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Afghani Kay Mazzay

  • desipapa
  • September 4, 2015

Hello readers, I am BOBBY here is one more of my collection .. hope you will enjoy it I am Gull from Rawalpindi Pakistan. I have read almost all the stories in this website. Now i have decided to share a true story of me with you all. butt first let me describe about myself .I am 22 years old A kashmiri boy by birth. 5.8 tall with athelatic body.

This incident happend 2 years ago. there was an Afghan family living in my neighbour. Afghan usualy live as a Group of families in Pakistan But this family seems to b a rich family ,as they were living alone with no other family .They used to live in the second floor of the house as owner of the house was living in the first floor.They had a boy named Yusaf. He was a good guy but looking to go to Canada. But his family decided to marry him before he moves abroad.yusaf was a Very good friend of me. As we used to play football and fly kites together.than the time came when he was married to a beautiful Raeesa. Raeesa was realy beauty Queen 5.4 tall a little fatish, with big and .I was invted to the marriage by yusaf,s family as a friend of yusaf.After a week when i was on my roof flying a kite yusaf and raeesa came on their roof.I said hello to them.

On that time Yusaf introduced me to raeesa and in a little time we all became franked.time passed after two weeks in one dark night when i finished my studies i went to washroom but water was not coming. I decided to check the water tank on the roof to know the reason of absense of water.when i was checking the tank i saw a classic scene in my neighbour,s room as the light of the room was on and luckly window also.Yes it was yusaf’s room and he and raeesa were enjoying . Yusaf was Over the Raeesa and was stocking her very hard .He was completely over her like a blanket.After almost 5 minutes they finished but during that time i was feeling a strange force in my body and when they completed,my whole body was shiwering like i was ing there. and when yusaf went on ther side i saw the body of raeesa .oh my god she was becoming red ,her were still erect ,and she waas cleaning some thing in her legs. but watching her completely made to think about raeesa in another way. i badly wanted to her after that day ,but i did not get any chance. than my lucky time came .Yusaf urgently got a chance to travel to canada but alone aafter 1 month of his marriage.he told his family that he will call them soon and will manage for their travel too.

After the departure of yusaf one day i was standing on the roof alone ,suddenly raeesa came up and said me hello. I too said hello and asked how are you without yusaf as he was a crazy lover. She wathed me in a strange manner and said how do u know that Yusaf was a crazy lover.I was surprised by that question and said its my guess.But she was not satisfied .She again aked me forcefully that how i know ,did yusaf tell you about our whole relation. I said no its only my guess.but she said that she will inquire from Yusaf. I was afraid that what will happen now, when yusaf will know that i talk with her wife in such a manner.i suddenly said to close all the matter ” i wathed you and yusaf while you and yusaf were busy with each other.” She almost cried “what. and said that i m going to tell your mama that you try to look in the pvt rooms of thee neighbours. I was very much afraid by her answer aand i begged her that plz dont tell to my mama any thing. She smiled in a strange manner and said ok but on one condition only.i aasked quickly what is condition i accept all the conditions .she said ok than come on the roof on 12:00 at night.

I said ok and thought that it will be night and if she does not agree to forget about the incident i will make her forget forcefully no one will be there to see me. I went on the roof in an afraid manner. the moon was present that night. As i watched on their roof i saw her sitting in a corner of roof with a shaaal on her body. I was surprised that y she is sitting in a corner.But than after looking me she called me to her . I hesitated a bit to go on their roof but than aafter some tiem i agreed to go there.I aasked her suddenly that whaat is condition and she staared me in a strange manner and said that you all guys are moran .Yusaf left me behind to remain in a sorrowful condition just after one month of mnarriage and now you ask me that what is condition . but i did not understand and said what is condition ,she said do with me what you saw Yusaf doing me .

I said what than a crazy thought came in my mind That it is time to make my dream true .I said ok.She was realy happy with my answer and in a crazzy manner she threwed her shaal away . Oh my god Raeesa was totaly under the shaal.She grabbed me in a quick moment and started kissing me wildly.i also responded .I was wearing anight dress that time which was very loose .After the kissing session of almost5 minutes she stopped and ordered me to putt of my dress and her.But i said relax i shall certainly you but not in yusaf’s style .I shall you in my Style.And you will certainly enjoy that.

