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Aparna A Gujrati Babe

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  • September 25, 2015

This is a true story that I wish to share with desi -readers although it is nearly 27 years old.I am a Punjabi male 5’7” with a tough well-maintained body. I am in the business of exports. i stay at kandivli , mumbai.

I had just been married under a year that my wife had to leave for her parents place to deliver my first son. Sex with anybody besides my wife was unknown to me till then. We had had a very fulfilling sex life hence the need to look elsewhere never arose. It was about three days after I was forced into bachelor-hood that I noticed another woman, aparna who made my blood turn warmer and feel the need to remember sex.

A newly married Gujarathi couple, aparna and Ramesh had just shifted into the ground floor flat of the same building where we stayed. It was under a month that they were married and got a flat to stay on their own. Ramesh was a touring salesman by profession and his wife was to be a home runner. I had noticed her standing in her balcony whenever I went out. She used to ware lovely dresses and Saris of the latest fashions. My motorcycle a ‘Bullet’ had been fitted with a horn that was tuned such that one could recognize its sound from a long distance away from the building. On the afternoon of the third day of my wife’s departure I noticed aparna come running to her balcony after she heard my motorcycle. I used to park my motorcycle outside her balcony. It was this day that I noticed her and smiled at her. Hey, here was a nice sexy babe running to see me come back. On looking at her I noticed a Gorgeous figure of 37-24-36. She was fair, 5’5” at least and wore her blue sari well below her deep navel. She surely was a knockout. I could see her from top to toe as the balcony she stood in, was fitted with a metallic grill from the ground level and had a similar door.

“Excuse Me,” She said opening the door “I need to make a call to my parents and inform them some telephone number near me, please can I have your phone number? I shall request them to call only in emergencies”. Those days’ getting a telephone line was like getting the world and if my telephone could be instrumental in making this babe come to my flat it would be a dream come true. I gave her my number; and said “You can come and make the call from my flat” smiled at her and went upstairs.

As I had returned from a long distance drive, I entered my flat, and got into the bathroom for a leisurely bath. About 10 minutes later, the doorbell rang and I had to open the door. I was dripping but covered my self with a bath towel and on opening the door was really surprised to see aparna at the door. She was surprised to see me in that condition and said “Oh! I am so sorry, I will come later”. “No!” I said “Its ok, come into the drawing room and go ahead.” I saw a blush appear on her face. I walked back to the bathroom and heard the main door being latched. After wiping my self-dry and changing into my shorts and T-Shirt I entered my drawing room and found aparna waiting near the phone. “I have booked a call to Ahmedabad, the operator will clear it shortly,” she said. We got talking and she told me about her marriage to Ramesh who was totally unknown to her before marriage. They had been transferred from Surat at a very short notice and after having stayed at a Gujarathi Ashram for some time, they had got this flat on rent. Ramesh had to gone on eight-day tour of the district this morning and she was alone. She missed her parents a lot and had not spoken to them since she was married.

I went to our kitchen, pulled out some curd and made two glasses of buttermilk and after an afterthought, added three tablets of a fast acting-sleeping drug to one glass and carried the glass to the other room while sipping at one. She had been bending at adjusting her sandal when I entered and her sari-pallu was down exposing her very fair and beautiful breast valley. I was instantly on fire and seeing her blush and lift the sari to cover her chest I could not control myself and said, “You are beautiful”. She blushed again and when I handed over the glass her fingers touched mine and the current that passed through us was certainly 440 volts. Both of us felt the jolt. She sipped at the drink and smiled, “thanks ”.

I had heard that Guju females are very sexy but this one was a bomb, waiting to explode any moment. I finished my drink in one gulp and got up to keep the glass in the kitchen thereby signaling her to finish her drink too. She gulped the drink down and I relaxed. It was only a matter of time now. My crocked mind was smiling away. We sat near the phone and waited for the call to connect.

