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An Ordinary Day

  • desipapa
  • August 16, 2015

The Boss Jyoti ,her Niece Kim and SaminaI am a model and a leading model co-ordinator in mumbai ,but before all that happened I worked in an software company for some years and later decided I was a better model than an programmer,this story below happened when I was working in the company, so ladys before u start reading this there is an warning 1) its all hardcore and a dream come true2) please do not finger ur self before u read all of it.After reading I would be interested in meeting with good clean females for raw sexwhich I garantee would be a dream come true for any females.Mail on ( )Read on from a hot guy in mumbai Things at work were going well and Jyoti and I were getting along verywell.

Razia Sheikh and I continued to work together and I spent Monday eveningwith Razia making love nearly all night. Razia loved to be eaten and Ispent lots of time licking Razia ‘s pussy making her climax multiple times.I fucked Razia ‘s tight pussy reaming her cunt and bringing her off untilshe was near to passing out. I got Razia so hot that she mounted my cockand rammed me up her tight asshole fucking me until I filled her sweetasshole with loads of sperm. Razia began to really like anal sex and onceshe even pumped a dildo up her pussy while I reamed her asshole doggystyle making her climax multiple times.I was looking forward to Friday as my next two days were off and my meeting with Jyoti, Kim , kim was jyoti’s niece andtheir friend Samina was supposed to be there (they all called be by my pet name)and I had no idea how she looks and what she would be doing there.

I got some extra rest on Thursday knowing how thetwo girls would drain me. Friday Jyoti called me into her office and toldme that she would be home late because of a unanticipated meeting andtold me to get to her house about six o’clock. I asked her if she wouldbe there by six, Jyoti told me no she would only be getting home aroundten pm but that I could entertain Kim and her friend Samina until she gothome. Jyoti made me promise to have something left for her, I promisedand pulled her away from her desk spreading her legs and lifting herskirt. Jyoti surprised me, by wearing a garter belt and nylons insteadof panty hose and to my great surprise Jyoti had no panties on. I ran myhand up her soft inner thighs and slipped my fingers into her pussy.Jyoti was wet already and I decided to give her something to carry herover till tonight. I got down between her thighs and pulled her skirtup around her waist and spread her legs up over the arms of her chair.Jyoti’s pussy was wet with her juices and I slipped two fingers up herslippery cunt and began to lick and suck her stiff clit. Jyoti wasconcentrating on not making any noise and I could feel her climaxbuilding quickly. Jyoti put her hand on the back of my head and pressedmy face hard against her slit as she climaxed bucking in the chair andmaking quiet little moaning sounds. I licked up her juices and aftershe had regained her senses I straightened her clothes and got up. Jyotikissed me and told me to enjoy Kim and Samina. I told her I would andtold her to hurry home from her meeting.The rest of the day passed uneventfully and I left work about fivethirty my cock already beginning to swell in anticipation of the hotfucking I would soon be enjoying. I pulled up at Jyoti’s house and wentto the door and ran the bell. When the door opened Kim and a beautifulyoung looking girl were standing naked in the doorway. My cock jumpedto full erection as Kim invited me inside. Kim closed the door andintroduced me to Samina. Samina was as beautiful as Kim her breasts were abit smaller but every bit as firm and were capped by stiff pink nippleswhich I longed to suck on. Samina had a small waist and firm belly herass was nice and firm and her pussy was shaved revealing her pink pussylips and a very long clit which was clearly exposed and excited. Samina’smouth and lips were covered by a thin sheen which I suspected was Kimpussy juices. I pulled Samina to me and fondled her tits and kissed hertasting Kim’s juices on her lips and tongue. Samina’s hands grabbed myass and pulled me tight against her crotch pressing my stiff cockagainst her pussy. I moved my hands down her sides and reached aroundgrabbing her firm young ass and spread her cheeks rubbing my fingersagainst her taught anus. Kim was standing next to us fingering her hotlittle pussy and pulling her stiff nipples obviously turned on andwanting to get in on the action. I broke my embrace with Samina and toldher how beautiful and hot she looked and suggested I get naked. Saminaagreed telling me she wanted to get a look at my big prick.

