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After A Long Time In Pune

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Hey guys I am back with my another story. By the way my name is Sandy and I am thankful to those people who mailed me on my last story. After the last incident I never been to hubli so it was been somewhat long time I didn’t had sex, so as I am studying in Pune (Maharashtra state) I used to stay there itself even ma family is staying in Bangalore, I used to spend most of the time with my friends, because I spent my whole life there only and I used to visit Bangalore to meet ma parents often.

So the day’s were going on itself, I was happy there. On one fine evening when I was roaming with my friends I met my childhood friend, his name is Rishi, we talked each other happily and chatted about studies and all after that we exchanged our contact numbers and decided to meet at the evening of next day, and he went on his way and we went on ours way. I was happy to meet him after 5 years as he was my best friend of my school days and due to some reason we lost our contact in school days.

He was soft and silent boy and now when I met him next day I come to know that he has become such a popular guy.

When we both met evening 6:30pm we discussed of our past days and etc. finally the matter come on these affairs and crushes, he told that he had sex with many chicks, I was surprised hearing this and he asked about me, I said that I had gone through incest relation with my aunts daughter, for this he said “saale tu bhi kuch kam nai hai le” I just giggled.

He said that right now he has a chick and she may come anywhere if he calls her and asked me that is there any place or any room? For a while, I said no as I was not knowing such kind of places. I thought for a while and told him to find a chick for myself to have some fun and told him that its been so long that I also didn’t had sex with any one, for that he said “lets see I will ask this girl only wait” and called her and asked her that “is there anyone of your friend like you?

Because my friend need a girl to have some fun” she said “no I am not a broker to render a girls here” I signed to force him and he forced her telling “Riya please meri khatir dhundo” actually her name is Riya, after a requesting her lot she finally agreed and she told that she wil make her to meet me and the seducing and everything is left to me itself, I said okay and he said her okay then when and where could we meet for this she said we can meet in park which is near stadium at sharp 7 pm, he said done and told her that we both will be there then ended the call, I was happy and eager to meet her, in this it was already 9 pm, he told me to be ready in full top at 6:45 pm and he wil come to pick me up I said okay and thanked him and left to home then the day was passed.

I woke at 9 am in the morning and had bath and all activities and was waiting for the evening activity and at I started to get ready at 6 pm only, finally I got ready and was waiting for him,

He came and blown the horn I came out of house and sat on bike, then we drove towards park, in the way he told me to behave frankly and boldly, finally we reached park and parked the bike aside and were waiting for them, after five minutes they came on active and parked it beside our bike. I asked him that which is yours he said the front one is mine and the backside one is yours, I was staring at her assets she was wheatish complexioned and her boobs wer awesomistic, I stared at her ass on jeans; they were perfect ass to perfect pleasure, inbetween they came towards us.

At first rishi introduced me to them “Riya, this is Sandy and sandy this is Riya” both of us said hi and then she introduced her friend to us “Rishi and sandeep this is also Shruti (with a smile) we said hi and also responded to their smiles in smiles. We went into the park and sat on the lawn, at first we ordered some snacks and then rishi and his Riya started talking and we were sitting quiet then Rishi said “aap dono ka moun vrat chalu hai kya?

All of us laughed and I only started conversation asking wat do you study, she said she is studying BA 1st sem and asked me saying “you I said B.Com 3rd sem, like this talked lot of things, then Rishi said that they both need to talk some personally so we will have slight walk and they left, when they both left, again we both sat quiet for sometime and I thought for a while and thought it is the only chance I got to make her as friend.

Then I asked her you having any boyfriend? She nodded her head as no and asked me if I am having girlfriend, I also said no, after we talked for a long while and they both came and it was around 8:30 and they both said that they need to go because it is late now, we said ok and left the place towards parking place of our bike, in between I asked her contact number and she gave me a miss call, I saved it then they said bye and went away, then we drove back to our home, in the way he said that he left us alone because we could share something and he asked that what did she said I told him that I asked her contact no and she gave me, he said “acha hua le ba” and told me that now everything is in my hand and its up to me that how I seduce her for sex and then we reached home, he said me best of luck and bye then he drove towards his home.

