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  • August 27, 2015

I can still remember that hot day when I missed my classes in college. My parents were out visiting my grannies in another town, so I could do whatever I wanted. It was really hot, like in Africa, I guess.

I suddenly heard knocking on my door. I didn’t want to open it. I was too lazy to get up from the couch they knocked again. Ok, I’m coming and I grumbled, going to the door. I was almost naked.

I wasn’t ashamed of my friends, if the one knocking was one of them and if it was somebody I didn’t know, then hell, I didn’t give a fuck. I saw a girl.
Can I help you? I asked her and I’m Katie, remember me?

I had never had such a girlfriend and I could be sure about it. I decided to find out what she wanted from me. I opened the door slightly. I remembered who she was! She was my friend’s girlfriend! Once she came over to my place with him.

She was a wonderful girl, but Dan that was my friend’s name broke up with her, saying she was kind of weird. He didn’t manage to fuck her even once, and now he was trying to avoid meeting her.
Hi, – I said.
Hi! Is Dan here?

No, he’s gone somewhere, but you can wait for him here. Hey, you must be tired. You live in the other part of the town, right? No, it’s ok, I’d better go come on, it’s ok, come in, my parent’s out, I’m going to give something cold to drink.

I opened the door, and she saw me, wearing just my tight pants. She looked down. I made her come in, promising to put something on. I told her to wait for me. I put on my jeans, it was too hot, and that’s the reason why I didn’t put on a T-shirt or a shirt when I got back to the room

She was sitting on the couch with her legs crossed. She was wearing a very short dress that could hardly reach her knees. I was looking at her round boobs. I suddenly noticed her hard pink nipples through the dress. She wasn’t wearing a bra! It turned me on.

I went to the kitchen to bring us some cola. I brought two bottles, and glasses. We were talking. I noticed she was shy. The girl needs to relax, I thought. I turned my back at her and poured some whisky in her glass.

I need to relax too and I thought, and poured some whisky in mine too. I couldn’t stop looking at her nipples. It’s pretty cosy here and she said slowly after drinking my special cola. She stood up to look round the place where’s your bedroom?

Can I see it? She asked and went upstairs. It’s so soft and she said lying on my bed. She bent her leg and moved it across the other leg, as if caressing it. I got even hotter just looking at her. Her body was perfect and I couldn’t think rationally.

I saw some semitransparent colour circles before my eyes. She smiled, as if noticing my full-of-desire look. I couldn’t control myself anymore. I sat down on the bed too and kissed her on the lips. It was like another world lacking such notions like space, time. The whole world shrunk to two of us.

We two were the only living creatures in the Universe. Guess, it’d been awhile when we finally stopped kissing. She opened her wonderful eyes, I was drowning in them.

What do you think and she said languishingly, whispering am I beautiful? Yes, was all I could say any guy could be dreaming of having such a girl. What about you? She asked, pressing her gorgeous breasts against my body.

I was like dreaming, caressing her through her dress, which was almost no noticeable, the fabric was so light. I was unbuttoning her dress, never stopping to kiss her. I pulled it off then. She was sighing, with her eyes half closed; she was getting hotter and hotter.

She was wet by that time. She was vehement, hot and wet. She was just wearing her panties. I saw a wet spot on them and it was at her crotch. She opened her green eyes. She definitely wanted me wait and she sighed.
She stood up from the bed making me see her marvellous body.

She looked terrific! Her waist was very thin and she had round hips, firm big breasts. She was seducing me! My animal instincts were awoken by her beauty, I wanted to take her and I was ready to kiss every inch of her body, every birthmark, especially the one looking under her panties

It was very close to her hot cave and she wanted me too, it was obvious. She was driving me mad, and it was no less obvious for her too. I’m naked, what about you? She asked fretfully, as if being ashamed of her nudity. I want you to undress me.

I told her getting more and more aroused. She liked the idea. She came up closer. I was standing in front of her and my whole body was burning with the flame of passion. Her instincts wanted to yield to that passion. She was coming to me, swaying her hips in a very sexy way.

She was a real goddess and she was smiling, kneeling, she started unzipping my jeans. She was doing it so slowly, as if checking out how patient I was. She pulled them off then. I threw them to aside, holding her very close to my body there was a huge bulge in my pants.

I put my hands on her round soft buttock and pressed her tighter. The bulge turned out to be right between her legs, she began moaning, pressing even tighter. I felt her body get tense, longing for caress. It was wet between her legs. I was moving my dick to and fro there.

It was amazing, even though she was still wearing her panties. She took a deep breath and put her head on my shoulder. Her long curly hair was tickling my back and I was kissing it, burying my face in it. I reached her ear and began fondling it with my tongue.

She stepped away and started caressing me with her hands. First she was fondling my muscular chest, then her hand got lower to my stomach, and finally, she got her hand under my pants. The dick got very hard feeling her hand, her hand was held tight between the pants and the cock.

