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All Thanks To My Sweet Maami

  • desipapa
  • October 26, 2015

Thank you for your reviews on my previous story “thanks to my cousin”.Now I start my story,after that incident I met my cousin very few times and the lust of sex was burning inside me I wanted someone.And fortunately this happened.

I wanted some or the other girl to have sex but didn’t got any chance.

I watched porn and masturbated but I know my dick wanted more.

It was the month of December when this amazing incident took place.I had my normal school days went to school,came home,watched porn at night,studied a little and again the same thing.My family planned to go to jammu and kashmir with my maternal grandparents but they didnt allow me to join them as I had attendance problem so couldn’t afford to miss the school.So my mami was said to take care of mine provide food and all.I lived in my maternal grandparents house as it was very near to my school.I was with my mami,she is very hot,adorable face,sexy figure I think she has 34 size boobs.My family went for 12 days.

It was the first day of mine with mami,she packed my lunch gave me breakfast and I went to school.When I returned from school,she opened the door,everything was normal,evening passed then the night came.

I asked that I can sleep in other room and she on the other bed,she said”yahi so jaate hain na saath me”.I said no I can sleep alone she replied”par main nai so paaungi aise akele”.I said ok.And we laid on the bed and covered ourselves with blanket,we had the same blanket,we faced each other and she started asking about school then she asked do I have any girlfriend I said no I am very innocent I dont know all this stuff.She said liar I know about you.Then we had a normal talk and she faced towards the wall and I was facing her back.The blanket was so warm then and she was wearing a saree and a blouse which had a thread on the back.Her back was so sexy I cant tell I never saw my mami like the way I noticed that night.

I came near her acting as if I am sleeping and our body was touching each other.Her body was so warm.Then intentionally I placed my right leg over hers.I don’t know how this happened but she made her bum touch my dick and stayed in that position.My dick was feeling so awesome it started becoming hard.I made my right leg forward to her leg,now both of her legs were under mine.I wanted to fuck her hard but was scared as I didnt knew of her intentions we laid in that position only for 5 mins.

She was deep asleep and I was awaken.I risked myself and brought my right hand over her stomach(my god her skin was so lovely just silk).After a while she flipped herself and was facing me ,there was total silence,her breaths essence was so great.But I was feeling so sleepy that I fell asleep and in the morning I found that me and my mami had no distance between us as if we are hugging each other and took each other in arms.My legs was touching her butt and thighs and my hand was at her back and hers on my back.

I had my school so had to go but didn’t wanted to miss that moment but she woke up and found us in that position so felt a little awkward and removed her hands from my back and left the bed I was acting that I have been sleeping so she woke me up and said you have to go to school.I got ready went school and came back now I was looking my mami in a way I never saw.Her cleavage,her d shaped ass.I was so lusty I started watching a porn while sitting on the couch in the evening but I dont know how my mami came from the back,i know she saw me watching porn but said nothing and asked for tea.I was just waiting for the night.

We again slept the way last night and were talking to each other suddenly my mami asked what was I watching I ignored that and said nothing so she said no worries i’ll not tell it to anyone I am just like your friend so tell me.Then also I was not answering but when she asked again and again I replied that I was watching a porn she said I knew.

She said that I too have some of them I was stunned after listening that. I asked her to show me.I was really stunned after looking at those passionate porns in her gallery.Suddenly she said lets sleep you have to go to school.I thought that my plan to fuck her had failed.We covered ouselves with blanket and slept the same way as yesterday I kept my right leg while she was facing the wall,soon she rubbed my feet with her feet I got lightened and rubbed my feet with hers made my hands over her stomach and brought her near me

I started sliding my hands over her stomach she was enjoying it she tilted her face and I planted my lips over her juicy delicious lips.We kissed each other and had a long smooch meanwhile I moved my hand towards her boobs and moved my finger rolled over her cleavage and started pressing her boobs,i lifted her saari a little with my feet and was touching her legs by my feet,i pressed her boobs and she flipped towards my face and we started smooching the taste of her lips so juicy they were and I pressed her boobs very tight she stopped kissing and cried “aaaahhhh”my tool became rock hard as she placed her left hand at my tool she started rubbing it from over the lower.

I asked her to open the blouse she left the bed at that instant ,the room was totally dark I was not able to see anything then she came back and as I touched at her thigh I found there was no saari on her she wore a bra and panty I pressed her soft ass and then got onto her started kissing her rolled my tongue over her neck to her cleavage she was feeling great and then I slid my tongue over her cleavage I kissed her left boob from over the bra and removed the left strap of the bra they were big enough for my mouth I wanted to eat them I licked them and caught the nipple in between my teeth and bit it.She cried “aaaaaahhh” I did it again and harder this time “aaah aaaaaaaaahhh” she cried.Ate both of her boobs then came down to her pussy as I rolled my lips over her stomach she made sound “mmm hhmmm”.Took breath inside and moaned “iiisss”.

She herself removed her panty as I touched her pussy I found hairs on the side of her pussy she made my head into her pussy I licked it the taste was great I started licking it she rolled her fingers over my head and slowly the rolling of fingers became gripping of my hair meanwhile licking her pussy I was also pressing her boobs then she kept her hands at mine and made my hands press them harder I started licking her cunt very quickly she started moaning “mmmm aaaahhh aaaahh haaahh haaahh”

I wanted to fuck her hard ,i rushed towards my wallet and took out the condom although it was cold I threw the blanket away and removed my underwear my tool was standing like a hard rock pole.I gave her the condom she worn it on my dick

I asked her to spread her legs made my dick at her pussy and slowly inserted it I was on my knees it went half inside then I made it back and pushed forward she moaned

“Aaaahh” pushed it more she cried aloud “aaaahh” breathed heavily “hhaaaah aaaahh” and I cummed

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