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  • September 10, 2015

I’m frequent visitor of this site and this is the first time I’m publishing my story here…, well I don’t want to call this as a story, its a real incident which happened a few years back. About myself, I’m A…. from Chennai and this happened when I was about to join college.

This happened with my neighbour girl Anitha (not real name). Now she is married and settled in US. I’m writing this with her consent.  She is a good looking sexy girl, neither very fair nor dark and height about 5’5″. She used to resemble a Tamil actress by the name Aparna. I don’t know her exact figure as I never asked her, but I guess it was roughly about 32-28-34. She used to play tennis and kept her body fit always. She was about 4 years elder than me. Initially I never had any such sexual interest towards her.

Both our familes are well known to each other. Her parents had business and both of them were very busy managing that and used to travel a lot. Me and Anitha used to go to each others house and spend time. We both used to go to beach in the evenings and spend time there,  watch movies at her home during weekends, etc. Nobody had any doubts in our relationship as I’m younger than her and I used to call her akka (sister) especially in front of their parents (I hate to call her like that). When Anitha’s parents used to travel for few days to other cities for their business trip, they will ask me to spend time with her in the evenings and tell my parents to take care if she needs anything, and in the nights a servant lady used to come and stay at their home.

On one weekend I went to her home and the servant maid said Anitha is in her room upstairs. I went to her room and knocked the door and she didn’t respond. I tried to open the door handle and it opened as she didn’t latch it. I coulnd’t find her in the room. I heard the shower sound from her bathroom, she was taking bath and I saw a black color bra, a white panty and a towel on her bed. I felt somehow very different after seeing that and I wanted to feel her bra and panty in my hands. I never had such a feeling before that. But I was afraid that what will happen if Anitha comes by the time. I could still hear that shower sound coming from the bathroom and it was evident that she was still in the shower. Then I went and took the bra & panty and smelled it.  After a while I heard the shower sound was stopped and she finished her bath. Then I quickly put them again on the bed and went to the computer table and started working on that.  The computer table was placed in a small room inside her bedroom. That room only had the computer table, a thread mill and a wooden table with a flower vase on that. She won’t be able to see that room when she come’s out of her bathroom. I could hear that she opened the bathroom door and came out. My heart started beating very fast and I pretended to be working on the computer. I couldn’t see or hear anything for a while. Then I got up from the chair and started walking towards her bedroom and I walked in such a way that she could hear that. When I entered her bedroom I couldn’t believe what I saw. I saw her bare back body without any dress except the panty. She was showing her back to me. That’s the first time I saw a woman half naked in front of me and my cock started erecting. She was about to put her bra and when she hear my sound, she turned her face towards me and saw me. I reacted very quickly and said I’m sorry..I’m sorry and turned the other side and pretended that I was not aware of her changing cloths. She quickly ran into the bathroom and locked it. I missed the chance to see her boobs. I didn’t know what to do and I went back again to the computer and sat on the chair.

She came after a while dressed in a tshirt and jean and asked me when did I come. I said “I just came about 10 mins back and you were taking bath, so I was working on the computer..”. And I again told sorry to her for what was happened, and she said, thats fine and didn’t take it very seriously. That gave me a bit relaxation. She asked me wheather I had breakfast or not and I told her I already finished mybreakfast. She said she’ll go and grab something for breakfast and come. She came after 10 mins and we both we started talking as though nothing happened and watched TV for a while and I left. From that day onwards my view towards her got completely changed.

I used to eye on her body curves whenever I get chance. Whenever she used to wear saree, I purposely went to her side and get a view of her hip and blouse covered boobs, which turns me on. Sometimes I used to see her in tight tshirt at her home and I used to enjoy seeing her like that. I started to masturbate regularly thinking about her. One day at her home when I was looking at her hip and boobs she caught me that I’m watching her and she pulled her saree to cover her hips and boobs. I felt very bad about that was very afraid that she’s going to scould me. But she didn’t say anything and I left after that.

