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  • September 22, 2015

Hello dear desipapa readers, its me Fardeen again with another great experience of mine. For new readers, let me give you my brief introduction, I m a 26 years old guy, 5feet 10 in height and have a good physique. I am from the city of lights, Karachi, Pakistan. I m a bachelor and currently working in MNC here in Karachi. Today, I m going to share a very unique but real sexual encounter with you all, well its unique and even unbelievable for me as I never ever think about such things are practically possible in the real life or so. Well I m not going into the details and you will get all these things shortly when you read the whole story so I m straight coming to the point.

This incident which I m going to share with you happened between my best friends sister and me on the night before Xmas. I had a good old buddy named Noman. We were best buddies when we used to study together in the same college some 8, 9 years back. Well I think I should tell you about his family in detail first. He had a quite small family, His Mom, Dad and his skinny little 10-year-old Kid sister Diya. I used to go to Noman’s place quite frequently, as his home was only few blocks away from mine and both of our families have quite good relationships. Diya also used to visit us very often and even once she saw me and my cousin Azra when we both were so busy in kissing each other on the roof of our home when suddenly she came there to check Azra’s younger sister who was her friend. She was so much in shock but I managed to handle the situation and made her not to tell this to anyone but after that, Diya always used to look towards me quite strangely. Anyway, Noman’s family was a very modern, landlord Afghani family. His father was a very high ranked civil servant too and even at that time, they were very rich and his family was very much popular in Karachi’s social circle. Noman and I were so close to each other and we share almost each and every thing together. Well then we sadly parted because as soon as we finished our College, he went to UK for higher Studies and we lost all contacts. I always recalled those golden days ever I used to see those college days pics but never found his clue again as after a year of his departure, his family moved to Islamabad and I myself moved to my separate place.

Then suddenly things changed last year when I went to a very famous IT exhibition hold in the very famous Expo center in Karachi. My few colleagues and I were busy watching different stalls when suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder and I heard a male voice. “Is it you Fardi ?” . I moved back and I saw that a very smart looking guy was standing behind me with puzzled face. A smile crept on my face and I couldn’t stop my self literally shouting with joy. “NOMIIIIII,” He was none other then but Noman, my best old buddy, he didn’t changed a lot in those 8 years. Just put on a little weight, as he was no more a teenager now. He looked like a real Afghani Pathan. We both looked into each other’s eyes in disbelief for the next few moments and then we hugged each other. I immediately excused my colleagues and then I asked Noman about his program. He said that he was staying in a hotel and will return to Islamabad next day. We went to his hotel first, he checked out, and then I brought him to my apartment and after getting easy, we started talking about our lives, our families and almost every stuff. In between I asked him “ oye Nomi, woh choti si roni shakal wali Diya ka kya haal hay? Woh theek hue ya abhi bhi waise he choti choti baton per roti hay” he smiled mysteriously and said, “Nahi yaara, She has grown up and changed a lot, I m sure you wont be able to recognize her when you will see her.” I said O reallyyyy, and then we went busy in other talks. He told me that he did MBA from UK and then he came back 2 years ago and now settled with his parents and working in a foreign bank and still a bachelor. We talked till late night and then we went to sleep, next day he flew away to Islamabad.

On 19th of December, I got his phone call from Islamabad; he said that he wanted to invite me to in his birthday. I said I will try but he insisted me and so I made my mind to go there, as I knew it would be a real fun as I still remembered their western style parties.

I took one-week leave from my office and went to Islamabad. It was 24th of December. I reached there at his place. His huge palace like house was so beautiful and elegantly decorated. His servant guided me to a separate room arranged for me upstairs. I took shower and then after getting ready around 9 PM, I went downstairs into the main hall. The atmosphere in the hall was really cool with around 50 plus mostly young people and moreover there were more girls than guys.