I entered into ma house and then ma room, her figure was running through ma mind again and again, I was too happy that time then my mom called me for dinner, I just went and had it then returned to my room and closed the door and turned on the pc and was checking the updates in facebook, at that time it was around 10 pm. I thought to msg her and then I messaged her saying hi! Had dinner? I waited for her reply till 10 to 15 mins and thought its late and she maybe slept so I left it, after 20mins of that I got a msg,

I was hoping that it would be her reply, when I opened the message it was her reply, she replied “sorry I was having work in kitchen so ya I had dinner and you? I replied “oh its ok ya even I also had it, so what are you doing? Within two mins I got reply saying “nothing just laying on bed you? I turned off my pc and laid on my bed then I replied “same here like this we talked for a while about both of our families and all then I asked that shall I call her now,

She said no its too late and mamma and dad is there in home, I asked her if she’s having her separate bedroom, she said yes, I messaged her saying “lock the door and speak in low voice” after 5mins she replied “did it” then I called her she was talking in very low voice, I told her to switch on the fan and she did it, then we talked about our childhood life then I told her about mine and rishi’s life in childhood, now she was talking frankly, like this we spoke for 1 and half hour
And it was around 1 am, then she told she need to sleep because she have to wake early in the morning and she said good night, I said good morning as it was 1 am, she laughed and said bye then ended the call, then I kept thinking that it will be not better opening sex matter so soon and lets become quiet close to her that she must start sharing the feelings with me, then I slept.

Next day it was as usual, in the night again I messaged her asking about dinner and all then later called her and told her what happened today in my home in emotional way, she became emotional and started telling one by one of her house matters and I was just listening to her, then as yesterday she said she wants to sleep and said bye, like this daily we used to talk till 1 am and share our feelings, in this time she became very close to me, I thought that it had been over a week I started talking and now she is also close enough to me and I must move further step by step to reach my destiny.

One night as usual when I was talking to her, I felt hearing her voice that she was talking with pain, I asked the reason, she said its none of your related leave it, I forced her asking “whats such big matter that it doesnt matters me? Huh? She just said she is having lot of pain in her stomach, then I come to know that she was in periods, behaving like as usual I suggested her to take eno, she said its not that kind of pain you just ignore it, I asked then which kind of pain?

She said it matters to only ladies leave it, again I started forcing her telling come on yar what’s so secret in that thou you share everything with me? She was refusing but I kept forcing her then she explained it in short and everything and said they must bear the pain till the periods with ends, and she said that you boys are lucky that you people dont have to face these things in life, then she said “anyways i’ll sleep yar it’s paining a lot” I said ok and told her that today is my birthday, she became happy and wished me first and shit on her periods.

She can’t even meet me in the evening, I asked why she want to meet me, she said she want to give something to me as I was very special person to her, I said no it’s ok and said that I don’t want any gifts, I asked her “instead of that I will ask you one thing can you do it? She said ask na! I told her that I want her to talk with me wholenight, she said “ok done, anything for you” I said her thanks and told her to sleep she said ok and ended the call, the next day

I called my friends for party and Rishi also came, she asked me till where I have reached? I said just only a today’s night is enough and everything wil be set, finally the party was over and everything was over, then the day turned to night then had dinner and went to bed around 11:30 PM. I didn’t messaged her but I directly called her she received the call and wished me again, I said thanks, then she asked me about the day and party,

I said it was fantastic day, then I turned the matter to her periods matter and asked her to elaborate it and tel me that I could understand, thought I was knowing I showed my attitude that I dont know anything about it, without saying a single word she started explaining that the blood will come through the urinal part and it will keep coming for some days and it takes place in every month as a fixed periods, I was just listening and kept quiet for a while and said that I just heard that the blood comes only wen they have firstttttt” and paused, she “hmmm firstttt what?” Me “first sex”, she only said “hmmm” and both of us being paused for sometime then she asked me don’t you know it? I said no she said its different from this one, and it comes only one time in life because of virginity loss, then I said “oh I knew what virginity means” and asked her directly “are you a virgin? She paused a while and said hmmm

Then I thought it is the best time for seducing and started, I asked her softly “did you ever have sex with anyone? She: how can you ask these kinda questions to me? I said “what’s in this and you can share everything with me and I asked, so tell me? She said “ya I am a virgin” then I started talking common things I told her that “it’s rare that men’s get a virgin girl after marriage? She said “ya true, kind of fact” after a while I asked “what would you like to do? Before or after marriage?

