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  • desipapa
  • September 9, 2015

Hi desi friends ……….. I am reading to the juicy sexy stories of desi papa for last almost 3 years, but I never wrote mine one. Last month (Apr 2009), I had an amazing and memorable juicy sex with one of my old girl friend Rani (not real name). I am 25 years old, living in Islamabad and have my own business of import & export. I am 6 ft tall with normal built and have 6 inch perfect tool. Rani and I had phone friendship some 7 years back, when I was in my last years of studies. We met for 3 or 4 times then and only once we had little fishy fishy, like French kissing and licking / sucking etc in car.

She lives in westridge Rawalpindi and is 26 years old. I was out of contact with her since she got married 4 years before. I was out of country for some time and then came back to establish my own business. I had almost forgotten Rani, but she did not. One day I received a call from an unknown no and I was astonished to hear Rani on other end. We exchanged formalities and I asked about her hubby and kids. She kept quiet and I judged that she is disturbed. She told me to call at night. I called her at night and she told me that her hubby is in Canada. He is 42 years old and has one wife with 3 kids there. Her in-laws did not tell the actual story before marriage. Now he lives with his 1st wife in Canada and comes to Pakistan for a month or 2 after a year. She also told me that she has no kid as her hubby is least interested in sex and is a weak man. He only sends her some money every month and she is looking after her old and ill mother in law. I felt very bad and tried to sympathies her. We started talking every night and I tried to relax her and come out of her dark life with no bad intentions. I used to make her laugh and cherish those old moments. One day I asked her about sex and she said, she was waiting for this topic from my side. She asked me to meet her and do something, as she was very hot and tensed. I said ok to her and started planning. The other day I spoke to a friend, who has an apartment in F-10 Islamabad.

He agreed to give me the keys for this adventure. On the same night I told Rani about arrangement of flat, but she was worried, as it is far away from her home. I told her not to worry and be ready. Two days after that Rani told me to pick her up from westridge Rawalpindi at 9 in the morning. I took the key of flat and went to pick her up. She came and I picked her from a street near Chourh Chowk. She sat at back seat behind me. I saw her after 5 or 6 years. She was in beige colour suite and was wrapping her in a dopatta. I could only see her face from back mirror; she was looking fairer in colour and a little healthy than before. We kept on talking here and there while I was driving towards Islamabad. I could not control myself and extended my left arm back. I hold her thigh and slightly rubbed it. Oh my God, she was so soft and sexy; I simply smiled on my luck. She said,”Itni jaldi kia hai, thora sabar kar lo”. I asked her how many times she wanted to have sex on which she said that we would decide it there. We somehow reached the famous apartment towers in F-10 and went up. We went into the nicely furnished bedroom, which was providing a very romantic atmosphere. She went to wash room, while I switched on the TV and settled down before keeping the condoms pack on dressing table. She came out and sat on the bed. We talked a bit and had some juices. She was looking much sexier than ever before probably because she had entered in a mature sex age.

She had a well developed body with nice figure (just ideal size) with heavy thighs and butts. I was eager to take her on, so I stood in front of her and hold her from her shoulders. I removed her dopatta and made her stand in front of me. I was looking at her creamy white neck and oozing boobs. We just hugged each other tight for quite some time. Her sexy smell, soft touch of boobs and movements of her hands on my back were enough to make me mad. I just moved my hands inside her shirt from back side and rubbed her soft back, touching her bra strap. I entered my tongue in her right ear and moved it in circle. She just moaned slightly and tightened her grip around me. She was also pressing her thighs and lower abdomen against mine. I then kissed on her neck and started slowly licking it. She just threw her head back and welcomed my kisses and licking. I moved up licking and kissing her chin, cheeks and chewed her ear lobes. Now I put my lips on her and she took my lower lip in her lips and made it wet before biting it. She then gave me her tongue and we sucked each other’s tongues and lips. I then entered my hands in her shalwar from backside. I was aroused more to feel the size and softness of her butts. I pressed then hard and parted them as much as I could. She was loving it and moaning loudly by now. We then undressed each other and lied on the bed. Her breasts were of slightly larger than normal and were creamy white in colour with light brown nipples, which were fully erected by then. I simply lied with her and put my right leg on her stomach. I started playing with her nipples and kept on rubbing my leg on her thighs and vagina. I then sucked her boobs and she rubbed my penis, which was by then hard like rod. I then moved my hand to her pussy, which was dripping with her pre cum juices. I entered my middle finger in her pussy and started rubbing. She became out of control and was biting me and scratching me with her nails. Her moans were becoming louder.

I decided to let her blow off once, so that she is a bit relaxed. Soon she reached on climax ……… she was moaning …… aaaaahhhhhhhh oooooooogggghhhhhhhhhh please enter your tool, I can’t bear it any more. She turned and came on me, but I did not leave rubbing her clit. She was badly jerking and crying with joy and urge of sex. I then licked her wet pussy and she was becoming mad. I increased my moves and she discharged with a great aaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh. My hand was full of her love juices, which I applied on my hard tool. She was motionless for some time. I then put on the condom and made her lye on her back with a cushion under her lower back. She had a clean shaven pussy with dark pinkish lips full of her love juices, which just came out. I rubbed the head of my too on her pussy lips and then opened her legs fully. I tried to enter and was able to enter half of it, as she was feeling pain. Soon I was able to enter completely. Her pussy was red hot from inside and my tool was tightly gripped by her pussy walls. I started slow moves while I kept on sucking her nipples. She slowly tightened her legs grip around my waist. It was a clear indication that she is again about to cum. I controlled myself very difficultly and kept on stroking. She then started moving with my jerks and moaning loudly. She was requesting me to go deeper and also for harder jerks. I straighten up my legs and departed her legs more with help of my arms and started giving heavier jerks. Now was the real time of enjoyment. Her boobs were dancing with my each jerk and her voice slurred. I was also about to release my load. I finally hold her tight and started giving full throttle. I used to take full cock out of her pussy and then again insert it with a jerk. She started crying with great joy. She came with a loud scream and I could feel her hot love juices around mu tool. I gave few heavy jerks before I released my massive cum in her pussy. My tool was getting jerks after jerks and discharging cum like a shower.

I kept on lying there and did french kiss before we went to wash room. We washed each other, came back and ate some sandwiches while watching TV. She showed her complete satisfaction and was quite relaxed. After some gossip I asked her whether I can fuck her ass, but she simply refused. I did not thought it better to debate it, so left it for next date. She then asked me to fuck her without condom, but don’t get discharged in her pussy. I just made her doggy and got at her back. I was becoming mad to see her round sexy ass. I kept on pressing and rubbing her butt cheeks and finally entered her pussy from back. This time I was doing it very slowly for more enjoyment. She also loved it. Mt thighs touched her soft butts and her butts were jiggling with each move. I gripped her hanging boobs and pressed them. She was getting hotter and was giving full response. I started fast movements and her love juices also started coming out. With my few more jerks she discharged and I was also about to cum. I gave final jerks and took my tool out. I sprayed my huge cum of her beautiful ass and thighs. She enjoyed the hot cum. Dear friends, this was end of my story. I then dropped her back. We are again in search of some good chance. Please give your comments to I will wait for the response and then will try to write few more stories for all desi readers. Any girl, lady, bhabhi or aunty in Islamabad or Rawalpindi, needing safe, secure and amazing sex, may contact on my e-mail address. Secrecy is guaranteed, as I myself belong to a very good family and am conscious. I am also very health conscious, so only clean, healthy, educated and good family ladies will be entertained. I can also do the oil massage of ladies, which I learned in the UK. I will wait for your responses. Bye

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