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An Encounter at a Army Camp

  • desipapa
  • August 19, 2015

A nudge and the glare from a red tinted flashlight woke Tammy from her restless sleep. A voice in the darkness whispered “Lt. Olsen. Wake up. It’s 0240. You’re on watch in twenty minutes.” “I’m up…I’m up” Tammy replied sleepily. This seemed to appease the soldier and she heard the sentry shuffling out of the tent. The young nurse sat up in her bunk and let her eyes gradually adjust to the low light. Pulling on her bulky green Army fatigues she smiled at how easy it was to dress in the dark when she didn’t have to worry about color coordination.

She knocked her boots against a tent support to shake out any scorpions that may have taken up residence in the night. Once her boots were tightly laced against her slim ankles she made her way out and across the dark compound. Moonlight filtered through a low fog, giving the camp an eerie deserted look. The only sounds were the natural chirps and calls of the surrounding jungle creatures. The few people stirring were moving as quietly as she or sitting still at their posts. She nodded at a young soldier, on guard duty, who sprawled lazily against a low wall of sand bags with his M-16 resting in his lap. He gave her a sleepy salute as she passed. The early morning heat of Vietnam pressed against her and the uniform quickly grew damp from the heavy mist. As she walked the fabric seemed to tickle her in her most sensitive places. She knew that it wasn’t entirely because of the weight and movement of the clothing. She found herself growing sexually excited at the prospect of checking on her new patient. She licked her lips as she remembered sucking his huge cock the night before! As she walked she mentally scolded herself for allowing her long repressed sexual urges to get the better of her. Sucking cock was not something she did often or even thought much about, until the previous evening. In fact, it was rare even back home with her husband. But after 6 months of sleeping alone on a hard cot, only being able to relieve the loneliness by slipping her own hand down between her legs, getting off in silence as 2 other nurses slept near by, she was ready to explode.

Sergeant Melvin had pulled her emotional pin and she had pulled his physically. The fact that she had broken all the rules to do it filled her with guilt yet, made it all the more exciting. She had gone against the teachings of her religion, cheated on her husband, fraternized with an enlisted man and broken the unwritten code of her society upbringing by having sex with a black man. Her daddy would die, her neighbors would gossip and her sorority sisters would shun her – if they only knew. These thoughts all ran through her head as she recalled the events that had brought her up to that point. The previous afternoon, the handsome Sergeant Melvin had been brought in with a head injury. He and a few others were part of a patrol that had run into an ambush. He didn’t look that bad but the Doctor was afraid it could be a concussion. As they had loaded the more seriously injured onto choppers, a Ranger Lieutenant had told the Doctors that Melvin had saved all their asses that day. Because of the possible concussion Sgt. Melvin was ordered to remain awake and under observation for 24 hours. Tammy and her few remaining medical staff stood shifts, in the empty medical tent, to make sure Melvin didn’t lapse into a coma. The MASH unit was moving out to a safer site in a few days and only a skeleton crew remained to finish the packing. All incoming patients were being sent farther back. Everyone except Melvin, who would return to his unit as soon as they felt he was ok. That night, on Tammy’s first watch, they had been shelled. The noise and stress of explosions always terrified the young female officer but this time it drove her into the arms of the muscular black soldier.

She pressed herself to him during the attack and found that the heat of their bodies lit a hot torch inside her. She resisted her own primal urges but the temptation proved too great, and she wound up sucking him off like a high school girl in the backseat of the family sedan. ‘But he’s no high school boy’ Tammy thought as she strolled toward the medical tent. ‘He’s all man with the equipment to prove it.’ Then reproaching herself she muttered ‘Stop! Stop! thinking about that’ Her thoughts went back and forth from lust to self control. She wanted to throw herself at him but her rational mind told her it was wrong. She was confused and horny and something had to give. Corporal Fenton was telling Melvin about her prize Squash back at the Montana State Fair when Tammy walked in. The Sergeant was sitting on the medical sink and gave Tammy a look of great relief when he saw her. “Morning Ma’am” Fenton greeted her. “I think the Sergeant’s gonna be just fine. He and I sat up talking all night. Didn’t we Sergeant? We aren’t a bit tired. I was just now telling him about my prize Squash back at the State Fair back home…” “Thank you Corporal” Tammy interrupted. “You are relieved. Go get some sleep.” “Sure thing Ma’am” Fenton said as she began walking toward the door. “Guess I am a bit tired. Long day tomorrow. Got to get the last of those supplies packed and loaded…” “Good night Corporal” Tammy interrupted again. “Good night Lieutenant! Good night Sergeant Melvin.” Fenton kept talking but fortunately also kept walking until she stepped out into the warm misty morning air. “Damn” Melvin said after Fenton was out of earshot “You’re supposed to keep me awake. Not torture me. That girl wouldn’t shut up.” “Sorry about that. Everybody’s being shipped out and I’m short staffed” Tammy said as she unbuttoned her jacket and tossed it onto an empty cot. “Might as well get comfortable.

