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Ammi, Mamu Aur Mai

  • desipapa
  • September 4, 2015

My mom’s name is Shama and is just 42 years old, a very beautiful typical lady whose world revolved around her husband, her children and her household. My dad was 48 and has his own business. Due to his business, dad would be very busy the whole day and at times used to stay out of town for days. Ever since I was a child I found that mummy felt alone? Mummy always dressed conservatively just as simple housewives do.

In daytime she always wore a shilwar qameez which covered up everything. Asif was my mamoo my mother’s bhai He was two year older them my mother. He was living close to our home with his wife and kids . He paid a regular visit of our Home. Since we were mostly alone, Asif mamoo would at times come to our home to meet with us for a few hours. He was very friendly with us. I really loved the entire attention uncle Asif gave us. One day when I returned from school earlier than usual, as I was ill and not feeling good so I came back home at 11 o’clock. I found the door unlocked so I went straight in. I went to the kitchen where mummy was supposed to be preparing lunch for us.

Mummy was not there. Instead I heard sounds coming from my parents’ room. I went there without making any sound. The door was open a crack. What I saw through the crack just amazed me. Clothes were strewn across the floor and there were two naked people on the bed. I saw a naked man wildly pumping a woman’s pussy. His cock would come out almost totally and then he would push it in all the way up to his balls. I could only make out the legs, thighs and the pussy of the woman. But I knew that it could be mummy as mummy had very fair legs and thighs. I could hear their sounds, groans and moans. Then I heard mummy’s voice telling the man to push harder, Pump harder. Tear my pussy apart. I was stunned to hear the man’s voice. That was my mammo Asif saying, You fucking slut, I will tear your pussy today. I was tottaly shocked that my mammo was fuckimg my mother ,her own behan But inside scean was so hot that I did even realized when my hand reached to my little pussy because there was some aching and I started rubbing my pussy while seeing them fucking. Fuck me faster. I can’t hold back any longer. I am going to cum. Mummy was digging her nails into Uncle Asif’s flesh and urging him to tear her cunt apart.

Uncle Asif was grunting loudly when I saw Mummy reach below and clutch his swaying balls with her hand. He gave out a cry and stopped pumping and said, Are you thinking of bursting my nuts? Then he began pumping fast as he could hardly wait to release his spunk inside her hot cunt. Mummy reached behind him and, grabbing hold of his ass cheeks separated them and then I saw her finger slowly go inside Uncle Asif’s asshole. She moved her finger in and out of it and I heard Uncle Asif groan in pleasure as she fucked his ass with her long, slender finger. Uncle Asif then slowed down and finally his hips bucked back and forth for a few minutes and then slowly he lay down on Mummy ‘s boobs. I looked at Mummy’s face. She seemed to be very happy to have been fucked by Uncle Asif. Oh, we have cum so quickly, I am thinking of another fuck, Uncle Asif said. My dear, you never get satisfied with a single fuck. How many times do you want to get laid in a day? You will go home and then get fucked by your wife. Your hunger is too much, Mummy replied. My wife does not give me pleasure as well as you give.

She has no skills like you have. My whole body feels great after getting fucked by you, Uncle Asif told her. I couldn’t believe what I was looking at and hearing. Slowly my uncle pulled his cock out, since by then it had grown small and he lay down on the bed beside mummy. I was surprised to see that my so conservative mummy was so free sexually with Uncle Asif. And I felt very bad about what mummy did behind us although she always acted like she was a faithful wife to her husband and a loving and devoted mother to her children when she was in front of us. I decided to call them but I couldn’t find enough courage to go into the room. Anyway I thought it was better for me to go out and come in again so that they did not know that I had seen and heard everything. I couldn’t stay there any longer so I walked out as silently as I entered. I went to the nearby park. Since it was morning, the park was empty. I sat on the bench and reviewed all that I had seen.

Once I decided to tell everything to Dad but it would destroy the lives of all my family because Dad would not hesitate to divorce mummy. I came back after an hour. Uncle Asif had left. Mummy was in her room lying on her back. She was looking very tired and when I said, You don’t look good, mummy. What is the problem? Nothing. Just a headache, was her reply. That night in the bed I could not keep the incident out of my mind. I thought about how my mother showed us her conservative personality while she acted wildly in bed with a man who was not her husband. After that I was getting excited whenever I met Uncle Asif. I had wet dreams at nights frequently and always felt a tingling in my pussy. More than tow years I attracted more and more of Uncle Asif. Now I was nineteen. Once Mummy was going to attend a marriage of relatives so she asked me to give the lunch to the children. I gave lunch to my brother and sister and after the lunch we went to play with the computer games. It took no more than half an hour for my brother to grow bored of the games and he went outside.