I asked Kimand Samina to strip me and Kim started to undo my belt while Samina startedon my shirt. The girls had me naked in no time and Samina knelt downtaking my cock in her hands stroking my stiff prick. Kim told her totake my cock in her mouth and Samina licked the pre-cum from my cock thenslid my whole cock into her mouth and throat. While Samina sucked my cockI kissed Kim and worked on her hot body squeezing her nipples and fingerfucking her hot wet pussy. Samina’s mouth was taking its toll on my cockand I felt my cum rising from my balls as I came filling Samina’s hotmouth and throat with a big load of sperm. Samina fucked my cock with hermouth until she had collected all my cream then stood and put her armsaround Kim and I. Kim turned her head and kissed Samina open mouthed, Saminashared my sperm with Kim her tongue transferring gobs of my cream toKim’s mouth as they kissed. I pressed the young girls together in a hotembrace and reached behind them running my hands down their asses untilI worked a finger up each of their hot wet pussies. Kim and Samina heldeach other tightly grinding their pussies together as I thrust myfingers up their hot tight vaginas.I wanted to fuck them so I pulled my fingers out of their hot cunts andheaded for Jyoti’s bedroom. Before I could get to the bed I felt twopairs of hands grabbing my ass. I jumped on the bed followed by Kim andSamina their firm young tits bouncing as they landed next to me on thebed. Kim spoke first and wanted me to fuck Samina right away, I on theother hand had other ideas. I pushed Samina on her back and told Kim tosit on her friends face, as Kim straddled Samina’s face and lowered herpussy to Samina’s mouth I pulled Samina’s legs wide open and lowered my faceto her fragrant pussy. I licked Samina’s cunt from clit to asshole makingher moan and shake with pleasure.

I fingered her cunt as I sucked onher clit making her climax twice. Finally I moved in and had Kim guidemy cock up her friends hot tight pussy. I heard Samina moan as I slowlydrove my prick up her young tight slit stretching her pussy and rubbingon her stiff clit. I began to pump my stiff prick up Samina’s hot cuntmaking her climax twice before I shot a big load of sperm up herconvulsing cunt. After I pulled out of Samina’s hot cunt Samina pulledKim’s head down to her cunt and begged Kim to suck her pussy. Kimlicked and sucked her friends cunt sucking up my sperm and slipping herfinger up Samina’s sperm covered anus. Kim had climaxed a number of timeson Samina’s face and I moved around behind Kim and spread her ass cheekslicking her hot anal pucker while Samina continued to suck Kim’s hot wetcunt. Samina reached between my legs and stroked my cock making me hardagain. Once I was fully erect Samina pulled my cock towards Kim’s pussyand I knelt behind Kim’s firm ass as Samina guided my stiff prick intoKim’s hot tight pussy. As soon and the head of my cock entered themouth of Kim’s pussy Kim called out to me to fuck her hard. I grabbedher hips and reamed my prick balls deep into her hot wet snatch with onelong thrust making Kim moan with pleasure. I fucked Kim hard rammingher pussy driving my cock deep into her tight young vagina. Samina wasstill licking Kim’s clit and I felt my balls bouncing off Samina’s face asI reamed Kim’s hot wet pussy. Kim climaxed twice before I could get offand when I started to shoot my thick cum up Kim’s hot cunt I pressed myfinger up her pink puckered anus setting off another climax in Kim’s hotpleasure racked body. Samina was climaxing too and I saw her legstrembling with climatic tension as I spurted my jism up Kim’s hot pussy.I continued to thrust in Kim’s hot sperm soaked slit until I could notcontinue. I sat back and watched Samina lick up my sperm as it seeped outof Kim’s wide open cunt.

