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American Cousin’s Scheme

  • desipapa
  • October 3, 2015

This is the first time I’m writing any erotic story at any website but this incident is very true and happend 5 years ago. Let me tell you a little about myself. I’m Bilal, 27 yrs old and in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. I have an older brother and a 2 yrs younger sister. Some of our reletives are in USA and UK. Two of my uncles live in USA with their famlies. Anways, so lemme start my story which happend 5 years ago. Both of my uncles were comming back with their families. Reason was simple, one of my cousin (the american cousin) was getting married. A month ago they called and let us know of their arrivel. The whole house was happy.

My sister told me, “hey bilal, guess what uncle Qasim and Nasir are comming back, to marry off Rimsha”. Rimsha is uncle Qasim’s daughter. They have only two kid. Rimsha and Adil. Adil is 15 while Rimsha is the same age as me, 22. After listening my this pleasent surprise,I got excited. I had a moment of fleshback when, Rimsha, my sis, my phuppi’s son hameed (the guy who Rimsha would arrenge to and then married) and I used to play. When I was 10 years old, uncle Qasim took his family to America. Hammed who was 13, was crying that day. He loved Rimsha, that’s why my phuppi asked her hand in marriage for her son to her brohter Qasim. How could he refuse his younger sister, he said yes. So the month passed and we all went to Islamabad International Airport to revieve our now American reletives. “There, uncle Nasir” my sis yelled. I looked and he was comming with his wife and two kids, both under 10.

Then I spotted a preety young women, with brown cloured shalwar kameez, silky black hair shoulder length, white as snow, walking toward us. I was stairing at that timeless beauty and wished we had a girl like that in our family. Suddenly I saw her talking to uncle Nasir and shock wave stormed into my brains telling me that’s Rimsha. “Oh my gawd, she is beautiful” I thought “curse you Hammed you little basterd” second thought came into my mind. Anways, the moment of reunion came, with ladies crying and men laughing, all the while face of Rimsha was spining in my head. She finally came to me and said “look at you bilal, you’ve grown up, kiya ab bhi tumhari naak behti hai” and giggled. I was stairing at her for moment and said “kiya hal hai” she wasn’t probably expecting such expression from me and said ,”theek hoon” with my sister pulled her and two young ladies walked away. The whole day there were guests at our home. I don’t really like noice that much so I was with my friends the whole day, but my mind was thinking something else. A week passed. Uncle Nasir went to live at my phuppi’s house while Qasim uncle stayed at ours. I asked my sister how does Rimsha feel about this marriage, did you tell her that Hameed’s kind of a sentimental and emotional person, who values old tradtions like our grandfather. She said Rimsha has been asking her lots of question about hameed and I don’t think she wants to marry him. Next day, the elders announce that the engagement is next week and Nikah next month. Invitations to relitives had been sent. Both in Pakistan and UK. Within days our house (and we have a big house) turned into a hotel. In each room atleast 15 ppl were sleeping. Since it was a hot July month, some of us were sleeping at the roof.

I had my queen size mattress taken on the roof and was laying their, counting stars in specific area. Suddenly my sister and Rimsha came to me and ordered screw over. “Hey, go sleep down stairs, I’m sharing my mattress with you” I said “power is gone and it’s really hot downstairs, I could sleep in my room but Rimsha can’t take the heat” my sister said” Ok fine, I moved over, cursing at the WAPDA for the loadsheding during summer’s hot nights. Both ladies were talking till late night. Around 3 a.m I woke up to use the restroom. When I came back I saw my sis was laying next to me Rimsha next to her. I looked at Rimsha’s body. He qameez was raised and her silky white stomech and sexy belly was exposed. I sat beside her and put my hand on her stomech. I rubbed very gentally, so as not to wake her up. The I looked at her chest which was going up and down with her breath. I looked at her boobs which were 34d (I later found out) and put my hand on them. Even with bra, they seemed soft as cotten. I put some pressure on them, then cupped them and placed some kisses. All this while my dick had become hard as rock. I decided to move down. So I put my hands on her thighs. From their I made my way to in between her legs. She wasn’t wearing an underwear. I rubbed my hand on her pussy and felt trimmed hair and probably her clit because right at that moment she turned sideway and I jumped from their to my spot on the mattress and slept. Next morning when I woke up I felt Rimsha was looking at my strangly.

