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Anamika – The Garden Queen

  • desipapa
  • October 12, 2015

Well guys I want to thank you for all your encouragement and support that you have given me for my previous stories. Today I will narrate a incident from one of my admirer. It landed me with a googly but nevertheless a very fulfilling experience.

It all started with a email I got from one of my reader. She is also from Kolkata and wanted to meet me. She told me her name is Anamika. Anamika means one who doesn’t have name. I was not sure if that was her name of she did not want to tell me. Anyway, after couple of emails we decided to meet in a park in Eastern Kolkata. Anamika did not give me her phone number or photo, said she will wear a pink sari with green blouse. A rare combination I thought and agreed with it.

As Anamika had not given me her number or photo, I also did not share mine. I know this park quite well. There is a small restaurant just opposite. I used that place frequently to meet my customers. I asked her to come over there around 10:00 AM. I told her, I’ll wait for you in first floor so come there straight. I had also asked the counter person to direct a lady in pink sari and green blouse to me.

As I was waiting, I selected a seat from where I could see part of the counter. I saw a lady in pink sari. She had a thin waist and a nice hind – not too large, not too thin. It was just right. I was able to see only the bottom portion from where I sat. The lady was fair. I liked her flat belly and elongated belly button.

She asked something in the counter and the guy pointed her upstairs. As she was climbing up, I saw her matured boobs. She was wearing a tiny sleeveless blouse. It was almost like a bra and I got excited seeing top portion of the boob from her deep cut blouse. Gals I find sari is the sexiest dress ever discovered. It allows one to show off all the nice parts of body. There is no other dress other than bikini that allows a good view of woman’s assets as sari can give.

At the same time sari can hide almost everything from the eyes of unwanted admirer. I saw the sexy body and I was feeling very happy with anticipation of a great day. As she came upstairs I got shock of my life. It was Soma!!!

Soma is my cousin Ravi’s wife. I knew Soma before her marriage as she used to live in our neighborhood. She was one year junior to me in school. Even when she was young Soma was a bombshell. She had well developed boobs even at class nine. I remember one day I caught Soma in a deserted lane. Actually I followed her there. When I saw no one else were there I caught her for behind and groped her. I put my hand inside her shirt and felt the softness of her bosom. She did not object. She let me feel it and then said leave me or else someone else may see us. After that day we fondled each other on many occasion but it was never serious. When I saw Soma’s proposal for Ravi, I vouched for Soma. I told that I knew her from school days and she is very good.

Soma kept our good relationship intact after her marriage. If I went to Ravi’s house, She would always put sweets in my mouth. I also would put my hand around her narrow waist and feed her, whenever I got a chance. After marriage Soma’s body became more sexy. I assumed Ravi fucked her well and envied him at times. On their second year of marriage I spent a holi with them. I had lot of bhang on that day. In one opportune moment I got of hold of Soma behind a staircase. I held her and colored her boobs nicely.

After this Soma also got hold of a water balloon and put that inside my undie and busted it. I hurt me. In the night I was on their roof. Soma came saying did I hurt you. I grabbed Soma’s hand and put it inside my pant. Soma did not say anything, she played with my cock till I cummed on her hand. Apart from those tender moments, I never went beyond the limits of intimacy that as one expects to keep between bhabi and dewar. But my love for Soma remained a distant event, I could not get myself to tell her that yeh dil mangta more!!!

Soma saw me sitting there and was taken aback. She asked me what are you doing here. I told Soma to sit down and told her that it is my normal place to be in morning and asked her what she was doing. She was fumbling for answer and I challenged her – you came to meet someone, can you deny it? Soma had no answer and was visibly nervous. I told Soma, let us go to park. Once inside park I put my hand around Soma’s waist and led her towards one remote boundary of the park.

For the benefit of those who are not very familiar with Kolkata let me tell you that park is famous as lovers park. If someone had seen her they did not give a second glance. PDA is the thing to do in that park. We sat down behind a bush in between a big tree and the boundary wall. I was feeling restless and asked Soma – “may I kiss you?” Soma smiled and said “one minute.” She opened her purse and took out a small umbrella. She opened the umbrella to cover us from rest of the world and then came very close to me. We kissed passionately. I put my tongue in Soma’s mouth and licked behind her teeth. I must have tickled her.

