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Anu Raj

  • desipapa
  • October 1, 2015

Helloo friends this is Anu Raj, ek doud dad noujawan sexy guy 17 yr old single from Indore and by profession I am a student. Dosto I am going to tell u my first sex experience with a lady who is my relative.

So whts happen this is the story of 2002 diwali there is an culture in indore that people distribute diwali prasad to their relatives after diwali pooja . so my mom give me a sweet packet and told me that ese sapna bhabhi ke yaha de aa.i took my bike and go for the target I ring the bell at home of sapna bhabhi sapna bhabhi opened the door ..goura gadraya badan fresh skin like a fresh baby ..hight around 5 ft 4 inch navy blue sari tight fit blouse .mast boobs..”come in ” she said kaise ho.i said I am fine kamal bhaiya kaha gaye hai.ujjain she said he will come tomm.oh I said o.k

After few minutes suddenly power has goneoh shit yeah daily ka kam ho gaya hai.i heart sapna said from kitchen I open the door look out side I found that only our power cutsall there the power is on.o.k I said bhabhi our fuse gaya hai shayad app candle le aaiye mai laga deta humain gate ke picche distribution board thaI opend it bhabhi candle se light bata rahi thi..and staying very close to me.slowly I found that my elbows are in touch with bhabh is boobsI was feeling goodI am making dealy to repair fuse coz their closeness I was pushing her boobs frequently.i showing like that it is as natural.well after 20 min who piche hati aur boli rahane de yadi nahi ho raha hai to.mai bola nahi ho jayegaapp light I connect the fuse and turn on the powerand now jaise hi mai waha se hata bhabhi unbalanced her hand and the candle touched my neck.oh sorry sorryjala kya?? She said ha thoda hi laga hai..i said..oh shit I am sorry tum ruko mai burnol laga deti hu.she bring burnol and start to apply on my neckfrom behind me.i am feeling her boobs on my back.i am enjoying her presence and feeling the softness of her boobs.on my backlo ho gayashe said.ab fulega nahi.aur jane lagi.maine uska hath pakda aur kaha bhabhi baitho nawho kuch nahi boli aur pass mai baith gayivery close with me.maine socha that shes agreed without asking her I picked her head and kissed her forclyuuuuuuuuuuu .voice of herand suddenly she pushed me back and gusse mai boli ..pagal hai kya .but I dont replyed her tum samchate kya ho apne app ko..mai abhi didi(my mom) ko phone karati humai achank dar sa gaya.and I told her that I am sorry bhabhi..i am really sorry.muche pata nahi lkya ho gaya tha..i am really sorryplz plz.i will never do it againplz.but she left the room .ab mai apne app ko dikkar raha tha ki.kya kar diya bemarega.well after 20 min she was come back in the room with tea.and said to me that .chay lo.but I baked her again I am sorry.plz.mai phir nahi karoongaplz.bhabhiwho boli take the tea.maine chay li aur chupchap pee.kuch der bad who boli ab to nahi karogeI said neversorryshe come close to me and boli .ab tum bacche to nahi ho.chalo choudo ab muskuraoI will not telll to any oneand she picked my head and put their breast and told me tumhe kya mazza aata hai..mai chup rahatum muche essi vassi samchte ho kyaI still quitI feeling there boobs on my headdon’t do it again o.k.she said .o.k .

I said o.k she again asked to me.o.k I replyed thats like a good boy.and kissed my head.and suddenly she look to my face and kissed me on lips passiontly for two minthis is ur gift for diwali..o.k.i surprisedhimmat kar ke maine bola and wht abt the gift for I fix ur power problem. She looked to my face and spraed a sexy smile and said .chalo uska bhi le loand again come close to me and kissed me this time I picked her headand make pressure on their this time I oped my mouth and ..trying to kiss her in deep.after few seconds our tounges were enjoying togetherin between shes trying to leave me.or showing it

