurat shot martaa hay.” she sucked my cock again and then she bent on her knees( a doggy style) and said “fuck me again.” i said” in ass”..”no no in my pussy i liked doggy style.” then i entered my cock in her pussy again and made it in-out in-out in rythme and force and she again started crying with joy like ahhhhhhhh oooooooh ufffff.few mints later i said “appa i am near to cum where do i cum?” she said ooooooooh ooooooooooooooook just stroke for the last time once or twice with your complete force and then cum in my mouth.”and i stroked her with all the force of my body and after 5-6 shots i pull out my cock she turned immediately and i entered my dick in her wet mouth she sucked my cock passionately and also caressed my balls.after few seconds i cummmmmmmmmmmmmed in her mouth uuuuuummmmm she swallowed the cum coming out of my cock and said”shah g i love sallowing” and sucked again ,this time my cock was touching her throat after that she hug me and said”u r a great fucker shah g” and laid in the bed.

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