The summer heat in the closed room was unbearable. The sound of our hearts pumping at double speed and our hot blood flowing inside our bodies made the room so hot. We were perspiring and just stealing glances that finally she said, “ I think we need to kiss each other otherwise both our hearts will explode”. That did it. She had won the game of who’s first. I jumped towards her and sitting besides her on the sofa kissed her softly. She was hot. Her lips were hot and wet in her perspiration. We started a never-ending kiss. Her lips were thick and soft cushions. You could go on sucking at them for ages and never feel tired. Her mouth smelled good and her saliva was tasty. We stood up to hug and let our bodies meet. My hands traveled every part of her body. Her silky back, her tummy, her navel, her buttocks and her breasts. aparna’s breasts were tough not soft like my wife’s. I lifted her blue sari and the petticoat below to touch her round ass lobes. “Super!” My hands surrounded her, moving toward the back of her thigh, she lifted and brought her leg up to rest on the dinning table behind me, as if I was taking her right there, standing up. I rubbed my hand under her thigh until I felt her panty. I sifted the panty to one side and let her hair graze my fingertips, already moist, and the wetness made my penis pulse, my erection almost painful now in my tight shorts. My fingers moved up along the moist lips, back and forth, so that she began to ride them, her mouth making stifled noises behind the kiss. Then I turned my hand so that my open palm held her, the heel of it grounded against the front of her as the wet fingers still slid back and forth, and she pulled her mouth to gasp for air, her lower body still moving against me. But I couldn’t stop now, the fierceness of it, the hurry within us. I could feel her breath, ragged in my ear. I covered her mouth again, our tongues slippery, as I moved my hand away to unzip my shorts, fast, so that when my cock sprang out it moved toward her through the side of her panties and in one stroke replaced my fingers. Sliding along the wet path of her tunnel deep inside, I thrust up my cock to fill her, and she gasped with wide-open eyes and mouth, dropping her head on my shoulder. I thought for an instant I would come then. We were still, her heat wrapped around me. There was nothing but feeling now, so complete I was scared to disturb it. But then I felt the walls of her vagina grip me, making gentle spasms, and we started moving from within.

“Oh God!” said aparna, “You are fast, I cannot believe this”, with low sound from her throat, her head back against the wall, I put my mouth back on hers, kissing her as I gripped her from below, pounding into her with her thigh still drawn up beside me. I could hear her ass thudding against the wall as my lover body slapped her, oblivious as animals, then a sharp deep throated sound from her as I felt her pussy grip me inside, and I knew she had come. After a few jabbing thrusts my sperm spurted out of me, everything in me shooting out, reaching her womb, taking all my breath with it. We stood there for a few minutes, still locked together, gulping air, and I knew we must be looking absurd, our mouths smeared with saliva and lipstick , sweating like we had just come out of a shower standing against the wall and smelling like pigs. Her face glowed, and when I looked at her I felt an immense gratitude and love for her. I had been so quick, but she had let me, not protesting, giving her-self to me. I had wanted to make love and so did she. Now I kissed her gently and lifted her up, still hard inside her, and brought her down to the floor. But the point was not to leave her. It didn’t matter how we looked, messy and awkward, so long as I remained inside her cunt. When I laid her on the floor, still inside, I slowly pealed off her sari from her breast and tummy; she smiled at me with an statement of admiration and love. I started all over and this time we kept a different rhythm, moving slowly in and out, and the sensation in me spread outward so that my whole body was making love, every piece of skin sensitive. My face wet and dripping was in level with her breasts and I began kissing them above the blouse, barely touching them at first, then as I felt the nipples harden, moving over them in a steady rhythm, pressing, so that she anticipated each stroke of my mouth. She closed her eyes. I put a hand into her blouse neckline to pull out her right breast My mouth opened to lick the nipple, tasting her, still salty with sweat. This time my hands felt all of her, drawing along her breasts, kissing the side of her neck, until we both began racing and she wrapped her legs around me, urging me moving in rhythm, waiting for me to come so that we could finish together. Within Minutes we were shuddering in the same jolt of pleasure. We came together it was beautiful and eternal pleasure. I was on her body for a long time and both of us fell asleep. It must have been more than two hours that we were in that position. When I woke up I noticed the room smelling of our sex and perspiration. She was fast asleep. I slowly released my member from the wet nest and getting up, I pulled her to lift her in my arms. As my palms touched the corner of her breasts, I felt the heat building up again. I headed straight for the bedroom. I lay her on the bed carefully. aparna turned over and now lay on her stomach. Her blouse was a see through, with back steel hooks. I could see the hooks of her bra too. Wow! She had a lovely back, smooth and sexy. I could see the beginning of the cleavage of her bottom from her sari. She continued to sweat and was now completely wet. Her blouse clung to her body. I released the hooks of her blouse and bra. The label on her bra was 37D. I flipped her over. And as I did so, she woke and smiled at me. I returned her smile. I said, “Thank goodness, you needed my telephone.” “I needed something else too”. “What?” “You”. “You know”, she said with a tear in her eye “my husband is a homosexual and that too a passive one. I wanted him to touch, squeeze and suck my breasts and have him deep inside me, but all that he did was to kiss me on my lips and fondle me. He never allowed me to even touch his cock. I have wanted to you since we came to stay downstairs”. I stared at her. My eyes involuntary wandered to her great breasts. Wet with desire. I whipped my mouth. I was dumbstruck. “A homo’s wife? Oh boy, this could be a long term affair not a one night stand,” I thought. I brought out a towel for her. “You and me are sweating and smelling. Go take a nice bath I will follow you. The bathroom is over there”, I said. She got up and ambled over to the bath, swinging her round ass, and closed the door. I was a lucky bastard, holed up with a sex-starved beautiful married babe who had a gay husband stuck to her.