She: why you are asking this type of questions? Me: I just wanna know the whole thing about you, so tel me” she “after marriage only” me “why not before marriage? She “there are complications before getting married so” me “what kind of complications? she “in case of by mistake if she becomes pregnant then her life wil be ruined” me “nowadays there are many precautions like condoms and contraceptive pills and etc” ya I know but still its risk only” me” is anybody of your friend who had sex?

She “ya this Riya only, she said she is going to have wit your friend Rushi” me “ya I knew, he told me yesterday, and now a days all youths around twenties will crave for sex, isn’t it? She “yes” me “then why dont you join her? She “no no, Me: acting like not knowing anything about sex i said “I heard that people have lot of pleasure while having sex, is it? She was also quiet smart so she said “maybe” me did you ever fingered yours? She being silent for few seconds and said “you tell what you do?

I said in ma mind aare is chinal ne to muje hi puch liya, then I said “ok, we boys wil masturbate” she “I asked about you not all boys” me “ya even I do” she “how many times a day?” Me “whenever i feel to, you tel will you finger yours? She “hmmm” me “how many times?” she “only at night” I said “kool, then why dont you do it with anyone? She: no, I don’t want” me just try it once, there will be so much fun” she: I know but it’s too risky” Me: “what kind of risk you are talking about? She “place and person” me “if there is a safe place then you can do it right?

She: don’t know” Me: what do you mean dont know? Tell me one thing” she “maybe, then how about the person? At least I must know him na? Me: is there any problem if I took that persons place? She “umm-hmmm(mean no problem)” me “thats enough, leave it to me, anyways you made it as you said that you’ll talk the whole night with me” I said “thanks I won’t forget this day, you sleep now” she “you are welcome always bye”,

In this whole process it been around 4:20 am, I was very happy and i called Rishi at the same time only, he received and said “kaun gaya kya be? Itni raat ko kyun call kiya? I said that she agreed for sex, he said “hua to phir, kal milta hun le and told bye then ended the call after I also slept and I woke around 10 am in the morning, the all conversations were running through ma mind, I had bath and breakfast and came back to ma room,

I was thinking that there’s an only safe place is needed for us four people, I asked ma friends and they were helpless and as usual the days were going on, in between these days we had sex chat twice times and she was totally for sex now but there was a problem of place. A week passed and one day when I came back after meeting friend’s my mom was holding an invitation card of marriage and she said that there is a marriage in relatives so we all must attend it and we are leaving early in the morning and we will be back in the night, I thought this is a golden opportunity and I must not let it go waste, I said my mom that I am having function in friends and his whole family had invited me so I wil not be able to come,

she asked what kind of function, I said there is friend brother’s engagement, she said okay, I had dinner and went in my room first and locked the door, then called rishi and told everything, he was very happy and said that in any condition we must do it, I said okay and I will tell you the plan tomorrow, he said ok and ended the call, I also slept early only because I must drop them to station so I must wake early, I woke at 6:30am and dropped them to station and left back to home while returning I did breakfast and went home, and again I slept for 2 hours and woke around 9:30am and took bath then I called Rushi to make planning and he came in half-an hour.

We planned everything and selected room in our house and decided to call them at 7 pm in the evening because I know that my family will come at midnight only so in dark it will be safety, and all was set he came at 6 pm and we both called them and told everything then invited them, they agreed I messaged address and got ready, after getting ready we cleaned the both rooms and sprayed room freshener in both room, it was around 7 pm, my heart was pounding, they came on their activa around 7:10 .

