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  • desipapa
  • December 25, 2015

So already late chesesanu guys. So without any late. I would love to express everything which .I had for the time and I am reading Indian sex stories from last 1 year now. I got enough courage, to narrate my real experience.
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Everything will be remained secret as if I am maintaining yet with my sis

So here it starts I have seen after so many years at my cousins relative village for a pooja which placed wen. I was studying my high school studies at that time I was very decent enough but after seeing my cousin I was fixed to get a wife like her hope in future I may get. So this story was happened 5yrs ago. So in pooja everyone busy except me it was my exam time. I was studying busily in that village to. So for pooja everyone went to temple for 1complete whole day and the temple is too far from the village

And my beautiful cousin was also at home only because she had a cute small baby where she can’t carry her and go to the temple so she was at home only and she came near me helped me in my studies and we had a good conversation had lunch together and finally everyone returned from the temple offering their prayer at late night

So everyone slept in hall around 20 members. I slept in corner around 1 o clock I woke up because I was covering with a small blanket because I was around 5.11at that time itself so some how I managed to peep into other blanket after few mins I saw my angel in blanket I was shocked to see her beside me. I was watching her from half n hr she placed her right hand on my stomach I slept straight and placed my hand on her hand

After few mins her baby woke up and she fed her with milk and with out closing her jacket she hugged me and slept. I was literally on cloud9 and some how I turned to her direction and placed my hand on her stomach and hugged her and slept for half an hour. I was taking warm breathe. I can feel that even my body has become heat and I saw her petticoat was near her thighs. I placed my hand on her white thighs and I was trying to smell her boobs and slowly was pressing her milky boobs too meanwhile she woke up again and went to washroom I was getting scared if she had noticed about pressing her boobs but calmly she slept

I don’t know what happen she slept opposite direction and even. I slept calmly at 3 30 in early morning she turned towards me hugged tightly and even I hugged her and started kissing on her lower lips and gently we had a good french kiss I was oozed out so easily because that was for the first time and I slept and in the early hours and everyone went to farms to see the nature same me and my angel left in home so I was in deep sleep at 8 o clock when everyone left she immediately came and slept on me and she was kissing me. I was in a shock is this true which is happening if not is it a dream with out any gap she was smooching me

But I managed some how and stopped her and I asked akka idhi nijanga jarguthundha ani..I mean I this happening in real shes like no this not happening this is your dream karkey and she went to kitchen I immediately ran into bathroom and washed my face came to know yes,this is happening and washed my face and hugged her from back in kitchen room and made her to sit on a stool and was kissing her and she removed my t shirt and I removed her jacket and thrown somewhere and she was kissing my chest and I was kissing her neck thoroughly and I lifted her and took till the bedroom

I started kissing her boobs and drank all milk which came from her juicy boobs and I she took out my track and removed my cock it was wet she asked me did u masturbate just now I said I did she said I am there to do na why you did yourself idiot and she gave a erotic smile and started sucking my cock completely I placed my hand on her head making her to suck completely and she was having fun too and mean while when I was fingering her pussy it was completely wet and she asked me to suck but I was teasing her I love to tease girls especially horny.

She too started teasing me and placed my cock on her pussy and asked how good is this she said today I am going to die my husband’s is too small compared to yours she was shouting come on darling fuck me drill it with your rod and once I placed she shouted loudly and she was moaning ahhha come on baby abbbbaaa nopi haaahhh hugged me tightly and was not leaving my hand at all and I was drilling her pussy very violently petu inka inka ahhaahaa aaaaa haa aaaaa come on since it was my first sex cock was paining heavily and she was showing direction for my cock towards her fairy pussy and at 11 o clock we had our breakfast and had two more sessions afterwards everyone came from farm

We all came to hyderabad and we are having sessions secretly when her husband is not at home and she have two children’s now

So I welcome all hyderabad aunties girls unsatisfied girls and ladies

I can give one assurance lady’s you should remember my cock and the way I fuck for your rest of life and I am waiting for interesting comments and relationships from andhra pradesh

So people lemme know my mistakes since its my first story to

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