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Anniversary With Meri Pyari Amma

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Summer holidays! Usually the time around which I wake up is 12 in the noon but I woke up to an alarm I’ve set the last night at 7 am. I almost forgot why would I set up an alarm at 7 am in the morning where I was supposes to be snoring to glory and all of a sudden I remembered, the days are special indeed very special. It was the day a year back which changed the whole moment of my life and before I say, let me introduce myself and my family.

I am Royden 20 years, an engineering first year student, living in Goa with my family. Not the most handsome in my university but not bad looking either kidding it’s just my mom or dad I live with. I am their only son and dad in a sales engineer, working with a multinational company. Mom is a housewife. She has taken no much education as she was married at the age of 21 and given birth to me at the age 22. Dad is very concerned about his work.

He has been the most successful sales engineer and earns a lot. It keeps him very busy all time, though the relationship of my parents is great. Mom is now 42, and she looks mature, but not old. She is still beautiful and attractive. She is a soft person in nature, never losing temper. She is sweet and very caring but loves us too, but he loves his job as well. So sometimes he makes mom feel she is no more important than his career, but moms kind nature just ignores it and mom continues loving dad as she always did in her entire life.

Coming back to the story and so what made this day so special. A year back, when I was enjoying the summer holidays, was the time I encountered my first sex with my own mom. Yes, this day, a year back I had intercourse with my mother. It’s a long story how I got into that, but since then we both have been secret lovers. We have no regret at all. Mom loves me, but she loves dad too. She wouldn’t want to lose anyone of us two, so she conceals our relationship from dad, but she dedicates her time concisely to share her body with both me and dad.

We are not only physically attached but romantically too. In my dad’s absence we also go out together for movies, eat in restaurants like two romantic lovers, she dressed and dolls up beautifully for me and we also celebrate valentines by giving gifts to each other. We make out like boyfriend and girlfriend do, and obviously, make ultimate love on the sheets of our bed, merging our bodies and soul, making us one another’s.

We get plenty of time with each other, when dad is not present in the house. We often have sex in the kitchen, in mid of her cooking. An hour later when dad eats his dinner, I wonder that he has no idea that this food he is eating was cooked while my penis was deep in his wife’s private zone and when dad is deep asleep, mom sometimes sneaks into my room and we have a quick sex on my bed too, in the dark, seeing each other just with the light of the moon.

It’s so romantic and to spice up, we take showers together almost every day and at home when dad is in the office, she will walk around with her panties and bra only, and sometimes wearing nothing. Mom’s sexual life has turned out to be really interesting over the past one year. Mom admitted that she is a lot happy with the sexual life I am giving her that dad is not able to provide. Dad would make it boring for her, but I make sure that she is pleased with every session of sex we have.

This might be the reason she is happy with our secret relationship and never wants to end it. To make the sexual life more interesting, we also have sex in hotels. Last January I and mom travelled to London to meet my aunt who lives with her family there. We took our tickets in such a way so that we had a transit in Amsterdam where we stayed in a posh hotel for a night and we made love every moment we spent there. Gosh! It was so wonderful having sex with her on the silky bed, entering her warm body while the weather outside was freezing cold.

That was the best sex I’ve had with her till now and when we stayed in our aunt’s place, my aunt vacated a room just for me and mom. Little did she know what nasty things we did under the blankets with the gifted privacy she gave us in short, the past one year has been the most blessed year of my life. Me and mom promised that we will continue this till death do us part and never let the love we have to die and but there is no way we let dad know about this. We always had safe sex and never took the risk of not using a condom.

I have never entered her pussy without precautions. I really wished I could, feeling the real inside of her, having a skin to skin contact but she would never agree to that, and I was really fine with it at least I had her to be mine. Honestly saying, I sometimes don’t like the fact that mom has to share her body with someone else too, my dad. It was like a small splinter striking my mind when mom sometimes comes to me after having sex with dad, I feel a bit down.

I remember, last month when dad was leaving country for 2 days, he had sex with mom just before leaving for the airport and after about 20 minute, me and mom went to bed together as always when I started the foreplay fingering her, I noticed semen of my dad still in mom’s pussy and that moment I was really hurt. I realized that I don’t like any penis entering mom, not even dad. I don’t want my lady to be shared or touched by anyone else other than me.