She seemed to be timid, and even tried to pull her hand out of my pants, but I didn’t let her do it. She was so hot take them off, we don’t need them anymore. I said and she knelt again. She was pulling off my pants very slowly, enjoying every sec of the show. My huge cock was set free.

It was really huge and red; it was prodding at her face. I guess she had never seen a shaft before. She was certainly surprised, she leaned back first, but then she moved her head closer to it and I could feel her hot breath on my dickhead.

Suddenly, as if yielding to her unconscious desire, she got closer to it and touched it with her soft hot lips. She leaned back again. I asked her to go on. This time she sucked into it so deep that I couldn’t help moaning with pleasure.

The girl was a quick learner! In several moments she was working her tongue, sucking the dick, getting deep and then going all the way out. I was all sweat by that moment, I was breathing heavily. She was caressing better and better every minute, fondling me more and more skilfully.

I was on the verge of bliss and she was driving me crazy when sucking my stem. Finally, I took her head by my hands and pressed her tight and deep. It was So deep! She was sucking me more and more vigorously and fast several more seconds.

I began quivering coming right into her mouth. She was licking my throbbing cock and swallowing the cum. She made me feel so good that I wanted her to feel the same delight too. Let me take it off and I said, touching her panties. I took her in my arms and put her on my bed.

Her knees were at the level of my face now. She didn’t resist dressing off. Her panties were all wet by that time. I was kissing her for a long time, but kisses were no longer enough for me, I wanted something else, something more that kissing.

I got lower to her bobs and moved my tongue over them. I sucked into her nipple. It got hard of my touch. Guess I could spend hours studying every inch of her body. I was licking her other breast, then I got lower to her belly, I wasn’t going to stop.

I was getting closer to her cave. She knew what I was going to do and she was impatient caressing her pussy with her hands. I spread her legs wider, getting my face close to her small cave. I was teasing her with my tongue, kissing the birthmark that was right above the vagina.

I didn’t want to lose my time and I moved my tongue along the snatch. It made her quiver and I felt her love juices on my lips. Not actually giving her time to enjoy the caress, I was thrusting my tongue deeper and deeper. I was fucking her with my mouth.

She was bucking, moaning and crying. I never stopped licking her vehemently. Her moaning made feel so good her hot slender body was the source of delight for me. She was caressing her knockers and her hips with her hands.

All of a sudden her rear moaning turned into constant cry of pleasure. It was a long moan full of passion. She was leaking. I had a handful of her hot love juices. I spread her lubrication over her body, starting with the crotch and finished at her boobs. Her body became so wet ad so pliant.

She was looking at me with her beautiful green eyes. It was an incredible look of a girl who had just had an orgasm. I saw some peace, tranquillity, and satisfaction in there. It made me feel very proud can I take a shower? She asked in a while.

Yeah, sure, it’s to the left and I was lying in bed, but I was still aroused and just thinking of her body was enough for me to get really hot. I didn’t want to wait for her to be through with the shower. I went back to the kitchen and made another cocktail of cola and whiskey.

I came up to the bathroom door and knocked on it. I’ll be right out and I heard her say come on open the door, don’t be shy! I brought you something to drink just a moment. She opened the door in several seconds. She was wrapped in a towel.

Are you ok? I asked her, smiling yes, I’m, come in and she answered still holding the towel close to her gorgeous body. You’re not going to wash like this right? Let me hold your towel for it not to get wet. She wasn’t looking at me when I was taking her towel.

How could she hide her incredible body under any clothing item at all? I was drinking my cocktail looking at her body, admiring it. She was smiling sheepishly. I was smiling too, as there was double whisky in her glass such strange cola she said.

It’s dietary. Let me wash you and she was standing in shower, I was standing near her. She gave me the sponge and I began washing her. She was laughing when I was through with washing her neck and her shoulders and was washing her breasts.

I got really aroused. She was enjoying the whole thing too. Her nipples got bigger, and her boobs were looking just marvellous now. I bent down, washing her legs. She raised her long beautiful legs. First right, then left. Her pubis was turning me on.

I was washing it with my hand. She arched her back, sticking out her butt. Her body was looking very sexy this way. I must admit her ass had been driving me crazy since the very beginning. I was attracted to it had been hidden under the dress.

I wanted to hold it tight, I just couldn’t control myself. I was caressing her big round boobs and then I said let me wash your back. She turned round. Her round alluring butt was so close to me now. She bent down a bit making her ass look even rounder and sexier.

She was swaying it as if teasing me. I was standing close to her. My hard on touched her soft buttocks and she was moving her ass up and down. I took her boobs in my hands, pinching and squeezing them. We both liked it and the hotter and I got the more I wanted her.

I pressed her very close to my body, but she was all covered with foam and that’s why she managed to slip out of my hands. I grasped her by the leg. She was all slippery so it was pretty difficult to hold her but I pulled her up closer.