Shruti was wearing jeans and blue colour top and Riya was also wearing jeans and yellow top, first I saw the neighbours if anybody is there, and then told them to come in, they came in and sat on sofa, I asked both that what did they told in their home, they said that they told they wil go to birthday party, I brought the snacks and softdrinks which I bring them at noon and Rishi said to switch on the porn movie, I put the xxx movie disc and the movie started, they both wer sitting in middle,

I was sitting right side facing towards tv beside Shruti, they both were covering there face because of shy, I touched her for the first time and I moved her hands aside, after eating snacks and all we watched the first fucking part of the movie and then looked towards Rishi and gave him a signal and he also said to start in the same way, I signaled rishi as to come aside for few seconds he came and asked wat happened,

I asked him condoms and he told he didnt brought, I know him very well so I brought there condoms at noon only and gave him, and then we came back towards them, I told her to follow me and we entered room and he also went with Riya in another room, we locked the room, she was sitting on bed facing down, I slowly went towards her and sat beside her, first I moved ma hands on her and slowly made her lye on bed I laid side of her and I went close to her and were facing each other, I slowly moved my lips close to her lips, she closed her eyes, I kissed her over lips and slowly entered into her mouth and was giving a passionate kiss to her,

Now I was completely leaned over her and I was moving my fingers in her fingers, she was responding nicely, I took ma hands over her boobs and I moved over them, then pressed them till I give her a kiss, after kissing, I moved my face towards her boobs and smell her body fragrance, it was awesome, I slowly lifted her and removed her top, she was wearing branded bra of pink colour and flower designs on it, I cupped those over bra and pressed for few seconds, again I lifted her and opened the hooks of bra then the bra was in my hand, I kept it aside and looked her boobs, they where round firm boobs with perfect size of late twenties, there was brown nipple which was fully erected, I kept my hands on it pressed them pressed them.

She said: aah! Slowly! After pressing them I took right boob in my mouth and started sucking it, she kept her hand on my head was moving her fingers through my hairs, she was moaning in low voice like ah aah and I sucked her left boob also, she got up and opened my shirt and then I moved to the main part, I unhooked the button of her jeans and lowered the zip, I saw the black panty, I pulled her jeans aside and I saw her pussy, panty was wet by her fluid I smell it’s aroma,

I slowly pulled down the panty and made it aside, it was like awesome and looked fresh with mot a single pubic hair on it, I moved my fingers over it and when I entered one of my finger in it she jerked strongly, I mover my finger in and out for a while and she was closing her eyes in pleasure, I was able to feel her hymen, then I moved ma face towards her pussy and licked once with strong lick, she held my head in between her legs in pleasure with strong breath,

I licked her pussy and she cum, then she got up and lowered my jeans and inner wear and she was surprised seeing my cock because she was seeing a first time from close to her, it was in it’s full length of 7 inches, she started sucking my erected cock madly, and she was moving the fore skin up and down, she licked my cock till I cum and she said she cant wait anymore now and laid on bed widening her legs, she said me to enter slowly as she was a virgin girl,

I took condom packet and put the condom on cock and went in between her legs, I rubbed it over her pussy and I slowly pushed in she said “ahhh! It’s pain! I said ya it’s happens for first time and pushed with some force and broke her hymen, she screamed loud at once and tears filled in her eyes, I looked down and the blood was out, I remained on her for a while kissing her and started stroking her. I saw there was still pain in her face and after a while she also started enjoying it, she was closing her eyes in pleasure and biting her lips herself.

I kept pumping her and I pumped her around 20 min I cumed, in between she cumed twice and I fell side of her a while and asked her that how did she feel, she said my life’s best day ever, at the same time she proposed me, I told her that I have a girlfriend and I love her lot so I can’t accept her proposal, after I put my clothes on and went out of room and saw they both were sitting in TV room and then she also came out of room and it was around 9 pm and they said they need to leave now, and they left. She didn’t even messaged me after that I rejected her proposal till now and guess she already changed her number and for that, I’ve never got another chance to fuck her. So guys lets Rock in PUNE and i am always there for pune people, For your comments and feedback mail me on

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