I kept on playing the e-games, till Uncle pleasantly disturbed me. It wasn’t that I missed having Uncle staring at my chest whenever I was alone with him! After all we had been enjoying all his love and attention over so many years. I must admit that I had started liking his occasional stares at my chest. It made me all the more proud of my growing twin beauties. Hey, Uncle! You are so early today! Yes, my dear, I thought we would have more time together today! So nice of you, Uncle. I was feeling so lonely! Anyway now you are not at all alone, my dear. Would you please make little tea, sweet baby. Why not, Uncle. I went to the kitchen, prepared tea and brought two cups on a tray and put them on the table. I sat down on the sofa in front of him keeping my legs close to each other, making sure that my thighs were properly covered with my skirt. He started talking about my studies and things like that. All that I really paid attention to was his lip and eye movements. His eyes wandered all over my body. He glanced over at me frequently and smiled knowingly. I wasn’t hiding my gaze at his body either. Whenever he said anything nearly funny, I just burst into laughter shaking my boobs as much as possible. A feeling of guilt was creeping into my mind but I… I just couldn’t keep from enjoying those lovely moments. I realized he was looking at my boobs.

My nipples were hard and were showing through the thin fabric. I noticed that he had a bulge in his pants and was trying to arrange his cock. It was then that he started talking about my early childhood. Oh, come on, Uncle. I am a big girl of nineteen years now, not more a kid! My dear, you are always that little girl to me! No, Uncle, you haven’t looked at me. I am not a little girl now, I replied. He just stared with open mouth at my boobs and said, They’ve grown, really. You are no longer my sweet little baby but my sweet Shenaz. Would you favor your uncle? What favor, Uncle? I asked. Just stand before your uncle. So I stood, saying, Why not, dear uncle. He was looking directly at my boobs so I became rather shy. Come, come, my baby… come near. I slowly stepped towards him, with my chest moving up and down with each breath I took. Then I stood in front of him. I could hear him taking deep breaths as his eyes roved all over my body. Oh, my baby, you look so … beautiful! He paused, then continued, My baby… oh dear…

He was finding it difficult to talk. And I was melting more each moment. Baby, pull your hair back from your shoulders. I had my long hair plaited in two strands and they were hanging on each side. With a sudden swift movement of both hands, I pushed them back. Come, my baby, sit on uncle’s lap as you used to. He grabbed my hand and pulled me into his lap. I sat very shyly. My thighs came in contact with his erection. He put his hands on my thigh and I was also excited and reciprocated with a simple smile. He looked into my eyes. I noticed he had attractive light brown eyes. He slowly took my lips and kissed me hard. It was the first kiss in my life. In fact, I liked it and could not say no but only pretended to resist because this was the raunchy fantasy I had been daydreaming about since I had seen him with mummy. This was the fantasy that had gotten me through those long lonely nights studying for exams and wishing I were with him instead of mummy. Uncle knew I had become a young woman and was not longer a young girl. I could feel his strong erection thrusting against my ass crack. I could feel heat rising from my asshole to my brain.

His arms started to rove all over my body at once. I trembled with his every move. Oh, Uncle… His arms enclosed me and we made out for a minute or so without coming up for air. He pushed one of his hands into my hair and pulled my lips to his own. We were locked in a wild kiss and I held him tightly in my arms. His chest was crushing my tits. He hugged me tightly kissing my lips and put his tongue into my mouth. I breathed heavily, inhaling his sweet smell. Once I felt his grip loosen so I got up and ran into our bedroom. He followed me and picked me up, carrying me to the bed and laying me down. Let me go, I shouted. Quickly he was beside me on the bed kissing me again, this time so passionately, caressing my right breast and with one hand my hair. He began slowly removing my cloths. For god’s sake, I said, What do you think you are doing? With a hand on either side of my hips he grabbed my shilwar, pulling it down my thighs, over my knees and calves down to my ankles and off my feet, casting them to the floor. I felt coolness as he pulled my shilwar through my legs and tossed it on the floor. My shilwar … oh, no, Uncle, you’ve taken my shilwar off. What are you doing, Uncle? I pleaded. I drew a sharp breath as he reached my pink satin knickers grabbing my pussy in his hand, squeezing through the damp gusset. I am going to fuck the hell out of you, Shenaz, that’s what I’m doing baby, he responded. He buried his head between my thighs, licking my pussy from top to bottom. Please, Uncle, don’t do that with me. I can’t, I whimpered.

