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An Evening With Preeti By Shahkar

  • desipapa
  • October 3, 2015

“You’re so beautiful … and sexy, Preeti.. kitani khoobsoorat lag rahi ho..,” I murmured, looking at her naked dody admiringly.

“Thanks, Shekhar,” Preeti blushed attractively.

Sitting on the edge of her bed, she trembled with excitement. Her creamy thighs opened up a bit, allowing me to see the wet crease of her pussy beneath the nest of her pussy-hairs.

“Don’t forget your promise, Shekhar..tumhara wada yaad hai na..?,” she said softly, blushing again.

“You mean my promise to lick your pretty little pussy?” I asked with a laugh. “Don’t worry, baby. There’s just no way I could ever forget something like that. I’ve really been looking forward to running my tongue up that tight little cunt-tunnel of yours!”

“Ohhhh, yeses, Shekhar,” Preeti hissed.

“Yeah, I’m gonna eat your little cunt all right..arrreee haaan..main tumhari chhot jaroor choosunga bay.. aur usake baad mera lund tumhare sexy lips ka maja lega… Then, before I fill it with my cock, I’m gonna feel your hot lips around my prick!”

“Ooooooh! Tumhara lund .. In my mouth? Mere munh mein..Your cock?” Preeti asked almost incoherently. She was so turned on by my depraved words that she could hardly stand it!

“You got it, baby,” I responded. “I want you to take my cock all the way down your throat… main to chahata hoon ki mera lund tumhari munk mein pura ka pura ghusa doon…”

I unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it from my body. Preeti’s eyes were fixed on me as my hands moved to my belt and then to the zipper of my pants. Peeling the trousers from my muscular legs, I quickly worked my shorts down and my big cock sprang free, hard and
swollen. Its smooth head glistened with the pre-cum and Preeti moaned softly as she stared at the huge prick.

“Yeah, every inch of it,..pua ka pua 8” Preeti..” I said, grinning at her. “.. aur tumako aur bhi achchha lagega jab mera lund tumhari choot aapane luns raas se bhar dega…You’re gonna love it–after I have my fill of your pussy.”

The teenager’s thighs automatically moved farther apart as I moved toward her. The lewd slit of her cunt was already damp with the pussy-juice that flowed just from the thought of having my mouth on her bloated cunt-lips. Her entire body trembled with anticipation as I lowered myself to the floor in front of her.

I reached out and my hands stroked Preeti’s inner thighs. She moaned, shuddering with hot, incestuous excitement. My eyes moved to hers and we grinned at each other. Then I turned my full attention to the golden-fleeced mound of Preeti’s pussy.

The young girl’s gaze followed my every movement as I slowly leaned forward. My lips puckered and I pressed them firmly against her wet pussy.

“Ohhhhhh, Shekhar..ummmmmmm!” Preeti cried, her voice trembling and her body shaking with the red-hot thrills that raced through her. “Ohhhh, that feels soooo good!”

While Preeti continued to watch my lewd actions, I slowly extended my tongue while my fingers gripped each side of her cunt. Easing the plump lips of her cunt apart with my hands, he let the tip of my tongue trace up and down the pink cleft of her little pussy.

“Ohhhh, sweeet ohhh mere bhagwan…ummmmmm!” she groaned with wild abandon as my tongue moved up and down her cunt-slit and inner cunt-flesh.

I moaned with desire. By now I had sucked and fucked Preeti many times, but I knew that I would never get used to the heady excitement of eating teenaged pussy. The taste was musky and very, very exciting.

My tongue still embedded in her quivering cunt-flesh, I began to rub her twitching clit with one finger.

“Aieeeee!” Preeti shouted.

Her body shook uncontrollably as my tongue and finger stirred within her pussy. She reached down and caressed the my cheeks, showing her deep gratitude to me for making her feel so good. Her fingertips could feel the motion of my darting tongue within my mouth and she thrilled to the obscene sensations. Her eyes feasted on the moist, pink tongue that lashed up and down the wet slit of her cunt. I used my tongue to tease her into even more desire before I finally drilled my hard tongue into her steaming pussy-hole.