After sometime I put my hand below her sari and unbuttoned her blouse. Then I put my hand behind her back and unhooked her bra. Then I took strap of her bra out from the hole in blouse made for arm. I took the strap down till her elbow and then eased arm out of the strap – first the right arm then left arm.

As I did that Soma’s bra came out without removing her blouse her beautiful breasts are open but for my eyes only. Soma held her sari pallu in her left hand and loosened her sari only so much that I could get a good view of her breasts but no one other than me could see it. I caressed her boobs like I did some 10 yrs ago. I was lying on the grass and cradled Soma by folding my legs around her buttock. She kept her elbow on my hips. Soma asked “are you satisfied?” I finally said the words I wanted to tell for a long time. I told her “No! Yeh dil mangta hain more.” Soma liked the words and giggled, asked “What else are going to do in park?” I told Soma — “Dekhti jao, I am going to make love to you”. Soma become alarmed. She said “What ?! No, we can’t make love in open park, that too in broad day light”. I told Soma – “Baby, hold your tongue and let me love.”

Soma was sitting cross legged. I asked her to put both her knees in one side, like girls do while playing tanpura. Soma oblighed and I inserted my hand inside her pettycoat. I could feel Soma’s panty easily. It was nice laced one. She did not save her pussy. I pulled Soma close to me and lifted her bit on my lap. Then I pulled her panty and pulled it out from below. I kept the panty in my pocket. I wanted to keep Soma’s aroma as a memory. After this I asked Soma to put her right leg across me. By now Soma was also very curious and was looking for the adventure.

I slid in between Soma’s legs and bent my knee inside her petticoat so that no one could see my legs. Then I put my head inside Soma’s pallu. Now no one can see me from distance, all they will see is Soma on her four doing some strange asana. I asked Soma to put her handkerchief in her mouth as I was afraid that she will moan and others will get attracted towards her.

I unbuttoned my pant and pushed up my undies and inserted my tool in the lubricated hole. Soma was wet. My tool went in smoothly to its target. Soma sense my presence and lowered herself to receive my hot rod. Then we went riding. I gave a strong pelvic thrust and went fully inside Soma.

Then small pelvic dance, it was making faint thup-futch, thup-futch noise. Air was full of our musky aroma. I put my hand on Soma’s thigh. I could see her boobs dance and wanted to kiss them, but had to stop myself as that would have the risk of someone finding me in her dress. I never felt Soma’s thighs earlier. her legs were smooth, strong and shapely. Soma was enjoying the fuck, she started to moan softly. Thankfully handkerchief in her mouth muffled it and no one other than us could hear it.

I lasted for about 10 min and then came within Soma with a violent force. It was like an explosion My sperm shot within her multiple times and then only my tank become empty. Soma put her legs below my butt so that I could remain within her for some more time. I held Soma’s butts in my arms and hugged them. Her butts were soft and shapely. I kneaded them. We remained like that for almost 30 min. then I got cooled and asked her to move her legs.

With my knees folded, I pulled up my pant, buttoned it up and then came out of Soma’s pallu. Then I put Soma’s arm in her bra strap, slipped the bra from her arm hole one by one and hooked it up for her. As we did it under cover of her sari pallu outsiders who saw us thought we are hugging each other. I kissed Soma and then helped her to button up her blouse. Once Soma adjusted her dress, she asked for her panty, I said — I want to keep it. She kissed me and said, “why did you not ask me earlier?” I had no answer and kept mum.

I asked Soma, how did she liked – She said “you are a naughty bustard, who could have thought about such a thing”. I told Soma — “I want to caress your legs” Soma came close to me, sat with her legs in one side and said “OK”. I put my hand inside her petty coat and caressed her legs. Soma was sitting with her butt against my cock. She must have felt, it getting hot again. She said – I have to go now. She kissed on my lips and left.

After the day with Soma I was very happy. I knew that wall with Soma have been broken and we could henceforth enjoy our secret moments of intimacy. After a few days of the incident, I got a mail from Anamika. She wrote that she was very sorry for not coming on the appointed date as some of her relatives dropped in. She wanted another chance to meet me. Now I am very confused…

Please share this story with your friends as then it may reach real Anamika and we will understand each other.

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