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Aisha Aunty Under Me

  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

Hi, My name is Mujju and this is a real story. I stay on Ground Floor in a Building somewhere in Mumbai, one of my Aunty stays on the first floor. I cant tell u her real name but i will give her a name for this story. Lets call her Aaisha. She is very Busty in her figure and she has a huge built. I am 5'9 and she is 5'11. Imagine Bipasha basu with a little more weight and bigger breast and a huge ass. Our families dont have a lot of interaction. I work for a BPO and my age is 23. I think her age is 39. She has a hot and sexy daughter of age 20 and all the boys around my building eye her.

She is planning to be a Air-Hostess. I used to chat with her online and thats how i knew about her mom's timetable. Once while talking to her online she revealed that she is not a virgin and has slept with more than 2 boys. I was excited to know this. Now coming back to my story. Since the time i was in 6th that is 12 years back i liked this aunt of mines coz i always liked hot and fat females. She is a little dark in complexion but that adds to her beauty. I used to never miss a chance to eye her and she did noticed me too. I always used to go to her house for silly reasons just to see her. Her Husband works in a Bank here in Mumbai.

Once around 10 years back i saw her husband and her daughter going out for a marriage at 8 in the night, I wanted to take this chance to see her so i went to her house and when she opened her door, it was a sight of Heaven for me. She was wearing a Silk Panty and Bra and a Night Gown over it but the Gown was open from the front so i could see everything. She saw me and tried closing the gown and then asked me what i needed. I said i had some work with his husband. She said he was not there and called me in. I was a kid then but i sat and spoke to her for some time and came home and jerked off. A year back there were heavy rains here in Mumbai and i was getting wet on the Terrace with my friends. She came up with her daughter to get wet too and her daughter was wearing a white cotton t-shirt and black tracks, all my friends started giving her attention and her mom was left alone. Aaisha was wearing a sleeveless nighty. I went to her and started talking general stuff. I was wearing a shorts only as I have a nice and fit body and i like showing it off. She complimented me for it and i responded saying "Thanks but u too are so hot", and she said "Common dont flatter me". I had a Hard on then and she noticed it and then told me that "Mujju I think ur Hard on is out of control now. Y dont u cool off". I didnt say anything and just kept quite. Since that Day Aaisha replied to my looks by smiling and looking towards my crotch. I was now looking for the right chance.

I have a 7 Inch cock and it is very thick when i have a hard on. A month back i was sitting on the Terrace talking on my cell phone and Aaisha came there and sat next to me. I stopped talking on the phone and started speaking to her. I came to know that she is having a lot of fights with her husband and stays depressed. I Tried consolling her and i held her hand. She didnt say anything and held both my hands and started crying. I Let her rest her head on my Shoulder. I spoke to her for a long time and then made her smile and told her to give me a call whenever she needed my company. It started happening everyday and in the day we used to meet on the terrace. After a week she asked me if i had a girlfriend and i said no. She asked me then whether i was a virgin and i said yes. She touched my chin and said poor boy and started smiling. I didnt say anything. We used to meet everyday and started talking about everything under the sun. She told me that her daughter has really crossed her limits and she doesnt listen to her at all. We used to hold each others hand i used to give her foot massages and she used to roam her hands on my chest. I didnt get physical with her on her private parts but i used to touch her thigs and arms and calfs. It used to turn me on and she wud comment on my hard on then. Day before yesterday on saturday when we were sitting on the terrace i was touching her calfs and i was wearing a short so she could see my hard on.

 She put her hand on my prick and said "I wonder how u get a hard on by touching a oldie like me", I said "i like ur body more than a young body". She said "r u serious" and i said "yes". I think she got turned on and she pressed my hard on for some time and said is it very thibk and i said yes. She asked me to show it. I showed it to her and she was shocked to see such a thick cock. She wanted it in her mouth but i said "we are on the terrace and this is not the right place". I took her to my house as my parents were not there. She was wearing a salwar kameez which was sleeveless. It was yellow in colour and i could she her black bra from it. I was wearing a short and a t-shirt. She removed my t-shirt and started roaming her hands on my chest and then she kissed me on my chest. I took her face in my hand and smooched her and our kiss lasted for atleast 10 minutes.