We still hadn’t talked alone. So the same afternoon, I was flying kites with my older brother at the roof, since it was cloudy and windy, we didn’t wanna miss that. My brother left saying he had something important to do and I was at the roof alone. Rimsha came, I looked at her, smiled and again focused my eyes on the sky at my kite. “You still fly kites” she said “this is the only thing that hardly anyone quits in Pakistan” I said. She laughed and said “can I hold it” sure I said gave her the thread. She flew it for a while but lost control and the kite got stuck on somone’s attena. I cut the thread and said it’s ok. We walked near the roof wall looking out side at the field she said “it’s been a 12 years, we used to play on this roof and out on that field. I can’t believe time flies like this. Seems like just yesterday when you were teaching my how to fly kites on this roof 12 years ago”. “Don’t worry, hameed is much batter than me, I’m sure he’ll teach you how to fly one” I said. “That’s what I wanted to talk to you about, you see I don’t feel comfortable with hameed and I don’t think I can marry him. The other day he told me not to come out of my room when guys are sitting outside” she said. “So, don’t marry him” I replied”. “No you don’t understand. I love this guy in America. He’s Pakistani. Dad found out about it and changed my school, later he convinced his family to come to our house and ask for my hand, but dad refused because Aunti Kulsom (my phupi) asked for my hand for hameed a day earlier. That’s why as soon as I finished my school he didn’t waste anymore time and got us all here. Now I have to choice but to marry that numnut”.

Rimsha said it all at once. For a while I didn’t know what to say. Rimsha was right, I told many times to hameed that shave your beard, stop preaching your opinions on people, get real, you’re an educated man. But no he wouldn’t listen. Now this girl doesn’t wanna get married. “So what do you think” she asked me. “I don’t know, i don’t know what to do, what do you want me to do”, i replied. For a while there was silense “I want to have sex with you” she said. “WHAT” that’s the word that came out of my mouth. I was totally not expecting that from her, but it was exciting for me to have this beauty under me. All these thoughts came into my mind withing seconds. “Why, you don’t like me. Do you think I was sleeping last night, with all of those activities going on my body by none other than my own sweet cousing” she said. For a moment I was quite, and then I said “I have no problem. But why. Rimsha continued “If hameed finds out that I’m not virgin on wedding’s night, he’ll give me divorse. Don’t ask me why do I think that, beause I know a loser like him has always dreamnt laying a virgin girl” Knowing Hameed, Rimsha was absolutly right, not only he would give her divorse because he wanted a virgin bride but because of the mentality that he has which only seeks purity in women. “But why me, there are so many other guys and our cousin, you could have sex with them” I responed. “Oh, puhleease. Those guys. Even when I smile at them, they go running telling their group that this american girl likes me, ‘cuz she smiled at me. Do you think I would trust them with this big of a secret of mine” she added. She was probably right, I thought to myself, considering the pervert nature of the most of the guys, she was right. “Ok, when” I said boldly. “on the night of Maunaun, when the whole family goes to aunt Kulsom’s house. Bride must stay at home. All the girls will go but our grandparents will stay back” she said. “Nice plan, I’ll manage to come back home” I said. “You better, if you want the oppertunity of your life” she said and left. Now I was waiting for that specially night. First came the engagment ceromony. 3 hatay baad shadi ke tyarian zoro shor per thi.

The weeding preperations had made everyone tired. During these weeks Rimsha and I got lots of moments alone where I kissed her and caressed her boobs. The big night had finally come and the wait was over. The women of the house were getting ready, mehndi was all perpared. At around 7:30 pm they left for my phuppo’s house. No one but Rimsha, couple of kids and my grand parents were at home. Around 9pm I told mom tha I’m going home because I have a terrible headache. She said ok and I ran bakc home. I got home rant the bell. Rimsha opened the door. “dada, dadi?” I aked her “sub so gaye” she replied. I close the door and put on my hand and took her to my bedroom. I layed her on the bed and started kissing her. First I sucked her delicious lips and then I put my toungue in her mouth. After around 10 mins of kissing, I moved to her boobs. She sat up and romoved her kammez. I saw two mealons trappen in a black bra. I cupped them over her bra and she moaned slightly. Then I took off her bra and her melons fell and bounced once beofre settling back to their orignal position. I took her right tit in my mouth and started sucking it, with my right hand I rubbed her other tit and left hand I put in her shalwar. She started moaning loudly. After spending sometime on her breasts I moved further down. She tried to open her shalwar string but I stopped her. I raised her legs all the way back to her head. This made ass rais facing me. I opened her string and her shalwar became loose and then I started sliping it down or rather up her legs, from her behind. This way her ass was exposed to me first, then I spotted her little ass hole. I continued and her pussy visible to me, she wasn’t wearing any panties. I I left her shalwar down to her knees and put my mouth on her pussy. As soon as my tongue came in conect with her clitorous, she screamed. I started rubbing her clit with my left thumb and put my right hand’s middle finger in her choot. She had a very tiny hole, she was moaning and screaming.