30 minutes later she came out clean and wrapped in the towel and I stood up to go for my bath. She came and sat where I had. She hugged me around my waist lifted my T-shirt and kissed me on my navel. I held her head and looking down asked her, “Do you like what you got?” She nodded and without waiting for my reply, she kissed my loins. It was hot and my tool didn’t take another second to become a flag post. She held my hands and kissed them. “Undress me,” she said. I pulled at the towel. Her large breasts were heaving. I was looking at two of the most precious and delicious boobs I had ever seen. Full ripe juicy. Her pink nipples were erect with desire and responding to my touch to grow to a quarter of a digit finger. Naked from the waist above, she opened my shorts, pulled down my underwear and gently pulled up my hot rigid cock. She was nervous and looked at it with amazement. It had grown to about 6 inches long. She kissed it gently. “What should I do?” she asked. “Take it in your mouth and suck. I assure you’ll like it?” She nodded and with great care she licked my penis. It was heavenly to feel her wet tongue on it. aparna opened her mouth wide and gently and very carefully enveloped her lips around my cockhead. With her wet tongue inside she licked the glands. I was already leaking precum inside her hot loving mouth. She licked the juice. It was wonderful to see my dick vanishing into her luscious mouth. She withdrew and looked up at me, questioningly for my approval. I smiled and nodded. “You’re doing well,” I said. She pulled my foreskin and again licked my glands. She closed in on my hard cock and slowly began to suck on it. It was amazing that she liked what she was doing. I was now fucking her mouth vigorously. I was approaching my climax. Her sucking and licking was gradually pushing me into orgasm. And then it happened. I sent in a huge load of my hot cum straight down her throat. She immediately withdrew my penis and continued to masturbate me. I sprayed the remaining load all over aparna’s face and mouth. She licked my penis and cleaned me off. I sat down beside her. Her job had tired me. It had taken twenty minutes. My dick was shrinking. She was swallowing my sperm and licking it off her face.