She used to lick my lower lip and then my tongue and then my upper lip and i wud do the same to her. Her hands were holding my prick on the shorts. I was playing with her hair After the kiss she started going down and she reomved my shorts in one pull and took my prick in her hand and started kissing it and then taking the tip in her mouth. I enjoyed it a lot and then she took the whole size inside the mouth and this blowjob lasted for 30 minutes. I was holding her hair and head with my hands. Her mouth was being fucked by me and she was enjoying it. I fed all my cum in her mouth and she drank it all. Now was my chance so i lifted her in my arms and took her to my bedroom from the hall and put her on the bed. I started unknotting her salwar and removed it. She was wearing a black panty which was wet. I kissed her on the panty and she Moaned. I removed her kameez and then i saw her with lusty eyes. She was looking so hot. Imagine Bipasha basu with a little more weight and bigger breast and a huge ass in black bra and panty. She was there in front of me, on my bed in a bra and panty. I started by smooching her and then kissing her neck and then her arm pits. She had shaved armpits and they smelled awesome. I was just licking them for 10 minutes. Then i unhooked her bra and started playing with her huge boobs. I took the right boob nipple in my mouth and started arousing them. She told me it will take time as she is old now. My hand was on her left nipple and in 3 minutes time they were pointing towards the ceiling. I bit them and gave her so many love bites on her breast. She was moaning with pain and my other hand was on her ass. To get her moans i used to pinch hard on her ass cheeks. she was massaging her panty since wen. I moved to her navel kissed it and moved towards her panty. She wanted to have fun so she was not letting me go to her panty and kiss, She was holding my head away from it and i was going mad with the hunger to taste her.

She then lifted her ass so i cud take off her panty. I took it off and actually licked the whole panty clean. She saw this and said i think i am gonna have fun today. To tease me and to harass me she turned on her stomach and asked me to first kiss her ass. I obliged and started kissing her ass cheeks and then biting it. I actually made her shout in pain. I lick her ass hole which she was not expecting thus she turned around gave me a kiss on my forehead and said u have full rights to my pussy. Her pussy was very big as she has been fucked so many times but i liked it I first licked the pre cum and it tasted nice. I went down to her thighs licking them and down to her calfs and then feet and then fingers. She was getting impatient. She asked me to lick her pussy and i started. I didnt know how to do it so was just using my tongue to lubricate everything there and then put my tongue in her pussy. Coz she had such a big pussy she didnt enjoy it much. I felt sad but then she asked me to start fucking her. My thickness was too much for her so i started inserting it slowly and she was shouting like mad. She started crying and i kept on pushing it. I was on top of her and i slowly inserted my whole cock in her and then she pulled me near her mouth and said in my ears, "satisfy my heat pleasssssssseeee". I started stroking and she was crying in moans like "AAAAAhhh OOOOhhh Mujju please aaaaaaraaam se aaaaaaaaaahhh". I was getting turned on and started giving her more thrusts and making her mad. I used to give her light thrusts for a minute and then a very hard one once in a while. She used to get excited and hold me hard then. her nails were all in my skin in the back. My back was bleeding but i was enjoying the pain so much.

She then put her thighs on my shoulder and held me with my neck and started applying pressure. My cock was getting crushed now and i was giving more pressure to make her feel pain. As her cunt was big i had to work hard for the same. I continued for 7 minutes and then i asked her to get in the doggy style and she did. When i gave her thrusts she used to apply pressure back and it was great fun.I heled her from the stomch now and started thrusting harder and she said i am gonna cumm, i also came in her cunt and all her juices were on my dick. she removed my dick and sucked it and the we smooched to exchange our juices. We did this atleast 3 times and it was great fun. She was realy happy and i loved it too. Girls can contact me on

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