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Afghan Beauty (Part 2)

  • desipapa
  • September 18, 2015

Hello dear desipapa readers, its me Fardeen again with another great experience of mine.

First of all, I should tell you that all the names I used in this story and all other previous stories were totally fictitious for the privacy reasons. For new readers, let me give you my brief introduction, I m a 26 years old guy, 5feet 10 in height and have a good physique. I am from the city of lights, Karachi, Pakistan. I m a bachelor and currently working in MNC here in Karachi. As I promised you before in my last story (Afghan Beauty) Story #1813, it is on Story page #43 and if you haven’t read it yet then you should read it first either by browsing that Story page manually or by clicking the following link.

I m going to tell you in detail about how my friend Noman and his sister Diya started their sex life. It’s a lengthy but real story of family incest and I know, anyone who read it (male or female, it doesn’t matter) would definitely take off his or her undergarments and masturbate then and there. But I think I should tell you exactly in Noman’s own words so you all will enjoy it more.

Now I think it’s enough and we should listen what Noman is saying.

I m Noman, 26 years old guy from Islamabad. I m 5 feet 8 tall, have very muscular and strong body due to the regular exercise and quite good looking as you know I belong to an Afghan family so I got these good looking features in heredity. I m currently working in a foreign bank in Islamabad. I belong to an ultra modern family including my Dad Mr. Saleem Khan who is a high ranked civil servant and a very smart guy 51 years old, My Mom Mrs. Naina saleem Khan, 45 years old, she is still a stunning beauty and has very attractive figure due to the regular workout and hardly looks like in her 30’s. She is a housewife and a part time social worker and my little sister Diya Khan who is 18 years old and student of 1st year BCS.

As I told you before that I belong to an ultra modern family, so watching exposed female body parts and other stuff like watching them even in their undergarments has not been a big deal for me and was quite usual as my Mom and my 2 Aunties (My Dad’s sisters, they both are married now) used to swim in our swimming pool almost daily in their most reviling bikinis and they were also quite careless about their dresses as they all used to roam in the house in their very thin nighties but my real sex life started when I went to UK for studies. There I introduced to sex by my few friends some of them were local English guys and girls and with them, I really enjoyed sex and found the depth of sexual pleasure and knew lot of techniques about how to satisfy a woman really and because of that, my sexual urge grew day by day and all my girlfriends called me like Stud or sexy boy or like that. I myself think sometime that I m much more horny and sex hungry then an average man. At the time I left to UK, my sister Diya was just 10 years old, very skinny and not more then a kid. I never thought about her before but when I came back after almost 6 years, I saw a very beautiful young lady with my parents at the airport. I got really stunned because she was Diya, My God, in those 6 years; she really turned into a breath taking beauty. She was just looking like the younger version of my Mom. At that time, Diya was wearing skintight black jeans and skin tight black t-shirt and her dress color was doing magic on her pinkish white complexion and with her beautifully dyed hips length blonde hairs, and a real hour glass figure, she was looking more like a fairy then a human. Almost everyone was looking at her with appreciation in his or her eyes. I just shook my head after few seconds because she was after all my real little sister and I shouldn’t think about her in that way so I met my parents and Diya. Diya immediately hugged me by saying “Oh Bhaiya, I Miss you so much” and she kissed me on my cheek. I again felt that sensation this time more strongly as I felt her naturally pink lips on my cheeks and the touch of her beautiful little breasts on my chest was driving me crazy. I felt my cock was hardening in my pants and I immediately parted her as I didn’t want to embarrassed her but I myself was quite embarrassed because I knew, what I was thinking was just a taboo and a real sin. She was my sister and I shouldn’t think like that about her so I shook my head again and started talking with my Mom and Dad. We then came home and Diya showed me my already decorated bedroom, she then suddenly kissed me again on my cheeks and after saying, “have a nice day Bhaiya” she left the room. I took shower and then I went to the Terrace to dry my hairs. The swimming pool was right in front of me. Suddenly I saw Diya, She was just come out, and she was in her bath gown. She saw me standing up there and gave me a smile and in reply, I shook my hand in the air. She then slowly took her bath gown off and again I felt shiver in my spine. My cute little 16-year-old sister was just in her 2 piece pink bikini. Her bikini was so small and hardly covering her beautiful boobs and full-grown hips. I again got embarrassed when I saw that my cock was making a tent pole in my loose shorts and when I looked at her again, she gave me another smile and dived into the pool. This time, her smile was different and meaningful, I thought but again I shook my head, cursed myself and went inside.