The girls continued to lick and suck each other bringing each other offas I watched and rested. It wasn’t long before watching these twobeautiful girls go at each other got me hard again. I wanted a niceslow relaxed fuck so I layed back and stroked my stiff pricksuggestively until the girls noticed my pole waiting for them. Saminamoved over to me and grabbed my cock sucking my dick into her mouth andramming it deep into her throat as Kim licked and sucked my balls andslipped her middle finger up my asshole. The pressure of her finger upmy asshole kept me hard and ready while I fingered Samina’s hot slipperyslit and pink puckered anal ring. I begged for them to fuck me and Kimtold Samina to go get on top of me and ram my prick up her pussy. Saminastraddled my stiff cock while Kim held my prick ready and continued tofinger my asshole. I grabbed Samina’s firm tits and pulled her nipples asshe slowly settled onto my stiff prick. Samina’s hot tight pussy engulfedmy cock slowly as she slid down my prick forcing my hot dick deep intoher wet tight cunt. Samina’s tight young slit stretched to accommodate mylong her shaft making her clit rub delightfully against my throbbingshaft and causing Samina to moan with pleasure as my cock filled her hotvagina. Kim was helping Samina by slipping a long finger up the younggirls’ hot asshole making the pressure in her packed pussy even greater.I began to hump my cock up Samina’s cunt as she moaned and drove her pussydown over my prick ramming me deep into her pulsing pussy. I knew Iwouldn’t hold out long with Samina’s hot cunt sliding up and down my cockso I called for Kim to sit on my face as I Samina fucked my prick deepinto her hot tight slit. Kim jumped up and was on my mouth in a flashher wet shaved slit was drenched with her tasty juices and I set to workon her tasty pussy as I slipped two fingers up her sperm coated anus.Kim was grinding her cunt into my mouth and she and Samina were pulling oneach others tits and nipples as the fucked their hot young cunts into mycock and mouth. Samina began to climax and I could feel her hot cuntmilking my prick making me blast my sperm into her hot pulsing vagina.Kim’s pussy let loose and filled my mouth with her hot passion juices asshe ground her hot cunt against my lips and tongue. Both Samina and Kimwere moaning with passion as I filled Samina’s pussy with my sperm anddrank down Kim’s hot pussy juice.Samina’s hot cunt massaged my cock as she continued to pound my prick upher sperm soaked snatch and pull on Kim’s stiff nipples. Samina’s pussywas so hot and tight that my prick never went down and I kept forcing myprick balls deep in Samina’s slippery twat until she climaxed again.

Finally Samina was to exhausted to continue and she pulled her pussy offmy stiff prick and rolled on her side on the bed. That’s when I sawJyoti standing between my legs, Jyoti was naked and from the expression onher face she wanted to join our lust filled game. Kim saw that my cockwas still stiff and moved off my face crawling down to my cock andmounting my stiff pole ramming me deep up her well lubricated cunt. Kimwas very aroused despite her recent climax on my tongue and her pussywas hot tight and wet as she rammed her cunt down over my strainingshaft forcing me deep into her quivering slit. Jyoiti crawled up over myhead and sank down pressing her sopping cunt onto my lips. I began tolick and suck Jyoti’s hot slippery slit lashing her clit and pressing mytongue deep into her pulsing pussy making Jyoti moan with passion andcall out to Samina to stand on the bed next to her so that Jyoti could lickher cum filled pussy. I watched as Samina move next to Jyoti opening herpussy as Jyoti bent her head and began to lick Samina’s sperm filled slit.I felt Jyoti begin to spasm and soon tasted her first gush of hot pussyjuices as Jyoti moaned with passion her first climax triggered by thetaste of Samina’s sperm filled cunt. Kim was moaning and bouncing up anddown on my cock filling her hot pussy with my throbbing meat, stretchingher young cunt with the length of my swollen cock. I felt Kim’s pussyclamp down on my thrusting penis as her climax took over her hot youngbody and I filled her tight vagina with my cum ramming my cock up untilI could feel the head of my spurting tool pressing against her cervix.Kim kept fucking her hot tight pussy with my cock until she was sure Iwould retain my hard-on then got off leaving my stiff dick standingready.Jyoti wanted to be fucked and after sucking my cock deep into her mouthmoved down and positioned her hot pussy over my dick facing away from meand squatted on my cock forcing my prick deep up her pussy. Jyoti waslike a woman possessed and she fucked her pussy on my prick with hardfast strokes ramming my prick deep into her shaved wet cunt.

