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After 13 Years Sex

  • desipapa
  • September 14, 2015

Hi to all person who read my really experience. My name is hayat (not real name) I am 23 years old, 6 feet tall, normal body & looks handsome. I live in Lahore Pakistan. I am working in software house as computer programmer. I am very sexy person & always dreaming about fucking girls & aunties.

My email please gives me your suggestion at my email address. Any bhabai, aunty, salis, housewife, girls in Lahore can contact me for healthy & sexual relationship. The relation will be considered strictly confidential. It starts when my cousin gets married to anam I am at that time only 10 years old. She was 18 at the time of her marriage & have fair complexion, juicy lips, large breast about 36 and really big butts. From the day of her marriage I did not miss any chance to talk to her because we live in joint family so I got many chance. In my dreams I always fucked & sucked her whole body. As time was passed I get so much frustrated that’s I daily masturbated, & she became mother of 12 years daughter. One day all cousin plans to go for movie late at night, after coming back from the movie she sit near me in car. As chatting with her I slowly put my one hand on her thighs, she dose not say any thing just looking at me. So I got some courage & put my other hand on her breast because of the low light in the car no body can see what’s going on. I only heard her voice saying please don’t do this to me.

But I did not listen I speed up my hand to press her breast faster. As we reach to the house she quickly went to her room without saying any thing. I am so much worried that if she tells her husband about that, so I did not get courage to talk to her, after two days I am just passing near from her room she called me & said where r u lost from past two day I got some courage & reply that I am busy in my studies. She asks me come to her room and fixes her cable. As we enter the room I see no body in the room accept both of us. I quickly grab her from waist & start kissing all over her face, after about 5 minutes she stops me & said why u r doing this to me I am in the place of respect for you. I told her that I have always dreamed to fuck you, I wait 13 years for this moment, she was shocked, asked me to leave her room, I said please give me 5 minutes for the relief of my hungry sole but she did listen any thing, I went straight to washroom & masturbated.

As day passes I was became so frustrated that’s I made a plan, so early morning when her children husband went to school & office I enter in her room I saw she was in the wash room, I slowly closed the door of the room & lock it. And put off my clothes when she enters in the room she was shocked to see me naked in front of her & turn her face & said what the heal you are doing. I just went close to her & said if you shout or make any noise I will tell every body that you call me in your room. I grab her from behind & press her butts. She turn her face & said please don’t do this to me but I am not in the mood to hear any thing from her I just through her on bed & jump on it & planted a kiss on her juicy lips about 10 minutes & after that’s I tear her kameez, I saw her black bra which makes me made so I also tear her bra & saw the seen which I can not describe in words, I saw her 36 size mummay with red tits, I just start sucking her like a mad dog, she was requesting me please leave me, this is sin but I am not listing any thing.

I suck her mummay very hard that’s she starts crying but I did not care. I suck suck & suck very hard that she starts moaning, When I was confirm that she has aroused I slipped my hand in her shalwar & open it, I saw the heaven for whom I wait 13 years of my life, I saw her wet pussy dripping with little hair on it, She shivered badly she was now out of control and moaned loudly without wasting any time I put my hand on her pussy and massage it then insert my finger in the hole. ooohhhhh hhhh aaaahhhhhhh She moaned loudly I inserted another finger and started moving in and out so fast that she become mad and started making pleasure sounds very loudly to stop her shouting I started kissing and squeezing her boobs with the other hand. I start fucking her pussy by my tongue like a mad and it was too hot she pressed my head towards her pussy and I was taking smell of her fanatic pussy. Suddenly lips of her pussy got tensed and she was moaning louder she has cummed in my mouth and I drank it all uuuuuummm mmmmmmm what a taste!!!!! After that I asked her to suck my lun, first she refused but I put my lun in her mouth by force & she started to suck, it was my very first experience I was moaning a lot and caught her long hair firmly as she was doing up and down her head madly. OOOOOOO hhhhhhhhhhhh great feeling.

Now we were in 69 positions with both her cunt lips on my face and I am exploring her cunt, fingering her and licking her cunt juice. After ten minutes I make her sleep on the bed and I went between her legs and put her both legs on my shoulder & then put my lun in her love hole, the hole was not tight that’s way my 7 inches lun went inside her pussy in one stroke & I start moving it in & out. She cum after 5 minutes and sperm coming out from her cunt hole but I did not give up, I stroke her more hard & she was talking rubbish and nasty things with lots of dirty words. She was moaning like anything & we both cum together after 15, I explode all my sperm in her cunt with full pressure. I am always fascinated about her ass its so big after resting for some moments I make her in doggy position & put my lun on the ass hole but her ass hole is very tight, her husband never fucked her from there.

I applied some Vaseline on my lun & give first stroke in her ass hole by force, it enters only 2 inches inside hole & she again start crying but without wasting time I give one more powerful stroke & the whole lun enters inside the ass hole. I slowly making strokes & she moaning loudly, after few minutes she was also enjoying with pleasure & helping me in making strokes. I cum after 5 minutes inside the ass hole & lay beside her. She told me that’s she never forget this fuck in her whole life. So it’s our routine we fuck 2 to 3 time in the weeks. I told her all the positions of kama sutra & she really enjoyed it. I also fuck her mother & daughter but that’s different story.

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