At dinner, I saw only Diya on the table. She told me that Mom and Dad went to a party tonight and will be back late so we both started taking our dinner. After the dinner when she was giving me soft drink, the glass accidentally felt from her hands and all the cold drink felt on my lower chest, abdomen and thighs. She immediately took the tissue papers and started to whip it clean. She was so embarrassed and continuously saying “sorry bhaiya, maine intentionally aisa nahi kiya” I said its okay, leave it, I will do it my self, but she was continuously doing that. At that time, she was again so close to me. Her body odor was driving me mad and so my dick again got erect in my pants. She innocently touched my crotch with the tissue paper and started cleaning the area. But I m sure she felt my erection because she immediately took her hands off from there and I got so embarrassed. So was she. We both sit there without saying anything but then I controlled myself and broke the ice and started talking with her to avoid that incident. She became normal immediately and again came back to her natural mood. We both talked for a while and then we went to our respected rooms. Our rooms were upstairs side by side. I tried to sleep but I couldn’t as despite of all my efforts, I again and again started thinking about her body, which I saw at the swimming pool. I knew that it was a real sin but despite of avoiding such, my mind was going again and again towards her. It was nearly midnight but I was sleepless so I then decided to go down stairs into the lawn and smoke few cigarettes. I then slowly came out of my room and was going towards the stairs when suddenly I heard some noise. It came out from Diya’s room. I was surprised first that she was still awake so I without making any noise went to her door. Her door was slightly open and some very slow noises were coming out from inside. I went nearer and tried to hear. A sudden shiver ran into my spine as I heard those sounds, this time quite clearly and my mind was literally spinning because all my experiences were telling me that these noises are the sounds of moaning. A female was moaning inside. My heart started beating at 100 MPH. I was still undecided what to do, but I had to check so I slowly open the door and crept in.  Her bedroom lights were off and the room was filled with the dim blue light, which is coming out from the night bulb. There was a big double bed in her room and when I looked towards that, my legs were literally started shivering because what I was watching, was unbelievable.

My cute little 16 years old sister Diya was lying there totally naked, Her eyes were tightly shut, her legs were fully parted, she was moaning quite heavily now and rubbing her cute and hairless pussy quite speedily. I myself was so excited and my dick became rock hard in my shorts and there was nothing but only lust in my mind. I was totally lost in Diya’s stunning naked beauty. Within no time, her body started shivering uncontrollably and then suddenly she let out a loud moan and came in front of me. Her pussy juices were leaking quite rapidly now. Her eyes were tightly shut and she was breathing heavily. I couldn’t control myself. I immediately took off all my cloths and sat between her thighs. Her beautiful glistening and cute pussy was in front of me and the room was filled with female sexual aroma, which was directly coming out from her pussy. I lost all my patience and put my lips on her heavenly smelling little honey pot and started licking her pussy juices.

Ummmmm yummy, She tasted like honey. I was busy in lapping her juices when suddenly she opened her eyes and looked towards me. She immediately shouted.

“Bhaiyaaaaaaaaa yeh tum kya kar rahe ho?????”

“Tumhara ras pi raha hoon payari behna jo tum ne abhi nikala hay.” I said.

She tried to shut her legs but she was not as powerful as me and so I grabbed her legs tightly and kept open them by force and was continuously licking her sweet hole. She was totally helpless. She again said, “Bhaiya choro mujhe werna main shor karoon gi.” I said, “Payari behna, kya kaho gi ager Mom ya Dad main se koi upper aa bhi gaya to? Kya yeh kaho gi keh main apni pussy main finger kar rahe thi to bhaiya ne aa ker mujhe pakar liya?.”

