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  • September 17, 2015

Hi friendz, this is Anila (not real name for obvious reasons), 25 years old female from Rawalpindi, Pakistan. well u know it is hard to get such a chance (of having sex n fun) here in Pakistan, but i am one of very few luky persons who enjoyed this fun. i have been reading all these erotic stories long time ago, and i liked reading such hot n beautiful stories, and specially i like stories from Pakistan which really make me hot and i feel that i am also a part of that story. anyways, i am coming tomy story very quickly. as i told u my name is anila, and my measures are 36 24 34 . isn’t great ? wat do u say? I m a real hot girl and since getting puberty I like to watch myself in the mirror of my sexy body and masturbate by rubbing my pussy and fingering & some times even use bananas or anything I get.
my story is real one and is about 2 months old. I used to chat on few sex channels on MIRC. Lot of Guys and girls used to contact me and I had a small group of friends there too. Lot of my net pals used to send me emails and wanted to have sex with me as I was famous as a very horny and sexy girl on those sex chat channels. There was that guy called Aslam (not real name), we was my good old chat buddy. He sent me his picture in which he was fucking a girl along with 4 others. I don’t know why but I got really horny and wanted him so much. Maybe coz of his athletic body or maybe coz of size of his penis. He sent me a voice mail where he told me that he too would like to fuck a bitch like me & if given an opportunity would satisfy me.
Soon the day of reckoning came. I wore a black semi transparent micro mini & a black top over it. I had worn a set of red colored bra & panties (Wasim had told me that he liked red colored ones) which could be easily seen from outside. I was looking like a complete whore & if any person who didn’t have sex for many days found me he would have fucked me then & there. Soon he arrived. But he was not alone; there were 5 more persons with him. He gave me a big hug & lightly pressed my ass cheek & said “Let’s go.”

Very soon we were in my car. I asked him who are they? He said “anila rani…. Yeh sab hamaray dost hain. Aur who ladki meri cousin hai” & he smiled looking at her. I knew that what was in store for her. “ He continued “Hum panchon ka group hai aur hum panchon ek saath hi kisi bhi ladki ko chodte hain.” I asked “And what about her?” He said “Jaldi hi pata chal jayega.” All this while he was rubbing my boobs gently over my shoulders. I was feeling soooo good. Soon we reached our place. No need to say that they all were nude as soon as we entered except Heena (That girl.) Soon I was also relieved of my upper cloths. One of the guy said “Wah… Kya chikni maal hai. Maza aa jayega isko chodne main. Mai to isko roz chodunga.” Wasim said “Hum sab bahut thak gaye hain. Aur yahan koi TV bhi nahin hai. Cha lab tu dance kar aur hamara dil behla. Ab say tu hamari randi hai aur hum jo bhi kahenge tujhe karna padega aur who bhi thik say. Nahin to tujhe uski saza (punishment) milegi. Aur ab se tu hum sab ko Huzur keh kar pukaregi.” I said “Ji Huzur” . With this I started my belly dancing. They all were sitting making a round. I was shamelessly dancing. One of them came & started dancing with me & was throwing money on me. He caught me & tore away my bra & panties. He was very rough but I liked it.

Meanwhile I continued my dancing. Now I was completely nude. They would come in between & some would press my boobs, some my cunt, some my ass. I did this for about 20 mins & they all were masturbating. When they all were ready to cum, they ordered me to stop & lay down. There was a shower of cum all over me. My face, belly, boobs, legs all were covered with cum. Soon all of them were giving me cum massage including Heena. They rubbed me every where. i must say that every girl must experience this thing at least once in her life. Ooooohhhh… Aahhhhhh what a feeling. I was feeling in heaven. I cummed & my cum mixed with their cum. When they finished they took me to bathroom & gave me a shower. They took me out & said “Ab say tu nangi hi rahegi.Kyonki tu hamari raand hai aur randiyon ko kapde pahenne ki ijazat nahin hoti.” “Ji Huzur..” Then they said that all of them are hungry & I go and prepare food for them. I went to the kitchen. After some time I heard some noise from outside so I went there. There Heena was standing only in her Bra & panties & was pleading “Mujhe chod do.. Main tumhari behen hoon.” At this Aslam said “ Aur hum behenchod hain.” I must say that even at 16 she was a knockout babe. She had a creamy white complexion & very well developed body for a 16 year old. Did she didn’t know what she was getting into ? Did she really think that she would be spared ? I didn’t think so. I think she knew what she was getting into and she too wanted to be fucked only she was acting. I too decided to join the fun. I ran and caught her from behind. She had a surprised look on her face. I turned her face & started kissing her. Soon she relaxed & opened her mouth. Our tongues met & were fighting for control. It was my first lesbian kiss & it felt soooooo nice.