We’ve got a few more hours. How are you feeling?” She tried to act casual but her heart was beating fast and she felt herself shaking “Just fine now” Melvin said from the shadows. There was a silence as they looked at each other in the moonlight. Although she still wore her green t-shirt and fatigue pants Tammy felt totally exposed. Like Melvin could see right through her. Her heart was pounding and her desires were building rapidly. She knew they shouldn’t be left alone. If she wasn’t careful she would throw herself at him. She squeezed her thighs together, sending a jolt of pleasure through her entire body. She didn’t know what to do and finally Melvin made the move they both wanted. He walked over and slid his arms around her waist. When he pressed his lips to hers she responded willingly and they kissed each other hard. Their tongues sparred in each other’s mouths. He squeezed her ass, pulling her to him. She felt the large bulge in his shorts moving against her. He brought one hand between them and ran it down between her thighs. When he started massaging her crotch she moaned in frustration and desire. She realized that she wanted him more than she had ever wanted anyone. Even her husband had never had this effect on her. She knew where this was leading but she felt powerless to stop it. Breaking the kiss, he said “Let’s lie down”. Tammy wanted to say no. Wanted to break away and run but she heard herself whisper “Ok.” She began to rationalize her behavior. Telling herself she could stop after they had fooled around a little. She could jack him off like she had the boys back at college. Then, she told herself, she would quit and with no ‘penetration’ there was no real harm done. He lead her over to his cot where he kissed her again. Then, realizing the cot would be too small for the rigorous fucking he planned to give the young white nurse, he leaned over and spread his blanket on the canvas floor.

Melvin’s cock ached as he guided her down onto the heavy Army blanket. He lay down beside her and, as they kissed, he began to stroke her between her legs. Even with her pants on he could feel her heat rising. She slid her hand down his body and grasped the huge bulge inside his shorts. In the hours since their last encounter she had down played the size of his package but holding it in her hand she knew it was the biggest cock she’d ever felt, and she had to see it again! “Untuck your t-shirt” Melvin said. The young, blonde, officer was quick to comply. She reached down and drew the material out, revealing the pale skin of her tight mid rift. “How’s that?” she asked between kisses. “Nice” Melvin replied as he gently caressed her smooth abs and worked his way up her bra. Pushing it out of the way, he kneaded the soft flesh her naked breasts. Her nipples were rock hard and he teased them as Tammy groaned in pleasure. “Now the pants” Melvin said. Tammy decided it would be ok to take everything off except for her panties. As long as she had them on she thought she couldn’t go too far. She unhooked her belt and undid the buttons of her fatigue trousers. Wriggling her hips she pushed them down over her ass. Melvin helped her draw them down her long sexy legs to the top of her boots. “Is that far enough?” She asked nervously. “Plenty” he replied, moving his hand up her soft thigh toward her jungle hot spot. He maneuvered over her Army issue panties and rubbed his fingers against the wet spot that was forming there. As he stroked them her swollen pussy lips pressed excitedly against the thin material. “Mmmmph” she moaned as tracers of pleasure shot throughout her body. She pulled at the elastic of his shorts and reached in to grab his thick cock.