As I spoke, his tongue found my clit and I squealed out in delight! He started rhythmically circling my erect nubbin with the tip of his tongue. It felt heavenly! I was thinking, Why had I offered him mine with so little resistance? He then moved from my thighs to my breasts. My baby, would you like to feed your uncle from your little boob now? He was caressing my small boobs. Uh! Uncle! was all that I could say and I just closed my eyes shyly. My heart was beating so fast I felt it would come out of my chest. Then Uncle unbuttoned my qameez. My breasts were firmly packed in a 34B white brassier. He wrapped his hands over my tits, still in the bra cups. My breathing became heavy and I knew this man is going to do wonderfully naughty things to my body. He kissed over my fabric-covered thighs and his hand reached my back, unzipped the garment and slid my qameez up to my head, revealing my bright, white, snugly fitting bra. Then he pulled my qameez and unhooked the bra. For the first time I displayed my tits in front of a man. With both of my tits revealed to my uncle, soon he put his mouth on my tits and I felt his lips wrapped around my hard nipple, sending shivers throughout my body. He started kissing, licking and at last sucking my virgin tit. It was a strange feeling and I felt I would die with excitement. Then he began sucking my tits madly and I was in seventh heaven. Just after his lips started to move down from my breasts to my belly, he caressed my smooth thighs and pressed his mouth to my navel.

Once again he slid down to lick my pussy and soon I began to scratch my nails into the skin of his hairy chest. Please, I cried. Lifting his head up, he asked, Please what? Please, stop! I screamed. My legs opened wider. My body had conquered my mind. By then I knew that I was going to lose my cherry. I felt his breath blow warmly against my open pussy lips. He placed his lips on my little pussy and gave me a tender kiss for the last time. He got up and pulled off his shilwar and sat between my legs. He grabbed my hand and placed it on his cock. It was hard like a rock and this is the first real cock I’d ever held. It felt me so nice and amazing. I rubbed it and squeezed it. Instinctively I pretended to close my legs but he pushed my knees upward and opened them, making way for his cock. I wanted to stop him but couldn’t resist. He spread my legs wide and looked at me. I turned my head to face him. I felt his cock as he used his other hand to work his hard cock up and down my slackened outer lips vigorously. For a split second, I felt his thick bulbous head pressing against my labia before forcing its way inside. Uncle, I am frightened. I haven’t done this before, I complained. Now there’s nothing to be frightened of, my love. Just relax. Don’t hurt me, Uncle, I said. Please don’t make it hurt. I think my twat is too small, Uncle. I won’t put it all in, don’t worry. I promise you, he said and I knew he lied. I will be gentle, Shenaz, and it won’t hurt. I promise you. Just relax, Shenaz, I promise you, he reassured me. Just relax. Every girl has a first time and this is yours. I just want to take your lovely little cherry, that’s all. He pulled my knees towards him opening my legs.

You must keep your legs open, Shenaz. I gradually opened my thighs fully. He tried to disguise the slow advance of his throbbing penis, not wanting to hurt me. Gradually he inserted his cock into me. I felt as if my pussy was going to split open any minute! Oh, Uncle, I said looking at him appealingly as if to say he is going to stop, isn’t he. Oh, Uncle, stop, I shouted. Stop, stop, oh, Uncle, I pleaded. Just relax, Shenaz, I’m not going hurt you. Slowly, ever so slowly, he moved it backwards and forwards gaining entry bit by bit. You haven’t put it all in, have you, Uncle? Of course not, he said, and he hadn’t…yet. Just a touch further he moved slowly. Gently he was approaching my hymen. Shenaz, I am going to take your little cherry. Be really relaxed and don’t worry. he said. Uncle, please, was all I said and my body stiffened and went totally rigid. Then suddenly with one thrust, he’d burst it. His cock was through, my hymen and my virginity were gone and I was really in pain, ufffff, Uncle, which hurt. I screamed as the swollen head of his cock forced its way through the small entrance of my virgin pussy. Be patient. I know it hurts but don’t worry my sweet. Don’t try to close your legs, he said, trying to bury his cock a bit deeper. No, Shenaz, no. Don’t try to close your legs.