Kim waylaying back her legs spread her cum filled pussy wet and inviting. Saminaslipped between Kim’s open thighs and licked and sucked the cum fromKim’s hot pussy while she thrust a finger up Kim’s cunt and another upKim’s sperm covered anus. Kim began to twist and jump as Samina workedher sloppy holes and licked my sperm from Kim’s hot slit. Jyoti seeingSamina’s hot ass in front of her face spread Samina’s cunt and ass cheeksand licked and sucked Samina’s cunt and asshole making Samina hump her rearinto Jyoti’s face. I saw Jyoti push two fingers up Samina’s sperm soakedcunt then slowly drive those fingers up Samina’s tight pink ass puckermaking Samina moan with pleasure. Jyoti was nearing another climax and Ibegan to arch my back driving my cock hard up her slippery pussy andmaking my balls slap her swollen distended clit until I felt her pussyclamp around my thrusting cock and her climax begin. Jyoti rammed herfingers deep into Samina’s hot asshole making her climax. Samina’s moaninginto Kim’s sodden pussy heightened Kim’s pleasure and she climaxedflooding Samina’s mouth with even more hot pussy juice. With all thefucking I just couldn’t cum any more and even the site of Jyoti’s hotcunt sucking on my swollen prick could not coax another load from myballs. Jyoti was still hot and got off my cock and turned around facingme and asked me to fuck her up the asshole. I smiled and told Samina andKim, who were now watching Jane to get the KY jelly.

Kim retrieved atube of the lubricant from the night stand and Samina and Kim got Jyoti upin a doggy style pose spreading her firm ass cheeks. After a few licksto Jyoti’s pussy and pink rimmed anus Kim and Samina worked in the KY jellyfingering Jyoti’s asshole in the process and managing to make Jyoti moanwith pleasure. Samina and Kim brought me to Jyoti’s rear and after suckingmy cock up to full erection Kim had Beth hold my cock to Jyoti’s anus asJyoti forced her tight asshole onto my prick. Beth was frigging Jyoti’sclit and fingering Jyoti’s pussy as I pressed my long cock deep intoJyoti’s hot tight anus, driving my cock deep into the recessed of Jyoti’stight rectum.Once I had jammed my cock fully up Jyoti’s tight butt Kim scooted aroundin front of Jyoti and pulled Jyoti’s face between her creamy thighsbegging Jyoti to eat her pussy. Jyoti began to finger fuck her niece’shot cunt and cum slick anus while she sucked and licked Kim’s excitedclit. Samina continued to watch my cock slid in and out of Jyoti’s tighthot asshole as she frigged Jyotis stiff clit. I pressed Samina downtelling her to slide under Jyoti’s pussy and lick Jyoti’s clit and fingerher cunt while I fucked Jyoti’s tight throbbing anus. Samina moved underJyoti and soon had a great view of my cock reaming its way in and out ofJyoti’s hot asshole. I could feel my climax building and urged Samina tolick Jyoti’s clit and shove as many fingers up Jyoti’s open pussy as shecould. Samina began to lick Jyoti’s stiff button while she shoved threefingers up Jyoti’s hot wet pussy making Jane cry out with pleasure as herclimax peaked. Jyoti’s thunderous climax clamped her asshole hard aroundmy thrusting tool and caused me to shoot a big load of sperm up Jyoti’shot asshole. I reamed Jyoti’s butt as she and I climaxed and I filledher tight hot rectum with my load of creamy sperm. Kim hearing her Auntclimax pulled on her own tits raising her fires and climaxing in Jyoti’smouth while holding Jyotis face hard against her bucking pussy. Ipulled my cock from Jyoti’s now well fucked asshole and pressed her hipsdown forcing her cunt and anus into Samina’s mouth.

While Samina sucked my sperm from Jyoti’s hot asshole Kim, Jyoti and I worked on Samina’s hot cunt and asshole making her climax and lapping up her sweet cum juices. Iwas out of it by now and I needed some rest so as the girls wound down Iwent to the kitchen and got us each a glass of wine. When I came back Isuggested we rest a bit and watch some porno tapes while we rechargedout lust. The girls thought that I had a good idea and we all troopedout to the living room naked and covered with pussy juice and sperm andsettled down to watch some X-rated videos.The film was a amateur fuck video involving a family orgy where thefather and mother were fucking and being watched secretly by their sonand two daughters. The kids, all young, watched mom and dad go at ittheir mom sucking their fathers cock as he ate her cunt then they fuckeddoggy style and missionary until their dad filled mom with a load ofsperm. While they were watching the son took out his cock and strokedhimself in front of his sisters who were rubbing their pussies and tits.The kids were so stimulated that soon the older sister was rubbing herbrothers cock while her younger sister pulled up her own skirt andrubbed her own pussy. The kids decided it felt so good they wanted togo at it themselves. They went back to the son’s room where they allstripped down and started in themselves the son fucking his older sisterdoggy style while the older girl ate out her younger sisters pussy. Thekids were lost in lust and never heard their parents outside their door.Just as the son was filling his older sisters cunt with sperm Mom andDad appeared outside their door and peered in unnoticed. Instead ofrushing in and stopping their kids Mom and Dad just watched and playedwith each other.

