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  • September 13, 2015
Opposite my house there used to live a girl with her mother and father.Her name was Manisha and her mother’s Sujata.I was always interested in both of them.  The girl was around 15 to 17 years of age and her mother was around 35 to 40.  Manisha had quite an attractive body.By her age she had oversized breasts and it was a great turn on.She had very wavy butts.They used to sway here and there whenever she used to walk.  I just couldn’t take my eye of her butt whenever she used to walk.   Her mother Sujata was as sexy as Manisha.She was a huge lady with huge breasts and butts.  She was very fair much fairer than Maneesha.Whenever she used to come in corridor for drying the clothes.  I used to watch her from my house(her corridor is visible from my house).Sometimes she used to come without dupatta(a piece of cloth Indian women wear to hide their breast from onlookers).That was a treat to watch.   I could see the size of her breast and when she used to walk or do some activity they use to bounce like a football.The very thought of her used to make me crazy with desire to do her but somehow I was not being able to gather courage.Then Manisha went into Xth Standard of her High School and as every Indian knows its a very important year for them.So she used to come to me for asking some difficulty she was facing.I always used to help her so she started frequenting my place more and more that year.She was really getting free with me and we used to enjoy.Her parents also dint mind her coming to me and staying for so long time as I was helping her in her studies.As time progressed I started getting bolder with her.  Sometimes I used to hold her hand and explain her the problem.I noticed she too was enjoying my touch and sometimes even she reciprocated.She was also interested in me as much as I was in her.  She used to sit very close to me.

Day by day I was getting attracted to her more and more.  It was getting really unbearable I just wanted her.   One day I gathered courage and while explaining a science problem to her kept my hand on her thighs.  She was surprised but dint protested.Then slowly I started rubbing her thigh with very slow motion.She was liking it but was, I think, waiting for my next move.Then I asked her,”Manisha do u like what I am doing?”.She shyly nodded her head.That gave quite a confidence to proceed further.I started rubbing her thigh with more and more speed and also started covering more and more area.The feel of the flesh of this young hot little girl was just incredible.She was always hot whenever I touched her.You know some people have hot blood there body temperature is always a bit more than average and that gives a real hotness to their body and Manisha was one of them.The feel of her hot thigh I just can’t explain it to you.You can just imagine it.Today luckily the door was latched by her when she entered so I was really free to do unto what she agrees.She was wearing a salwar kameez(kameez: a top which goes till the thighs and salwar: sort of a pant but quite loose tied with a rope).I started pushing her kameez from her thigh so that only her salwar was in between my hand and her thigh.She was beginning to turn on.Her feeling and the _expression on her face was just making me hornier and hornier.I just wanted to get on top of her but I resisted bcoz since it was her first time she needed to be taken along slowly so that she also enjoys it to the maximum.   I kept the books aside and turned towards her.We were sitting on a sofa.Now we were facing each other.Although she was pretty bubbly girl right now she was behaving very shyly.  May be since it was her first time she was a bit nervous and needed to open up.

My slow approach was having its effect on her and she was opening up.She threw her dupatta to a side.That showed she was now in the “mood”.   I hold her by her side and rubbed her chicks and her lips with my hand.While I was rubbing her lips she took hold of my hand and started rubbing it on her lips.Then I got closer to her and started kissing her.First I kissed her chicks.What a taste her chicks had.Simply marvelous!!I gave her kiss on her head ,her eyes ,her chick.She was enjoying it very much she was holding the back of my head and pressing towards her.Then I caught her head in my two hands and started smooching her.Ohhhhhhh my what a smooch it was I was just ecstatic.We smooched for quite a time.It started getting very passionate.I started caressing her back simultaneously.The feel of her back was amazing.  I was enjoying every moment of this.I never knew this moment will come so easily.She was kissing me with her eye closed.Then I started kissing her neck,her ear lobes.Those are real erotic regions of a women as she started moaning the moment I started kissing her there.Her moaning voice added fuel to my fire.I then for the first time pressed the object of my extreme desire “her breast”.That was an incredible moment and indefinable feeling.It was so soft as if a silky pad.So well rounded it seemed they defined what roundness is.So soft u will forget the feel of silk.Their size was also good.Not too big not too small.   I started pressing both of her tits.She was looking up with eyes closed enjoying being pressed.She was wearing a slip underneath.Inspite of that I could notice her erect nipples.