Meanwhile the boys also joined us. Aslam straight away went for her pussy. As soon as his lips touched her cunt lips a moan escaped from her mouth “ Uuhhh… Oohhhh Aslam.” One of them went for her boobs. Again a moan escaped from her lips “Oohhhhh yeahhhh. Chooosooo isko choooosooo” One was exploring her ass. The other two were concentrating on my pussy & ass. We were all on the ground & mad in lust. None of them was gentle. By now Heena & I were screaming. She was saying words like “Haaan chooosooo. Aur chooosooo. Mujhe kha jao. Mera sara ras nikal do. Uuhhhhhh.. uuffff… ooohhhhhh” I too was screaming “ooohhhhh yeaaaahhhhh. Killll meeeeee. Suckkk meeee. Lickkkk meeee.” Then with a loud scream Heena & I cummed together. I had never cummed so much in my life. Then they all decided to teach her the final lesson of fucking. She was spread on the ground in X shape with each one pinning her down coz they knew that it will pain her very much coz it was her first time & their cocks were a little big for her. Aslam said “Yeh meri cousin hai aur isliye mera ispe pehla hak banta hai.” With this he placed his tool on her opening. She said “ Please dheere karma. Mera pehli baar hai. But who was going to listen to her.” Aslam gave a mighty push and she screamed “ haiii mainnn marrr gaiiiiiii.. Dheeeeee Dheeeere karo…” tears were flowing from her eyes. Aslam gave another push & he was buried to the hilt. Soon he began his hard thrusts, hardly giving her time to recover from his invasion. Her mouth was wide opened in ‘O’ shape & was moving her head from one side to another in agony. Aslam was fucking her like a mad bull & did so for full 10 mins. Then with a loud groan he released his cum in her. When he came out we could see blood oozing out from heena’s cunt. She thought that now she will be released but that was not to be so. Next 3 fucked her mercilessly for another 30 mins and she laid there in agony. By now she had become a mess of cum with cum every where on her body. By this time she had got used to big cocks & fucking. So when the 5th one entered her she was not in pain. Instead she was enjoying. She was saying “haan aur jor se.. haannn haaannn. Tum logon ne mujhe randi banaya hai to randi ki tarah chodo bhi. Behenchodon chodo mujhe. Chodo.” With this she came with a loud scream. But there was no sign of the guy slowing down. She came thrice more before he released into her. But that was not the end of her ordeal.

After all had finished I was told to clean her & I obliged like a bitch. I had no other option. Poor girl. She couldn’t even move & laid there like a dead body. But I was on fire too. I had cummed twice too by just participating. A guy realized this & said “ phikra mat kar. Hum teri bhi pyas bujhayenge.” All of them jumped on me. I was being licked all over. None of my hole was spared. “Ooohhhhh aahhhhhhh…” What a feeling it was. I was kneeling like a bitch with my boobs hanging towards ground & my cunt dripping wet. Wasim had spread my ass cheeks. He took his middle finger and began rubbing my asshole. He would circle around my hole seductively & then insert the finger in me. “ ooooooohhhhhh Yeahhhhhhhhh Dooooo it. Dooooooo it. Itttt feeeeels soooooooo goooooood.” In the mean time a guy came & laid down on the ground with his mouth directly below my cunt. Aslam pushed me & I fell down with my cunt on his mouth. He began licking me with all might. Then other 2 came & lifted me and laid under my boobs. They were sucking my boobs like two small children. “uuummmmm yessssss. Suckkkkk themmmmm. Aaahhhhhhhhh. Aaahhhhhhhhhh. Yeaahhhhh bite them. Makeee them redddd. Suckkk allll my milk. Oooooohhhhhhh nnoooooooooooooooooooo.”

wait wait .,.. dear horny friends,…. i think my story is getting too long .,.. bahut lambi ho rahi hai, so i must leave it ehre, and then i’ll come with my part-2 very soon. bcoz now i am unable to write more, bcoz i am hot again, and now ,…. u know it wat i am going to do.

i’ll wait for your comments , specially girls & boys from rawalpindi/islamabad (Pakistan) ?

my email address is :

and my lover, aslam, who asked me to write our such a great encounter, his email address is and if any girl want toenjoy with me then email me, and if she want to have fun with aslam, then email him

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