The older girl was now sitting on her younger sistersface giving her a taste of her pussy and her brothers youthful load ofsperm which dripped out of her pussy as her sister licked her shavedslit. Brother wasn’t letting a good thing go to waste and he pulled hisyounger sisters legs apart and shoved his stiff prick up her youngnearly hairless pussy forcing his rather long prick deep into hisyounger siblings tight twat pumping his dick balls deep in her youngtight slit.The scene then flashed back to the hall where Mom and Dad had gottenvery hot watching their kids suck and fuck. Both parents were naked andMom was down on her knees taking Dad up her slit while the both watchedthe hot scene their kids were putting on. Finally after a bit of sceneswitching back and forth between the kids and their parents Dad rammedhis cock a bit too hard up Mom’s cunt forcing her forward and making herhead hit the door which swung open letting the kids see them naked andfucking in the hall. There was a brief, very brief period of uneasinesswhile the family contemplated the results of their lust. Mom and Dadcame into the kids room and joined in the fun with their kids. Dad fedhis still stiff prick to his oldest daughter, filling her mouth andthroat with his hot stiff prick. While Dad filled the older girls faceMom knelt next to her daughters licking the younger girls tits andpulling on the older girls nipples. This display must have excited theson even more and he began to hump his younger sister hard and fastmaking her climax while he filled her tight young pussy with his sperm.After he pulled out his Mom grabbed his sperm coated cock and sucked himdown her throat coaxing his dick to remain stiff. Dad in the meantimewas fucking his cock deep into his older daughters mouth as she rode heryoung sister’s face moaning and twisting. Dad started to climax andfilled his daughters mouth to overflowing with his hot sperm. As theolder girl drank down her fathers load she climaxed on her sisters mouthwetting the young girls face and neck with her pussy juice. MeanwhileMom had sucked her son up to a new erection and maneuvered him behindher as she lowered her mouth to her younger daughters sperm soaked slitlicking her pussy and sucking up her son’s cream from between her youngdaughters cunt lips. The son spread his Mothers pussy and asshole andlicked her from clit to asshole for a bit then at her urging he rammedhis cock up his Mom’s hot pussy ramming his dick deep and hard into herwet cunt making her ass cheeks jump and her large firm tits shake as hepounded his cock up his mothers hot slit.

Dad in the meantime had bothdaughters sucking his cock the younger daughter laving his balls andasshole as his older daughter stroked his cock hard and sucked the headof his swollen prick.I looked around at the girls and found that they all had their fingersstuffed up their pussies and were pulling on their stiff nipples as thewatched the film progress. Dad was ready again and he moved behind hisoldest daughter, his stiff swollen cock ready and throbbing. Theyounger girl held her sister’s pussy open and guided her father’s stiffprick up her sisters pussy. Dad made a great show of stuffing his bigcock up his daughters cunt while his younger daughter licked up and downhis cock as he slowly sank it into the older girls stretched pussy.Finally when he had his whole dick up his daughter Dad began to fuck herwith long hard strokes as her sister licked her clit and pussy lips.The younger sister’s body was twisting under her older sister as her momate her tight pussy and she watched her dad fuck her older sister. Thecamera focused in on the mother and son action and we watched as her sonrammed his cock deep into his mother’s pussy and filled her cunt withhis sperm as his mom shook with climax and pulled on her stiff nipplesto intensify her pleasure. His climax over the son pulled out of hismother and moved over feeding his cum covered cock to his older sisteras Dad pounded his cock up her tight cunt. Dad’s face was contortedwith fuck lust and as his son filled his oldest daughters mouth with hiscock and pulled on her young firm tits Dad came filling his daughterspussy with his sperm until it seeped out and was licked up by heryounger sister. The film continued with Mom eating out her eldestdaughter sucking her husbands load from her daughters swollen pussywhile her younger daughter licked her son’s load from her mother’s spermfilled pussy. Dad and his son just sat back watching the motherdaughter threesome while stroking their cocks. Once Dad and his son hadregained their erections and the mother daughter trio had brought eachother to climax the guys got back into the action. Dad layed down andhis younger daughter was positioned over his stiff cock and her motherguided her father’s stiff long cock into her small tight pussy.