I share everything with mom, so I even told her about this. I even took the courage to ask her to create some fight with dad and divorce him and leave him, so that she becomes mine completely but mom said she wouldn’t want to do that. I even convinced that she will still be happy without dad, being with me, but she just wouldn’t take it seriously. I heard stories about mom too. I heard that mom had affair with many guys before marrying dad.

She had sex with her boyfriend at the age of 18 and then she had sex with her brother in law. He is uncle Tribhu and he is a nice guy, but I hated him since I knew he slept with mom once. I asked mom about this but she just refused saying that these are lies. Coming back to the present day, I got out of bed, excited to talk to mom about this day. It’s our first anniversary and this day means a lot to us. I got out of my room and saw mom in the kitchen. Mom was wearing light purple maxi and her hair was left open, curled up.

I walked behind her. I held her hips from her back and kissed her on her cheeks. She gave a sweet smile and said hey baby sweetheart you woke up so early and she planted a small kiss on my lips. I replies obviously mom and don’t you remember what day it is. She smiled and replied why I wouldn’t remember. I will remember this date every day of my life. It is the date when I got a new life a life I started with you” she kept gazing into my eyes with a romantic look on her face.

I was about to give her another kiss and suddenly we heard some sound from the other room and we moved away quickly. Dad was getting ready for office. I walked to him. He looked at me smiled, and asked how come you wake up so early. I replied just an interrupted sleep and I am going to get back to bed again. He laughed and said don’t be so lazy and wake up so late in the noon and keep yourself active son and I was thinking to myself just leave for office dad, you can’t believe how active I am going to be with your wife.

The thought gushed blood into my organ. He sat on the dining table and mom was serving breakfast for him. I and mom also sat next to him on the table, me on his right and mom on his left while eating he was saying that he had some important business deal in his office and if successful, it will help his career a lot and blab la some lame stuffs. We went on listening, praying he leaves soon. Dad sitting between me and mom, we kept winking at each other and giving flying kisses over dad.

Mom was also giggling on what we were doing. Dad was done eating and he got up, grabbed his suitcase. He said goodbye to mom and me and at the door mom kissed dad. I did not mind and I knew just a few minutes and those wet lips of hers are mine while leaving, dad said to me son, take care of yourself and your mom too and I replied don’t worry dad you leave. I will take some extra care of mom today. Mom gave a shocking giggle and looked at me.

Dad left and mom locked the door and I and mom were smiling at each other. We walked towards each other. She put her arms around my shoulders and brought forward her beautiful face in front of mine and with a kinky tone she exclaimed so let’s celebrate our first anniversary let’s get nasty. She pushed forward her mouth and patched her lips with mine. We were kissing with eyes closed. I also grabbed her by her hips. We kissed for about 2 minutes and the passion within us was rising.

The kiss was gearing up to a smooch. You know the wet ones you see in movies. We open mouthed kissed and tangled tongues and our kissed were so wet that our saliva wet our upper lips and throat too. Mom began licking my lips. It felt awesome to see her getting so passionate. She paused and said come on. Let’s go to bed” she grabbed my left hand and pulled me and we walked to her bedroom.

The room has a king sized bed with a comforter on top. It makes mom enjoy more when me or dad has sex with her and I love that bed too. It’s so humpy. Mom threw herself on the bed facing upwards. I moved on top of her. She again grabbed me by my neck and we began kissing and smooching again while smooch mom’s lips, my hands ran over her shoulders, arms, stomach and then the hips. I gripped her hips and pulled it tight against my body, with our tongues still tangled. Mom was pulling my hair tight.

We kissed for almost 5 to 6 minutes and I paused and I got up. I pulled my t shirt and threw it aside. Then I stood up between mom’s legs and began removing my trousers. Mom kept looking into me and smiling, waiting patiently as I was nude completely with my semi erect penis, the smile on her face curved more. She raised her right leg and placed her foot near my pelvic region. She caressed my testicles and the shaft with her foot. I kneeled down again, giving my penis the reach of her hands.