She was really turned on.I asked her ,”Manisha r u enjoying?”.She replied, “Yess very much.Keep doing it.I like it very much”.She was completely in the game I thought.  Then I again started smooching her and at the same time exploring her back with my hand. I massaged her back and started exploring downward.Finally I reached her butt.Finally the wavy butts that I always used to admire were now in my hand and I was pressing them to my hearts content.They were as soft as her breast.I admired the softness of her body thats what makes women so attractive and this girl was hell lot softer than any one I have seen.I was continually pressing her butts and it was really giving me great pleasure.I was saying to her,”oh manisha u have nice butts.  I love them woow they are so soft.”Even she started saying,”yes press them press them hard they are all yours.”I said ,”oh manisha i love u so much i have been waiting for u for so long today the day has come which i always dreamt of.i wanna make u lots of love.u make me mad.i just cant stop loving u.” To this she repled,”yes even i too have been waiting for this day for so long.i always wanted to do this with u but was afraid of telling it to you.luckily for me today u did it.keep loving me i also want to be loved by u for as much time as are a great lover.i never knew love making is so much enjoyable.plz love me keep loving me”.I said “yes manish i wll i will aahhhh ummmmmm”.we were both kissing each other passionately and i was simultaneously pressing her butts.Then I said to her,”Manisha now time has come to take our clothes off”.

She said,”Yeah lets take them off.You take off mine and I will yours”.  She was now getting bolder and bolder.She started unbuttoning my shirts.After she had unbuttoned all my shirt’s button she took it off.She had a good look at my chest and moved her hand trhu my shoulders.  Her every move was sending electric current thru my entire body.Then she started to unzip my pant one shot she opened it “zrrrrrrrrrrrrr”.Then she unhooked my pant and stood up to take my pants off.  Here I was only in baniyan and underwear in front of this hot young girl.She was staring at the buldge in my undie.She was also looking at the hairs at my leg.She seemed to like it.Then she came closer to me and told me to raise both of my hands.I did and she removed my banian.Now I was only in undie and the feeling of being almost nakedinfront of this lovely girl was making my cock harder and harder It just wanted to burst open.I thought it might tear the undie.Then she started removing my undie.I said “wait manisha i have a better way of removing the unerwear.i will stand and u kneel before me so that yr head is in front of my undie and then start removing it with yr teeth.ok”.she smile and nodded her head.   I stood up and she knelt infront of me and started doing what I said to her.First she griped the elastic of my undie in her teeth in the process her lips touched my belly and it sent another current thru my body.  Then she started pulling it down slowly slowly.First she moved it a bit down from front and then she made me turn and then started removing it from back.Then again from fornt a bit and then agaib a bit from back.

Slowly the undie released my tool and it was out in the open tight as a iron rod ,red as hot iron,u could see the veins filled with blood.  When she saw my cock she said,”oh my ……..this is so big and thick”.I asked her,”do u like it?” She replied,”yeah i love it.i never knew yr cock might be so big and thick.i am gonna enjoy it ” .  By this time she had left all her inhibition and was now fully opened up and enjoying each and every moment of it.She removed my undie and threw it on the floor and stood staring at my naked body.  I said,”NOw its yr turn to get naked manisha”.She said,”I am ready come get me get rid of my clothes” I started unhooking her kameez from behind.(kameez have a few hook or button at the back just below the neck) I unhooked her kameez and told her to raise her hands up and then I removed her kameez.  She was now only in her slip and salwar.That was an amazing site.I wished i had a camera to capture her in her undergarments.Then I kissed her a bit and then opened the rope of her salwaar and the salwar immediately fell on ground.She was wearing a black pantie and looking stunning in it.Then I could not control my self and removed her quickly.Now she was only in her panty and I was completely naked.U can imagine the electric environment we were in.we both were just dying to unify and feel each others heat and body.  I told her to sit on the sofa resting her back on it.Then I climbed on the sofa and partially on her.  Here I was so close to the naked breasts of her looking them so closely.I first kissed her and then moved to her necks and then to her tits.

