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  • desipapa
  • September 28, 2015

Hello readers, I’m Kaps again. After publishing my first story, I got lots of mails & still now getting everyday. Many unsatisfied married & unmarried young ladies sent their replies, requesting for more stories, to meet with them and satisfy themselves etc. etc…. Today I’m going to tell you about one of that which happened with Susmita of Kharagpur just 15 days before. And I’m writing this story obviously with her permission.Like everyday I was checking my e-mails at night and saw her mail (newly camed).

Opened and found that her name is Susmita, lives in Kharagpur, 24 yrs old. She is living with her parents and only brother and many more about herselves. Wants to meet with me for satisfy herselve sextually. As you know my sex partners how I join in sex life, I replied in that way. Everyday we were in touch through mails. Within a very whort period we became very good friend.

15 days before I had to go to Kharagpur for my business purposes. So I mailed her to book a room in a good hotel for three days and mail me immediately. She replied ” I booked your room in a newly constructed hotel, don’t worry may it’s new but good. Problem is there it’s situated in a lonely place so you can’t go alone. I’ll be wait for you on the station. A poster will be in my hand ‘welcome Kaps—- Susmita’. I reached at Kharagpur station near about 4.30 P.M. After searching for sometimes I saw the poster. I came near to her. Friends! I can’t describe, what a beauty was standing infront of me. Every part of her body, from top to buttom was an example of beauty. We introduced ourselves and started to walking towards the stand. We were in very normal talks. Reached at taxi stand, a white ambassodar was waiting for us. We gotup, after running 10-15 mins. where the car stop, the place was infront of a home inplace of a hotel. I asked Susmita, what is this? She replied “This is the hotel only for you, my home”. We entered the home and feeled that nobody were present. I asked and she replied “my parents & brother had gone to attained a marriage aniversary for a week, and I am staying here only for you.” No problem, I changed my dresses and fresh myself, she brought tea and snacks for both of us. We were sitting on her bed. After few mins. of normal talking, intentionaly we both slowly moved towards sex talks. Slowly we were becoming hot. Susmita asked “have you kissed any young girl before and how many ways “? I replied yes many times and min. 6/7 ways. Susmita replied “could you do with me”?

Friends without westing any time I hold her face and kept my lips on her lips and started to suck it. We both we enjoying a lot. Her eyes we closed, after 10 / 15 mins. I laid on her and hold each other very tightly and continuing our kiss more passionately.

After sometime we became very hot but feeld that Susmita was more excited that me. She was moaning like …..s…………………. go….on. slowly I moved my hand to her breasts. But sweeties how she replied I feeled that it was her first time. She was moaning like o………..h………… y…………..e……………s……………. like this. After 10 – 15 mins. I unhooked her nighty and opened it. Oh! What the boobs were and what a figure ! she wored just a red panty inside her highty. Slowly I moved myself and touched her nipples with my tongue. she just moaned like u………..h…………….h……..hhhhhhhhhhhhhh, hold my hairs and pressed on her boobs. I was sucking her boobs simultenously one by o………… sometimes later I moved downwards and kissed her belly she just moaned and tell o……….hhhhhhhhhhh k…………a………………..p………………s please fuck me. I can’t wait more. Kissing her belly slowly I moved my hand towards her cunt inside her panty.

As soon I touched her cunt she just shouted and told “please kaps fuck me, I think I should cume”. I opened her panty and touched her cunt with my tongue and started to suck it. After sometime she cumed and filled my face with her sweet jucies. But I didn’t stop and continue to suck her cunt. After 10 – 15 mins. I spread her legs and kept my dick on her cunt. She request “please be careful”. I pressed slowly she was shouting in pain, here is the surprise, sweeties she was purely virgin ! she was shouting in pain, but request not to stop OR take it out. After sometime my full 9″ dick was in her cunt. After that I laid on her and kissed her, when she started to enjoy and feeled better, we both started to continue our fucking. She was shouting and moaning continuously which made me more hot and excited.

After 15 mins. we hold each other and cumed together. Sometimes later we gotup as it was then 10.30 / 11 p.m. so we took our dinner and sweeties we were fully naked. After dinner again we were in our work near about four times throughout the night and again surprise without took out my dick from her cunt. Next morning I gone to my work returned at evening. And same thing happened, One FUCK before dinner and min. THREE FUCK after dinner. We both enjoyed those three days very nicely. Till now we are touch through mail. I have to go to Kharagpur again for my business purpose in next month for a week. And we will enjoy ourselves again these comming seven days. I don’t know how it will happen as because this time her parents will be present but sweeties this will happen.

So any married, unmarried young ladies, lives within Kolkata to Kharagpur age within 20 to 30 want this short of enjoyment and want to satisfy themselves And OR or want to send their experiences ot valuable comments can mail me at

Till then bye bye.

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