I met Noman and handed him the gifts I brought for him and then I met his Mom and Dad. They immediately recognized me and after having few formal words, I moved with him to meet his friends and colleagues. It was quite a modern elite class party as almost all the young females were in western style dresses and the Alcohol was also been served quite freely. Noman offered me a drink but as I don’t drink so I apologized him. After some time, he excused me and went to receive his other colleagues and senior officers. I was standing alone right in front of the DJ. Suddenly I felt a whispering female voice near me, “ May I know who you are Mr…?” The accent was pure American and the voice was sweet like honey. I turned around and got stunned, because I just saw the fairy. No doubt, that girl was not less then a fairy. She was looking very sexy in her black Spighatti top partially exposing her black lacy bra and a micro black skirt! She was around 5 feet, offcourse not at all tall, but she had a figure like Venus with milky white and a bit pink complexion and beautifully dyed blonde hairs. Her big brown eyes were little hazel as She was also drunk a little bit. She looked quite familiar and within seconds a flash sparked in my mind. She was Diya. Noman’s “little Roti Shakal wali sister”. But I agreed to what Noman said last time. She had changed a lot and looked like a perfect example of Afghani beauty. I told her, I m Fardeen, Do you remember me Diya ?. She giggled. Haan Fardeen bhai, aapko main kaise bhool sakti hoon, maine to aapko pehlay he pehchaan liya tha. Waise ik baat hai, aap ab pehlay se bhi zayada smart ho gaye hain… I was still in a real shock because I never seen such a beautiful girl before, Then I heard myself saying, “Tum bhi to bohat khoobsurat ho gaye ho Diya”. I saw sparkles in her eyes and she said “Really Fardi bhai?” and giggled again but this time, I saw something different in her eyes. Well as the hour passed by. Everybody were drunk and all getting in mood to move their feet on the dance floor and Noman led every one to the dance floor. At this moment I found Diya having glances at me and staring continuously at me with shy, inviting eyes that made me feel something gonna happen. I was also in shock because she was my Best friend’s little sister but her stunning beauty and her hot looks were making me hotter and hotter. As soon as the DJ put a romantic tune, Diya came to me and shyly asked me to join her at the dance floor. I couldn’t stop myself and in moments, we both were on the dance floor, in each other’s arms, dancing in the dim romantic light.

We danced for 20 minutes and during this time I was not in my senses even without taking the drink. It was her body odor mixed with some very expensive perfume, which made me so hot, and I was even shivering slowly with lust and I felt like I had taken few bottles of Wine. I felt her hard boobs and her even harder butts. (She got 36-25-36 figures, which I came to know later.) I was totally in a helpless condition, my cock was full erect and it was touching her belly and even she felt it because she had a very mysterious smile on her face. She suddenly brought her lips near my left ear and whispered. “ Fardi bhai, lagta hai aapke saath time bohat acha guzre ga” and giggled. She then suddenly put her little hand on my crotch and griped my hard tool from outside and whispered again, Ufffff kitna bara hai yeh Fardi bhai. She again giggled and left me immediately with shy face. I don’t know how I passed rest of my time there but when almost all the people left, I also excused Nomi and said that I m tired and need a good and tight nap and then I came back to my room, got changed into my shorts and dropped myself on the bed. I was totally lost in Diya’s thoughts and my cock was fully erect. I knew that she is not at all innocent and she needed me but she was the sister of my best buddy and I didn’t want to do anything silly with his little sister.

Then around 1 AM, I heard a little knock on the door. I thought it was Nomi and I stood up, first opened the light and then the door. But Man, I saw her on my door. Yes She was Diya, standing in front of me in her light pink nighty. She looked towards my loose shorts and suddenly grabbed my rock hard cock in her small hand and said. “ Mujhe pata tha ke aap meray baray main he soch rahe hoon gai, issi liye to yeh bhi jaag raha hai” and giggled. I immediately took her hand away from my cock and said. “ Its not fair Diya, tum meray best friend ki choti behan ho. main tumhare saath aisa waisa kuch nahi karna chahta”. She suddenly pushed me and came in and shut the door immediately. It all happened within seconds and I couldn’t stop her. I myself was getting weaker and weaker as this beautiful fairy with such a pretty round innocent face was invoking the Devil in me. I started moving backward slowly as she was now charging towards me. I again collected all my strengths and said. “ Daikho Diya, please chali jao, werna kuch ghlat ho jaye ga”. At that time I reached to my bed. She suddenly pushed me so hard and I fell on the bed. Now I was lying on the bed on my beck. She immediately climbed on the bed, raised her nighty a bit till her milky white thighs and sat directly on my crotch. She was now creasing and rubbing my face, neck and my bare chest with her soft little hands and my cock with her panty covered perfect ass. She was breathing heavily. She said “Ho jane do koi bhi ghalti Fardi bhai, maine jab se aapko aur Azra aapi ko kiss karte daikha tha, tab se main issi din ka intezar kar rahe thi. Aap he to who pehlay mard ho jisskay bare main maine apne bachpan se ab tak socha hay keh main ik din aap ko pa loon gi, aapkay saath who sab kuch karoon gi jisskay khoab maine itne saalon main daikhe hain.” I wanted to say something but she never allowed me and she suddenly lied on me and sealed my lips with hers and started kissing me madly with so much perfection.