Mom grabbed it with her right hand and stroked it very, very gently whenever she plays with my penis, she will never look into it; rather she will look into my eyes. My penis was getting pumped. She asked me to move it forward near her mouth. She took a better grip with her hands and placed the tip of my penis on her lower lip. She slowly licked the tip of it with the tip of her tongue.

I was sent an electric shock when she did that. She was going so slowly and it’s her unique style. She licked it another time wetting my tip with her saliva. She even circled her tongue on my penis cap wetting it completely. I was just watching the whole beautiful act of hers and enjoying every microsecond. I said in between mom. I love you are so beautiful you are so sexy after that mom immediately inserted the cap of my penis in her mouth and pressed it tight with her lips.

I was sent another shock through my nerves. She pushed her mouth more deep, but gently. My penis was in her mouth now and mom blow jobbed me, but only for a few seconds and paused. She said make me nude and my penis was not completely erected. It was throbbing and hot and I put my hands on her breasts over the maxi she wore. She has medium sized boobs. I squeezed them. Mom closed her eyes as I did. I left them and moved back and sat between her legs again.

I put both her legs over my shoulders and pulled her maxi a bit to her hips giving me access to see her crotch. She wore black panties inside. I moved my mouth near her panties. It was of a very thin material. I got my nose closer. It smelled so wow. It turned me on more and as I smelled her pussy over her panties, I felt a few extra drops of blood pumped my penis. I planted a kiss on her pussy over the panties. I could feel the lips of her pussy. I spat on it wetting it then I kissed it.

Mom was moaning very softly. Mom put her hands over my hair and said I still remember the first time we made love while kissing her pussy and I paused and said I can either. I can’t believe my life if we did not end up in our relationship. I am so lucky to have you mom she said I know. I love you son and I love you too much. I will always need you in my life promise me you will never leave me and promise me you will love me like this always.

I replied mom, I will love you more than you can imagine. You are mine mom you will always be mine and I gave another smooch on her panties. Mom moaned again. She said what if your dad comes to know about this? How long can we hide from him? I replied why mom. Why will he know? Mom said hmmmm and I know. Let me tell you something baby. I can live without your dad, but never without you. This time I moved back to her and kissed her on her lips. It was another romantic kiss.

Mom said no come on. Remove this maxi out of my body don’t you want to see your mom naked, or will you do me with my clothes on she laughed slightly. I pulled her up making her in a sitting position while I was still between her legs. My penis was now touching her panties. I pulled the maxi off her body and tossed it in the air. She had no bra on and was completely topless. I could see her beautiful semi naked body. Mom was constantly smiling. She was in such a romantic mood and we kissed again.

This time my hands were on her breasts and her nipples poked my palm they are so cute and elastic and it’s dark brown on her milky white skin and mom’s green visible veins on her breasts made her pair look exquisite. I grabbed her right breast and pulled it closer to my mouth. I placed the nipple on my mouth and began sucking them. Mom loves it when I suck her nipples. She will hold my head the time when I lick it. I even tug them gently with my teeth.

Her right nipple was totally wet and even the surface. I sucked them for a while and then I pushed her back on the bed. I now moved towards her hips and pulled her panties out. She raised her hips for me to remove it with ease. I threw the panties somewhere far saying and I don’t need you panties you won’t let me get into mom” mom began laughing at me being sarcastic. Now she was bottomless too. I can now see her pussy.

I did not have sex with any other girl other than my mom. I don’t know how a different pussy would look like but for me my mom’s pussy was my heaven. She had shaven it a week ago so the hairs on her labia grew a bit. It was still beautiful. I told mom that whether her pussy is hairy or clean, I love it either ways, because I love her in the form she is. I asked mom if had fucked dad last night and she replied I did not let your dad have sex with me yesterday night.

I wanted to keep it fresh for you darling and I was really happy on her answer and I remembered the first time me and mom were having sex, just before I was entering her vagina, she said son, this is a bit old pussy, but I am sure you will enjoy it and I pinched mom’s clitoris. Mom moaned again. I rolled her clit between my index and thumb. Mom was staring at her pussy at what I was doing. I could hear mom’s breaths getting a bit heavy. Mom had leaked a lot of pussy juice by then.