Then she removed her shalwar from her knees by herself. This allowed my to open her legs and put my mouth on her little delicious phuddi. At first I was sucking her off very slowly but then she yelled “teez karo, please do it fast make me cum” I speed up my process. She yealled “put your tongue in there” I did such. I had her pussy lips parts with my finger and in her little tiny hole my toggue was doing magic. Withing minutes she came and releaxed. “you’r damn good, you must’ve done this before. Who was it tell me” Rimsha asked me. “You best friend and my little sister, Aashi”, I replied. “You filthy basterd, behnchood, kiya ussay choda bhi tha?” She asked me, “what do you think”, I asked her, “saley behnchood, ab jaldi se mujhay bhi chodo” she said. Ok but, blow me first, I said. With that you she tood my 7 inch cock out and put it in her mouth. I held her head from behind and forced my dick in her mouth, the moment her tongue and saliva touched my cock. Then she cooperated and started blowing my like a pro. I came in her mouth and she spitted all my cum out. Time was running. Our folks could be home any moment. So we decided to do the finall thing. Her pussy was wet, due to her juses. My prick had shrunk so I told her rub oil on it, so it’ll be easy fucking her and my prick would also wake up. She did so and within second my Lun was back in it’s montrosity in her hand. I raised her legs and put a pillow under her back. This raised her pussy. I opened her legs and put my big harry on her small opening. She had head raised up and wanted to see what was happing. I told her to part her pussy lips and I put my hands on her firm breasts. I tried pusing but to no avail. I put some more pressure and a loud scream came our of her mouth and she moved herself up. She said it ashisata karo, bohut dard ho rahe hai. I again pulled herself to me and gentally put my dick head on her opening. She thought I’d be gental. But in one thunderous jerk I put my dick in her choot and right at the same moment put my hand on her mouth. Her eyes were wide open. Expression of pain were visible on her face and tears were rolling down her eyes.

I removed my hand she she started screaming, beggin me to take it out. I looked down and blood was oozing out, but still 3 inches of dick was left out side. I had broken her hymen. I decided to wait while she settles down and her bleeding stops. But no, she continued bleeding. I had no choice but to pull my shaft. I grabbed a clots from the table and cleaned her pussy. She was frightened to see so much blood. I told her it’s ok, Aashi bleeded worse than this. She was relaxed after lots of conincing but drops of blood were sill dripping our of her pussy and two of cloths had become red. So I decided not to wait any more and again guided my lun in her phuddi. This time with in one shot I made it clean inside of her. Again the pain was immense for her. But after my small jerks she started responding and started moving her ass up and down to meet my strokes. ah ahahahahahahahahahahah, oooooooo, maro, zor se maro meri phdui, qtal kar do iss ko. Hai ammi je, mar gai mein, tez karo or tez, haan haan haan aan aaan he mari gai, maar dala, ooooooo she was moaning like a little bitch and this made me pump my dick ever faster and harder. I would slow down once in a while to increase the feel of of the choot. Her choot was magnifincet, it had gripped my dick like a glove. When I pushed into her, her pussy lips would stretch inside a little along with my dick and upon pulling out her pink pussy lips pulled out a little. After 15 minutes of exercise, I felt soem pressure building in my balls. I increased my speed. She had cummed three times during our fucking. She felt I’m about to come and told me to pull out when I’m appraching. I said yes, but at that I could hear nothing. Withing a minute I was close to cumming. I pushed in her pussy with one final jerk and remained there for a few secone for cum to fill her her pussy. I started spraying my cum in her choot. She felt my cum in her choot and yelled at me to withdraw. But I wasn’t listening. She tried to push me off with her legs but I had held on to her shoulders.

At last the final drop of cum was released in her choot and I pulled. A moments later her pussy started oozing out some of my cum. “You SOB, you cummed inside me, I could get pregnany” she yelled. “Good, then you won’t even have to marry Hameed” was my pathetic replay. I laid beide her for a while then we both got up. She changed the bed sheet and I took the old one, which her her blood her cum and my cum sprayed on it and the two handkerchief filled with her blood to the laundry. I kept the two bloody cloths as a souvineir. Half hour later our family came back. Rimsha was sleeping and I went to the roof to sleep. In the morning my sister went to Rimsha’s bedroom to wake her up. Both girl came out. Remsha was limping and my sister was eyeing me. My mom asked her what happend why is she limping and she said she slipped from stairs. Then she got married and got divorsed too, as expected. I got her pregnant that night but she told her family that it was hameed’s child and she must got for abboriton. This was the story. If you like it, email me at and I will share with you the fucking session between me and my little sis. Later.

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