Her pussy gushed when she confirmed that it was as big as she remembered. Melvin’s dick was huge. Much longer and thicker than her husband’s or any of the boys she’d fooled around with back at school. Her heart was pounding madly and she felt her vagina tremble, as if wanting that huge member to satisfy it’s needs and at the same time fearful that it would never fit inside. “Let me see all of you” Melvin said motioning to her heaving breasts. Tammy released his cock so she could pull her shirt over her head. Tossing the garment up onto the cot she unsnapped her bra, slipped it off her arms and quickly tossed it away as well. She showed him her tits and she looked into his brown eyes for acceptance, hoping that they were what he wanted. Melvin smiled and removed his shirt as well. For a moment they each admired the contrasts of the other’s skin. Then they kissed again and the tent echoed with the slurps and gasps of their lips. Her hand went back down to his shorts and pulled his cock out. She broke their kiss and looked down between them, needing to see it. His manhood filled her hand and rose like a tower from her grasp. “I thought maybe I’d imagined it” she said dreamily. “It’s so big”. “It’s never disappointed” Melvin said. “I wouldn’t think so” she said. The sight of it sending blood rushing to her breasts causing them to swell almost painfully. This caught his attention and he kissed his way down the to the slope of her soft cleavage. He began to tease her with his tongue, gently sucking her hard nipples between his lips, sending an electrical pulse over her sensitive skin. His fat cock throbbed in her hand as he licked all over her areola. “Unh!” she gasped, lifting her hips into the air, her body, not so subtly wishing to be mounted. She knew she had to stop before it came to that, before he could slide into her hot pussy. She speeded up her strokes on his massive tool and prayed that he would cum.

If he sprayed his seed onto her, she reasoned, that might delay things long enough for her to get her bearings. At the moment she hardly knew where she was. She knew he was rubbing her sex through her soaked panties and she could feel her juices flowing like a waterfall. Her pussy lips were swollen and she knew that her resistance was fading. Melvin scanned the beautiful blonde beside him. Her creamy white skin absorbed the moonlight as his gaze wandered over her. He took in her nakedness; her movie star face, her hard exposed nipples, the curve of her hips, her sexy legs and thighs leading down to a tangled wad of trousers bunched up around her feet. The pants bound her ankles and kept her from spreading her legs out fully. But she had stretched her knees wide to give him full access. A pair of green Army issue panties were the last thing between he and her pink treasure. Her hand made a tight fist around his hard black cock and she stroked its entire length up and down. While she did this he kissed down her soft neck and his hands squeezed her breasts. He licked first one nipple, then the other while she gasped and groaned beside him. Melvin slid one leg over hers, and she released his cock as he moved over her. Tammy knew that it was time to stop but she couldn’t form the words. She needed him to touch her on her bare, nether lips and he had yet moved the fabric of her panties. She told herself she could not stop it until he touched her. He got his other leg between hers so that he hovered between her spread knees. His cock hung down onto her belly and his large balls draped over her juicy sex. He looked down into her blue eyes. Her face giving away her fear and desire.

He smiled confidently as he returned to sucking her tits. “Relax” he said, beginning to kiss down her trembling body. She was suddenly filled with apprehension as she realized what he was going to do. He was going to lick her pussy. Her husband had only done it a few times but she knew its effects. She became a writhing mass of hot orgasmic flesh. She knew that if his tongue touched her naked pussy, she would belong to him. She wouldn’t be able to stop him from sliding his massive cock into her aching hole. She would beg him to do it! The top half of her body was in a debate with the lower half, and the top half was loosing. Her heart began pounding at a maddening rate and her panties got wetter. Her brain told her to stop this transgression and remain loyal to her husband. If she was going to stop him this was her last chance. With a gasp she realized she was way past the point of no return. The hole between her legs was making all the decisions for the beautiful college educated nurse. Tammy tried to speak but only groaned. It was all the protest she could muster as her knees opened up as wide as they could for him. They were nearly on the floor as his tongue lightly licked the inside of her bellybutton. He kissed down to the top of her panties where her scent became so strong and he could clearly smell her desire between her legs. His cock twitched at the smell. His hands slid under her thighs, through the elastic and into her panties. Grabbing her ass cheeks he lifted her mound off the ground to meet his face. But as she humped up at him he teased her. Slipping his tongue down her inner thigh he worked his way back towards her middle. Tammy gasped for breath as her horny cunt flexed and demanded attention. He finally gave her what she wanted and lapped at her panties right over her swollen pussy lips. “Ohhhhh!” she shrieked as pleasure surged through her body. Her panties were soaked and clung tightly to her sex, revealing every dip and curve of the treasure beneath. Melvin sucked her pussy and panties into his mouth and tongued her sensitive lips until she shivered and bucked under him. When she could take no more she reached down between her thighs and jerked the crotch of her panties to one side. Finally exposing her swollen pink pussy lips and thick curls of brownish blonde pubic hair to her dark skinned lover. Melvin began licking Tammy’s puckered cunt lips, from the bottom to the top, taking extra time with her hard clit. “Ohhhhh yes! Oh my God!” she moaned, as she humped his face.

