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Anita Singh Story

  • desipapa
  • September 25, 2015

Hi, I am regular reader of the hot stories. I am sure some of them are fantasies but some are real as well. I want to share my real life incident with u all out there. My name is Mary. I am a christian girl from the beautiful city of Bombay. I have stayed all my life here in Bombay. I completed my graduation from Jai Hind college in Mumbai and now I am working in a very highly reputed firm as personal secretary of the CEO of the company.

At an age of 23 I have a beautiful body with an inviting figure of 35-25-36. During my college days I had an affair with a Maharashtrian guy. He made me realize of what I have in me for the first time. I use to go out quite a lot with him. I use to love the way he use to hold me in his arms kiss me deeply on my lips and neck, rub my tight ass and fondle with my nipples. I use to get real hungry with him. But unfortunately we never got a chance to share a bed. The end of college saw end of our 2 years affair. Our CEO’s son Manoj often is in office along with his father. Manoj is 29 yrs of age tall and handsome married guy. His wife Ritika is a very charming & sexy woman. And they looked terrific pair together. But then Ritika got pregnant and stopped coming to office. I recall it! was that time when Manoj started taking interest in me. Whenever he use to be in office he use to ask me out for lunch and being my boss, I could never refuse him. I started to get some hint of his intensions that time. While taking lunch he use to slide his hands on my thighs and use to pretend as if that was unknowingly and apologize. In office it is compulsory for us to wear business suit.

Sleeveless top with the coat over it and knee above skirt. He use to touch my thighs by one way or the other. I started getting his intensions but I could not do anything. It was a time before his marriage and I had joined I use to like him. I use to dream about him and share myself with him in dreams but after his marriage I had controlled myself and try to suppress those emotions completely. It was a Saturday that day and we had half day. At 2.00 when I was about to leave, Manoj came to me and asked, “Mary, what r u doing today ??” I was surprised and unknowingly answered him, ” Nothing.” Though it was a fact I didnt want to tell him that. ” Good then, we will go out for a movie and then dinner” he said. I was caught now and could not escape. I agreed. We left from office at 2.00 and went for lunch. during lunch he was staring at me continuously. ” U r looking very sexy today” he said. I was take aback. He was openly telling me that.”

Thanx” I could only say. After the lunch he took me for shopping. I was feeling pretty bad but he made to purchase me lotsa things. then we went for the evening movie. Till we enter the theater he was behaving like a through gentleman though I knew what was up on his mind. We took our seats and then I noticed it was a corner seat in the second row with no one ar! ound us.people were sitting a good 4 rows ahead of us. The movie started and then I noticed his hand going around my shoulder. I felt the touch of his lips on my neck. “Please sir, stop it” I said. that was in vain . “Come on Mary. I know u like me”. He was now kissing my neck as his other hand was moving swiftly on my thighs under my skirt. ” please sir u r married now ” I said . he said coldly,” So what. I always liked u only. dont u still like me ?? ” I was loosing my control fast. He pulled me closer with his hand around my shoulder and his hand sided down on my chest other hand of his was playing with my thighs and I could feel the touch of his fingers on my virgin pussy in my panty. His hand sided down on my chest had unbuttoned 2 buttons of my coat and the chain of my top was pulled down. ” Yes Manoj I like u” I could not control myself. ” Oh baby I knew it ” he said and his hands entered my top. and then slowly my brassiere. He started fondling with my nipples alternately. at the same time his other hand has entered my panty and was playing with my virgin pussy.

