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Amazing Sex With My Brother

  • desipapa
  • October 12, 2015

This is a true story, have modified a bit for privacy, I am Priya, happily married to a wonderful person and a mother of a baby girl, but this is a story of a unique relationship between me and my brother who is elder to me by 3 years, yes its sex between siblings and yes I am proud of it and not a wee bit ashamed of it, its the most amazing experience I have it in my life, sex with my brother is amazing and its magical for both of us.

My brother usually comments on every incest story in this site by nick name of behenchod(thats what he is), even I am an avid reader of ISS, while I believe many stories are imaginary but many are true, like me and my brother , many must be there having sex with their siblings

How it started? Well, in my family its my dad, my mom , my brother and myself, my dad had a transferable job and we moved out from place to place , and my brother had difficulty in adjusting to new school frequently , so at age of 14 , he was put into a boarding school, I loved my brother deeply and yes we as children had that doctor-patient game played frequently( everyone knows what it is)

I used to see my brother only in summer holidays, then at age of 16 I filled out at right places and I believe when my brother saw me after a gap of 2 years ( he had just finished his class 12 and joined a prestigious engg college) he had time before joining college , we family spend summer together after a long time and me and my brother shared a room , we used to talk all night and I used to tease him about his girlfriends etc etc, somehow I started fancying him and once or twice had a dream of him making love to me, but I shunned that thought.

One day I had this severe back sprain and my brother offered to massage my back, I lay prone , and was wearing shorts and t shirt, , he was really good at back massage , the way he caressed my back by lifting my t shirt a bit, I enjoyed that innocent massage, from that day every night I demanded him the back massage, after the massage I used to ask him to lay besides me and we used to chat for hours, he became my best friend.

One day I had this severe bout of back pain and after the usual massage I turned and hugged him, be circling my arms around his neck , he responded by sliding his hands beneath my waist and encircled and pulled me towards him and hugged me tightly, my breasts crushed against his chest, wow , what a feeling .

This went on for around 15 days, we both used to hug and talk all night and then he used to move to his bed, then day came for him to leave for his college, I was sad , the night before he went to college , I hugged him tightly and first time I moved my hands to his bums and gave them a little squeeze , he responded by moving on top of me and he kissed my neck, my heart was beating real fast now, probably he wanted to kiss my cheeks and lips too but didn’t , then I adjusted myself so he was on top of me and his pelvis was crushing my pelvis and I could feel his erect penis gently thrusting against me.

I guess we both wanted to stop but didn’t , we rolled around and now I was on top of him and I vigorously rubbed my crotch against his till I came with shudder( guess that was my first orgasm), by this time I was on fire, still hugging we both were on sides , he moved his hands to my bums and gave them a squeeze, wow. My own brother squeezing my bums, not to be left behind, I slowly made my hands inside his bermuda and felt his bums , then my brother too inserted his hands through my shorts and panties and squeezed my bums,.

Then he moved his hand and just felt my pussy for a short time from above the shorts only, encouraged , I too did the same and felt his cock for a brief moment, that was green signal for him it seems, he pulled down his bermuda and undies and I felt his cock, that was amazing feeling , it was fully erect and throbbing , it was my first experience of feeling man’s organ and that organ was my brothers , gave it a squeeze ( didn’t knew what else to do)my brother then pulled down my shorts and panties and felt my pussy, it was trimmed by the way–))), he tried to inset his fingers inside but I was too afraid and didn’t allow him ,

He then got on top of me and rubbed his cock against my pussy while squeezing my bums by inserting his hands beneath my bums, I wrapped my hands against his body and enjoyed my first sexual experience, my brother then unbuttoned my t shirt buttons and lifted them up , felt my boobs and squeezed them , he unhooked my bra and kissed my boobs, oooohhh what a feeling , I was in heaven , enjoying my brothers mouth on my boobs and his cock rubbing against my pussy, I was all wet and soaking down there , he rolled over and asked me to suck his cock but I couldn’t as I was too shy for that then ….

We removed all clothing and held each other tightly and rolled over and over in my bed , then after ages he got up put on his undies and got on top of me and rubbed his pelvis against my pussy and I guess he came and ejaculated in his undies only, we stayed there as such for a long time and then he said he loves me a lot and then moved to his bed…..

This was our beginning ….. How we finally did the big thing , I will post later

Amazing Sex With My Brother

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