She said that she is becoming crazy so just in a quick manner.butt i made her relax by some lovely talks and kool kisses. And than again started kissing her pink lips and also started licking her tongue. She also responded ,and after that i came a bit lower to her neck and ears and shoulders and her under arms too.I licked her under arms and than by continueus kissing i came to her chest and kissed her entire chest and she was realy breathing hard and her body was also becoming erect after kissng her chest i took her left in my muothe and right in my hand while my left hand was massaging her back. i sucked her left realy hard and she started moaning ohhhhh oooooo gull you are great oooooo afreeen afreenn ooooo khoob ast khoob ast. than i took her right in my mouthe and left in my my left hand which was now realy wet due to hard suck by me.In the meantime my right hand was massaging her back and her ass .i licked her right hard too and now she was moaning a lot and due to her horney voicews i was becoming realy crazy my 6inches long and 3 inches thick was realy erect and i was feeling it like a rod in my trouser.My shirt was putt of but i was stil wearing trouser.Aafter licking raeesa’s right for almost 2 minutes i started to lick her again and also started to come lower while i was licking her stomich. Than i became a bit lower to her .oh my god her was realy wet due to her juices .

Watching that scene my was realy crazy standing .i putt of my trouser off.i started kissing her s’lpis too .she said what are you doing dirty boy . i said what happend ,you do not like that ,she said no problem its ok but yusaf never did this to me, you are realy a nice player of ladies and know their needs very well.i smiled and again started licking her in realy a crazy manner she was realy moaning a lot inpleasure oooooo hoooon ys oooo ooo aahh afren afreen gull you are real player.don,t stop it tonight. but i stopped and she said what happend .In the mean time i put some silvias on the head of my as i felt that she is ready and its time for my pleasure.kissing and licking process had also taken 25 minutes so i again started licking her stomich rather than her .she said y r u not licking my pusy plz do that again i m in real moode but i didn,t listened and caried on kissing stomich and aslo started moving upwords .when i came to her lips and touched her lips ,my dick also touched her and she understood my moode and opened her legs realy wide. i put my tounge in her mouthe and with the help of my left hand guided my to her ‘s enterance .And with a deep kiss and a real hard jerck i inserted my in her .it went in about half lenght as her was realy tight ,she also gavea litle cry .

I was surpriesed and asked her why your is so tight as you are married women. she said that yusaf’s is not long and thick as yours it is realy tight and i m feeling like it is my first iwas happy to listen that .and with another force ful j4erk my entire was in.she agin cried a bit and i was feeling like my is in like a burning owen.oh my god it was realy a great feeling of my life .i rested there for a while and thani again started kissing her.and also jerking her slowly .oh my god what a feeling that. was raesa was also moaning and also strange voices were coming out from my mouthe after a while i increased my pace and gripped raesa’s shoulders with my bothe hands while her bothe legs were now on my shoulders.i started jerking her fastly and kissing her wildly than i started kissing and licking her legs and feet while my was going in her realy continued for almost 9 minutes and than i felt that raees’s was now gripping my realy hard .it make me a real crazy feeling. and i again came on he mouthe while her legs were around my waste.I started her kissng and ing in realy in a wild manner .the gripp of raeesa’s was realy tight now and i was feeling that her will suck the entire of my body.butt i was also enjoying a lot. my hand were around reeasa’s back and her hands were around my back.

We were tighting each other very hard while we were kissing each other too .suddenly i felt that i m going to come and i started jerking realy hard her gripp was also very hard and than in a half minute i ejakulated deep in raeesa’s and also stayed there for fifteen minutes .we were realy breathing hard and we were exhauted to.but also were very happy to and were kissing in a cool manner and loving and playing with each other’s bodies.than i took my out of her now it was looking like a lazy pipe.and was realy wet .but was realy happy. my cum was also coming out from raeesa’s she cleaned that with her shaal.thani putt on my clothes and also give shaall to raeesa to putt on .than i gave her again a cool and deep kiss and said that i m going now .she also stand up and said that she is going down too .but she was feeling some trouble while she was standing and going to the stairs. i came on my roof .i was realy feeling very light now i was feeling as whole things around me are smiling .i saw the moon and felt that her smile and light was a bitt large today. i came down in my room and slept realy goog.after that incident we alsmost ed daily .

But after alsomt 45 days a visa for raeesa nd her family was ready for canada. she wept realy a lot when she met me for last time but i wasn,t able to do any thing .and she left me alone in pakistan and went to canada. now i m realy alone. 2 years have passed but she comes in my dreams almost everyweek.she was realy an unforgettable afghan beauty.may she live in joys with her husband.

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