Oh dear, her lips were so soft and juicy, all my resistance went disappeared suddenly and I also started responding her hot and wet kisses. She then slowly parted my lips with hers and inserted her tongue in my mouth and I helplessly sucked her juicy tongue in my mouth, I had no other choice because I knew that she had taken full control over me till then. She was so sexually aroused and her body was literally burning with the sexual heat. My hands were now on her soft back and I was busy in rubbing her back as well as kissing her juicy lips. Her body odor was so powerful and was making me crazy. When I tried to pull her nighty up, she giggled. “Hayyyy Fardi bhai, itni jaldi haar maan gaye, thori dair pehlay to nakhre kar rahe thay aur ab daikho, kitne besabri se mujhe nanga kar rahe hain.” I said, “meri jaan, main kya karoon, tumhari iss khoobsurat jawani ne mujhe kisi qabil he kahan chora hai keh main resist kar sakoon”. And She laughed again, now proudly and then raised her arms in the air to let me took off her nighty from her body and I took it off in one swift motion. Now she was in her Black lacy bra and black panty. I immediately put my hands on her boobs and started rubbing and creasing them with love from above her beautiful lacy imported bra. We were still in that “woman on top” position. She again lyed on me and we both locked our lips and started kissing again. After sometime, my hands reached towards her bra hook and slowly I unhooked it. She broke the kiss and raised her upper body from me and took her bra off. There they were, the most beautiful pinkish white and perfectly shaped pair of boobs I had ever seen. I rubbed them with my full hands and pinched her Purplish Pink nipples. She moaned and raised herself a little and put her left almost 1 inch long nipple into my mouth. I hungrily licked and sucked her first left and then her right boob. Diya was now moaning with lust. After few minutes of boob sucking, I took her off from me and made her lye beside me on her back and came on top of her sweet, hot, milky white body. I started sucking, licking and pinching her boobs again and she was moaning and calling my name in a lusty voice. After sometime, I got up and sat beside her, I put my hands on the side of her panty and my mouth went dry when she raised her hips to allow me to pull the panty off. She knew deeply about every single art of lovemaking and knew how to make a man mad on her. When I removed her wet panty, my eyes went wide open to see her pink hairless choot. There were not a single hair on her choot like her whole body and her pussy lips were tightly closed with each other. I never ever imagined that this young Afghan girl would be so beautiful. I couldn’t resist and put my lips on her choot immediately. Diya let out a loud moan when she felt my lips on her burning choot. I parted her pussy lips and licked her inner lips and her little pink clit. I put my mouth on her clit and started sucking it. She was moaning so loudly and her whole body was shaking with lust and after 2, 3 minutes, I felt her body started stiffening and she grabbed my hairs and started shaking her hips against my mouth wildly. She was saying, “Oh haan Fardi bhai, chato meri choot ko. Iss ne aapkay payare honton ka kai saal intezar kiya hai, yeh choot bhi meri terhan aapkay payar kay liye tarapti rahe hai, isski payas bujha do aaj, jee bhat kay choso aur chato isse, aahhhhhhh, haaan Fardi bhai, mera love juice nikalne wala hai, pi lo isse, meray payar ka tohfa samajh kar pi lo meri jaan, I love you Fardi bhai, I love you soooooooooo much.” She was so hot and full of lust. And suddenly her back became like an arch and she gave her body few final jerks and got a thunderous orgasm. Her pussy juices were flowing freely from her hot choot to my mouth. I was busy in lapping every last drop of it. Diya was dam so tasty and her pussy juices smelled so good and erotic. I got up and came on top of her and started kissing her again. She was still breathing heavily and hungrily licking her own pussy juices from my face and my lips. After few minutes, she got up and immediately started pulling my short without saying a single word. My rock hard cock jumped out into the fresh air as soon as she removed my shorts. She looked at it and said, “ wowww… Fardi bhai, yeh to bohat payara hai.” I said, “abhi bhi mujhe bhai keh rahe ho Diya?” She giggled and said, “haan Fardi bhai, Bhai bolte hue sex karne ka to aur he maza hai.” And then she didn’t allow me to say anything and immediately put my rock hard cock in her mouth and started sucking its cap quite hungrily and quite perfectly. She slowly took the whole length of my cock in her mouth and was sucking it like a lollypop. I was so aroused after having this “Naked Venus” with me that within no time, I felt the pressure building in my balls and I told her. “Diya darling, meri nikalne wali hai, plz zor zor se chooso meray lund ko, yeh bhi tumahre payar kay liye payasa hai, bujha do isski bhi sari payas.