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An Erotic Journey With Mom And Dad

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  • November 6, 2015

“Seema!” My dad, Ramesh yelled at my mom, “aren’t you ready yet? We have to reach there by tonight not day after tomorrow!” Mom, like always was taking too long to get ready. I was all ready and had packed the bags into the car with my father. We were going to a family friend’s wedding. The wedding that changed my life forever.

I am Suhas, final year B.Com student and the sole son of my parents. I very actively play cricket and football, and I consider that I have an athletic body. Dad(53) runs a flex business, with multiple branches spread out around the city,which is doing quite well.

Dad played football in his college and tries to keep fit by jogging and doing light calisthenics at least three times a week. Mom(50) is a house wife, who keeps fit by doing yoga every morning. It’s not like I haven’t noticed, but mom has a great body for her age, and she is far more livelier and active compared to her friends of the same age. She has a great dressing sense too, which makes heads turn every time she goes out shopping, etc. I have even overheard my own friend talking dirty about her, how my father is so lucky to be able to taste her tasty pussy.

Initially I used to get pissed of at how they used to talk about my mom. But as I grew up, I began to see my mom for the woman that she was. And boy was she a sex bomb! I began to catch glimpses of her ample breasts and the wonderful valley like cleavage every time she bends down. I have grown mad of her side boobs, and always ogle at those large mangoes when she wears a saree.

Even at this age, mom and dad have a healthy sex life. Guess even dad is not tired of her sexy figure and chikni chut. I have heard mom’s muffled moans late at nights. Occasionally, I get to hear them having sex early in the mornings on Sundays as well. I have even seen my dad fondling her luscious boobs in the kitchen when he though I wasn’t looking. I had even caught them kissing passionately on the sofa one night!

Anyway, Dad had been so busy at work all week, that Mom thought that we might miss the wedding of our family friend- Sharma uncle’s daughter Nimmi. Thankfully, Dad’s work ended the day before we were to leave for the wedding.

Finally, mom came out of the room. Dressed in a green chiffon saree, wrapped tightly around her waist. The blouse had extremely short sleeves, giving us ample view of her voluptuous arms. It was evident that the blouse was a deep cut, and her pallu did nothing to hide that fact, letting her cleavage expose. She had tied her saree below her waist, parading her sexy navel for everyone to see. That sexy navel gave me an instant hardon, which I struggled to hide from my parents. She had minimal jewelry on her, and her hair was held together by a clip. She definitely looked like a sex bomb. I stood ogling at my own mother, while dad went upto her and whispered something in her ear. Mom blushed like a new bride.

“You, na!” She slapped him playfully on his arm. “Even when you have a grown sun at home…” she caught her self mid sentence and shooed me off to the car on a flimsy pretext. Mom and dad came out a couple of minutes later. I could clearly see that mom’s lipstick was a bit off, and I understood that they must have kissed while they were inside. Maybe my dad even fondled her breasts over that chiffon saree…

So off we went, the three of us- Mom, Dad and Me, making the 400 kms journey from Bangalore to Kodaikkanal in our car.

Most part of the journey was pretty boring. Mom and I sat in the back seat, while dad drove the car. I just listened to my music and buried my head inside a novel, despite my mother’s protests. The book began dragging a bit, and I started becoming aware of my surroundings. I knew mom and dad were engaging in a conversation, but didn’t give it much heed. After about three hours of traveling, we stopped for tea at a small tea shop. The journey had taken a toll on dad, I could tell. Mom also expressed her concern. I offered to drive, but dad declined.

“I am fine!” He said. Just a cup of tea, and I will b perfectly ready” he said.

Our journey continued. This time, mom sat in the front with dad, while I sat alone in the back seat. Dad and mom chatted incessantly, while I tried to concentrate on my book. I occasionally propped my head over my book to see my parents jabbering. Sometimes I would see my mom blushing and laughing, while my dad flirted with her.

Soon, it started becoming too dark for me to read my book. It wasn’t that interesting anyway, so I shut it quietly, and eased into my seat, casually looking around, and I caught my father fondling my mom’s boobs over her blouse. I instantly reduced the volume, but didn’t make any sudden movements. It wasn’t much of a fondle actually, just a brush and a squeeze, but a very deliberately done. My mom reacted instantly by letting out a slight moan. She quickly regained her composure, and looked at the back seat. I pretended to be sleepy- eyes half closed, low breathing.

My eyes were half open and I could clearly see what they were doing. Well almost clearly. My mother turned to my dad and started mock scolding him in whispers. My dad turned around to take a look at me, and assured her that I was asleep.

He again began fondling mom’s breasts over her blouse, but mom kept thwarting his advances, checking the back seat to see if I was sleeping, multiple times. Dad was getting restless with each passing minute. I could see that even mom was feeling a bit horny. I guess they hadn’t had sex for a long time now. It was getting too dark already, and it was pretty hard for me to see what they were doing.

After a few minutes of my father fondling her breasts, my mom finally gave in. She turned around tot he back seat. I was pretending to sleep. She kept looking at me for a while, and when she was sure I was sleeping she did the most unthinkable thing.

She removed a couple of hooks from her blouse, reached her hand inside her blouse and removed her bra. Dad suddenly grabbed her bra and put it on his face, smelling it, while he gave my mom a sexy look. Mom immediately snatched her bra and put it in her purse. She then removed all the hooks of her bra, letting out her gorgeous breasts. From the lights of an oncoming car, I saw that her brown nipples were hard, and erect. My father’s jaw dropped. She immediately adjusted her pallu to cover her breasts.

He regained his composure and slowly put his hand underneath her pallu and started caressing her naked breasts. I was rock hard by then, imagining how soft her breasts must be. I tried very hard to stay motionless, especial to refrain myself from jerking off right there. My dad was having the time of his life, fondling his wife’s breasts in the middle of the road. My mom was getting extremely restless, and was rubbing on her pussy from time to time. By then I knew both were in mad heat.

My dad then reached out his arm, too my mother’s hand and put it on his crotch. My mother let out a small gasp, and began to slowly rub his dick on his pants.

I was very excited by then, my dick was in full attention. The erotic moans that my mom was trying so hard to control was driving em mad. I fell really jealous of my dad for being able to enjoy such a beauty on a daily basis. Mom then opened Dad’s zip and began to masturbate him right there. Dad slowed down a bit, just so that he could have better control over the vehicle. He continued to knead mom’s boobies with his left hand, and one hand was on the steering. I have no idea how he drove the car with such a bombshell playing with his dick.

I began to slowly rub my penis over my pants. I carefully moved a little to make myself comfortable. Luckily, my book was on my lap, and I only made small movements, so they couldn’t see me masturbating.

After a while of moaning, mom bent down towards dad’s lap. She licked the precum off his dick, and began making bobbing motions. Dad put his left hand over mom’s head and directed her movements. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Their thirst for lust had made them to completely forget their decency and made them engage in their carnal desires on right in front of their son!

Now, both of them were lost in their own world, and I could calmly enjoy jerking off over my pant. After a few minutes, mom suddenly stopped and started gagging. Dad too was euphoric, and let out a stiffled moan. He had cum already. Mom was still sucking, drinking every bit of his cum.

I came as well. here is no way a horny young man could control after seeing such a hot scene.

Mom sat up, wiping her mouth. She turned around to see if I was still sleeping. My eyes were half closed, and under the cover of darkness, it did seem like I was asleep. She put dad’s dick inside his underwear and put his zip. She put on her blouse and became decent again.

I haven’t seen anything as hot as that again.

An Erotic Journey With Mom And Dad

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