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Another Good For All One

  • desipapa
  • August 16, 2015

Hi, I am Rohan. I live in Delhi. I am married with a kid. I am very fond of desipapa’s stories and I want to share an exciting event of my life. It’s a true incident, which happened three years back. I am Self. Monica was my Friend’s friend. She was also married and workingwoman. Monica was a very sexy woman with 38, 28, 38 & 5’ 7” figure. She was so sexy that every body admires her figure. After three years of marriage, she had no baby. We had good family terms and we used to visit each other’s house once in a week.

Her husband was doctor. Once he had to go to Shimla for a week. In those days there was some tension in their area. Monica was very worried, as she had to live alone. My wife offered her to stay with us during her husband’s absence, which, she agreed as her work place was also near to our house. We had a Two-bedroom apartment. We adjusted her in guest room. On first day of her stay in our house she was helping my wife in kitchen. I was sitting in TV lounge when she brought tea for me. As she bowed to serve tea to me her dopatta fall down from her right shoulder and her sexy boobs were exposed to me. I was stunned to see her huge boobs. While taking tea & mixing sugar I continuously stared at her boobs and she noticed it. As she had carried tray she was unable to hide her boobs by her dopatta. She blushed and her hands started shivering. No body was around. I encouraged myself and held her dopatta and put it on her shoulder so that her boobs were hide. While shying she said thank you and went away. After that she tried her best to avoid me and whenever there was an eye contact there was shame on her face. In morning I left the house first for my job then Monica and after her my sister left the house for her job along with kids to drop them at their school. Two days after Monica stay at our home I had to go to bank therefore I got up late at 8’O clock and went to toilet for bath. I found that my toothpaste had finished. I decided to take it from guest room.

As I went there I found the door of guest room was opened. I went inside and saw Monica’s cloth on bed. Within a sudden I smelled the presence of Monica in bathroom and my dick became hard. The door of bathroom was half opened. Carefully I peeped into the bathroom and I became stunned to see Monica naked. Her back was towards me and she was washing her face. After seeing her sexy nude body my dick became more hard. Then I decided to take advantage of that moment. I removed all of my clothes quietly and entered the bathroom posing that I was not aware of her presence. As I entered the bathroom she turned her face toward me and became statue with eyes and mouth opened in wonder and surprise. “Sorry! I thought that you had gone” I said while staring at her big boobs. Her boobs were very big, firm and round with dark brown nipples. As I said sorry she woke up and after analyzing the situation she covered her boobs with her hands, which were not enough to hide her big boobs. I changed the view and looked towards her hairy cunt. She also followed my eyes and put her hands on her cunt. I again focused my eyes on her exposed boobs. As she noticed this she covered her face with her both hands and turned back. Now her sexy ass was towards me. My 7” long dick started paining. I took my cock in my hand and said “Now how will you hide your sexy ass?” She immediately put her hands on her ass. I stepped forward and held her from her shoulders. I turned her front towards me and squeeze her by saying, “let me hide your body with mine” She started shivering with heavy breaths. “Nnn nn no please let me free and go away” she said while trying to escape.

I held her more tightly and whispered in her ears “Monica u very sexy lady, I like you and always think about you, janu! I love you” Saying these words I hugged her more tightly and started kissing her neck and cheeks. My hard dick was trying to get in between her thighs. My kisses aroused her and she wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tightly by saying “Please don’t do it, if somebody knows it we will be in trouble” I put my hand on her buttocks and said “janu if we will not tell any body nobody will know” saying this I placed my lips on her lips. I sucked her lips for a while then I inserted my tongue into her mouth. She hugged me more tightly and started sucking my tongue. After a long kiss I gripped her from ass and lifted her up and brought her on the bed. We both lay on the bed with arms around each other and continued kissing. After about fifteen minutes I started kissing her neck, ears and finally her breasts. I licked her boobs for five minutes and then I took her one nipple in my mouth and started sucking it. Mean time I held her hand with mine and brought closer to my hard dick. Firstly she hesitated to touch it but afterwards she held my dick and left it immediately saying “it’s too big looking like a snake” I held her hand again and put it on my dick and said “Janu! Hold it, and don’t be afraid, it’s a key of pleasure” She moved her hand on my dick and pressed the head of my dick saying “where is the lock of this key” after this she inserted her face into my chest with shy. I moved my hand down and inserted between her thighs and pressed her cunt with my palm and said “this is the lock of key of pleasure” She pressed my dick and said “this hole is too small for this big key” I inserted a finger in her wet and hot cunt. She moaned and tightened her thighs, which gave me more pleasure. I said “Janu! Don’t worry I will lubricate my dick and your cunt with saliva and then gently I will enter in your sexy cunt. Once it entered in your cunt you will never allow it to put out” She moaned and kissed on my ear and said “You talk very filthy” “did you mind it” I said and bit on her nipple. She hugged me more tightly and said, “No, I like it. I like filthy talks but I have never talked filthy things” “Ok, let us talk filthy things” I said.