“ And then my body shook and jet after jet of my hot semen started filling her beautiful mouth. Her mouth chocked and she was rapidly gulping my sperms but it was too much for her little mouth as some of my cum came out from her mouth but she collected all with her fingers and licked her fingers clean. I collapsed on her and lay there for sometime breathing heavily. We then slowly started creasing each other’s bodies after some time and then started kissing each other. After about 10 minutes, my cock started getting harder again and when she saw it, she giggled and said, “Fardi bhai, aap bohat sexy ho, aapka lund itna jaldi phair se khara hona shuru ho gaya hai.” I said, “main itna sexy nahi hoon meri jaan, Infact tum itni sexy ho keh yeh tumhare sex ki garmi se khara ho gaya hai.” She then again got up and put it in her mouth and started sucking it again. After few minutes, my cock became on its rock hard position again. I then slowly took it from her mouth, made her lye on the bed again, parted her milky white and silky thighs and sat between them. She knew what I was going to do because she got a big smile on her face and she said. “ haan Fardi bhai, daal do isse meri choot main, issi ka to intezar tha sari umer. Meri choot he isski sahe jaga hai, aapkay lund ki destination yahe hai Fardi bhai, Put it in, mujhe ab aur na tarpao, chodo apni Diya ko, maine iss din ka apne bachpan say lay kar ab tak bohat intezar kiya hai. Ab mujh se aur intezar nahi ho raha. Plz aur na tarpao apni jaanu ko.” How could I deny her request so I opened her still wet pussy lips with my 2 fingers and put the tip of my rock hard cock on the gate of heaven. I suddenly asked her, “Diya, are you a virgin?” She said ” Aapko kya lagta hai”. Then I replied “Mera dimag kehta hai nahin per dil kehta hai haan”. Upon this she said ” Apne dimag aur dil, dono main mujhe basa lo, mujhe payar karo Fardi bhai, chodo mujhe, daal do apna lund meri payasi choot main, for heaven sake fuck me”. And with that, I pushed my cock forward and the fat crown of my erect cock slipped inside her choot. She was quite a bit tight. I gave the second thrust and my whole shaft went straight inside her hot and slippery choot. I came to know that she was not a virgin because I didn’t find any hymen inside but she was so tight and my shaft filled her whole pussy and the tip of my cock was hitting her womb. She let out a loud moan and as I lyed on her, she hugged me with both of her arms and put her both creamy legs around my hips. I kissed her lips and said, “So my Diya jaanu is an experienced young lady.” She gave me a smile and said, sab bata doon gi, pehlay mujhe jee bhar kay chodo Fardi bhai.” I then slowly withdrew my whole cock from her cute little choot till my tip and then I ram it again in her with full force this time. She started moaning now quite loudly and I began to fuck this little Afghan princess, first quite slowly and steadily and then gradually after some time, I increased my pace. I placed my mouth on her boobs and sucked both of her hard erect nipples one by one. She was so hot that time that she was rubbing my back quite hungrily and saying lot of dirty words. “ ohhhhh Fardi bhai, tum behanchod ho, mujhe apni behan bhi kehte ho aur mujhe chod bhi rahe ho, haaaaaan chodo apni behan ko , apnay dost ki behan ko, ahhhhhh, iss ik lamhe kay liye to maine apni pori umer intezar kiya hay, jitna dil chahe mujhe chodo, tum meray sab kuch ho, meri jaan, mera payar, mera sab kuch, maine aapkay iss payar ka zindagi bhar intezar kiya hai, aaj pore kar do meray sare khoab, chod do mujhe aur bana do mujhe apne bachay ki maa, I love you so much Fardi bhai ohhhhh lagta hai main phair se chootne wali hoon, aapkay payar main itni garmi hai keh main phair se pighal rahe hoon, zor se dhakay lagao Fardi bhai,Chodo apnay payray say dost ki payari se behna ko. Apni randi bana kar chodo, dil khol kar zana karo meray saath, meri zindagi ki sab se bari khoahish he yahe thi keh main aap kay saath zana karoon.” Her words made me so hot and I started fucking her with full force. After few minutes, I felt that the grip of her pussy is getting tighter and tighter on my cock and now her pussy was milking my cock quite forcefully. I felt that my own climax was on the edge. I told her, “Ohhhhh Diya meri jaan, meri dil chahta hai keh main apni sari zindagi aise he guzar doon, tumhare khoobsurti mujhe pagal kar rahe hai, main chootne laga hoon, tumhari choot ne meray lund ko pakar liya hai Diya, meri mani nikalne wali hai, mujhe lund bahar nikalne do werna tum pregnant ho jao gi jaanu.” She was too out of control and on the edge of climax too, she just tighten the grip of her legs on my hips and said, “Ho jane do mujhe pregnant, who bacha bhi to aapka he ho ga na, jaisay aap meri jaan ho waise he who bhi meri jaan ho ga, I don’t care, just come inside my choot, fill me… uuuuunnnnnhhhhh” With that, she bounced her hips couple of times with my now very fast and very hard thrusts and suddenly her pussy gripped my cock quite forcefully and she started to cum. That was enough for me, I gave her one final jerk and buried my cock as deep as I could inside her hot and wet choot, my cock touched her womb’s gate and a flood of cum oozed from my cock and started filling her little choot. We both hugged each other tightly and were moaning loudly. My cum was so much for her little choot as it was leaking out from her love hole and was making a big patch on the bed sheets. We stay there in the same position for some time collecting our breaths. Then I slowly got up from her and took my semi hard cock from her sweet choot. A strange sound came up as I took my cock out of her choot like some one sucked it once more. Diya smiled and kissed me again and said, “I love you Fardi bhai”. “BHAI ? kya ho gaya hai tumko Diya, tum mujhe sirf Fardi nahi keh sakteen?” She smiled and said nothing. And then she saw my semi hard cock and immediately took it into her little white hands, looked it with eyes full of love and said.