He squeezed her ass cheeks hard as he slid his tongue between her pussy lips. He alternated between lowering his tongue deep into her hot well and using it to tickle her clit. Tammy could only writhe in ecstasy underneath him. When he began to pull her panties down, however, a light bulb went on somewhere in the back of Tammy’s lust focused mind. Her top half took the moment to make one final stand. She grabbed the waist band and held them up. She knew that her goods were already on display and this wouldn’t stop him from fucking her but it was symbolic enough that he stopped what he was doing at looked up at her. “Do you have a condom?” She asked thinking of all the rubbers she’d handed out to G.I.s in the last 6 months. Remembering that at that moment she, herself, was without one. “No.” he said. “We can’t…” she said. After all the lectures she’d given about VD, and prostitutes, and wild nights in Saigon she felt stupid suddenly finding herself without protection. The nearest prophylactics were on a truck headed to the new camp somewhere south of them.

“Are you sure?” he asked. “Yes.” she said starting to try to get her body under control. “Not without a rubber. We shouldn’t anyway, I’m married. I don’t know what I was thinking. I can’t believe I’m doing this at all. It’s so unlike me…” “Relax” Melvin said. “I owe you an orgasm so let me pay my debt. We’ve come this far so it’s not going to hurt to let me get you off.” “How?” Tammy said with hers hopes raised. “Like this.” Melvin said dipping his tongue back down into her smoldering pussy. “Ohhhh” Tammy moaned. “Ok. Ugh! Just a little more of that would be nice. That would be ok….” “I need to get these out of the way” Melvin said referring to her soaked panties. “You can’t wear them now anyway. They’re soaked.” “I shouldn’t,” Tammy groaned but after a few more licks she let go. “Ok.” she sighed as if surrendering and Melvin rose up so she could close her knees. “Do it, ” she instructed raising her ass up.

She didn’t want to do it herself and she watched as he slid her panties down over her hips and legs, until they became part of the heap tangled around her ankles. Then he knelt back between her thighs and Tammy opened them wide. She presented him with her womanhood without any further barriers or distractions. A mound of pubic hair framed her swollen lips. Although it was matted and wet from her juices it was clear that she kept it trim so she could wear a bathing suit. Melvin pictured seeing her on the beach in California, dressed in a skimpy bikini. He wondered if she would even talk to him back in the world. He wondered if her husband was thinking of his loving wife, at that moment, with no idea that another man was between her naked thighs. These thoughts were fleeting, however, as Tammy moaned and begged for more. Melvin obliged by sliding his hands under her ass and going back to work on her naked cunt lips. Melvin quickly had Tammy’s cannons firing again and as he lit her fuses he pushed his own shorts off. He continued to work on her pussy until he was sure that Tammy’s orgasm was approaching like a mortar shell hurtling toward the earth. The young blonde suddenly arched her back and howled as she exploded between her legs. She shuddered and squeaked as the blast of pleasure scattered to her extremities. The world seemed to vanish in a red haze and Tammy felt herself floating. Her body had never felt so alive. She twitched and squirmed as hot pulses ran through her most intimate places. Her fingers bent into claws and her toes curled.

She heard a wailing sound and slowly felt herself descending back to earth. “Ohwooooh…” the naked blonde howled but stopped as she felt a hand covering her lips. “Take it easy L.T.” Melvin said from above her. “You want the M.P.s to find us like this?” Tammy giggled and pulled the muscular black G.I. to her. She kissed him, sucking on his large lips, and wrapped her knees around his waist to hold him tight. Pressing together in the dark she felt the length of his thick cock rubbing against her still swollen pussy lips. She felt him slowly humping himself against her and knew what he wanted. Although she had just had the best cum of her life she was still trying to hold back. Melvin slid himself up and down her wet trench, enjoying the heat and lubrication of her body. Hoping she would change her mind about fucking. He wasn’t sure if he could hold back much more and desperately wanted to dig in to her tiny fox hole. “We can’t,” she begged as if reading his mind. “I’m sorry, I really want to, but we shouldn’t.” Melvin didn’t respond. From atop her he kissed her lips and kept up his rhythmic strokes. Soon the slippery motion of his hard cock and balls rubbing against her clit and pussy had her gasping again for release. This time he knew she would need more than his tongue. The fires that had died down after her orgasm were gradually re-stoked and she found herself secretly hoping he would ignore her pleas and drive himself inside her. Her subconscious told her that if he “took” her it wouldn’t her fault. She could tell herself that she had resisted. She could return to the world as a good little wife who never had any impure thoughts. But her will was failing and she began writhing her crotch against him, daring him, to fuck her. Melvin felt her signals but wanted her to beg him for it. He wanted her to give herself to him completely. He knew the moment would be fleeting. But at least right then, in that place, she would be his. He grabbed his cock and ran the huge mushroom head up and down her wet slit. “Are you sure you don’t want this?” he asked. “I want it to so bad. But we can’t!” Tammy groaned. Her pussy was pulsing with desire, desperately needing something inside it.