Well, more than usual. Maybe she is in a too romantic mood because it’s our anniversary. Mom’s vagina smelled really good. I could smell that my entire life. I kissed her pussy lips. I increased the intensity I was fore-playing her. I inserted my right hand’s index into her vagina while my left hand’s index pinched her clit and tugging it and my mouth sucking the labia.

My index feels her g-spot and I always give mom a g spot orgasm every time we have sex. Mom says dad never did that, possibly he never knows about it when I gave mom her first g-spot orgasm, she herself was shocked. She said, no man in her life gave her such an intense orgasm. I continued doing my part. I was stimulating her g-spot and clitoris simultaneously and even kissing the pussy and the multitasking caused her to moan even louder.

She was having such a good time and she now began screaming while screaming, she kept on saying ooohhhhh baby ohhhh damn ahhhhh yea baby ohh my god baby sweet cake ohhhh and you make mommy feel so good ahhhhhhh it feels terribly amazing aaaahh. Mom gushed out a huge shower of vaginal discharged all over my face. I love to see her squirt and especially when it wet my fact Moms whole body was jerking when she was orgasm.

She was panting loud just like an asthma patient and she hardly had any senses after the intense orgasm I gave her pussy was totally lube with the natural greases from her pussy. She says that the love juices are actually the love in physical form. I even drink her discharge and I am not disgusted after all, it’s my mom’s juices better than any juice I drink from the market. Now she looked at me with a drowse eyes and said come baby fuck me fuck mommy get in mommy honey.

I got up to grab a condom from the drawer. It was a carex and I pulled one from the pack. Mom said Royden honey since it is our anniversary let me give you a gift. I remembered you once asked me to have sex without condoms right because you wanted to feel the real vagina of your mom let me give you the opportunity today. Don’t use it and I was shocked for a second, but excited too. I asked her “are you serious mom and you know its risky mom replied don’t worry.

I planned to give you this sex today long back and I took pills so it’s fine you don’t have to worry much and I said you know mom, I always wanted to have sex with you without condoms. Thank you mom it’s the best gift you could give me. Mom smiled and said now honey please enter that lovely cock of yours deep into my vagina for the first time I am going to have a real taste of you my son and I asked mom and mom, is it fine if I ejaculate inside you vagina.

She said is okay baby why are you worrying so much. I am on pills and you won’t impregnate me. I grabbed my penis and placed it at the entrance of mom’s pussy. Both mom and I were watching our genitals. Suddenly I noticed a photo of dad where he was smiling. I wanted to be a bit sarcastic and said mom, look at dad, he is smiling so much to see his son have intercourse with his wife mom looked at dad’s picture and burst out laughing.

She exclaimed hahahahah you are so naughty Royden and I love you and the tip of my penis was touching her clitoris. I rubbed it there for a few seconds then I gently pushed into and the penis cap was now hidden between mom’s pussy lips and this was the first time I am going to feel mom’s inner vaginal wall with my penis, and fuck her without condom. I thrusted in very slowly and I took about 10 seconds to thrust my whole shaft deep into her pussy and I watched it dissolve into her.

Mom was moaning softly again as I was deep in. I said mom, if feels great today I get your real taste you are amazing. Mom replied your cock feels great in me too honeyboo. I pulled my penis back and gave my second thrust and this time a bit faster and forced. She was so amazing. Mom’s pussy was so warm and greasy due to the orgasm she had. I placed my hands on her breasts and I slowly lie on top of her and I gave few more thrusts and each became faster and forceful and energetic.

I was fucking mom well and good and mom closed her eyes and she grabbed by head and began kissing me. I kept on thrusting my penis in and out of her vagina. She pulled be too tight against her. I felt our bodies were merging into one. I have never felt so close to mom before for a second I felt my soul was actually joining with mom and we were becoming one and I kept on fucking her harder and faster and the whole bed was making squeaking sounds.