“My God! Fardi bhai, AApka lund to Bhaiya se bhi bada hai”.

“Kyaaaa kahaaaa??????? I shouted “Diya tumko kaise pata keh mera lund Nomi kay lund se bara hai?” I asked her in a shaking voice.”

“Iss liye kyoun keh yeh roz mera lund apni choot main laite hai.” A familiar voice came out from the door and when I saw there, I got the shock of my life because he was none other then, but Noman himself, standing stark naked in the middle of the open door. His eyes were red with lust and his cock was fully erect with some precum on its tip. He must be watching the show for quite a long time. He looked so much aroused. I went so embarrassed that I immediately covered my body with the blanket. He straight came into the room. Diya was smiling after watching my condition. Noman went near his own little sister’s naked body, parted her milky white and creamy thighs and in no time, started licking her pussy which was already filled with my and her cum.

Dear friends, I never believed that Incest really exists, atleast in our society. Before that I thought that this was just in the stories but now I was watching with my own eyes that my best old buddy was licking his own younger sister’s choot. Then within no time, Noman lyed on the bed and they got into the 69 position right beside me. Diya came on him and put her wet choot on his face and started sucking her own big brother’s hard erection. I became so much horny by watching them doing such act. My mind was spinning with disbelief and lust and my cock again got hard inside the blanket. Nomi then put Diya aside, looked towards me and said, “ Daikho Fardi, main tumko kuch batana chahta hoon, I don’t know what you think but yes we do fuck each other. Please be open-minded. Aur haan! Diya humesha se tumhare saath mentally attatched thi aur jab se humne yeh sab kuch karna shuru kiya hai, who aksar chudai kay waqt tumahra naam laite thi aur even kabhi to yeh imagine karti thi keh ussko main nahi, balkeh tum chod rahe ho…. Aur jab main tumse mila aur maine wapas aa kar yeh sab Diya ko bataya to uss ne mujh se request ki keh usse tumhare aur meray saath 3some sex karna hai. Tab maine soch liya keh apni payari behna ki yeh khoahish main zaroor pori karoon ga aur jab Diya yahaan aaye thi to main bhi usskay saath he tha, laiken main bahar he ruk gaya aur key hole se sab kuch daikhne laga, aur jab tum donon ne chudai shuru ki to main control nahi kar saka aur apne kapre utar kar ander aa gaya. Ab please Diya ki yeh 3some wali khoahish bhi pori kar do” I looked towards Diya and saw a shy smile on her face. I was so aroused after listening this and so I put off the blanket and came towards Diya and started kissing her and put my hand on her choot and inserted one finger inside her love hole. Noman saw my hard cock and said in excitement.” Wah yaara, tera lund to bohat mota aur hard hai, I must say keh meri behna ki choice bare zabardast hai.” And he slowly started stroking my cock and in the mean time Diya was stroking her own brother’s cock. All of us were on our knees. Playing with each other’s sex organs. After some time, they both made me lye on the bed on my back and Diya came up on me. Nomi suddenly got up and went towards the washroom. Diya’s face was towards me, and then she raised her hips a little, held my hard throbbing cock in her small hand and guided it towards her lovely choot. She adjusted the swelling crown of my cock on her choot hole and sat on it slowly, Her choot engulfed my whole erection. She then lyed on me, put her lips on mine and started kissing me with passion and her cute perfect milky white hips were started moving up and down slowly on my shaft. Within a minute, I saw Nomi on the washroom’s