First i started sucking her right tit and she was in the seventh heaven and so was I.  Her nipples were as hard as my cock and I was pinching them biting them slightly with my teeth and she seemed to be enjoying it.I sucked her tit hard almost like a child sucking mik from his mother’s breast.  Then I moved to the left tit and was also pressing the right one.My cock was touching her belly.  The heat of her body was just making me sweat.I never knews so much heat could be generated when two people are so horny.After almost sucking her tits for 5 to 10 minutes I moved lower.  I kissed her belly and then her clitoris thru her panty.I started going lower and lower and kissing her interior part thru her panty.Then she said ,”plz remove my panty and then suck”.I happily oblidged and removed her panty and saw for the first time her pussy fully was such a pink cute little pussy.  she had a bit of pubic hair.i massaged her pussy with my hand and then lowered my head and started sucking her pussy.She was in a state of ecstasy enjoying it very much and moaning and yelling “yeah suck it plz aahhhhhhhhhhh yeah suck it make me wet ahhh woowwwwww ummmm” She was pressing my head into her pussy from back.At one point she pressed me so hard into her pussy that I almost gasped.I told her to go easy.Then she said ,”I cant take it more now plz fuck me fuck me plz”.  I said ,”Yes manisha lets do it!!”.   I climbed up on her and positioned my cock in front of her vagina.She was watching sometimes to my cock and sometimes in my eyes with a dwellish smile(she knew what was to come).I slowly started pushing my cock in her hole.I said,”ok manisha get ready here i come in”.

She said,”Yah plz push it in.ram it in my hole.plz plz do it”.My cock started moving in slowly.Then after it was half in I felt some resistance may be I might have hit her hymen then I withdrew my cock slowly and with one full thirst rammed it in her vagina toring her hymen apart.She screamed ,”Ahhhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh it pained” I explained to her ,” manisha since this is yr first time yr hymen had to be broken so it pains when u do it for first time dont worry after some time u will start enjoying it and will forget about the pain”.Then I again started in and out motion of my cock fucking her tight hole.  I tell u theres nothing in this world that can compare with the first time fucking of a virgin girl.  Her vagina then started becoming wet and thereby easing my in and out motion.She was moaning, “aahhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ” and so do I ” oh manisha yr tight hole its so good wowwwwww ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh” the room was filled with the sound of my waist banging against her butt “patt patt patt……….”.She then started yelling,”yes fuck me fuck me hard ram it in yes yes aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck me tore my hymen aahhhhhhh make me cum make me wet fuck me hard tore my cunt plz aahhhhhhhhhhhhh”.I was saying,”yes baby i am gonna fuck u hard till u tell me to stop i will tore yr cunt i will fuck u hard u are my women my baby”.We continued fucking for around 5 to 10 minutes and after that I felt the tension building and she too felt she was about to cum and then in a sudden spurt she came and then before i spurted i took out my cock from her vagina and shoot my sperm on her belly and her mouth.She then licked my cock to clean the remaining semen on my cock.  It was a wild experience we lay there in each others arm for some time totally exhausted.  She then said I need to take a bath and went to the bathroom and after taking bath she left but promising to be back whenever ocassion arises.   I hope u guys liked the story.If u have any comments,suggestions,fantasies etc mail me at

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