The look of lust on the young girls face was very exciting as she slowlyforced her fathers big cock up her tight young cunt. Meanwhile herbrother and older sister were sucking on her small firm tits and mom wasleaning over to lick her stiff clit which was clearly exposed as herDad’s big prick stretched her pussy lips into a thin line around hishard fat cock. Once the young girl had her fathers prick fully buriedin her tight pussy she began a slow up and down rhythm sliding her dad’sprick deep into her pussy on each stroke. Mom seeing her daughter wasdoing dad just fine ordered her older daughter to sit on her dad’s face.The girl moved quickly forcing her wet shaved snatch to her dad’s mouthfeeling his tongue lash her clit and lave her wet tasty cunt lips.Mom in the meantime had spotted her son’s stiff erection and pushed himdown on his back and mounted his stiff prick. Mom fucked her son untilshe had a hot climax then backed off and guided her son’s stiff prick upher asshole. The boys face show off his pleasure as his mom sank hiscock deep up her tight asshole fucking his dick deep into her anus witheach downward plunge. The girls started to climax the youngest firsther pussy stretched to the limit by her dad’s big prick and his spermleaking out around her pussy lips. The older daughter climaxed on herdad’s face drenching him with her sweet juices and then licked up thesperm seeping out of her sister’s cock filled pussy. Mom began toclimax and we could see her son’s cum boil out around her pink analpucker as she continued to ram her son’s cock deep into her hot ass.The film ended with the whole family in bed together naked the sonfucking his younger sister up the asshole with long slow strokes whilemom ate the young girls cunt and her daughter sucked her pussy andasshole. The older girl was up doggy style watching her mom eat hersisters cunt while her brother fucked her sister up the ass. Dad tookadvantage of her position to work his cock up her pussy again and thenswitched to her asshole forcing his cock deep up his eldest daughtershot pink anus while pulling on her young stiff nipples.

The film woundto a close as they all climaxed father and son filling their fuckpartners assholes with a big load of sperm. Needless to say watchingthe film had gotten us all very horny again and my cock was as stiff aswhen I had first arrived. Samina spoke first and related how hot she hadgotten when the girls started to take cock up their assholes and askedJyoti and Kim if it hurt much. Jyoti and Kim both assured her that whenproperly done there was almost no pain at all and once learned anal sexwas a fantastic experience. I waved my cock at the girls and suggestedwe retire to the bedroom and try it out. Samina was the first to agreebut told me she wanted to see Kim take me up her ass first. Kim smiledand bent over spreading her ass cheeks as a welcome sign to my throbbingdick. We all headed back to the bedroom to finish our evenings lustfilled activities.Jyoti and Samina got Kim up doggy style and while Jane frigged Kim’s clitand pulled on her stiff nipples Samina greased Kim’s tight asshole withthe KY jelly making sure to get plenty of the slippery stuff up Kim’stight butt. Kim was nearing climax already as Samina thrust first onethen two and finally three fingers up her friends tight asshole. Saminathen came over to me and sucked my stiff cock into her mouth pulling mycock deep into her throat as she pressed her now slippery finger into myasshole. Jyoti told Samina to bring me over and I move in on Kim’s hottight asshole as I watched Jyoti stuffing her fingers up her niece’s hotcunt. Samina held my cock to Kim’s pink puckered ass hole and urged me todrive my cock up Kim’s tight anus. I told Jyoti to let Kim eat pussy andas she moved into position and pulled Kim’s head to her sopping pussy Itold Samina to crawl under Kim and watch my cock go up Kim’s tightasshole. Beth had a wild look in her eyes as she slid under Kim’s widespread legs and brought her face up to Kim’s dripping cunt. I pressedforward a bit and stuffed the head of my cock into Kim’s pulsing pinkass pucker stretching her sphincter and forcing the head of my cock intoher tight butt. Kim began to moan and beg for more but I held still toallow her asshole to adjust to my cock. Before I could continue mypassage into her hot ass Kim forced her ass back ramming my dick deepinto her pulsing tight asshole. My balls were tight against her pussylips and I could feel Samina licking my cum filled balls as Kim’s tightanus milked my cock. I began to thrust hard into Kim’s tight assholewhile she ate Jyoti’s pussy. Samina was pulling on Kim’s tits while shelicked Kim’s cunt and clit making Kim climax repeatedly her hot tightasshole squeezing my cock like a hot tight fist. I knew I couldn’t holdout long and decided to ram my cock deep into Kim’s asshole and fill herhot slick butt with my sperm. I shoved my dick deep into her orgasmridden bowels and shot a big load of sperm up her convulsing rectum. Irammed my spurting dick into Kim’s anus and watched Jyoti convulse inpassion as Kim’s hot tongue lashed her stiff clit. I pulled my cock outof Kim’s tight ass and Samina grabbed it stuffing my prick into her mouthand sucking my dick very hard.