She wondered if he would be willing to go down on her again or let her hump several of his large fingers. She told herself she would blow him again so he could get off as well. But she made no move to do this. She felt his giant pole trolling up and down the marshy shallows of her slit. She imagined her cunt lips puckering around the head. Sucking on it like a fish. Trying to gently coax it inside her hot cavern. Desire rolled over her like a ripple in a pond and she knew that only a hard cock could possibly satisfy the hunger inside her. “Put it in me, Sergeant” she shuddered finally, unable to stop the words. “Are you sure?” he asked, still raking her cunt with his dick. “Yes, do it.” she repeated. “What’s the magic word” he said, teasing her. “Please” she said urgently. “Please what?” “Please, please put it in me!” She begged “I’m going to fuck you Tammy” Melvin whispered into her ear. “Is that what you want?” “Yesss” she hissed, unable to wait any longer “please fuck me now!” He pushed forward and slowly sank his heavy gear into Tammy’s watering hole. Although her lips were wet and slippery her passage was tight and had to be gradually widened as he sank deeper inside. When he was half way into her he stopped his descent. She squealed in protest when he pulled back to re-lubricate his probe. But, she was quickly satisfied as he returned and sank to the very source of her underground river. “Ohhhh yess!” she moaned. His cock head was pressing against her cervix and it felt like a long hot balloon had expanded inside her. “You’re so fucking big!” she gasped as she felt him stretching out her tight tunnel. Melvin ground his crotch against her pussy lips as he bottomed out inside her. He pressed tightly against her, relishing the warmth of the velvet grip around his organ. Then he began to slide in and out with long, slow strokes. Tammy wrapped her arms around his neck, thrusting her tongue into his mouth, kissing him eagerly, gasping for breath as the biggest cock she’d ever seen filled her to capacity. She raised her long legs up so that her knees held onto his waist and squeezed him tightly with each thrust. Tammy thrust her ass back against him as he repeatedly pounded into her with his large cock. “Oh! Unh! Ohh! Ohhhh! Unh! Unh!” she moaned as he fucked her. She came hard again, gasping while her pussy shuddered in ecstasy. Tammy couldn’t breath as the intense orgasm overcame her.

She could hear her heart racing as Melvin continued to fuck her through it all. Despite Melvin’s attempts to keep their coupling quiet, Tammy’s moans had gained the attention of Sgt. Steinway who was making her way to the wash house for an early morning shower. Steinway quietly opened the door and peeked inside the medical tent. It was immediately clear to her that her Lieutenant was getting a good shagging. She could see Tammy’s naked white body writhing underneath Melvin’s dark frame. Her ass rising to meet him each time he thrust hard into her. “Oh! Unh! Yesss! Ohhh! Ohhh! Yess! Like that! Like that!” Steinway heard the pretty officer sputter. She smiled and quietly shut the door. Happy that her straight laced and conservative superior had found a way to meet her sexual needs. Steinway recalled how Lt. Olsen lectured the troops on the dangers of promiscuity, but always seemed a little jealous of those who didn’t take her advice. As Steinway walked away Melvin was fucking Tammy as hard as he could. He was quickly reaching a point where he knew he had to go over the top. He could feel his balls loading with cum and his big catapult was stretching in preparation for a launch. He managed to hold out for another minute before finally slamming his long cock deep inside her. He expected her to ask him to pull out or try to squirm from beneath him but he the look in her eyes told him that she would not. She pressed back against him and tightened her knees to his hips as his cock began to pulsate. “Do it!” She squealed “I want to feel it inside me…” And Melvin gave it to her. A torrent of cum sprayed deep into her belly and gushed into her womb. She relished in the feeling of being filled up by Melvin’s potent sperm. She smiled as she felt it washing through her womanly passages. She wanted all of it and flexed her pussy lips around his shaft to suck his entire load into her. Each shot made her twitch with pleasure. He shuddered as his hose finally emptied, then he lay down, nearly covering her with his body.