She placed her head on my shoulder and held my hand. Her nipples brushed my elbows. As she leaned over, her soft breasts pressed against my bare arms. They were hot. I held her face and kissed her forehead. “Thanks, aparna, that was great.” Her lips were quivering. They were full and swollen, due to the continuous sucking of my cock. She came close to me, and I was obliged to kiss her lips. Our tongues met and searched each other’s mouths. I could taste my semen in them. I kissed her cheeks and her neck. Her ear lobes were soft. I moved my lips to her bare shoulders and arms. It was arousing her. My mouth moved to her chest and I started to lick her. She was beginning to breathe hard. Her nipples were stiffening. I knelt in front of her. I moved my hands behind her back and held her waist and gave her a hug. My face was close to her breast. Large and ripe like delicious alphonso mangoes, with dark, pink-nipples. She smiled at me. She caressed my hair. “Take them,” she said. “Feed me,” I said. She held my head and with the other hand on her right breast she moved closer. Holding her right breast she, brought her nipple and thrust it into my ever-waiting open mouth. My lips closed over her erect nipples. I tickled them with my tongue. I began to suck on it. She took a deep breath as I sucked her breast. It was ecstasy. I shifted to the other breast and sucked it. She was losing control. “Is it the first time you are having your tits sucked?” “Yeah, and I love it.” I got up and moved her up and she lay on the bed. I climbed over her and continued with my sucking. I did everything with them. Sucking, squeezing, licking, biting, tickling and teasing. She was writhing in excitement. She was wildly moving her hands in my hair. She embraced my waist with her legs. She unbuttoned my T-shirt and pulled it off. I helped her remove my shorts and underwear that had reached my knees by then. I was naked. I resumed my work on her boobs. I had been sucking her for about ten minutes now. Her nipples were swollen. I stopped after another five minutes. I moved further down on her and tasted her waist and navel. I kissed her legs, she smelled clean and inviting. The feeling excited her. I kissed the inner thighs as I slowly made my way up to her hairy triangle. I glanced at it. Her pink cleft was exposed and she was wet. Her juices were oozing. I held her legs as I went down on her and briefly my tongue licked her wet pussy. She screamed and climaxed. I licked once more. She was screaming with immense pleasure. My cock meanwhile has grown back to its 6 inches hardness. And it was hot and stiff. I lay over her and lifted her legs up exposing her wet cunt. I positioned myself comfortably and gently guided my shaft into her hole. She screamed again I withdrew gently and repeated the insertion again. This time, it was smooth and I was deep inside her. She let out a deep sigh and began to breathe hard. Her lovely boobs were heaving with the pleasure and seemed to burst anytime. I began my motions gently into her and soon it was fast and hot. She was enjoying every stroke. I was sucking her breasts and pressing them. My pumping was vigorous and soon I felt a shudder and she held me tighter than before, digging her nails into my back. She climaxed with a scream of pleasure. I paused and then continued my to and fro motion into her cunt. She had closed her eyes and a cat smile on her sexy lips indicated that she was enjoying every moment. I was reaching my climax and my body shuddered and then it came. I filled her vagina with volumes of hot semen. I withdrew immediately and let the remaining cum drop on her pubic hair. I moved up to her face after kissing her, inserted my dick into her open mouth. “Suck me and clean me,” I urged. She took me in and I felt my tip touching her throat as she sucked me dry and swallowed the last drops of my sperm. I withdrew and collapsed over her. “I never knew fucking could be so good and beautiful,” she said. She kissed me on my lips and embraced me tight. “Thank you for giving me so much pleasure,” she said. “The pleasure is mine anytime you feel like having sex, come to make a phone call. I will be more than willing to fuck you.” She closed her eyes and dozed off to sleep. The three sleeping tablets had finally taken their toll. I slipped beside her covering our bodies with a large bed sheet and went to sleep sucking her right breast, one hand on her left breast and the other hand fingers inside her wet cunt.

The continuous bell of the telephone ringing woke me up at around 7.00 pm. I dragged myself to the drawing room and the operator announced that the phone we were trying was not working. I asked him to cancel the call and after a pee settled back into the bed sheet with aparna. aparna woke me at around 5.00 in the morning and was planning to go back downstairs to her flat. I caught her and held her captive for the next Forty-seven hours. We fucked, and then slept together, and again fucked, we ate together, and fucked, we shat together, and fucked we bathed together and fucked. I think we lost count of our fucking after the 10th Fuck. aparna was the babe with stamina and an eagerness to fuck.

It’s been so long since then. She still lives in the same flat with her husband Ramesh. She is the mother of three strong Guju speaking Punjabi’s. any babe’s, bhabhis and girls wanna have immense fun pls feel free to Write your Comments to

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