door. He had a bottle of baby oil in his hands. He gave me a smile and said. “ Chal Fardi, aaj tu daikh kaisay ik bhai apni payari si behna ko chodta hay.” He put some oil in his hands and rubbed it on his hard cock. He then came up on the bed and sat behind Diya’s ass. I understood his intentions and said. “ Daikh Nomi, Diya ko bohat dard ho ga ager tu ne isski gaand main apna lund ghusaya to, koi uth na jaye iss ki cheekhain sun kar?” He laughed and said, “ Meri jaan Fardi, meri payari behna ne bohat dafa mera lund apni gaand main liya hay, isse kuch nahi ho ga, aur tu fiker na kar, Mom, Dad ka bedroom ground floor per hay, aur dosra yeh keh woh aaj totally drunk thay issliye who kal dopehar se pehlay nahi uthen gay.” On the mean time, Diya was now fucking me with full long and steady strokes while licking my whole face with her tongue. Nomi then hold her hips in his hands and stopped her motions. He then poured lot of baby oil on her ass hole and some more on his cock. He then inserted his cock slowly in her ass. Diya moaned loudly and the grip of her choot getting tighter on my deeply buried shaft. I felt Nomi’s cock slowly entering in Diya’s gaand and then in few seconds, he managed to insert his full length inside his sister ass and then he immediately started giving her very slow but long thrusts. My cock could feel his cock moving inside her ass through the thin layer of flesh, which was parting her ass hole and her pussy. It was so sensational for me, I never felt such pleasure before in my life and having 3some with that cute brother and sister was so arousing for me. She was on top of me and her perfect boobs were hanging just above my face. I grabbed them in my hands and kissed them one by one and simultaneously gave her choot some strong jerks with my hard cock from underneath. Noman was now fucking his sister’s ass like a dog from above and even though it was a winter season, we all were sweating heavily with the sexual heat. Diya was moaning quite rapidly now. ”Ahhhh chodo apni payari behna ko… ohhhhhuuhhh koi daikhe ga to kya kahe ga keh kaisay ik saga bhai aur ik monh bola bhai apni 8 saal choti behna ko chod rahe hain…. Ahhhhh chodo Nomi bhai, phar do meri gaand, Ohhhh Fardi bhai, phar do meri choot ko, shabashhhh meray shero, chodo mujhe…uuugggghhhhh.” She was out of control with lust and with her, Nomi and I was also coming closer and closer towards our climax, It was Noman who first grunted and pushed his cock deep inside Diya’s ass hole, My cock felt his cock swelled to its maximum, and then I felt his body was shaking and jerking, He was coming inside his little sister’s ass. Then he got up and felt on the huge double bed beside us. Diya and I was on the edge too, she started fucking me with full force and lust and then her pussy gripped my cock and milked it as she forcefully pushed down her pussy over my cock. My cock gave her pussy a natural response, it swelled and we both came simultaneously. Our bodies were shivering with lust. After that, she got off from me, almost breathless and lyed between Nomi and me. She was the best example of a pure hardcore lovemaking that time. Her beautiful legs were fully parted and both her ass and pussy were filled with our sperms and our love juices were leaking from both of her hot luscious holes. Then after sometimes, we started talking and then they told me how they started that incest love affair. But I will tell you about that in detail in my next story. We then fucked the whole night and after that, they both left the room and I went to sleep naked like a tired horse. We fucked countless times in between the next whole week.

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