She was helpless, She said “Bhaiya yeh ghalat hay, main aapki choti behan hoon, aap yeh sab kuch nahi kar saktay meray saath, yeh gunah hay.” But at the same time I felt that she has stopped resisting me and I felt that her body was getting hotter and hotter slowly. I said “Diya meri jaanu behna, hum to bohat modern behan bhai hain na, try to understand there is nothing wrong in it. Main aur kuch nahi karoon ga tumhari marzi kay baghair, bas thori dair kay baad chala jaon ga iss liye stop shouting.” Diya was now breathing heavily and she said, “Bhaiya mujhe fuck karwane se bohat dar lagta hay, meri friend keh rahe thi keh fuck karwane se choot phat jate hay.” I laughed and said, “Nahi meri choti si behna, tumhari friend aise he keh rahe thi, kuch bhi nahi hota choot main lund dalne se, daikho yahaan se to pora bacha bahar aa jata hai, lund to uss se bohat chota hota hay but main tumko fuck nahi karoon ga ager tum nahi chaho gi to, bas hum aise he ik dosray ki bodies se khailte rahen gay.”

After listening it, she got a bit relax and as I was continuously licking her pussy so naturally she was getting more and more aroused. She then started moaning, “Oh haan bhaiya, please chaato meri choot ko, bara maza aa raha hay. Aaaahhhhhhhhh, aur tez chaato, aur speed main, aahhhhhh bhaiya, meri jaan nikal rahe hayyyy, please chaato meri choot ko, ahhhhhhhhhhh, bhaiya meri nikalne wali hayyyy.”

I felt that she was about to cum and then suddenly I stopped licking her pussy and came upwards between her lovely legs. She was begging me to lick her and made her cum but I ignored her all requests because I knew that it’s the time when she soon offer me to fuck her and so I climbed right on top of her and started kissing her soft pink lips. She immediately hugged me tightly and was responding my kisses fully. She tried to put one hand on her pussy but I took it away. She was quite near to her climax but helpless because she couldn’t get it straight. I then slowly started rubbing my iron hard cock on her pussy lips and her moans were growing louder and louder she badly needed some hard rubbing there but my motions were very slow. I parted my lips from hers and then asked her, “Diya jaanu, Ander daal doon?” She shouted breathlessly.

“Haan Bhaiya, daal do issko meri choot main, ohhhhhh main kahaan jaon, mujhe tumne kaheen ka nahi chora bhaiya, mujhe chutne bhi nahi daite ho, chodo mujhe phar do meri choot ko, yahe chahte ho na tum, main bhi yahe chahti hoon, chodo mujhe bhaiya, ab dalo bhi ander, main mar jaon gi, please jaldi dalo.”

Her pussy was so wet so I put my cock on the heaven’s gate and pushed a little. She let out a loud moan and said. “Aahista bhaiya, mujhe dard ho raha hay.”

I said don’t worry, in the beginning, it will pain a little but after that you will enjoy a lot. I then gave her another jerk and half of my cock went inside and stuck with something. It was her hymen. So my little sister was a virgin till then. She was moaning loudly as she was having lot of pain and with that, she was also on the edge of a thunderous climax. I slowly pulled my cock back and forward couple of times. I was fucking her with half of my cock. In the 3rd push, I felt that her body started shaking uncontrollably and I knew she was about to explode, so I took a deep breath, put my mouth on hers and with that I gave her a one final and the strongest push. My cock broke her hymen and buried deep inside her pussy. At the same time, She got her orgasm, She let out a loud moan again, this time, mixed with pain and pleasure and I felt a volcano of cum inside her pussy. I immediately started fucking her with long and steady strokes. She hugged me tightly. She was moaning so much. “Hye bhaiya, tum bohat bure ho, meri choot phar di na tumne, yahe chahte thay na tum, kaise bhai ho tum , Behanchod apni choti si behan ko bhi nahi chora, ussko bhi chod diya tumne…Oh bhaiya, chodo apni behna ko , ummmmm maza aa raha hay…. Please zor se chodo, hye bhaiya, mujhe lagta hay main phair se chutne lagi hoon..ahhhhhhhh chodo na bhaiya, uuugghhhhh faster , yes deeper and faster, oh yes like that. Oh I love u bhaiya.”