“Aaarghhhh,” she gurgled as she felt my tongue fucking into her.

Over and over again, my tongue-fucked Preeti’s cunt as my cock grew harder and harder with each passing second. I twisted my tongue about within her hot, wet pussy-hole as she moaned and bucked above me.

My hungry mouth made wet, smacking sounds as I continued to eat her pussy and the erotic sounds just served to turn Preeti on even more as she writhed above me. She pushed herself forward on the edge of the bed and forced even more of her wet pussy against my face.

Thick, hot cunt-juices flowed into my mouth from Preeti’s cunt and I eagerly swallowed every drop of the delicious-tasting fluid.

“Aieeeee! Commmiiinnnggg, Shekhar!” she cried suddenly, putting both her hands on the back of my head and shoving my mouth into the dampness of her cunt.

Her orgasmic cries filled the room and her violent shuddering shook the bed as she came. She thrashed and writhed as my tongue fucked in and out of her pussy relentlessly until her orgasm subsided.

My face glistened with the moisture of Preeti’s cunt as I rose and stood over her.

Preeti’s eyes dropped to my rigid lance of cock-meat jutting out from my crotch and she gasped with raw, cunt-churning excitement. Her lips parted and her tongue flicked out, moistening them.

My prick, fat and swollen with lust for the girl, bobbed only a few inches from her mouth.

“Kiss it, baby.. umm mere lund ko kiss karo Preeti..,” I whispered, my voice husky with desire. “Kiss my cock nice and easy.”

As I watched her, her head tilted forward. Her lips, soft and wet, brushed against the straining head of my prick. A jolt of pleasure sizzled through my loins. My cock jerked and twitched with abandoned delight.

The knowledge that her mouth gave me so much pleasure excited Preeti. And, again, she kissed the thick crown of my cock, moaning with excitement as she once more made my cock jerk and twitch.

She gripped the throbbing shaft of my cock and her tongue touched the little slit at the center of the prick-head. When her tongue moved back, its tip was coated with one of the pearly cum-drops that oozed from my prick.

She stuck her tongue out again and this time it washed over the sensitive surface of my prick. She coated my cock with the warm moisture from her mouth.

“Suck it now… jor se chooso..ohhhh” I whispered.

Her eyes rolled up to me and a smile turned up the corners of her mouth. Then her lips spread wide and even wider. When her face dropped back to my crotch, she quickly swallowed up most of my prick.

Her nostrils flared wide as she took even more of my prick into her mouth. Her lips clamped tightly around my stalk of cock and she moved her face up and down on my big, hard prick.

Preeti slid her mouth up and down, up and down, finding an easy, natural rhythm that brought fire to my groin. My hips swayed back and forth as I shoved my prick in and out of her face, fucking her mouth with my cock.

Sucking her my cock thrilled Preeti beyond belief. Every cell and nerve-ending in her body tingled with fuck-lust and an ocean of cunt-juice flowed within her hot pussy.

My prick was hard and rigid inside her mouth. And, as she was jolted back and forth by the savage thrusts of my hips, she realized that I could probably break her jaws with the massive pole of cock-meat between my legs if I wanted to. But she knew that that wasn’t likely to happen because she knew that I was every bit as excited about having her mouth on my cock as she was. I was enjoying it too much to hurt her.

Her head bobbed up and down as she impaled herself on my cock. She swallowed, drinking down the mixture of saliva and pre-cum. Her tight lips slid up and down the throbbing shaft of my prick. Her tongue licked out hard and her mouth sucked eagerly, impatient for that exciting moment when I would dump my load of cum down her throat.

My legs trembled with the rush of sensations Preeti’s mouth was giving me. She nibbled a bit on the fat slab of cock-meat in her mouth and I groaned again with pain and pleasure.

Preeti sucked harder, her cheeks hollowing deeply, bringing me more pleasure than pain now.

“Ohhhh, yeah, baby,” I moaned huskily.

She whipped her stiff tongue around my stiff cock and I shook all over with pleasure. I jerked and twitched as my prick slid over her tongue and halfway down her throat. I knew that I was about to come and I longed for the special thrill I always felt whenever I came down Preeti’s throat.