She did not reply but brought her hand near her mouth and poured some saliva on it and rubbed it on my dick and started masturbation. This made me more exited. I put my tongue in her mouth and suck her lips and said “ Monica do you want my dick in your tight cunt” She pressed my dick more tightly and said “Jan your lorra is very big it will tear my cuntt, it is very tight” She sucked my tongue and said “But your big horse like cock in my tight cuntt will give us very much pleasure” She brought my dick near her cunt and rubbed it on her pussy hairs. I kissed on her eyes and said “I am going to lick your cunt so that it become lubricated” She hugged me with a loud moan and said “Jan! You lick my cunt, I will suck your lorra to lubricate it” Then we assumed 69 position. First I licked her cunt lips and then inserted my tongue in her hole and she took my dick in her mouth and started sucking it. We did this for about 20 minutes. Then I stood up and placed a pillow under her waist this exposed her cunt more. She gripped my dick and brought it near her mouth and spit on it and rubbed her saliva on my dick. But her saliva was not enough to lubricate my big dick. She asked me to pour my saliva into her mouth. I gathered some saliva in my mouth and then while kissing her I poured it into her mouth. This filled her mouth with saliva. She took my entire dick into her mouth and with her tongue she rubbed saliva on it. As she brought my dick out of her mouth it was fully bathed by our saliva. I apart her legs and placed my dick on her cuntt. She hugged me tightly and took my tongue into her mouth and started sucking it. I pressed my dick into her tight cuntt but could not inserted in her cunt. She was really very tight. I kept pressing my dick on her hole. She continued sucking my tongue and brought her hand under her hips and apart her cunt lips. This gave way to my dick in her cunt. As the head of my dick entered in her tight hole I pressed my dick more and with a jerk I inserted my whole dick in her tight cuntt.

She inserted her nails into my back and shouted with pain ”Ooee ah oh ooee hi ma it’s very painful you have torn my cunt. “ I kissed on her lips and said “your cuntt is very tight like a virgin girl” She inserted her tongue in my mouth saying “Your dick is also too fat and large it has torn my tight cuntt. Oh Jan! I love you, I love your rod, your big dick and my tight cuntt will give us a great pleasure” I pressed her boob and said ”Oh sure, we will give a great pleasure to each other. I love you and your cunt too” We continued kissing, hugging and talking filthy with slow movements of my cock in her cunt. After about half an hour I started moving my rod in and out her cunt fastly. She also responded by moving her hips up and down. This made me horny and I started fucking her like a mad dog. During the movement of my cock my balls were touching her ass and this touch was increasing our pleasure. During fucking I continued kissing her lips and tongue. After about five minutes I cummed deep inside her cunt. At the same time she also reached her orgasm. She tightened her cunt and squeezed every drop of cum with her cunt. After that I did not withdrew my cock from her cunt. We remained in this position for about 15 minutes. After which we started kissing again. With her warm kisses my rod got erection again and I started slow jerks in her cunt. After few minutes I placed my hand under her hips and started squeezing them meanwhile I rubbed my finger in circles on her ass hole. I noticed that she was enjoying this. I lubricated my finger with her cunt juices and tried to insert it in her ass. She resisted and said “Don’t do it, I mean don’t insert your finger in my ass” I stopped my movements and said “ then what?” She hugged me tightly and while kissing on my neck said “Jan! My ass is still virgin, I want your cock to be the first thing in it” With this she hide her face in my chest with shy. “I know that your cock will tear my ass but at the same time it will give pleasure also” she said in a sexy voice. Hearing this my cock got more harder. I withdrew my cock from her cunt and lifted her legs up so that her knees met her shoulder. With this position her ass exposed more in front of me. My cock was well lubricated, I spit on her ass and rubbed my saliva on it. Then I put my cock on her hole and started pressing it inside her. Her ass was very tight. She apart her with her hands and asked me to insert.

I tried but failed to enter. She asked me to apart her and caught my cock in her hand. I apart her s and she spit on her hand and rubbed her saliva on my cock. Then she relaxed her ass and started pressing my cock in her ass. After a little struggle the head of my cock slipped inside her ass. She screamed with pain and wrapped her arms around me and said “now slowly push your cock” By this time I became extremely excited and ignoring her advice I pushed my cock with a great force and entered my whole cock in her tight ass with a jerk. She shouted as if she had slaughtered “Ah ohhhhh please stop it you have tear my ass, oh my ass has torn” with this she fainted and her body looked like a dead body. But she was breathing heavily with sighs. Her ass was very tight and warm. I could not control myself and without any further movement I exploded in her ass. After that I laid on her without withdrawing my cock and started kissing her lips, boobs & neck. After few minutes she reactivated and wrapped her arms around me and responded me in lips kissing and said, ”You have torn my ass with your sexy horse like cock, it’s very painful” I hugged her and said “it will be ok soon then you will enjoy” Meantime I got erection again. We continued kissing for about 30 minutes without any movement of my cock in her ass. After that she started moving her hips slowly and hugged me tightly and started deep kissing. I waited for few minutes and then started moving my cock slowly. Her ass was very tight and it was difficult to move my cock. I asked her to pour her saliva in my mouth, which she did and I then pour saliva on my hand, and withdrew half of my cock and rubbed saliva on it. Then I inserted my cock again in her ass. Now it was comfortable to move and I increased me speed.

She also responded and started moving her hips up and down in synchro with my strokes. Meantime we continued kissing. I fucked her in her ass for next 10 minutes and then exploded my cum deep inside her ass. As my cock cummed inside her she moaned loudly and said “Oh! Sexy cock you have given me a great pleasure. My ass has enjoyed a lot” After this tiresome fucking we laid motionless for about one hour. Then again we started fucking till 2’O clock. During this I fucked her for three times more in her cunt. Then I left the house and came back at 4’O clock. In evening when we met at tea she gave me very seductive smiles. Due to massive fuck she was feeling problem in walking. She lived with us for next three days and we both applied leave from our jobs and spent these days with each other.. After a month Monica told me that she was pregnant due to my massive fucking and gave birth to a son, which we only know that he is mine. We still meet each other and whenever we get a chance I fuck her. She enjoys fucking by me in her cunt and ass. Now she is insisting me to pregnant her again. If any female wanna meet me for any type of discreet relationship Secrecy assured

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