The next day when I came back home after visiting a friend, our servant maid said that Anitha came here looking for you. I changed my dress to a tshirt and shorts and went to her home and pressed the door bell. She came and opened the door. She was wearning a thin white tshirt and a skirt. I could see the black bra through her tshirt. We both sat on the sofa and I asked her why she was looking for me. She told me that she got bored at home and was looking for me just to chat. I asked her about the servant maid and she said she left for the day as she got some work and will be back in the night. While we were speaking generally I could see her face changing expression as tough she had some pain. I asked her what happened and she told me she got back pain since that morning after playing tennis. I asked her wheather can I take her to the doctor and she refused and said she’ll be fine if she takes rest. After sometime I said I’m leaving and she asked me where are you going? I said I have to go out to meet a friend and she asked to me to go after a while. I said ok. Then she said we’ll go to my room and we went upstairs. She was claimbing the stairs slowly and told her backpain is severe.   When we entered her room she laid on the bed  and switched on the TV and she asked me to sit on the bed near her.

When she laid on the bed, I could see her skirt went up a little bit above her knee and I used to watch that whenever I get chance. After few mins she asked me that she want a help from me. I asked her what’s that? She asked me wheather I can apply medicine at her back? Who would want to miss such a chance, and I got very excited after hearing that. But I didn’t show any reaction and said I can do that. She asked me to get Moov (balm) from her cupboard. I took that, went and sat near her on the bed and asked her where should I apply. She told me to apply on her lower back and she also said let me turn down so that you can easily apply. Then she turn upside down showing her back to me. I didn’t know what to do, whether to lift her tops and apply or to wait for her to tell me to proceed. She asked “why you are just sitting?”. I asked her where exactly I need to apply and she just raised her tops to reveal her lower back and told me to apply over there. Oh..what a wonderful view of her wheatish and smoot and silky hip… Now I got a chance to touch and feel the hips which I was eyeing for a while. I can never forget that moment. I took a little Moov out of the tube and applied on her lower hip and slowly spreaded that started applying. That was the first time I feeling the touch of a girl and it was great. I slowly pressed over her lower back and massaged gently. I slowly moved to her hip and massaged them using both of my hands. She was just lying down and closed her eyes. I did that for about 10 mins and I asked her is that enough. I was worried wheather she will say thats enough and I’ll miss the fun. But she asked me to apply above her hip and massage there too. I felt very happy and asked her wheather I can  lift her tshirt a bit and apply, and she herself lifted her tshirt above her upper hip. I was expecting to see her bra strap but it got raised slightly below that. I started massaging again her back and asked her how does she feel now. She said she is feeling good and spreaded both her hands  and started enjoying.  Her tshirt tucked between her stomach and the bed covered her upper hip portion.

I told her to raise a bit and lifted her tshirt  a little above. Now I could see her bra strap visible and the black bra strip stood out on her wheatish skin complexion. I couldn’t see the bra on her front and it was stilll covered by her tshirt. Then I massaged her upper hip and moved my hands over her bracier and gently pressed there. Then I slowly inserted my fingers below her bra strap and gently pinched her. I could see that she was bitting her lips and it indicated me that she is enjoying that. It gave me some boldness and I slowly inserted my hands above her bra strap and slided them into her tshirt and massaging her. From there I slowly moved my hand to her side and I felt her bra over her side boobs. I pressed them over her bra on both the sides. After massaging there for a while I moved my hands above her boobs and reached her armpit and shoulder. Her tshirt was covering her shoulders and it was tightly tucked under her boobs. It was not easy for me to massage there. She asked me to stop massaging and I thought the fun is over.  But she got up and removed her tshirt completely and again laid on the bed showing her back and asked me to proceed. I didn’t expect that she will do that.  Then I proceeded and massaged over her shoulders and neck.