She was uncontrollable and so was I. I was also on the edge of my climax as I felt my sister’s pussy again started gripping and milking my cock. I increased my speed to its maximum. She was giving me the same natural response from below. Suddenly I felt that her pussy almost caught my cock and she came. That feeling was too much for me. My girlfriends called me Stud but at that time, I was feeling totally helpless while fucking my own little sister as I gave her another hard push, one last time, and buried my cock deep inside her pussy and then my gun started to shoot the seed of life, deep inside my own little sister’s preteen cunt. We both hugged tightly, her legs were tightly clutched on my butts and her hands were on my back. We both were moaning loudly and sweating heavily. We were almost breathless. When our orgasm subsided, I slowly came off from her and lyed beside her. There were some blood on her bed sheets, her pussy and my cock was also covered with blood. She saw me and said, “Ufffffff Bhiya! Yeh tumne kya kiya?  tumne to meri choot bilkul he phar di hay, daikho kitna blood nikla hai.”

I was so embarrassed because I knew what we both did moments ago was totally a sin. So I was thinking about how to talk with Diya and how to made her comfortable. Then after few minutes I heard her voice but surprisingly she was so calm, she said, “Mujhe pata tha bhaiya keh jab aap wapas aao gay to main aapko achi lagoon gi aur issi liye maine woh tight jeans aur t-shirt pehni thi, aur phair mujhe pata chal gaya jab aap mujhe swimming karte daikh rahe thay to aapka lund kaise khara ho gaya tha aur jab maine aapkay kapron per soft drink girai to aap kaise react karne lagay thay.” And after saying that, she giggled. I was totally shocked. So actually my sweet little 16-year-old sister seduced me. Oh God, I said, “Diya, tum pehlay to aise na theen, phair yeh tumko kya ho gaya achanak se?” she giggled and said, “Bhaiya, ager tum itne horny ho to main kyoun nahi hoon gi, after all our blood is same aur phair jab se mujhe meri friend soniya ne bataya tha keh who aur usska bhai sex karte hain to mujhe yaqeen nahi aaya laiken phair ussne mujhe net per bohat sari incest stories dikhaen aur phair maine socha keh yeh sab se safe tareeqa hay sex ka, kyoun keh ager main bahar kissi larkay kay saath yeh karwati to uss main blackmailing say lay kar pregnancy tak bohat sare problems thay. Aur ager tum aaj mujhe na kate to main soniya kay bhai se karwa laite because ab mujh se aur apni choot main ungliyaan nahi li jate, din main 5, 6 dafa finger fuck karne kay baad bhi mujhe sahe satisfaction nahi milti hai”.

I was totally shocked and totally lost because what my sweet little sister was saying, was too much for me. I never ever imagine before that my innocent little sister would be that much sex hungry from inside. I forgot all the guilt and hugged her immediately, kissed her sweet and perfect pink lips and said. “I love you payari behna”. She smiled and said, “I love you too my sweet bhaiya”. And we again started rubbing eachother’s bodies. I then said, “daikho Diya, meri jaan, aainda kissi aur se chudwane ka sochna bhi nahi, soniya kay bhai se bhi nahi, yeh baat ghar main he rehni chahiye werna tum badnaam ho jao gi, jab bhi tumko feel ho keh tum horny ho, tum meray room main aajana, I will love to fuck you always my darling little sister. And yes, mind it, humare iss new relationship ka kissi ko bhi nahi batana, Soniya ko bhi nahi, Ok?” OK, She said with a naughty smile and we then hugged each other again and slowly played with each other. We fucked 3 more times that night and then I went back to my room.

We kept doing that for the next 2 months. Diya became so much perfect in sex till then and some times I used to fuck her 2, 3 times a day because of her sex hunger. One afternoon, we both were busy in fucking each other like rabbits in my bedroom. We both were quite careless because our dad was on an official trip to Europe and Mom went to a social meeting. I was lying on my bed on my beck and Diya was riding on my dick facing me and her back was towards the door. I was playing with her boobs. Soon we became the edge of our climax and came simultaneously. She fell on me and we both were kissing each other.

Suddenly we heard a shout from the door side. “Oh my God, what the hell you both are doing?”

We both were stunned because the voice was our mom’s and immediately Diya and I hugged each other in embarrassment. Our Mom was standing between the half open door, her eyes were wide open and she was shivering with anger and surprise. I immediately pulled the bed sheets on our naked bodies. We both were totally speechless. Mom suddenly turned and walked away and slammed the door behind her.

Diya was crying. I calmed her down and said, “Daikho Diya jo kuch hona tha woh to ho gaya, ab tum rona band karo aur mujhe sochne do keh humko kya karna hay.” She said, “bhaiya ab main Mom ko face kaise karoon gi? She will never forgive us.”