My hips pushed in a constant rhythm and my thrust were so powerful and the bed was bumpy mom’s bottom was getting buried inside the soft bed mom was too amorous. She kept exclaiming ohh baby you make me feel like a real woman you take care of my womanhood so well, you are my real man and no man did this to me ever, your dad could never and you are the only son ahhh ahhh ahh.

Mom groaned very loud and she was having her second round of vaginal orgasm. She closed her eyes and raised her hips stretching her arms in full ecstasy her pussy was so tight as she was orgasm my penis was squeezed tight but I did not stop fucking mom’s cunt. I could never and I went on fucking her as mom was enjoying her intense orgasm. I could feel her vagina pushing out juices all over my penis shaft and over my balls. My testicle sack was dripping mom’s vaginal discharges.

I was also nearing my orgasm and I went on fucking mom as I was about to cum, I was panting too. It was difficult but I managed to say mom uff, mom I am going to ejaculate mom immediately replied release your load in me honey. I want your semen deep in me awwwahh baby. I want those tiny grandchildren in your balls travel up to my vagina ohh baby cum in me cum in mom her words made me feel my penis would burst off or tear off.

I was close to orgasm and I started, I pulled mom’s head and kissed her tight on her lips and I released a huge, massive amount of hot, thick and creamy semen deep into my own mother’s vagina. The first shot was very hard. I held that my penis tore. I released at least 15 shots inside her, each giving me a feeling that I was visiting heaven for milliseconds and it was amazing and the best orgasm I’ve ever had.

I immediately collapsed on mom’s body and I had no energy left in me and not even the energy to withdraw my penis from mom’s pussy. I laid their on top of her for about 3 or 4 minutes. Meanwhile mom was caressing my back and my hair. She said I love you baby and I love you my honeyboo you are amazing you make my life very entertaining and I can’t think of a life if and I did not have you to love me.

I was still out of energy and all I managed to say mom is you are amazing mom, just amazing. We lay there for another 20 minute, no talking just feeling each other, after a session of passionate, and intense love making as my penis lost its erection, it automatically popped out of mom’s vagina. I got up and I noticed that my own semen that I cum in mom was flowing back out of her cunt and it looked beautiful. I just cream pie my own mom.

Mom noticed that too and she immediately took a pillow from her side and placed it under her hips raising it. I asked her why, and she said she did not want my sperms to flow out. I laughed and asked was it because it’s the first time my sperms are inside her pussy and he replied actually no son. Let me tell you and I have another surprise for you and I was puzzled for a second. She said I am not on birth control pills, and I want your sperms inseminated.

I was shocked at what she said and she paused and said don’t worry, I have a plan. You remembered you once told me that I have fight with your dad, and divorce him and I leave him. I gave a thought about it and I thought, it would be great if it was just you and me and no one else, not even your dad. So now, I since we had sex without precautions, hopefully your semen might fertilize inside me and I get pregnant and your dad will come to know.

I am cheating on someone and he himself will divorce me and don’t worry and I will tell him it’s someone else’s child. I had a moment of silence and then I said mom. I love you are the best mom and the smartest one too, you are a genius. I love you and I can’t believe you actually are going to do that and I mean you will become completely mine and no one else will be left to sleep with you or take you away from me and I can have you all day and all night.

Mom said I know baby and I will become and what I want too and I love you but remember, one sex without precautions is not enough to make me pregnant. We will need to have a couple more sex without using condoms. So from today onwards we will not use condoms and you will need to ejaculate as much sperms in me as possible okay I replied don’t worry mom, you are surely going to be pregnant with your own grandchildren in your womb.

That day we had 3 more sessions of sex and I cum hell lot of semen in her cunt. We had sexual intercourse every day and every night. I kept on mating with mom this way for months after 3 months, she was puking all over the house, and the tests were positive and she got pregnant. She said dad that it was a child of a stranger. Mom acted innocent pretended she was ashamed and wanted forgiveness but dad gave her a divorce. I moved with mom and we moved to a different place where nobody knew us.

We rented a house and we lived there and Mom aborted the child she had then me and mom lived happily ever after keeping our love alive till eternity. If you wonderful readers like my story and then please give it a good rating and of course mail me personally on it will encourage me to write more stories about me and my mom’s relationship and please be honest and it will help me improve my writings.

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