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Affair With Brahmin Mom And Daughter

  • desipapa
  • January 6, 2016

Hello everyone,am Raghu from Tamil Nadu. I am fan of Indian sex stories from my teenage. And now posting second story.Please reply feedback for stories either it is good or not. Welcoming feedback at tamilhotmate57@gmail.Com (my mail id).

This is a real story with name changed for a reason(i know many cocks in my apartment reading this story now) placed in outskirt of chennai. I recently moved to that apartment because I got a job in an industry near that area. Working hours on my plant is not based on time but with the change of shifts of engineer. There is a store in basement of apartment for the residential peoples(someone guessed apartment name am I correct). I know this after a week and going to store to checkout something there. There I saw a lady with fair complexion and just in good attracting shape. Directly I introduced myself and asking about her. She simply said therila name is janani,married and managing store for five years and has one girl studying in boarding school.She got friendly with me as am got some skills.

I asked her for egg and milk,she turned and going to the fridge. I saw her shaking ass inside a old red saree,from back side she is damn hot. Her curvy hips are visible as she wearing saree. She came back and handed me and said some money. I acted like I forgot my purse and returned my items but she asked me to take items and give money when u come in evening and she told that she is on same floor of apartment and know you are not stranger. I am happy as she noticed me and went to plant. That day my work finished at 9 and she is closing the door and I went to give money,she told to come to my flat after 10 mins as she is carrying many packs with her.

I helped her to open her flat with keys and I gone to my room.But suddenly I got something in my mind and enter into her flat and silently watched her bedroom.She dont know am here,she removed her saree my heart beat increased on see her with black blouse and petticoat,half of her milky boobs are visible through her blouse and she also removing hooks of her blouse and removed it.

She is topless infront of me and her boobs are hanging with a large black nipple and aerola,i started watering and my cock is in rock hard,she starts to search for dress in wardrobe and picked up blue nighty,i expected that she removes her petticoat but she wears nighty over that and watched the mirror and turns, I suddenly running outside from her hall and knocked door.She switch on the hall light and opened the door.

J- ulla varalamla na than lock pannalaye(hey dont you come in, door is not locked)

Me- athu eppadi nenga thaniya irupinga na thidirnu ulla vara mudiym(how can i, you are alone here) looking at her boobs.

J- ha ha ha yar sonna na inga thaniya irukenu.( blushed out and asked who told that I am here alone)

Me- oooohhhh. Yar iruka inga(who else here)

J- anga paar en husband sleeping in sofa

There I saw one middle aged man lying in sofa and sleeping and am feared and heartbeat at top speed what happens if he seen me saw her wife while changing dress. She said that he is alcoholic and I handed money and said good night and went to my room and masturbated hard and cummed huge loads on floor and fall on bed and am asleep.

After two days went without seeing her. I was walking on varanda and she came out of lift and smiling towards me and asked what are you doing. I replied am feeling bored in evening so just walked for sometimes. She told that if you are feeling bored,come to store and chat with me. I nodded my head and smiled. Suddenly her husband called her from door.

J- thanni adikalana na illama irukamudiyathu avarala nit la (he doesnt leave me if he is not drunk alcohol ,blushed and went into her house).

I am feeling sleepy and went to my flat and slept.

Next day in the evening, I went to her store and we chit chat and watching her cleavage whenever her pallu misplaced or falls.She doesn’t care about it and I always in half erect when with her. Days passed and we are close to each other.

Oneday while returning from my office I went to store,there I saw a beautiful,slim,sexy girl in chudithar with saal,i astonished with her beauty and enquired about her. She told that her name is mallika,daughter of janani ,finished school and waiting for results.She looks so innocent I planned to play with her,i asked her age,without hesitation she replied with a smile. I give my hand for shaking,she give her hand and I hold it firmly and not let it after shaking and feeling the softness. She became nervous and shiveringly told,leave my hand, I did not care about it continued holding, she repeated again and again and says it is hurting. I leave her hands and looking her into eyes she looked ground. But she stealing glances at me and I know she is easy to eat then her mother.

M- ungalukku enna venum( what you want)

Me- unta mobile iruka( do you have mobile)

M- hmmmm .. Iruku (yeah)

Me- un num kodu (give me your number)

M- (silent)

Me- kooduuu( give me number)

M- ****** (number)

I said I will call you later and went to my flat.She looked at me confused.

I called her once I refreshed myself. I told she is the beautiful girl I met.She started to like me and forget her mom because now am longing for mallika . I asked for going to movie. But she replied she afraid to come. I am insisting her too much and she finally said okay and I was overjoyed imaging that whats gonna happen in theater.

That day am going to see her in store as her mobile is not reachable. And the store was locked on front side but the light inside the store was on. I feels something fishy and entered into store from backside store room.What I seen is really shocking there my dream lady janani is laying on her back with

Her pallu is moved aside and her milky breast is out of blouse and her saree is rolled up till her stomach and her pussy and white thighs are visible and pussy has lot of hair and she has nice pussy lips. I had a huge hard on.

J- innum evlo neramda pathutu irupa seekiram vanthu eeru ( how long you gonna stare at me,come on fuck me)

Am looking at her leg, there was a slim fair young guy with only downed her pants till knee and with rock hard cock and fall on her.

She parted her legs and inviting him and he put his cock inside her pussy and start pumping by holding her breast. I was feeling irritated but want to make this situation as my advantage.I will tell that in my next post immediately.

I know time is priceless. It is real story so I want to be fulfilled correctly.Thank you for spending your valuable time. Good and bad feedbacks are welcomed at you

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