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  • desipapa
  • September 17, 2015

Hi guys and gals

This is Rocky! Back once again to share my experience that I had with my cousin sister. First of all let me thank you for replying to me about the encounter that I had shared with you all (Chayya Bhabie). Well for the people who don’t know me I would love to introduce myself to them. This is Rocky from Mumbai. I am around 22 yrs. And I just love to have sex.

First of all let me introduce my cousin to you all. Her name is Anne. She is 2 years elder to me. With a whitish complexion with good round boobs and ass with an attractive figure 32-28 36 & that what would drive me towards her. Right now she is married and has a just new born kid.

Well the encounter that I would love to share with you all is that I had with her 3 years back. It started all when I had purchased a new PC & got connected to the net. As usual she would visit at my place and would stay for weeks at our place. Well she had no knowledge about computers so it was my duty to teach her. Once as my parents had to go off to Nasik as my uncle had met with an accident. And that was the opportunity that I was looking for to screw Anne as we were left all alone.

I had a plan in my mind as my parents left home I immediately went in my room closed the door but did not locked it started my PC and started watching a X rated movie & removed my shots and my undies took out my dick and started to play with it. I knew she would come to my room. As expected she came in and was surprised to see me with my dick in my hands. She apologized for entering without permission and went away. I immediately put on my undies and called her back. She came in and I could see that her eyes could not meet my eyes. As she was crying and tears were rolling down her cheeks. I asked her in a loud voice how she came in and she really got frightened. Thus I made her calm and I told her sorry as I was wrong on my part. After some time she stopped crying and started to stare at my dick which was covered in my undies I just asked what she is looking at and boldly she said “Your dick”. Meanwhile there was an erotic scene in the x rated movie that I was watching it on my PC. At that point we saw each other and she lowered her eyes. The situation was so explosively romantic and sensuous that it was impossible for me to control myself.

I went near her and held her face in my hands. Firstly she resisted but I think she wanted it as well. I started kissing her in French style. She responded well. After kissing almost 15 minutes I decided to go ahead. Softly I touched one of her breasts .She did not resist. Then I removed her shirt. Then I removed her pants. Now she was in her undies in front of me with full beauties for me. Then I removed here black bra and panties. I started kissing her and licking her body when she gently lowered my face to her breasts. I realized that she wants me to suck her. I started sucking her breast and her lovely nipples and she was with deep breaths and moaning in ecstasy and calling me with darling prefix.

After a while she disconnected me from her breasts and came down to my 8″ dick .She started hungrily sucking it .It was first time with me that such a goddess of love was sucking my dick. We were in another world in those moments. I came lower towards her pussy She had a nice bush of pubic hair on top of her cunt. I put my hand back of her sexy ass and brought her cunt close to my lips and I started licking her pussy. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, MMMMMMMMMMMMM,yesSSSSSSSSS she was making all love noises. Comeon rocky show me cock she said I licked it for almost 15-20 min.

Now it was impossible for me to control. I mounted her with my dick at her love hole. I started fucking her and she was requesting for a deeper and deeper fuck. now she closed her eyes and didn’t open. I have started fucking her very hard the conventional way. I could feel her coming, because she started moaning very loud & she was lifting her ass and trying to meet my strokes. I swiftly moved my lips over hers and started kissing her, rather made her stop screaming. She also responded very well and she seems to be very experienced like me.

After ten minutes of fucking I exploded in her pussy. She gained huge orgasm as well. Then I lied on her for ten minutes.

She said to me that she never thought that we would be together in such nice memories. Then I felt erection again and started screwing her. This time it was a very quite session like love in obsession. After pumping for a while I felt to try for her back hole. Firstly she resisted but later she gave in for my pleasure. I started screwing her from behind and it was extremely soft in the butts .She gave me comforts of the life through her butts in my groin. I was squeezing her tits from behind as well.

Then we went to bathroom and I fucked her there as well and we took a lovely joint bath below the shower. I fucked her seven times throughout the day. Then we slept in each other’s arms and my penis was inside her pussy.  Until now we were in deep love with each other. We made love countless times and after that I never could teach her computer when ever she used to come I used to press her boobs and French kiss her and when ever get chance fuck her hard. But now she is married & happy with her husband but even now if we get a chance we just have a good time screwing each another. Young hot and sexy women Aunties and girl’s interested in sex please do write to me at my email ID

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