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Amisha Patel

  • desipapa
  • September 21, 2015

HI, this is my first story to readers…had loads of fun readin the stories written by u guys…this is not a true story but a fantasy actually….involvin amisha patel…hot actress…..

this started in a party where i was present…amisha patel was also there…evry1 was really drunk n out of their wits as the party drew to an end….i was sober as i dont drink much ….i was tellin 1 of my friends that iam proud that iam the only 1 who has not got drunk..i also said no1 can ever make me drink so much that i dont know wats happenin…amisha was next to me n happened to hear this…she gave me a smile..she was wearing a saree …silk one…bright yellow n a sleeveless blouse ..i smiled back at her..she was lookin real cute n of course hot…as i was next to her i cud c her in a side angle and i cud only c two things…the curves of her BIG breasts and her ass…she suddenly looked at me n i was caught…i was embarassed..she looked away …i kept staring at her curves…her blouse was so tight that i thought it would tear…her navel was visible..her belly button was

really somrhing else…it was lookin so invitin …i thot i will just grab her n smooch her…and suck her belly button..she again noticed me..n this time came to me n started talkin..she asked me”so u dont booze too much”..i replied”never”..she said “is it a bet”i said “sure”….

she smiled n stareted chit chattin again..v went to the terrace ..she haid a glass of wine in her hand…she slipped n spilled it over on herself..while wipin it

she dropped her pallu n i dropped my senses…her blouse wa now a bit wet n i cud see her bra outline now…the wine leaked to her navel n some of it settled in her belly button…in the process of wiping herself she bent down i cud see her cleavage as well as

the line betn her enormous breasts…how i wanted that blouse to disappear and how i wanted to drink her milk instead of the wine….i wanted to grab her blouse n yank it off but i resisted….she stood up

and was wipin her blouse wen the top hook of her blouse opened…she continued wipin and one more hook came off..i was dumbfounded and was staring at her breasts..she removed her hands and then i cud c her two breasts tryin to really come out now…she smiled at me and said “u want me to put the pallu back on or is it ok this way”..i was speechless…those breasts.ooooooooooooooohhhh….she said”do u want to touch them”i did npt reply …she took my two hands n put them on her two enormous melons…she started takin deep breaths

her breasts were heavin n my hands with them…i slowly pressed her breasts and she said oooooooooooohhhhh…thats nice…… hands then went to her waist …her naked waist…i pressed it n squeezed it and then i put my finger in the belly button…she maid a erotic sound…oomph…i then traced the curve of her ass and gave her two buttocks a nice strong squeeze

they were big n soft..v were very close now…i hugged her tightly…

just then some one came to the terrace…v were scared was a guy who was fully drunk..he cud not c us because it was pretty dark where v stood but v cud not move as he wud c us then…i was huggin amisha and i continued to do so.. iwanted to take my hand to her breasts and take of her blouse and suck her melons..but i cud not as he wud c the movement…

i decided to do somethin atleast i cud not resist my i took my hands off her ass slowly and tried to slide them under her saree and panty…i succeded in doin so…she gave a sound out.ooooooooooh…my two hands were on her two wonderfull buttocks…amisha patel the hot actress buttocks…i cud not beleive it

i was in heavennn…i started squeezin her buttocks firmly..she was really gettin aroused…the guy was not leavin so cud do nothin else…i continued squeezin her smooth buttocks …i was really aroused now…so i figured i have to do somethin else or my dick wud burst…so i slowly removed my hand from her buttocks n insteead of slidin them inside the saree…this time i pullled down her sareen panty…so i cud see her butts now…WOW

they were real beautiful….two perfect half spheres…i cud not resist n staretd squeezin themreal hard

she was fully aroused now…the guy lukily left just then…i turned her around and kissed her buttocks and bit them with passionn…next were the breasts …

i held her from behind and started squeezin her breasts…my hands were not big enof for the job but i tried…..amisha patel the actress boobs r the best ever….

she turned and said ..”v will go to bath room…v have privacy there” v went to the bath room…she said illb rite back…she came bac in a minute with a bottle full of whisky…she said u r goin to get drunk today..real never before…i said no way..she said “remember the bet”..she then poured some whisky on her neck all of which went under her blouse on to her breasts…some leaked to her button …she said”now suck my Breasts”…i cud not do anythin but obey…i slowly removed each hook of her blouse and u wont beleive wat i saw..i saw the worlds best ever breasts..or so i think they r…firm..n melons like ..all this with a bra….the next step is to remove the bra n suck her breasts along with the whisky……that ill deal in my next fantasy..till then..bye…ill write my continuin story dependin upon the reviews..ill want some girls to tell me how they liked this…girls can mail me at my address, give their reviws n dependin on that ill write my story on amisha’s breasts…and dependin upon requests one more bollywood actress …may sonali or kareena..or whoever u ask for ..bye

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