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Ansh Adores His Teacher

  • desipapa
  • September 29, 2015

This is me going to tell u my experience. i m ansh 24 yrs old guy with only 5′ 4″ height. by looking at me no one can say that i m 24 yrs old, but it is true. I m doing my masters. In my college there r so many sexy madams but my eyes were on one madam naina,the bomb with sexy eyes. she is of my height but a bit plump and beautiful boobs and adorable ass. From the first day of her college i was thinking to fuck her any how and at any cost. She is lecturer of B.E. students and I m in masters so there was no chance that she would take our classes.

So I decided to make my intro to madam. There was a junior who was student of that madam was my friend. I just told him that i want to make inrto with that madam. He told ok then we went to that madam. He just opened a math’s book and asked her some questions and she answered. Then my friend told that madam “madam he is my friend ansh doing masters in our college” madam said hi to me. then some days later madam was moving in lobby and i was passing from there and greeted madam. then asked madam “don’t u have classes right now?” she answered “no.” so i gathered some courage and asked her to come with me to canteen for some tea. she said “if u r giving this free then i will come.” then we moved to canteen and had some tea and talk. About a half an hour we moved into college. Next day i searched for naina madam’s schedule in college and got from intranet of our college.

According to that i went to the staff room where she used to sit when she is free. And man she was alone there staring outside the window. I went in and said hi and asked her “if she is feeling alone then we can move to canteen.” she said ok and came with me. This day we talked so long.slowlly and steadily i asked her about her family. She said that her husband is also an engineer(actually M.E.) and is now a days at USA. Then I asked her “madam what u do whole day at home as u r all alone?” she said nothing just watching TV. I asked “Madam can i come to your house to share some good time with u?”she said “u’ll be bored with me.” i said ok if u r not considering me as your friend then i’ll not come to your house.” and started to move.she just stopped me but all in day she came to my class when classes were about to end and as it ended she came in and said me sorry and told that i can come to her home whenever i like to.being a good person !?!?!? i had not gone to her home for a week. but after making a good impression one fine evening i went to her home.she was there in a gown.she was not looking good at all.but i was aware of her real, i went in and sat on a chair.

She said she is coming in a moment.and…there was she,the real man-eater.she was wearing a pink color dress with a bit tight fittings.she has pinned her dupatta at shoulders but what can she do of those big mangoes?they were as searching place to come out.i talked with her 4 so long and about 9:30 at night i came night i masterbated on name of her big boobs.this was the first time so i made a gentle impression on saturday i asked madam in college can she come to movie with me as tomorrow is sunday?she said she will tell at the end of the day.and at evening she told that she is coming. i ran to home and cleaned my yamaha RX-100.all the night i planned what to talk when she speeks something.and how to make her sit double sided on bike so that i can feel her boobs on my back. then next at noon she phoned me and asked for the timings.i was happy to know that she was interested in going to movie.i said sharp 5:30 i reached her.she was in a good green was a sleeveless punjabi dress with a good cut at back.also it has a long cut on both sides and her sexy heavy thighes were comming out from that.i said “…wow…madam u looks amazing if u were single…”.she just laughed.then we went to movie on my bike.she sat as expected and it was fun feeling her boobs on it became our every sunday plan to go to movie or restaurants and sometimes discos.i started talking beautiful things which were actually copied from english novels and movies and started sharing our thoughts.

Now she became closer and closer to me. one day she asked me about my girl friend.i said i don’t have then she asked my dream girl and i said “just like u beautiful,clever,smart,inocent and…sexy.”she asked me “am i sexy,from which angle u found me sexy? what is sexy in me?”i paused for a moment and started describing her beautiful body,her sexy curves… she came near to me and asked “r u sure?…confident?” i said “ya” she asked “lock kar diya jaye?” i laughed.she hugged me and said “u r locked,ok.”this was the thing i i started kissing her and carresing her whole body.her body was so smooth and soft.i had never felt this much soft body.for about 10 minutes we just explored each other’s mouths and tounges.she was hot and now my member became so hard and she felt it against her navel.she then moved backward to reach the bed. Now we were on the bed.i slowly removed her all clothes like a experienced performer and started removing mine but she stopped me and started removing my clothes.we were all naked.she was more than what I expected. milky white body black bush and large black nipples.i lowered my self to her breasts and mouthed one and held other in a hand.she was pushing my head to her breast and moaning.i took more than 15 minutes to be I started my journey to her pussy via her navel.she was responding heavily.i had fucked so many times but never ever done oral but as I reached to belly button she told me to lick her pussy lips.she said that her boy friend before her wedding was very good at oral sex but her husband does not love to do it was must for me to was new to me but I said ok and started doing as I had seen in XXX movies.i parted her lips and inserted my tongue into her pussy.

She cried with pleasure and push my head further.she also started stroking her pussy towards my head.then she cum and damn she was tasted sexy salted.the smale of juice was just wow.then I asked her to take my cock in her mouth and she did it just was a new experince to me.she was experienced in doing this so in no time she dried me.again I started kissing her heavy thighs and ass chicks.within 2 minutes my cock was ready 4 action.i parted her legs and started inserting my cock.she had no sex for long time so she was tight for me.when I penetrated her she cried a bit.but when I was whole in i stayed for some moment.she said “fuck me u son of a bitch”. she was happy and said me “fuck me ass hole”.it felt good as my teacher was asking me to do this.i started slowly and after some strokes i withdraw.she asked “what is wrong?” i just said her to be on her four and started fucking like a mad dog fucks a bitch .after some time i increased my speed.after some time I felt I was about to come and I cried “I m cuming and withdraw my cock.she said no insert it again and fill my cunt.i was all happy and obeyed her.she also came when I came. Now we were on bed.we talked for about an hour after this fuck.meanwhile I was kissing her hands,shoulders,caressing her breasts and thighs.i got another eraction and started mounting her again she first refused so I said ok but she said please… so I fucked her again.

Now this was the time I had to I went to home. now we are very good first i wanted only sex but now we meet not only for sex but we go to movies,fairs,picnics etc…she shares her problems with me.sometimes she calls me just for sex.also she had asked me to fuck her friends and i had done this. it is good and I love it. So u can pass your comments on Also all respected ladies,girls who want to meet me for only fun,want to talk to me(chat on net)and be my friend,want to be my friend via E-mails can contect me at my yahoo ID I m not telling u to meet me for sex only.if u feel I m good person

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