I said don’t worry and I will talk with her. She was still upset. She then managed to get up from my bed with shivering legs, put on her dress and went away.

I then decided to talk with Mom and got up slowly, put on the cloths and went to her room. I knocked the door and then heard her lost voice. “Come in”. I slowly went inside.

She said, “ Shut the door Nomi.” Her face was puzzled. She said in a slow voice.

“Do you know Nomi what you and your little sister was doing moments ago?”

I was quite confident till now. The 2 months old love affair with my own little sister made me quite bold and brave. I said, “I don’t know Mom, but we both love each other so much.”

Then she took a deep breath and started saying.

“Look Nomi, I am your mother and it is my duty to tell you between right and wrong. What you are doing is wrong, totally wrong. If you love somebody it does not mean that you can have sex with that somebody. I know that you love me but does that mean that you would like to have sex with me.”

Her voice sounded a little different so after watching her comparatively polite attitude, I went bolder and said, “Look Mom, I know that you could have thrown me out of the house for what I have done which you did not and I am thankful for that. You know that ours is a strict society and it is not permitted, it’s totally a sin and I know it but I want to confess that I do not feel it is wrong.”

My Mom looked at me. She said, “You are very bold, are you not afraid of what you are saying?, Ohhhhhh ab mujhe pata chala keh yeh instincts tumhare aur Diya kay ander kahaan se aayeen hain, Suno Nomi, Jo yeh sab kuch tum aur Diya kar rahe ho waisa  incestuous act main aur tumahri dono Aunties apni pori jawani karte rahe hain but it was a pure lesbian act and not at all dangerous because we didn’t have the fear of pregnancy. Aur tumne kabhi socha keh ager Diya tumse pregnant ho gai to? “Nomi, I think you can do what you want but u should learn about safe sex” She Smiled and then without waiting for my answer she said, “Come over here.”

I was really in shock about what my Mom just told me about her relationship with my Aunties, I walked towards my mother with empty mind and stood in front of her. Without any hesitation, Mom opened the zipper of my pants and pulled out my cock. She took it in her hand and looked up at me and smiled. “You have a lovely cock. Nomi, tumhara lund to tumhare baap se bhi bara aur mota hai, I went so much horny and as she gave my cock a few jerks, it started to stiff even more. My Mom was trembling with desire. My cock grew fully erect to it maximum. It was long and thick, Mom then asked, “Do you like what I am doing.”

“Don’t know,” I stuttered.

My Mom pulled down my pants and I shrugged them off. Then she pointed to my shirt and in one sweep I took it off. Mom looked at my naked body and gave me a killer smile and said, “You have grown up into a beautiful young man Nomi.” Then she extended her hand and took hold of my throbbing cock and then sliding her hand down she lightly grabbed my balls.

“Now I know why Diya is crazy about you. You have everything to please a woman.”

My throat went dry of anticipation. I swallowed hard and looked at Mom with disbelief then she said with lusty voice. “Nomi, Do you want to see me naked?”

I could not believe my ears. I had dreamed about watching her naked a lot when she swim in the pool with her very thin 2 piece bikini.

I said, “That’s the best thing that will ever happen to me Mom.”

“Hay Sheeeshhh, now don’t call me Mom you rascal, call me Naina.” With a lustful smile she said. I smiled and immediately kissed her on her cheeks and said, “Oh Naina, you are really so pretty.” Mom smiled and took of her clothes without any hesitation. I gazed at her big but perfectly shaped breasts and then to my eyes trailed to her pubes. They were dense but her pussy outline was quite visible. There she was, my beautiful and sexy Mom, Her body was perfectly in shape. She had a breath taking figure of 38D-30-40 a little plump but I m sure she could drive any man crazy.