They lay pressed together, sweat running over them like rivers. They remained tightly entwined. Letting their bodies primal reproductive instincts take over. For long moments they listened to each other’s beating hearts and heavy breathing. Finally, he rolled off of her, causing her to moan as his thick cock pulled from her widened cavern. She started to face him but he turned her around so that he lay behind her. He wrapped her in his arms and their bodies spooned together. His lips were at her neck, his hands gently caressed her breasts and his soft, but still large, manhood rested between the cheeks of her rounded bottom. “Thank you” she sighed “you don’t know how much I needed that.” “I should be saying that to you” he whispered looking at his watch “besides we’re not quite done yet. We still have an hour and I want all of you before I go.” “You can have anything you want” she answered dreamily, reaching up to caress his face. “I was hoping you’d say that” Melvin replied as he dipped a finger into her tiny puckered ass hole. “Oogh” Tammy grunted in surprise, then pushing her bottom against his probing finger said. “I’ve never done it that way but, if you want it, its yours.” The idea of taking her anal cherry excited him and Melvin’s cock quickly returned to service. Tammy felt it swelling up against her butt. She was amazed at his resilience and afraid of what he might do to her virgin behind but she wanted him badly in any way the he wanted her. She leaned forward to give him better access. He reached down and lifted her ass cheek exposing her pink bud to the open air. With his other hand he poised his cock at her threshold. She drew a deep breath when she felt him press against her anus. Her eyes widened as he began to push up inside her. She moaned in agony as his huge cock head popped through her tight doorway. She bit her lip as he began working his way deeper with short, gentle thrusts.

The sweat and juices from their recent fuck helped to lubricate her hole and after a few very trying minutes she felt him slide in the last inch. He paused and then slowly withdrew a little, before pushing back in. He kept this up and soon, he was able to fuck her in long smooth strokes. Her ass was tight and he knew he wouldn’t last much longer so he eased himself free on his next outstroke. Tammy squeaked but made didn’t move as he pulled his cock out of her butt. Melvin waited a few beats, regaining his composure, then eased himself back into her ass once more. There was a sharp intake of breath from the pretty blonde as he fucked into her for a second time but when he started pumping in and out she began returning his thrusts. He could tell from her quiet grunts and the way she gripped the blanket that she was beginning to enjoy it. Reaching around he found her sensitive clit and began to tease it with his fingers. This caused her to really writhe beneath him and shove her ass hard onto his shaft. The pain and pleasure thumping through her was both terrible and magnificent. She’d never felt that way before. She surprised herself as much as he when she rasped “Do it! Fuck me in the ass, fuck my ass, cum in my ass with your big cock.” Hearing her talk dirty while his cock was wrapped up in her tight ass was too much, even for Melvin, and he was soon shooting his cum deep into her rear chute. “Oh yea” he moaned as he rammed into her to the hilt. After a minute he collapsed beside her, his cock gradually shrank and slipped from her asshole.

His thick white cum soon oozed from her uncorked bottom. They lay together and watched as sunlight began to peek over the horizon. The quiet of the night slowly began give way to the noises of early morning. Tammy kissed Melvin on the lips and slid out of his arms. Lifting her ass she slid her panties back up, covering the furry triangle of her pussy beneath their thin green fabric, with an elastic pop. She then bent over and pulled her pants up the same way. Fastening them as he watched. Picking up her shirt and bra she put those on too. Then she stood and smiled down at him. “You better get dressed Sergeant” She said. “The doctor will be here in a few minutes to check you out.” “Yes Ma’am” Melvin smiled back at the pretty Lieutenant. “Think you’ll be ok for a little while?” She asked pulling at the fabric of her crotch “I’m leaking and need to go get a shower.” “I’ll be fine” Melvin said as he started getting dressed. “I’ll see you later. Right?” “I’ll try.” She answered suddenly feeling guilty about their tryst “I’m the Officer of the Day and I don’t know where I’ll be.” “Ok” Melvin replied understandingly. Lieutenant Olsen smiled but felt like she might cry so she turned and quickly left the medical tent. She ran to the showers and removed all her sticky clothing. Under the cool water she cried, feeling guilty about letting another man make love to her – no fuck her, without a condom. Worse she let him – no begged him to cum inside her. She wrestled with her conscience as she washed the sweat and cum from her body. At noon that day Nurse Olsen was staring at some transit orders that she was supposed to sign. She had read them 5 times and still didn’t know what they said. She couldn’t concentrate on her work and she kept staring outside. Every time the door opened she hoped and feared that it would be him. A little after noon Sgt. Steinway came in. “Hey L.T.” She said. “Good afternoon Sergeant”