After few mins, she told me to stop and turned sidewards. Now I could see her bra covered boobs fully and her cleavage. Wow..what a beautiful sight.. She asked me to massage her hips and her hands again. I did that and she turned towards the other side . When  I was massaging her other side hip, I slightly inserted my fingers into her skirt and felt her panty. Then slowly I moved my hands towards her navel  and surrounded her navel with my fingers and inserted my fingers into her navel. Her breathing become harder and her eyes was closed and enjoying that. I pushed her body to face upwards and now I could see her front fully. I moved my hands over her stomach and massaged the portion under her bra.  I wanted to press her boobs over the bra but I was afraid to do that. Then I moved and sat above her pillow and asked her to move down a bit so that I can sit there.  I moved my hands under her shoulder and above the boobs. I got a better view of her boobs from that position and I could see her deep cleavage. I massaged all over there except her boobs.

After massaging there about 10 mins, I asked her wheather she need massage on her foot. She said it will be good if I do that. Then I moved to her other side and sat on the bed. I inserted my fingers between her toes and slowly pressed them. Then I took her leg and kept her foot on my tighs and slowly moved my hands above her feet and started pressing her calf muscles and slowly moved to her knee. I was hesitant to proceed above that. Then she lift her legs and bend the knee and kept her foot on the bed. When she does that her skirt went up a bit and revealed her thigh. I felt like kissing her thighs but I controlled myself and again started massaging her knees. Then slowly I moved my hands and kept them on her thigh. I thought she would say something, but she didn’t. That gave me some boldness to me. I myself raised her skirt on the other thigh and I raised it so high that I could almost see her panty. And started massaging her thighs and after few mins I told her to bend her legs so that I can massage her back thighs. When she raised her legs to bend her knee, her skirt went further up. Wow..what a view..I could clearly see her pink color panty. My dick was fully erected as though it’s going to tear my undy and come out. When massaging her back thigh my hands touched her cunt and I did feel the shake in her body. Then I spreaded her legs and sat in between them and raised her another leg and rolled her skirt up completely. She then lifted her hip and asked me to pull down her skirt. Without even thinking I just pulled it down and removed completely from her. I have never seen a beautiful thing like that. With flat stomach, perfect thighs, she is really a sexy gal. She then turned back and laid on the bed showing her back to me and told me to massage her back thighs again. I did that and slowly moved my hands over but butts and pressed them. I wanted to remove her panty but I didn’t do that. I slowly moved to her upper back and inserted my hands into her bra strap and slowly moved my hand to her side. I touched her side boobs and I moved my hands and holded her side boobs and pressed them hardly. She moaned for a sec. I then slowly moved my hands further to  holded her boobs over her bra and slowly started squezzing them. I then stopped and unhooked her bra and told her to turn upwards. When she turned, I again holded her boobs from the front and squeezing them. I then inserted my hands into her bra and placed my hands over her boobs. She then asked me to hold and  raised her body and removed her bra completely and again laid on the bed. It was such a wonderful feeling for me to see her half naked and to feel her real boobs in my hand. I have masturbated many times thinking about them. I then sat over her body with my knees and started squezzing them hardly. She told me to do if softly. I then slowed down and started circling her tits and they become hard.

