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Anything For Winning

  • desipapa
  • September 14, 2015

Hi, my name is Misha. I stay Gurgaon (near Delhi) I am 22 now and this story happened when I was 18 yrs old. I am a quite-pretty looking girl, 36-25-37 (that’s now). Let me get down to the story.

Anand, a very close friend of mine, stayed next to our door when we were in Delhi. Their parents and mine were very good neighbors. I had completed my intermediate (12 std) exams and so had Anand. We were both expecting our results and in a weeks time we got our results. I scored 87% while Anand landed scoring 89%. Both our parents were happy.

Both our parents go out to work – they leave around 8 in the morning and come back only by 6 or late. Anand and me played chess almost all day since we had holidays. One day, I remember it very clearly, it was a Thursday, Anand came home around 11 am. He sat watching tv while I said I’ll join him as soon as I am done with platting my hair. We watched a movie over the cable network. Our conversation about general stuff was on and it slowly turned to chess. It became a little heated when Anand said that it is boys who top the chess championship. I said what makes you say that. He said ‘ok just see back in the history. How many ‘women’ chess champs are there and how many ‘men’ chess champs are popular?’ This made me angry and said ok that’s a challenge. Let’s play chess today and that’ll decide everything. He agreed.

We sat around the chessboard and I started the game. Anand asked what’s the bet? I don’t know what made me say ‘Anything for winning’, that is the winner gets to do anything. I had no idea why I said that. The game went on for 3 full hours and I saw trends of Anand winning. He was dominating over the board and soon checkmates me. I was a bit scared at that time but did not know any reason for being scared. Anand said so what’s for me now? I looked at him with a look of loser. Anand suddenly got up on his kneels, held my shoulder with his arms and said Misha I want to touch your breasts. Shock and terror was filled in me when I heard him say something like that.

I suddenly freed myself from his arms and said have you gone mad. How dare you speak like that to me? I got up and stepped away from him. He followed me and said now look you put up the bet and now you are washing your hands from it. I said I don’t care. I just don’t want you here now. It’s better you leave now. Anand was still walking towards me. I stopped speaking as fear surrounded me while Anand came closer to me and said please Misha. Let me do it. I promise you that it will not hurt you and no one will ever come to know about this. I was stuck up in the corner of the room and he was standing so close to me, I didn’t have any place to move. He kept on pleading and I continued saying no.

Meanwhile his hands moved from my shoulders to my upper chest and then slowly placed themselves on my breasts. Aah I can still feel that electrifying sensation that went on in me at that time. I stood quietly, neither fully accepting him nor giving any repulsion to him. He started fondling and pressing my breasts. My body became more free and loose to him allowing him to do what he was. He moved me towards the couch, made me sit there. I don’t know what had happened to me. I was feeling as though I was his slave doing whatever he wanted me to do. As I eased myself into the couch, he knelt in front of me and put his hands back on my breasts.

He started kneading harder and harder. I told him that I was feeling the pain, but that cry of mine went in vain. After sometime, he stopped and looked at me. He asked me whether I liked it. I replied to him positively and said that I was feeling some pain because he pressed them very hard. He apologized. I told him that he should go home now. That evening was difficult for me to put my mind into anything and worse was the night. I could not sleep well.

The next day Anand came to my place around 2 pm. We sat facing each other. I told him that I had very strange feelings yesterday after the incident. He said that even he also faced similar experiences. He wanted us to do the same as yesterday. Before I could say anything, he kissed me on my lips. He parted from my lips and looked into my eyes and I was staring at his. I said that was nice too. That signal was enough for him and he passionately continued to kiss me. His hand, obviously, were at my breasts. We kissed few times and then I stopped him once for all and said that it was going beyond control. He obliged and stopped. It was sure that we were still in that mood. I said that when he did that to me yesterday, I felt something in my skirt. He asked me whether I am feeling the same now also. I said yes. He suddenly put his hands on my skirt and tried to lift it to peek inside. In reaction, I covered it with my hands and stopped him. But he was not to listen. I shouted Anand and slapped him.

Things came to a sudden halt and he left. He did not turn up the whole weekend. On Monday I myself went to his house around 12. He opened the door and asked me to come in. He was still angry with me. As we stepped into the house, I said Anand I am sorry for what I did. He turned toward me and said no Misha I am the one who should apologize. I said ok I forgive. Now come home I have prepared lunch – we both will have. He said he’ll join in few minutes and so I walked back home. I am usually in cottons when I am home. He came home and we had lunch together. It might be around 1:30 or so when our conversation came towards the incident that was happening since two days. Anand said that he wanted to kiss me again.

I said yes, but kiss me slowly and romantically. Fondling began along with kissing. We kissed for a few minutes continuously. He stopped and moved slightly back. He removed his hands and observed my breasts. The profile of my nipples was very clearly visible. I deliberately removed my bra when I came back home. He now put both his hands around my breast and stretched my shirt over my left breast. My protruding nipple was very clear now. He moved came closer to my breast and his caught the nipple with his hand and pinched it slightly. I arched back and said ‘aah Anand that’s too nice but please don’t press hard’. He agreed and took the other nipple through my shirt in his hands. Both my nipples were in his custody.

We started kissing again. I asked him to stop and so he did. I said now we should part ourselves. He sat back making me feel safe and comforted. But he still wanted to say something. I asked him what was going on in his mind. He said that he would be very pleased if I could show him my breast. I started to laugh and said go to hell. He said please Misha please. I promise that I will not touch you. I said ok but what will I get in return. He said that you could touch my penis. I was a bit shy to hear it from him. Then I said ok for the deal. I slowly removed first two buttons of my shirt and he was sitting close to me but as promised he would not touch me. By opening the third button, most part of my breast was visible to him. He was ogling at it without blinking his eyes. I moved my shirt to the left give him a peek of my left breast completely. He saw the whole breast and the erect nipple.

That’s it. I closed my shirt and buttoned it. His face felt so lit and excited. He asked my whether it is long like this always. I said no, but when he touches me or kisses me, I can feel it grow up. He told me that I was free to touch his penis. My hand was shaking as it went near his pants. Finally my hands made it. I clasped his long penis in my hands. I felt it very big and I saw pleasure in his eyes. He asked me to move my hands to and fro. So I did. He was fully uplifted and seemed to be out of this world. I retracted my hand. I asked him whether it would be always so long and hard. He said no and that it would grow whenever he thinks about me and the like. He looked at me with a thankful note. He said thank you very much and kissed my cheek and ran to his place. At that time, I was wondering why he ran back to his place.

That was our last encounter and we did not to proceed further the next week and my dad was transferred to a branch in Gurgaon the following week. Well friends, this is the first part. The next part will be online soon.Bye till then.

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