Olsen said in her usual authoritative tone. “Are you going out to the pad?” Steinway asked. “What?” the young officer asked. “The helipad” Steinway answered. “The choppers will be here in about 45 minutes and ah, sometimes they ah, need to see the Officer of the Day.” “They do?” Olsen said. “Yea” Steinway said as she pretended to skim through the duty roster. “Oh, that Ranger Sergeant that was in here with the possible concussion…” “Yes…” “The doc says he’s good to go. His ankle’s a little bruised but they’re shipping him back to his unit today. I expect he’ll be out there waiting for the choppers. Might be a nice gesture if the head nurse gave him a quick look over before he heads out. You know how bone headed these Army doctors can be…” “Oh. That’s not a bad idea Sergeant” Olsen tried to contain herself. “I’d better just go check on that soldier myself.” “You need a hand Ma’am?” Steinway asked as the blonde Lieutenant nearly leapt out of her chair. “No thanks” Olsen stuttered knocking over a stack of papers as she hurried towards the door. “Damn!!” “Don’t worry Ma’am” Steinway smiled “you go ahead. I’ll get this.” “Thank you Sergeant” Tammy said as she clumsily rushed out of the tent. As she walked she asked herself what she was doing. She shouldn’t be running to this man but she was. Like she couldn’t resist him. Then she saw him and it was all she could do not to rush into his arms. She decided not to feel guilty. In less than an hour he would be gone. She had to have him one last time. “Sergeant Melvin!” She called as she got near enough. “Lieutenant Olsen?” he replied with a salute. He was dressed in his jungle camouflage with the sleeves cut out to reveal his large biceps “What a surprise. I thought you were on duty all day.” “I am, but I heard the doctor was releasing you” she said coming near him “and I thought I’d better double check. You know how Army doctors are.” “I don’t know about the doctors but I know a little about the nurses” Melvin teased. “Why are you wearing your dress uniform?” “It’s the uniform for the OOD” she replied. “Oh.” Melvin said. “So you want to make sure everything’s working before I go back to the field?” “Something like that” She replied mischievously. “Lets get out of the sun. Come with me.” Melvin followed her into a tropical thicket not far from the landing zone. Dense foliage and large trees grew in a heavy circle around a small sinkhole.

A few paths lead through the oasis and Tammy took them along one that came to a small clearing under a tree. Her dress shoes sank into the loose sand but she didn’t care. She had one goal in mind. She stopped and pulled Melvin to her, kissing him deeply as she ground herself against his hardening cock. She wanted her intentions to be clear to the large black man and he quickly began to follow her lead. Her pussy had been simmering since she left him that morning and being so close caused its flames to re-ignite. “We don’t have much time” she said reaching for his crotch and quickly unbuttoning his pants. Pushing his fly aside she reached in and fished out his huge cock. Seeing it in the daylight she was once again amazed at the size as his giant tool. She took the thick shaft into her hand and massaged it reverently, stroking it until it was at full strength. “I need to feel it inside me again” she whispered looking up at him. “I know” he said guiding her over to a long thick branch of the huge tree. The branch hung low like it had melted in the weighted heat of Vietnam. Melvin bent her over the branch and reached under her skirt. The young Lieutenant was suddenly glad that she hadn’t worn panty hose under her light green dress. Melvin took hold of her panties and quickly dragged them down her thighs. She gasped in anticipation as she felt her bottom and pussy suddenly exposed. Melvin hiked her skirt up onto her lower back and moved in close behind her. Grabbing her hips he ground himself against her naked flesh. She could feel the hard length of his cock and the rough material of his pants rubbing against her ass. As she pushed back against him her juices rubbed a slick trail onto his camouflage trousers. Tammy felt good and she didn’t care what they might think of her back in the world.