I started moaning slowly of pleasure. He kept fondling with my nipples and kissing on my face and then he kissed me deeply on my lips. he was now caressing my breasts hard . my nipples were erected and I was going out of control. ” Oh Manoj lets get to a better place.” I said. he agreed and we left the movie. We drove to one of his flats in Nariman point which was used as a guest house. We entered the flat and he grabbed me from behind. his hands were around my breasts over my business suit and he was squeezing them hard. he was kissing me deeply on neck. after a while he unbuttoned my coat. and soon followed my top. his hands then were swiftly on my belly. I was really thrilled with his touch. he was softly kissing my back as his hands were moving up onto my chest. he then unhooked my brassiere.he had my breasts one in each hand. he started squeezing them hard.pinning my nipples ,making them erected. I was really charged now. I turned towards him completely topless. the look on his face told clearly that he was aroused on seeing my treasures. I then unbuttoned his shirt and started to rub his hairy chest. He pulled me closer and kissed deeply on my lips. I felt the pressure of his chest on my nipples.and simply loved it. He was charged and I could feel his hard dick against my pussy. He was massaging my back hard pressing his body hard against mine. I started licking him on his chest. He liked it, going down on my knees I unzipped his pants and pulled it down. Soon after followed his undies and his hard erected dick was right in front of me. I took it in my hands and started to rub it. he was moaning in pleasure slowly.after rubbing a while I started licking his dick. my tongue was moving slowly on his hard dick. I took him then in my mouth and started to suck him.slowly to start and then faster. he surely lov! ed it and pushed himself back to my throat. he then told me, ” Oh baby,. am gonna cum I took out his dick from my mouth and just then he cummed all over my face.

I took him again in my mouth and cleaned him . he was now completely aroused. He grabbed me by shoulders and pulled me up and carried to bed. Then he unzipped my skirt and my panty was off in a flash as well. He kept staring at me for a while and then pushed his body on me. His whole body was over me. he then started licking me. I was feeling him on my neck. down on my chest. He then took my nipple in mouth and sucked such hard that I was about to scream. I was moaning of pleasure.his hands were moving on my thighs spreading my legs. his fingers reached my pussy. and then started entering my virgin pussy. I was feeling the pain as he was playing with my pussy at his will. I was moaning. he was sucking my breasts hard and was fingering my pussy. My virgin pussy licking his way down he reached on my thighs and then moved up. He then started to lick around my pussy.and then his tongue entered my pussy.” aaaaaaaah oooooh .” I was moaning loudly. He was sucking my pussy fast. I cummed heavily then and he licked me completely. “oooohhhhhhh fuck me, fuck me u bastard” I was moaning loudly. But he was going very slowly making me beg for it. He then tied my hands to the corners of bed and moved up over my body. I was feeling his wait and that point of time I felt his dick on my pussy he took a heavy breather and then started entering me. Half of his dick was in my pussy.

I screamed loudly. That was first time I was getting fucked.” ooooooohhhhh please Manoj. stop it. its paining” I begged him. ” Take it easy baby. You will feel better later on.” He kept moving his dick in and out oh my pussy. And soon I started feeling the pleasure. I was moaning of pleasure.” ohhhh aaaaaaaah.” I was moaning. He was going on fast moving in and out hard and fast. I had lost my virginity. He was moving really hard on my body, giving me bang hard hits one after the other. One moment he was completely out of me and the very next second he banged his dick hard in my pussy. ” Jesus… you will torn my pussy u bastard. That was so hard ” I shouted loudly. Completely in one shot. I screamed loudly of pain and joy. He then kept fucking me hard that way for long time and then he reached climax and cummed inside me so did I on his dick. He then laid over me for a while. I was completely drenched and was exhausted. he untied me and then took in the bathroom for a shower. we had shower together.and then he pulled me down on the floor. He was in mood again I guessed. He asked me to turn with my back up and I was aware he was after my ass. “! No please. it hurts a lot” I begged. ” Shut up u bitch ” he shouted. I obeyed him and in a flash he was over me. His hard dick was between my butts and he started entering me hard. He was in no mood of having any mercy on me and was banging hard right from the word go. “oooooooh aaaaaaah fuck me more” I was moaning. the pain had turned into pleasure.

He was responding with more and harder bangs in my ass. ” Oooooh aaaaah ” I was moaning. he then pulled himself out completely. I had my heart in my mouth. I knew what was on the cards and it was the fact. He banged in with maximum force.” Ohhhhh helllllllll u fucker.aaaaaaaah ” I shouted loudly. He fucked me such hard a while and finally he cummed in my ass. We took shower and dressed up, before we left he took me in his arms .” baby I loved that really.did u like ?” Of course I did, ” OH Manoj. that was first fuck of life. and I want more from you.” I was now desperate for next one. ” Sure baby I am at your service. ” He then dropped me at home. You can send your comments on

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