My eyes were glued to her mouth where it wrapped around my fat, throbbing prick. I watched, in fascination, as my glistening cock-rod moved in and out of her sucking mouth. Deeper and deeper with each jerk of my hips, I fed her inch after inch of my swollen cock. She took my cock greedily, sucking and licking hungrily.

My balls were on fire with desire. But I clamped down with all my might, holding back the flood of cum that churned within my nuts.

I licked my lips excitedly as I watched my prick move in and out of her lovely, young face. Her cheeks bulged out as my thick cock meat pushed inward. Then, as I pulled out of her mouth, her cheeks sank inward, waiting for my next mighty fuck-thrust.

The spongy knob of my prick nudged at the back of her throat now. Her nostrils flared again as she sucked in her breath to avoid gagging. Harder and harder she sucked, gobbling up the fat prick-meat that invaded her mouth. She took my cock into her face deeper and deeper, her lips slipping closer and closer to the base of my prick.

She licked and sucked, igniting a raging fire that spread throughout my entire body. She sucked hard, drawing me as deeply as she could into her mouth. Then she let me slide down her throat. And still she sucked, thrilling to the lust-filled groans that were constantly flowing from my throat.

She felt the base of my cock-shaft swell and she knew that I was about to come. Her own body trembled as she felt my prick jerk crazily inside her mouth. She sucked harder, pulling on me, milking my cock. She licked wildly, whipping my prick with her tongue.

And I came.

Hot scalding cum blasted into her mouth. My jism splashed over the roof of her mouth and coated her entire tongue and the inner walls of her cheeks. Gush after hot gush spurted from my twitching cum-slit.

“Commmiiinnngggg!” I cried.

“Hi bhagwan!” Preeti thought to herself, that’s gotta be the understatement of the year! Her mouth was flooded with the thick, sticky goo from my orgasm and she swallowed. Then she swallowed again and again, drinking down the cream of my come. Then she sucked my spurting prick some more.

“Ohhhhh, !” I shouted.

My legs shook and quivered as if threatening to give way under me. My hands grasped her soft shoulders, clinging tightly to her to retain my balance. I groaned with relief as I emptied the last of my cum down her rapidly swallowing throat.

“God, Preeti! I can’t take anymore..lagat hai aam main jharane wala hoon..!” I moaned, my entire body shaking with an almost painful kind of pleasure as she continued to suck my cock.

Finally, she slid back, my glistening cock-shaft popping free of her mouth and jerking into the air. For long moments I just stood there, still gripping her shoulders, swaying weakly on my feet.

“ummm.. tuma jabardast lund choosati ho preeti..You’re a great little cock-sucker, baby,” I said when, at last, I opened my eyes and smiled down at my horny little girl.

Preeti grinned up at me, feeling warmed by my praise. She knew that a man of my sexual experience had had a lot of women suck him off so if I thought she was good at it, she knew that she must be. She felt proud of being able to give me so much lusty pleasure.

Still shaking, I lowered myself to the bed beside her and we tongue-kissed each other over and over as we prepared to fuck.

I wanted to try something different today. Let’s go in the kitchen.

Preeti looked at me with a surprise. “What do you have on mind?.. aab tumako kya karane ka mood hai..?” she said.

“I am going to fuck your tight little ass today.. aaj main tumhari tight gaand marana chahata hoon… You’re going to like this,” I crooned evilly. “It’ll only hurt for a minute..but then you will really love it.. thora dard hoga lekin phi tumako bahut maja aayega..”

Preeti turned around bending over the dining chair. She was naked like I was. I pressed my cock against her beautiful anal opening. It was beautiful. So clean and smooth!. I started the pressure. I could feel Preeti’s tight ass opening around my cock as I tried to enter. She was very right, but I didn’t care a bit. Her ass was so hot that it was one of the best experiences of my life.

“Gotta get my cock nice and wet,..pahale mera lund theek se lubricate karo..” I said, easing behind her so that my cock-head throbbed against the lips of her quivering pussy. “We need to make my prick nice and slick so it’ll slide right up your ass.”

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