I dont knowbut this time I picked her strongly. After few minmaine use bad par patak diya.and our lips were now in still contact..and enjoying now myright hand over her left boob.its was too hardand so big.i could not capture it in my hand.and I am contonuosly pressing itthen I remove her blouse oh my god.there was two bombs in black bra.i immediately remove braoooopsits so mai apne lips uske boobs par ragadta raha.and preesing them with pressure..i was.again again ..suke their nippels.she also enjoying..mai uske bobe esse daba raha tha jaise aata gundh raha my right hand move to search the real place which I finger feel I wetness of panty.around four to five inch wide pussy I feelI start meshing it by my fingerafter some time I remove their all cloths including pantyshe was nude in fornt of meI slidly enter my middel finger in the holeooohhhhhaaaahhhhhhh .basbas.tuuuuusharcontinously awaze aa rahi thi jo muche aur exite kar rahi thi,.suddenly she stand up and statr kissing finger on the job..aaahhhh.dhiredhire.she was cryingshe try to open my shirt.

I immediately remove my shirt,baniyan ,trouserand frencyshe picked my my lund mow this is my turn to cry.shoooooooooooaaaaaahhhhhh..sapna ne ek nazar mere pink head stong lund ko dekha sprying a sexy smile hit her head to my head..and picked my head and puch it on the pussy.ab yeah tumhe kiss karegi.boli I pressurely pushed my lips to there wet pussyand start suking was so exiting.i was really enjoying it my tongue was taking the fun in the form of pussy juise and she was also enjoying therir exprssions said that now I take 69 position and my lund over her mouthshe cleaned my lund by bed sheet and start kissing it.and slowly she was take whole lund in mouth..and pumping it up and down in mouth.ooooohhhhaaaaahhhhh.both voices are mixed..after few minutes she climb over me and pick my lund and guide it to the entranceI can see it it was to lund is sildly entered in the heaven like a rocket when it takeoffed and laps in space..slidly hot lubricnat attmosfer I was feelingat beginning the frequncy is low..but with time it increased.oooohhhh..aaaahhhhhh.the both voices are mixed.well after few minutesI change the position and now their legs over my shoulders..and my lund in the hole..i start strokingoohhhh .ahhhhhstop it tusharmai mar jaungi.plzz.plz.aaaaaaa oooo maaaaatuuuuuuusharrrr..aaaaayiiiispana cryingbut I am concentrate to enjoyat this timesapna ne bed ke head side ke pipes ko majbooti se pakad rakha tha.and at every strok.

Uske boobs esse hitle thai jaise earth quek mai pahad hilte ho..they was jumping.and..and my exitement increasesoh mygodI cant tell u in words .it was tooooexiting..after 20 min I got discharged.oooooooooohhhhhhhh.maine apna lund nikala aur.sapna ke upar gir padausne meri nose pakda aur boli .yahi chate tha na gaya giftI will tell ur didithat tumhara choura bigad gaya hai.she said..shut upyaarI saidwho hasi aur muchse chipke gayi.after that I called to my hamoe that I cant come todaybecause there is kamal bhaiya is not here and bhabhi is aloneand we enjyed whole night in arms of each nightI fuked her onesmoreand in morning we take bath together and take tea withut clothes that is nude.

Well in morning she said to me that tushar u know our mage in society as well as in familyso don’t said it to any one even ur tooooo close friendand don’t be over exitedwhen ever we got chance we will try avail it..o.kI got the point she was right.enjoyment and play all for our pleaserso we should make situatation like that ki enjoyment tension ban alwaysenjoy with safety.i beleave in itI also from a well reputeted family so that I got that point easily

After that we had enjoyed tigether six times..before 6 month she had left indore and now in gujratso its a long timebut I never be forget my first experionce with a beauty queen.oh god that great I also doing the tutions for up to 12 th standard students.and I fuke a lady recntly in indore..where I go for teaching.i will tell about u later Any gals or ladieslike my this first experoinceand want to know more..can contact me

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