Then she raised from the bed,  hugged me and started kissing all over me. Then she lifed my tshirt and asked me to remove it. I asked her what if someone watches us? She told me there is no one in the house and she locked from inside as well as her room is also locked and told me not to worry. I was afraid about their maid and she told me that she’ll come only in the night and even if she comes she will never come to her room. Then I got convinced and removed my tshirt. She then started kissing my chest and neck. I then pushed her to the bed and started sucking her boobs one by one. She then slowly placed her hands on my thigh and slowly inserted her hands into my shorts and pressing my thighs. She then pushed me down on the bed and came on top of me. Then she moved down and unzipped my shorts and pulled it down and saw the tent over my undy. She holded them in her hands and pressing it and told me she is going to remove my undy. I felt little shy as I was never got naked in front of a girl and I tried to cover mine. She laughed at me and removed my hands and pulled my undy down. My dick was standing straight and she took that in her hand and moved my foreskin up and down. I then pushed her in the bed and started kissing her legs and thighs and rubbed my hand over her pussy and kissed her pussy over her panty. I asked her wheather I can remove her panty and she said she’s waiting for me to do that. I then slowly pulled her panty down and made her completely nude. Her cunt looked like a cleanly shaved perfect triangle. I’m not finding words to express my feeling when I saw her fully naked in front of me. I then put parted her pussy lips with my fingers and inserted one finger into that. She started moaning and took my hand and tried to push my finger into that. I felt like licking her pussy and slowly put my tongue over her pussy and started licking it. Her moaning became heavier and she started twisting her body. I then gently bitted with my teeth and started licking in between her cunt and thigh. By that time my pre cum from the dick dropped on her thigh. I asked her wheather I can insert my dick into her cunt. She said she is very desperately waiting for me to do that. I then spread her legs and slowly tried to insert my dick into hers. Only few inches went inside and it was tight. I then spreaded her legs wider and took my dick out completely and inserted again and slowly started stroking her. It went little bit further and her moaning made me crazy. I then started stroking harder and she screamed. I was afraid wheather someone might have heard that. I then took my dick out again and inserted them and slowly started fucking her. She asked me to pull my dick out from her cunt when I am about to cum. Within 2 or 3 mins I felt like I’m going to cum and quickly removed my dick. After I pulled that I cummed on the bed.

I then felt very tired and went to bathroom to clean myself and came back. She was just lying on the bed with a small towel covering her pussy. I also went and laid on the bed next to her. By the time my dict was completely shrinked. I then put my shorts back and rested for a while. We didn’t speak anything for about 15 mins. After that she went to the bathroom and came back and was wearning a towel around her. She then asked me to come to the computer table and I went there. She switched on the computer and opened the Windows Media Player and started playing a CD. When I looked at that I was completely shocked and couldn’t believe that. It was a xxx porn movie running on the screen. I didn’t expect this from her. She told me that she got a CD from her friend and watched it the previous night. It made her very horny it seems. She told me that she watched that again in the morning and couldn’t control her. After watching that only she came to my home looking for me. You know the rest.. I heartfully thanked her friend who gave her the CD.

When we were watching she again started pressing my dick over my shorts. I didn’t feel like having sex again. But she pulled my shorts down and started playing with it. After few mins my dick also slowly started gaining control. We both were watching the movie and I removed the knot from the towel and it fell down on her thighs covering her pussy leaving her topless. I then holded her boobs from the back and started pressing them. We both were in track again after 10 mins. Then we moved again to the bed. She told me to do a position which we saw on the movie. She asked me to stand in front of the bed and she laid on the bed with her legs on the floor and her hip on the edge of the bed. I was standing in front of the bed and she asked me to fuck her. I then slowly inserted my dick into her and it went smoothly this time. I then started stroking her slowly and increased speed. When I increase the speed, her boobs started going back and forth. I liked that and started stroking even faster. I couldn’t do that for long time since I felt pain on the lower back due to the standing position. I then positioned my hands on the bed and slowly started fucking her again. After a while she asked me to stop and pushed me on the bed and came on top of me. Then took my dick in her hand pushed inside her cunt and then she started stroking me. It was great..It continued like this for about 5 mins and then she asked me to come on her top. I then got up from the bed and went and sat on the leather sofa and asked her to come and sit on top of my cock showing her back to me. She then sat on top of my cock and positioned her feet on the floor. I then asked her to move up and down. I grabbed her boobs from behind. She did that and after few mins, she said she is done, reached her max. Then she went to the bathroom, cleaned and came back. I was not done and I was masturbating. She came and holded my dick and started stroking. I ejaculated after 2 mins.

I coulnd’t believe that I fucked my dream girl. From that our sex journey started. We had fun whenever we had chance. I know that she had fun with 2 of her colleagues too..I coulnd’t believe that she was interested so much in sex. Now she got married and settled abroad. Even after marriage we both had fun once and still we are in touch with each other. I can never forget this experience (my first) in my lifetime and paved path for fun with other gals.  Hope you all enjoyed this. Please send your comments to


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