Open them out, he said, pushing my thighs apart. It will be nice soon. Uncle, stop! You are hurting me. Oh, Uncle, it is awful. Please stop, I screamed. He pressed a little harder. No, no, stop. Uncle, you are killing me. I’ll die of pain, I shouted still louder. He pulled back a little, reducing the pressure. Oh, it was horrible. I didn’t know that it is so painful, I said with tears in my eyes. He took a firm grip on me and lunged forward. I screamed at the top of my voice as his cock thrust inside my heretofore-virgin vagina till our pubic hair intermingled with each other. Ignoring my scream, he commenced to move his cock in and out of my vagina. Get off me, I shouted trying to dislodge him. He held on and kept pumping my pussy. Please, Uncle, you are really hurting me, stop it, I pleaded and screamed, still trying to push him off me and starting to cry. He didn’t but rather increased his thrusting rate. He was bringing me to orgasm, thrusting his thick cock deeper and deeper with ever more force. Darling, it won’t hurt anymore, he said, kissing away my tears. When I could not dislodge him then I stopped struggling and lay without moving under him with my mouth half open and staring blankly at him. He continued moving his cock in and out of my pussy. By then I had recovered from the initial shock of penetration and my pussy fluids were beginning to flow. I started to experience the untold ecstasy of fucking and I was then starting to fuck back as well. I was feeling better and wanted him too. After a few minutes my eyes closed. Does it still hurt? he asked, pausing. Not much, I groaned. Now he began to fuck a little deeper with deeper probing strokes. I was reciprocating with very slight thrusting of my hips, gently tilting my pelvis. He groaned, Oh, Shenaz, you’re so small and tight.

His thrusts came harder and faster. Reaching under my ass, he took hold of my arse cheeks pulling me deeper onto his semen leaking cock, which was throbbing wildly inside me. Then he moved his hands to my thighs and lifted my legs over his shoulders. His balls were swinging wildly against my arse. He was deep inside my pussy. I wanted him to fuck me until I couldn’t stand up. Uncontrollably I urged him on, screaming, Uncle, fuck it, fuck it, fuck it! I naturally didn’t know what to do but was pushing my pussy back against the thrusts of his cock. You have the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen. Sure. Is it as beautiful as mummy’s? I asked. He stopped his thrusting into me and was stunned to hear that. He asked, What did you say, Shenaz? I know all about you and mummy doing it, I replied. Oh! How? He asked. For the last six years, I have seen you and mummy whenever you done it. And you have told anyone else? No! Only I know and I have not mentioned it to anyone. Does your mummy know that you know it? I don’t know. Have you seen us? Yes, dozens of times I’ve seen you like this. And with that he resumed pumping into me. Oh, my uncle, something is happening to me. My head fell to my side and I closed my eyes. Never had I felt this way. He pulled his cock back to the end of my pussy and slowly inserted it back. Sometimes he gave quick short strokes and sometimes long slow ones. He kept varying the length and the pace of his strokes. It was not long before my oh’s turned into ah’s and ah’s into AAHH’s and my hips started to move in rhythm to his strokes. Moving his mouth to my lips, he plunged his tongue deep.

Starting to fuck me with his cock, he pushed his tongue in and out of my mouth the exact same way his cock was pushing into my pussy! Raising his body a little, I felt his fingers brush my clit while he stroked his cock deeply in and out of my tightening pussy. I want you to come with me, he moaned. Oh, yes, I cried. Yes! His finger moved harder against my clit as his cock rocked faster into me. His balls tightened against my ass as his cock stiffened and stopped for a mere second. His fingers never stopped rubbing my clit. Come for me right now! he cried. I came. Oh, how I came. I felt drained but wanted so badly to hold him against me. That was strange. After a few moments, he pulled his cock out of my pussy spurted his milk all over my belly. He rolled to his side, leaning against me. I heard him sigh with pleasure. He moved his hand to cover my breast and squeezed it so gently as if to if there was any milk left. He moved his mouth to my ear and whispered.

That was the most incredible lovemaking in my life. I love you! We slept in each other’s arms more than half an hour. That day Uncle fucked me once more and after that we tried to create opportunities to fuck when he was not fucking mummy. Uncle fucked me in every possible position. We did that till uncle left to go abroad. I missed him so but soon my parents arranged my marriage.

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