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American Pie

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  • August 19, 2015

Halo Friends, Am Afzal a 27 years old male from Bombay…. I work in an MN Shipping Co…. I have been a very big fan of DesiPapa and find the stories contributed in this section by the users quiet interesting.As I thought reading is not all so thought of penning down one of my sexual experiences to you…..

I was a shy guy in college and used to be away from girls was not even aware of the vitals and what girls possessed… I have a good personality because of which I have had girls all around me despite of their knowing that I did not like their company much….It was after when we I started doing my management and was working also at the same time to support myself. There was an American Chinese girl in our class her name was Snappy (That’s what they mean if we translate their Chinese name in English) she’s was very good looking and attractive about 21years old and filthy rich with only her dad at home who’s mostly traveling because of his business. She was my co-partner and used to sit next to me in the class but we never spoke to each other as I was under the impression that she would not like speaking to me. She was quiet and used to disappear after the class. But I had a soft corner for her.

After some months passed and then she started to mix up with other girls in the class who accepted her as friend.My classes were at Andheri. One day after the classes I thought of buying denims for myself and started walking towards Shoppers Stop. As the weather was pleasant and even Snappy had left for home. Upon entering Stop I sighted Snappy in there buying stuff for her. And our eyes clashed and she said “Hello” with a respectful way and I responded. That’s where we started to talk to each other and in a few days were very good friends as well as she always used to call me and so do I.

One day we decided to go for a movie we had a group of 5, 2 guys and 3 girls the movie was water world at Regal and as Snappy used to live at Colaba we told her to book the tickets and confirm to everyone. She called up everyone and said the show is full and she did not get the tickets but she called me and said that she only got 2 tickets and she took it for both of us and told others that the show was full. I agreed and accepted, as I wanted to desperately watch the movie.

We were just good friends and had no sexual feeling towards each other except for caring and caressing. We met outside the theater and entered for the show and were busy watching the movie when she held my hand in the dark. I thought that she’s holding my hands as friends after all she’s an American and allowed her to hold my hand. Suddenly after sometime she took my Thumb and started sucking it. Now I was sure that she needs me badly. She was wearing a slit skirt so even I dared a bit and put my hands on her fair pink thighs she’s did not mind and gave me a seductive stare in the dark with her small eyes finally we kissed to break the ice.

Exactly next week she planned to call me at her place for the weekend as her Dad was going on his usual business trips and said to stay with her for a couple of days. I was working that time and said that taking holiday giving a short notice to the company was impossible but would definitely come and stay there on Saturday and would leave back on Sunday evening and she finally agreed to the idea, we had no plans of going intimate but just wanted to celebrate together, the day came when I landed up at her house with my bag early Saturday morning when she was still sleeping and was in her night suit. She wasn’t expecting me that early and was happy to see me there. She took me in and made me comfortable with some tea till then she brushed and took her bath as well, we had breakfast together after that….. Now it was the dishes, which were planning to make for our celebrations, and she was all set to make some of the good Chinese dishes… we ate and drank whole day till the night came. I was in her bedroom watching the movies on her CD when finally going through her collections of CD’s I noticed some porn CD also and played one of them. Should say that she had a good collection of CD’s and a good taste too. Snappy was in the kitchen making Dinner and was almost finished making them suddenly she entered the bedroom (which was hers and I as not supposed to be there) wearing a nice silk long gown and I was in my shorts asked me Faiz. What are u looking at dear when I was zapped looking at her look me didn’t know what to do next to shut down the movie or to explain her. When she said that’s OK in fact these are my collection hope u like these. I had no other answer but to say yes to her. She sat besides me on the bed watching the movie when she again started to caress my hand and sucking it later I was taken back and being bolder pushed her back on the bed and started fondling her breasts… she was very soft and was ready for me as she was expecting me to Fuck her that night…. We started fondling each other for sometime when I put my hand in her Bra and she made way for it.. I caressed her breasts and they were firm and hard by that time I made her stand and removed her nightgown when she was now in her bare necessities. And she was wonderful slim with a bottle figure 5’7” tall fair with a ready to use body. She slowly put her hands on my shorts by this time my element was stroking my undies, my 8 inch member wanted to break loose when she slid down my shorts undies and I removed my t-shirt to become all naked in front of her. She first looked at my Adams needle and then looked at my face with a confused smile, as maybe she had never seen such big tool in her life. As we were still standing she held my cock by her hand and pressed herself to me kissing me passionately sucking my tongue out. We remained in this position for almost 10minutes when she pushed me on the bed and fell on me straight still kissing with snappy on the top she slowly started moving towards my neck kissing my chest my tummy and as she reached her death machine she caught my cock in both her hands and started examining it the red tip and the big balls were what fascinated her. After examining it for 2-3minutes she took the tip of my cock in her mouth……Wow… that was some feeling and she took the entire 8 inches length of mine in her mouth sucking hard The cock was thick and long but she still managed to take the entire length in her mouth enjoying. She almost sucked me for 15 minutes till I was dead on the bed.