She was enjoying the hard body of this man she had known for less than 24 hours. And desperately looking forward to him shoving his big cock back inside her. Melvin’s dark hands moved to her pale ass. He caressed her cheeks before pulling them open exposing the crack of her ass. Sliding his penis into the crevice of her bottom he began gently thrusting against her. His large balls rolled lightly over her slippery cunt. He rubbed his cock in circles around her clit. Tammy moaned and pictured herself; a white officer, bent over a tree branch, legs spread and panties down as a black enlisted man rubbed the head of his cock over her hungry slit. She waited breathlessly for him to take her. She didn’t have to wait long as she soon felt the head of his cock part her soaking wet lips and burrow in until his nut sack pressed against her clit. She gasped in pleasure as he ground himself deep into her. He held her there, impaled on his cock, while he reached around and unbuttoned her blouse. Her shirt gaped open wide as the buttons let loose and her tits hung down in her bra. He deftly unsnapped the garment and when her breasts were released his large hands stretched and kneaded her nipples. This made her moan in exquisite misery. She tried to grind her ass against him but he held her there. “Please,” she pleaded. “Please do it. Please, please, do it to me….” Her pussy was going crazy as he continued to play with her swaying tits but denied her the fucking motion that she so desperately wanted. Unable to wait she reached back and rubbed a finger against her burning clit. The slight touch of her finger drove her over the edge causing her to quake in orgasm. The walls of her pussy quivered around the huge cock inside of her causing a series of aftershocks to roll over her. Finally, his hands moved back to her hips and he began to move in and out of her dripping snatch. She groaned her approval and began fucking back against him. Her legs felt like jelly as he roughly buttered her wet and sticky tunnel. Her body was tingling and vibrating as every thrust drove her deeper into ecstasy. As her pleasure increased the thought of letting this fantastic lover go caused her emotions to swell inside her. She was soon near tears and begging him not to stop. “Don’t stop” she wailed “don’t eh – ver stop…don’t eh – ver stop!” He looked down at the pretty blonde who had become totally submissive to his huge black cock.

His dark skin slapped hard against her heart shaped, bottom while her vagina sucked his tool into its greedy pink lips. He noticed that her ass had turned red from the rapid spanking together of their bodies. Way down in his balls he began to feel the beginnings his own ultimate release. But, he willed himself to keep pounding into her, to take her beyond anything she had ever felt before. Tammy’s breasts bounced back and forth in rhythm with their love making. It gradually increased and they both knew they were headed for climax soon. Her orgasm was heralded with a silent scream and a spasm so powerful it raged through her body causing her to shudder and cramp. Melvin kept thrusting until her felt her wilting under him, then let himself go over the top, blasting a hot spray of cum inside her. As she drifted down from her orgasmic high she felt him pumping her womb full of his potent sperm. Tammy rested sleepily against the big tree branch while Melvin caught his breath behind her. They only had a moment to relax. As his cock pumped the last of his seed into her they heard the sound of helicopters approaching over the treetops. Cursing the arrival of the choppers Melvin pulled out and dragged a string of sticky cum out of her pussy with his spent cock. “Damn!” Tammy quickly straightened up and shook her head to bring herself back down to earth. She turned and kissed Melvin on the lips. Then, reaching down, she shook her ass as she hurriedly wriggled her panties back up over her well fucked twat. When they had redressed they rushed hand in hand back out of the thick oasis. When they got close to helipad they begrudgingly separated, quickly stepping back into their assigned roles. At least for anyone watching. No one was, no one that would cause a problem anyway. The Hueys were setting down as they arrived and the Crew Chiefs signaled that they would only set down for a quick stop. Melvin grabbed his rucksack and turned back to the blue eyed beauty to say goodbye. “Hey LT!” Sergeant Steinway yelled from near by.

“How about a picture?” Tammy and Melvin stood close and smiled for the camera as if they were just two soldiers doing their jobs. Steinway snapped the photo. Melvin touched Tammy on the elbow, then turned and double timed to the chopper. He threw his ruck in and jumped up behind it, quickly strapping in and leaning up against the fire wall. He looked down at the Lieutenant as the big green helicopter lifted into the air. They waved and mouthed goodbye. Tammy wiped a tear from her eye as she felt a trail of her lovers sperm dripping down her inner thigh. Melvin watched her until she was out of sight then rested his head back against the wall. He wondered for a moment what it would be like to take a pretty white girl home to meet his family. He laughed and knew that they would not like it at all. Then he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep. Please respond to this story, my email is

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