Her butt touched my body, making me feel incredible sensations. I was holding her buttocks with my hands. I made her almost squat for her butt to be between my legs. She was still trying to escape my embrace, but it was just helping me get closer to the bliss.

I mean my dick was getting closer to her body. Her flinging was very helpful, really. Finally, I pulled her very close, forcefully, and my cock entered her butt. She sighed, but I didn’t let her go, vice versa, I was getting deeper inside her rectum.

All of a sudden she bent lower, so it was much more comfortable for me now, now I could feel up her breasts too. I was drilling her vigorously; she was no longer trying to go away. I felt real bliss ramming in her wonderful body and fondling her knockers but seemed like it wasn’t enough for her.

She was moaning, caressing her boob with one hand and her legs and butt with the other. Then she lowered her hand to her pussy and began fingering herself catching the tempo of my thrusts. It was really something! I had never felt anything like this with any other girl.

I was thrusting in forcefully and rhythmically, I was like a real sex machine. My dick was getting in her asshole at its full length. I felt like coming, so I started thrusting even faster. Suddenly she began moaning even louder, her juices were gushed out of her, melting in the water.

I came in several seconds too, getting on the floor near her. We were standing under the shower for a while more, enjoying being together, washing each other then I took her to the bedroom, wrapping her in a towel. I put her on the bed.

She was so clean and warm after the shower, I wanted to caress her. She liked it too. We got under the blanket, so her back was turned to me. I buried my face in her long hair, kissing her. She was a cool gal! First I was studying her body, then I decided to get to her small cave.

She turned her face to me, kissing me, while her small frisky hands were getting lower. We both were naked. She felt my dick getting harder. She pressed her body against mine, so my cock was just prodding at her belly now. I felt her get wetter.

I want you, I want you right now. I want your pussy you’re so wet and I whispered in her ear, holding her close suddenly she tossed her head back, as if being afraid of something. Do you know that I’m still a virgin? She asked me. I couldn’t think at that moment at all.

She was so close to me, her legs were spread wide, she was wet. Her body was luring me, promising me sheer delight. I didn’t answer, she got everything. I moved up closer to her. I took her by her knees and spread them.

I was caressing her instead of answering. She looked at me with tenderness and desire shivering when thinking what pleasure and I could make her feel. She was so hot and sexy and I wanted to do her all night long. I took her by her thin waist, so her hips were at the level of my stomach.

My dick was pressing against her wet pubis, slipping up and down easily. She was blushing; she began swaying her hips that was surely turning her on. She was leaking again, lubricating my cock. It was all wet her juices were dripping on my belly.

It was very hot and I wanted her as I’d never wanted anybody before. I wanted to enter her pussy with my well lubricated huge prick up to the balls. This desire was driving me mad. We were teasing each other. First she was just looking at me with her wonderful green eyes sort of seducing me by her look

Then she closed her eyes, breathing heavily, moaning, swaying her hips. She desperately wanted to feel me inside her, but she seemed to be waiting for something. At the very moment when I was about to rush inside her, she grasped my cock and directed it in her snatch.

My huge shaft got an inch inside her, spreading her walls. I wasn’t able to control me anymore, so I entered her at the full length of my phallus. She got scared, and wanted to draw back, but she suddenly felt my dick inside her body.

She felt it moving inside her, felt its length, its every inch. She realized she wasn’t a virgin anymore; the whole thing was absolutely painless. Now she could do whatever she wanted to do with her body. She was fucking me and I let her enjoy the moment as for me seemed

I could stay in her body for hours, not even moving. Her vagina walls were getting contracted, making me moan. She could contract her vagina muscles and that were great! I raised her up a bit, so now she was mounting me.

She raised her pelvis, my cock was about to fall out of her hot cave, but then she impaled herself on it again. This gal learns damn fast, I thought. Meantime, she was free of her cherry now and was enjoying every thrust.

She was trying to make me get deeper inside her. I felt her pubis touch my belly. Sometimes she was impaling herself slowly, trying to get the dick as deep as possible sometimes she was pretty abrupt, making me feel my stem hit her womb. Soon she was gushing again.

Her juices were flowing down my dick on the bed sheet. Her wonderful hot body and her big swaying boobs made me feel some unbelievable pleasure. I felt like coming again. She was on the verge of bliss too and I felt like something was squeezing my dick inside her snatch, the sensation was getting brighter and brighter.

I wanted to cum inside her, so I turned her on the back and entered her again. We were moving in the same tempo, she was moaning, her nails were sticking into my back. Her nails and my ready to erupt cock were driving me crazy. I was fucking her like a real wild male.

I felt my cock erupt semen inside her pussy and she was coming too, leaking her juices on me. She was sort of milking me, trying not to lose even a single drop of my sperm.

We were exhausted and her eyes told me she wanted me and she thanked me for the thing, she didn’t let me go. OK, bye and she wanted to go. She hugged me and kissed me. I almost forgot are you free next weekend? Maybe we could meet.

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