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Anger or Lust

  • desipapa
  • October 6, 2015

This is the first time i am submitting my true life happened 3 yrs ago, and is as clear in my mind as possible i am rakesh, 5’8,ok built and a serious looking person i had a crush on a girl in class X and could not gather courage to approach her till the end of XI, and when i did she told she was waiting for me too, and that was the start of a short love story my affair lasted with anita for 3 months, and i loved her all that i could. she kept giving me hints that she wanted more than just hugs and kisses, but i as so blinded by love that i did not realise that.

After 3 months, i got to know that she is not satisfied by me and is going around with 2 other guys, 1 whom she left and came to me as he too was not satisfying her i was filled with rage and anger it was a sunday and i went to her house her brother had gone to tutions and parents to a marraige i went and acted as if i am too offended with something, she asked me what, and i did not tell i told her that i wanted to kiss her, and she thnking its a routine started smooching me, i slowly, from her back took my hands to her butts and grabbed it. she was strtled and pushed me away,and said “what r u doing” i said i just want to feel u better.

She was ver happy i caressed her butt and slowly brought my hand in her navel it tickled and i liked it she too felt my butt, and i brought my hands to her boobs she wore a good 32c(i asked her the size), and were good to handle they were not too tight and sagged a bit, but i didnt mind! i placed my hand on her pussy and man it was hot! i rubbed it outside her panties and felt the moisture she said she wanted to see my tool and i refused i said whats the rush i inserted my finger in her pussy , and made her masturbate she did not flow out much, but enough to wet my hand i went and brought some ice i blind folded her and slowly stripped her naked till this time i was not nude i rubbed ice all over her body and in every place possible i made sure she is cold and wet all over like her heart i wanted to leave her there and just walk out, but then i thought this is one good chance to break my virginity. i licked her pussy good it caused a lot of problem, because she was not shaved, but the aroma was uncontollable.

She was moaning all the way i asked her if she wanted me to fuck her and she readily agreed i thought ofcourse, she can take 2 guys at once i asked her would she like to slip on the condom, and she said no, wear it yourself and hurry up i wore a condom, lifted her legs and rammed into her not surprisingly she was loose as a stretched rubber band i did not feel a thing i closed her legs a bit, and then started fucking her she was enjoying it and i was burning in anger i felt like slapping her across the face and say”bitch, this is what u wanted instead of my love”, but i could not say a thing as i loved her too much i fucked her twice and left her forever,and later got to know that she enjoyed a fuck every week, and not with the same partners i was too heart broken too ever make a girl friend again for 2 yrs.. but the sexual experience was like blood to a tigers mouth i did havea few experience later,but am now not easily satisfied any comments or details of above stories , please write to me. any ladies, girls, age no bar, from or in delhi , if interested , please write to

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