“Do you like what you see,” she asked me and my answer was not in words, I was totally out of control till then and then I immediately hugged her and started licking her whole face, ears and neck. I then took both of her huge boobs in my hands and started sucking them one by one. Her inch long nipples were so hot and erect. My Mom was getting hotter, while I was busy sucking her boobs she took my iron hard cock in her hand and started rubbing it. When I released her boobs, I was on the verge of orgasm because her hands were doing magic on my cock. I then took her hand off from my cock and laid her on the bed. I then parted her milky white, full grown and heavy legs and immediately took my mouth on the whole from where I came into this world 26 years ago. She let out a loud moan and said, “Oh yes baby, welcome home.” I began to kiss her choot, my birthplace with lot of love and care, her pussy juices were running wildly and her body was burning with desire. She was shivering with lust and moaning quite heavily, “Ohhhh Nomi, Meri jaan, kha ja apni Mom ki choot ko, aaahhhhh you basterd lick my choot, your mom’s choot. Yaheen se to tu iss duniya main aaya tha motherchod, chaat issko, pi ja apni Mom ka sab love juice, ohhhh main chootne lage hoon Nomi, jaan lick it, uuuuggghhhhhh suck my clit, oh yes baby, that’s it, suck me.”

Within few seconds, her body began tightening and with a loud moan, she came on my mouth. I never saw such quantity of female cum before. My Mom was definitely a sex bomb because she came like a little waterfall. I drank all her pussy juices and licked her choot clean. She asked me to come up and she hungrily kissed me and licked her choot ras from my moth. We kissed each other for quite a while and then she parted her legs few more and guided my rock hard cock into her choot. I immediately understood her intentions and helped her to insert my cock into my birthplace. Mom’s pussy was quite tight for my cock. I pushed harder and she moaned. “Ohhh Nomi, Your cock is quite bigger, Oh dear, you know 26 saal pehlay tum issi hole se iss duniya main aaye thay aur aaj yahe hole tumhare lund kay liye chota par raha hay. Zor se ander daal meray bachay, don’t worry, teri Mom ki choot bohat flexible hay, isse kuch nahi ho ga, dal day apna lund iss main, chod apni Mom ko, You motherchood, fuck me. Fuck your Mom.”

Her words made me mad and I pulled back a little then with my full force, I buried my full length deep inside her hot and slippery but quite tight choot. She let out another loud moan but I didn’t care and immediately started giving her long and hard thrusts. We fucked for 10 odd minutes with full force. Mom’s breaths became quite heavier suddenly and I myself was so aroused and I knew that I would shoot my load anytime. I was fucking her wildly and she was fully cooperating from underneath and pushing her huge milky white hips with the rhythm. We both were sweating heavily and both were moaning quite loudly. She was saying, “Oh Nomi, meri jaan chod, aur zor se chod apni Mom ko, oohhhhhh dear, I m gonna cum soon honey, make me cum my son, fuck me harder, harder darling oh yes, like that, yes fuck me.” I was on the edge too, I said, Naina, meri jaan, “mujhe ab lund bahar nikalne do werna kaheen bacha na ho jaye.” Her body was moving uncontrollabaly till now, mom was moaning heavily, She said with a voice full of lust. “Ohhhh Nomi, Just don’t worry babe, come inside Momy. I m on pills”

Her words made me so hot and my speed were so fast till then, I felt her body tightening and she put both of her legs on my butts and gripped me quite hard and she came. Her whole body was jerking and her cunt was milking my burning rod. I couldn’t control myself and pushed my cock deeper in her and with that, my cock shoot up a huge load of cum inside her womb. In the same place from where I had born. My cock was continuously filling her cunt. We were hugging each other tightly and sweating heavily.

And then I heard a giggle behind us. “Nice show Mom and bhaiya, you rascal, tumne Mom ko bhi nahi chora.” She was Diya, standing at the edge of the bed, her hand was in her shalwar and her face was full of lust. Mom and I saw each other and smiled and then mom threw her arms towards Diya. “aaja meri bachi, Apni Mom kay pass.” Diya giggled. She immediately took off all her cloths and jumped into the bed.

Dear friends! Noman’s story was quite lengthy but I tried to trim it a lot. In last, Noman told me that now he, his Mom Naina and his sister Diya have become a regular sex partners and he even offer me to have sex with his beautiful and sexy mom Naina and now I m really waiting for my next trip to Islamabad as I know it would be more fun then before because this time, I will enjoy cute little Diya and her beautiful mother Naina in the same bed.

Friends, if you like this real life incident of my best friend Noman, please do send me your comments at and females (especially from Karachi), if you want a safe friendly relationship, you are most welcome. Just send me your comments on………

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