She got up after that and started remove her bare necessities as well. And she was some woman after that.. Pink Nips round and firm breasts and pink well-shaved pussy almost dripping her juices she looked like a love doll made for my use. She said can we do 69 and I agreed as I always wanted to explore her love hole with my mouth and taste the American Pie…. She again took my Dick started sucking like a mad dog sucks bones. And me I was exploring the world inside her and licking the clit, which made her pink openings dark red.

After a while of liking and sucking round she said Faiz can we now do the real show and I was on my feet for that. She lay on one side of the bed with her legs up to her chest as I stood there watching at her pose and she Faiz Put it in NOW. I proceeded to her and inserted tip of my cock first when she cried…. O God… and bit her lips in pain…. She was a real tight dame… that had no space for a finger even. I slowly removed my member and said Honey maybe this is your first time and mine as well, I should go to the bathroom and get some oil to apply so that it goes in smoothly… after I applied some oil on her Love Hole and my tool and then tried again. It did pain her a little but we managed to break the barriers. I was stroking her hard back and forth and she was taking the thrust with a lustful cry Yes Faiz…. Harder boy, deeper deeper……..Wow…. u are amazing Boy.. Aah Aah Aah Aah….. Yes Yes Yes Yes …. More harder more faster…. This continued for 20 minutes when we finally got tired and thought of changing the position and this time was the doggy style… my personal favourite… made her stand on her feet bending from the waist on the bed and me standing behind her, I inserted my long and firm dick again in her Pussy from backside when she was all wet and it slid inside without any problem…. And started to give her strokes faster and harder standing like a dog fucking a bitch on the road… she was biting the quilt and was enjoying the bangs when my balls were also banging her clit along with the thrust….. Yes darn. Make me a woman, use me as u like…. Fuck all my holes tonight as you wish…. I was so excited to her saying that I removed my dick from her Pussy and directed to her Arse…. Love can we have some Arse fucking…… and she hesitated and said no I cannot take the length in my Arse…. I said its ok we’ll apply oil and then slowly push it inside no hassle…. And finally she agreed…. After applying Oil on her Arse I slowly started directing my Dick to it and inserted the tip of my dick first…. She screamed Pain……….. No Faiz ……. Please come out… Please No…. am Dying…. But her Arse Hole was too tight that the tip of my dick got locked and there was no other way to get it out but to expand it and remove my member….. I told Snappy…. Darn my tip is inside your hole and is locked as your hole is too small for it….. No Faiz…. No matter what u take it out immediately….. I said I cannot and had to continue with stroked till she expands and then it shall come out. And inserted a bit more inwards….Oh Noo….And then with a big thrust I pushed the entire length inside her with a jerk and stood still…….. her cries stopped for as moment and she remained in the position as if she was dead. my entire Dick was inside her Arse exploring her intestine.. She was crying in pain for sometime when I felt that she is ok now and not in much pain. I started to move my dick slowly again and by this time her Arse Hole was getting broader for me to enter…. After a few slow strokes I increased my thrust and started banging her badly against all odd’s……..Hey this is better than the Pussy Boy and she started enjoying strokes….. Its Soo tight and she said with a moaning sound………. 2 Hours passed and I still had to come to my climax.. I have a good controlling power and can hold for long whereas Snappy came to orgasm many times in those 2 hours….. Finally when I was going to leak, she said to leak it on her face and she sat down near my Dick waiting for the cum to come…….. she sucked my Dick again for my juices… and finally I leaked on her face real hard….. giving her the juice of my hard work….. the Juices filled her mouth and was all over her face which she even applied to her breasts…….. We had dinner at 1pm in the morning and slept naked in her room with she still caressing my Dick with her hand and playing with it……. While sleeping she said… Faiz…. Yes… U know how to satisfy a woman….. and without saying a word I kissed her goodnight and slept…
After that day we had been having Sex regularly at-least once-twice a week. Snappy has finished her management and gone back to NJ leaving me and taking back our memories.

So That’s what is my story about the American Pie guys…. And believe me… that’s 100% real with no fakes stories…

Any comments from people can be addressed on… as am only interested in making friends from Bombay…….. True friends like Snappy…… with give and take relationships
Luv Faiz Sultan

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