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Anand XP

  • desipapa
  • September 24, 2015

Hi, to all readers. I enjoy reading your stories. I want share my experience with you all. Friends my name is­ ­ANAND M S I am from Bangalore. I am 21years old and I stand 5.11 tall. Recently I had sex with a beautiful, young woman, who is a tenant of ours. I live in 1st floor. A young couple married for 8 months live in ground floor. The women who live in the ground floor is very beautiful, lovely, sexy, and GORGEOUS. Her name is PRIYA & she was of 25 years old. We are close friends. She will be calling me for some of her work done. We go out together for shopping and for some functions.

One day early morning I went to my collage due to some reasons classes were not conducted.So I came back to home at 10 O’clock & I saw our house locked .I went to Priya and asked about my mother .She told me she don’t know anything about her. Usually when my mother is out she would give the keys to Priya. This time she didn’t. Priya invited me into the house. She was in pink nightgown. She brought us coffee we had coffee and chatted for some time .She was not having shampoo I bought her one she went for bathing and I was left watching TV.

After some time she came well dressed in pink translucent sari. She……She was really dame sexy, elegant I was stunned ,I was in a shock for few seconds I….I could see the outline of her breast and slim hip . Her lips are as red as blood, her body is as white as snow. She’s 5’6tall, with long hair, and has a nice 38-26-36 body. She may had to go somewhere. She came sat beside me and asked about my studies. She asked me weather I am in love with anybody I told no. Suddenly with out my knowledge I asked her could we make it? To my astonishment she agreed .I really don’t know from where I got the courage. I was really shocked. We came closer kissed each other passionately sliding our tongues in and out of each other’s mouths and began feeling each other, tasting her sweet saliva. I was nervous and was thinking about how this all came about. She sat on my lap with her legs wrapped around my hips. I could feel her breast pressing hard against my body.

She was really hot; my cock was all ready equipped for it. I stood up with her on my hips and walked into bedroom and sat on the bed. I slowly removed her blouse and came down kissing her breast, which was tightly, cover with bra. It was great to feel the crack between her boobs with my tongue and my lips. As her sling came off, she revealed her massive most beautiful firm big tits a ring has ever seen. I took my hands and placed them on her breasts, which where soft and nipples erect. She moaned at my touch. I began fondling them and than started to suck on each breast. I could feel her balls hardening. I completely undressed her pushing on the bed. She lay on her back, her arms and legs open and welcoming. Her body was luscious, and breathtaking in this position. I enjoyed exploring her huge breast by kissing licking. I slowly moved to her pussy, which was dense like African forest. I opened her pussy lips I could see the pink organ filled juices leaking out I licked her sweet pussy juice from my fingers and offered my fingers to her mouth and she licked her juices from my fingers. I crawled between her legs I threw my face into her cunt then it was time… I licked softly around her bittersweet lips. She moaned as her approval. I was licking and then I pushed my tongue into her while massaging her clit. OHHHHH, OOoOOOHHhhOOOOMmmmm! Fuck me with your tongue she told. I started to lap at her clit and she started to really cum. My fingers pinched her hard nipples and massaged her tittys as her hips bucked into my mouth. I pushed two fingers into her hot cunt while eating her pussy and she SCREAMING. As I ran tongue faster and shoved fingers in and out of her pussy, she began to cry out in ecstasy. „Oh yeah don‚t stop that feels so good.

She was reaching orgasm I could feel it as she increased pressure on my head, which was in between her thighs as she reached her orgasm I was locked between her thighs .I could feel the ripples through her body. She ejaculated it tasted fresh juicy most of it leaked outside. I kissed her and let taste her own on my lips. She unzipped my pants, releasing my over endowed cock. She reached my cock and began licking up and down my long shaft she worked my cock as though it was a lollypop for several seconds before finally taking it between her big lips. She swallowed and took me hard and deep into her mouth. She sucked my Cock like a wild woman. She worked my cock as though there was no tomorrow she stroked it up and down and side to side. Soon I was holding her head and fucked her mouth like I was fucking her pussy. This went on for minutes. Then I make her lay down on her back and sat on her stomach kneeling on my knees such that I could place my cock in between her boobs. As I saw in some of the porn movies.

I pressed her boobs against each other she began rubbing her hard breast and I played for some time by pushing in and out my cock. She knew I was not satisfied then I crawled between her legs and slowly started shoving my long cock into her Hispanic pussy. It really tight she was screaming out of pain as I ran across. I than started driving it hard and deep and she held onto my ass as I did this. I hammered her pussy with my manhood and shoved it all the way inside of her my cock completely covered her pussy and she started moaning. Sweet poured off of both of our bodies as we fucked. As I reached orgasm a ripple passed through my body. As I was laying on her kissing and caressing her breast, she told me she wanted me to pleasure her ass.

Now she bent down on all fours went up behind her and took my cock in my hand..and rubbed it along her crack between buttocks and down into the between her legs…. she could feel my pre-cum oozing all over her hot skin as my cock bathed with Priya’s juices…she pushed her cunt up towards my hard cock soon I ran my fingers down the crack of her ass….and gently insert my index finger… As soon as she felt my finger she mmmmm OOoOOOeeeeemed loudly. Still I was feeling all 3 H words HOT, HOoRNEY and HUNGRY. Still my cock was fully erected and was searching for the hole. I entered into her ass slowly she screamed out of pain as I inserted my cock for the first stroke then she kept meoned constantly, I slowly increased my pace. I bent down slightly to reach boobs to fondle them. I got her both boobs in by both hands it was a great pleasure to have stroking and fondle her boobs and fingering her nipples in this position.

As I increased my pace her moans became cries I drived it very hard and violently. Even she reciprocated to it by stoking her buttocks to me. As I reached higher and higher… shivers passed through me and I dug my nails into her boobs holding it hard. as white heat creamed out of my hot cock …. I closed my eyes. Hoping for a moment to enjoy the afterglow orgasm peaked. that was great reallly great .After that we played fingering,kissing cressing her both holes and boobs,tits and went for a bath.while in bathroomI heard my mother Iquckly make up myself and left with sweet memoiries of her .Do you no I even mastributed that night .So friends hou did ulike it.So ladies,girls and aunties who like to have any kind relationship can contact me .I live in BANGALORE. my email is or

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