I was a bit startled but as Samina’s hotmouth and tongue worked on my dick my cock started to harden again andby the time I realized what was going on Jyoti and Kim had Samina’s legsspread wide and Jyoti was eating Samina’s pussy while Kim sucked Samina’ssmall firm tits. Samina was twisting from all the pleasure she wasreceiving and her mouth was working my cock up to a massive erection.Samina’s climax gripped her whole body and I pulled my cock out of her hotmouth for fear she would bite me during her climax. Samina shook for afull two minutes before her firm young body regained control of itselfand it took even longer before her breathing returned to normal.Samina was ready for anything and I pushed my stiff prick between her lipsletting her suck me as I moved over her licking my way down to hersopping cunt and sucking her large stiff clit. Finally Samina pulled mycock from her mouth and told me she was ready for me to fuck her up theass. Kim and Jyoti helped Samina up doggy style and I moved in forcing mycock up her pussy reaming her slowly as Jyoti and Kim lubricated Beth’stight pink anus with KY jelly. Jyoti move under Samina and started to lickher clit and Kim pulled on Samina’s stiff nipples while I pumped Beth to anice slow orgasm. I pulled out of Samina’s hot pussy and had Kim guide mycock to Samina’s hot asshole. Kim rubbed the head of my dick back andforth over Samina’s quivering asshole slowly pressing the head of my stiffprick into Samina’s tight pink anus. Samina was panting with pleasure as Istarted to press my dick into her tight young asshole. Samina’s anal ringslowly gave way and let the head of my big dick enter her pulsingrectum. Once I had the head of my cock past her sphincter I stoppedpushing and let her taught young butt get used to the size of my stiffprick. Once Samina started to move around a bit I slowly pressed my cockup her rectum going slowly as I stretched her asshole forcing my thicklong prick up her hot anal channel. Kim played with my balls as Iinched my cock into Samina’s asshole until I had my dick all the way upSamina’s ass. Samina turned her head and asked me if I was all the way in,I nodded and Samina told me to fuck her ass until she couldn’t take it anymore. Despite her obvious desire I started out slowly thrusting gentlywith short strokes until I felt her ass start to relax and herpleasurable moaning start. I knew I could really fuck her hot ass whenI saw Samina lower her face to Jyoti’s pussy and begin to eat Jyoti’s hotcunt. I told Kim to suck Samina’s tits and picked up my pace strokingfull length into Samina’s hot tight asshole. Samina started to climax and Icould hear Jyoti licking up Samina’s hot juices as her pussy began torelease her orgasmic flow.

I was ramming hard and deep in Samina’sasshole now and her moans were loud and long as multiple climaxes washedover her hot young body. Finally I could not hold out any longer andwith a final flurry of strokes I buried my cock in her tight hot buttand filled her pulsing rectum with my sperm. Being totally fucked out Ipulled gently out of Samina’s asshole and sat back as Kim came around andsucked on Samina’s still open asshole licking my sperm from her asshole.We were all sated and after a quick shower tumbled back in bed togetherand fell asleep. I never woke until the morning and found Samina and Kimlaying next to me their hot hands on my cock and balls. Jyoti was gonealready and I knew I had to leave soon to. Before I left I managed tofuck Samina alone in the living room while we watched parts of the film wehad seen the night before. As I left I heard Samina waking Kim up bysitting on her face and giving her a taste of my latest load. Thiswas one of my busy ordinary days in my life. Iam looking for any hot female who would appreciate an errogeneous sex and a dream come true mail if you feel like which u would definitely do after u read thisBye!!!!!!! Mail on ( )

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