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Adventure Of A Karachiide

  • desipapa
  • August 19, 2015

Hello guys n charming gals I m SHERRY I have read a few stories of this great site and want to share mine. First of all a little about me. I am 24 yrs of age DOCTOR (just completed my MBBS from K.E Medical college Lahore) and recently moved to Karachi living in a posh area.

My father is an executive officer in a multinational and own business in London. I am 5ft 10″ tall, wheatish, with good built due to regular exercise. I am not a writer but narrating a true incident happened to me, just the names are changed and I dramatized it a bit but believe me its true . It happened when I was in my 12 grade. My cousin Faiza came from Islamabad to spend vacations for a month . She was 19 yrs that time 5ft 3″ with great wheatish white complexion. She behaved just like elder sister, we use to play all sorts of games. During our play she hug me, kiss me on the cheeks and asked me to kiss her hands or cheeks. I always hug her from the back with full body contact but nothing wrong ever came to my mind, untill 1 day. I still remember it was a very hot day of 2nd june ,me and Faiza were alone in the house , all others went out for the whole day.We watched a movie and after that she slept in my room on my bed with me.

I was unable to sleep and was thinking abt a sexy scene of the movie and playing with my dick, when all of a sudden Faiza changed her posture, and what i saw really gave me a thrill. She was lying on her back now , her dupatta on her tummy and her breasts….. wow… proudly standing high on her chest. For the first time i saw her with the eyes of a man , she really had a big pair of tits, her figure was 36-25-36 (she told me about it later) her lips were pink like rose petals , she was wearing white cotton shalwar kameez with black bra. I moved closer to her to get a clear view. Two of her top buttons were open giving a hint of her cleavage, her breasts moving up n down with breathing . I layed beside her pretending to be asleep. Than i put my right hand over her tummy to check her level of consciousness. But she didn’t move. I got some courage and started moving my hand up towrds her chest and than i put my right hand over her right breast, ooohhhh…. I still remember my first time feeling a breast. It was very firm and soft, and so big that i was unable to cover it with my palm .

I gave it a light squeeze first than with some power trying to guess the size and weight . I traced the out line of the cup of her bra thru her kameez than i moved to her other breast and gave it a hard squeeze. Now i sat beside her and put my both hands on her two tits and started molesting them , she started breathing heavily, but still pretending to be asleep. My prick was rock hard now , I started rubbing it on the side of her thigh. I bent down and kissed on her right breast thru her kameez and licked it ,than I opened my mouth and take as much of her tit in my mouth as possible .Being more confident now I open the rest of the buttons of her kameez and put my hands inside, touching skin of her tits. It was so soft, smooth, warm and silky to touch..The material of her bra was streched up to its full limits, covering less than half of her tits, her cleavage was so deep like a tunnel between two milky mountains. I traced the junction of her breast skin and bra cup. Than I fully covered her one tit with my one hand and gave it a hard squeeze, a soft moan escaped her lips. I was feeling that her nipple hardened under bra. I pinched her nipple b/w my thumb and index finger thru her bra. Now I put my fingers in her bra and tried to reach her tip of breast i.e her nipple, and at last reached my destination , her nipples were really very hard .

I tickled with it and rubbed it, and put my both hands inside her bra, her nipples were pricking my palm , I started fondling her tits skin to skin first time.I felt that her tits increased in size and swelled more. She was now moaning heavily, I knew that she was no more in deep sleep and enjoying it. I spread open her neckline and pulled it down her breasts and exposed her bra-covered tits to the open air and bent down and licked the skin of her tit above the black bra with my tongue while fondling both her tits. I was at the height of sex at that time. With my left hand still on her breast , I moved my right hand down her sexy body, on her tummy down and down…she tightly crossed her legs but i put my hand forcefully b/w her thighs on her cunt… woowww…. it was something out of this world, I cannot explain it in words. Her crotch was all wet, I rubbed it with my fingers. She took a deep sigh and moaned loudly.I took her hand and placed it on my cock thru my shorts, she gripped it tightly.I saw beads of sweat on her upper lip, I bent forward and kissed on her lips than took her lower lip in my mouth and started sucking it , with my one hand on her tits other on her pussy and her sexy fingers gripping my hard tool. I bite her lips lightly than put my tongue in her partly opened mouth.

I was in heaven , when all of a sudden unexpected thing happened, guess what..? she opened her eyes….Shit…just imagine my situation….. my lips on her lips with my tongue in her mouth, my one hand inside her bra playing with her nipples, other hand on her cunt rubbing her pussy-lips and her hand on my dick. I moved back at once, I was so ashamed that unable to look into her eyes.My dick became limp in a few seconds in my shorts. She asked loudly”What were u doing ?”I was speachless.”Come here or I will tell ur parents”. I was chilled. Her neckline was still open with her bra -covered tits exposed to air.With pounding heart I moved closer to her, she said “look at me”, I looked in her eyes,they were heavy with passion, than she looked down towards my crotch and laughed on seeing my limp dick. And than………. she took my hands , put them on her tits and gave a hard squeeze,and reached down to hold my limp tool, and said”This is what even I ‘ve been looking for” . She was now pumping my cock and it became erect in seconds. She told me that she saw her sister with her husband having sex , from that time she had a desire for real game.Saying this she started shaking my cock vigorously.

I got instant hard on and moved to kiss her . Our lips met,I started sucking her lower lip than she opened her mouth and inserted her tongue b/w my lips , our tongues were like duelling with each other, our sliva mingled and had a taste like honey .I kept on crushiing her tits like mad man over her bra than moved my right hand down to her crotch and touched her pussy it was all wet, I rubbed it with my two fingers .While kissing I took her tongue b/w my teeth , she sighed in pleasure uuuuuummmmmm and hardedned her grip on my cock. I moved down , licking her neck than her chest down to her cleavage. Than I removed her shirt and mine too. Her body was like made of ivory with a contrasting black bra.She ordered”Remove my bra and suck my tits hard” I held both her tits in my hands , unhook her bra from the back and pulled the strapes down her shouldrers and than licked her cleavage and used my tongue to remove the cups , OOOHHHHH what a pair of tits she had , perfact, big round silky white hemispheres , her areola was light brown and her nipples wwwoooowwww, boy they were big , abt an inch in length and swelling.

I grabbed both her boobs , kissed them one by one than put my head in the valley b/w those mounds . I touched her nipples with my middle finger and took it b/w thumb and fore finger, SSSSSSSSSSS a moan came out of her lips. She held me by my hairs and said “Succckkkkk it ppllzzzzzz “and forced my head towards her breast I took her lushious nipple in my mouth and started sucking it . I flicked her nipple with my tongue than opened my full mouth to take as mush of her tit flesh in it as possible, while still playing with her other tit using one hand and rubbing her pussy with other. AaAAHHHHHH OOOHHHHHH She was moaning with pleasure.” ZOOR SAY CHOOOSSSOOOO MY BOOBS ARE FOR U” I moved to her other tit and took her nipple b/w my teeth and bite it , “OOOHHHH PPPLLLLZZZZZZZ aaaahhista dont bite”. She put her one hand inside my shorts , gripped my tool and started pumping it. I licked her whole breast and made it wet my saliva and kept on sucking for about 10 min.She than pulled down my shorts , wwwoooowwww she was amazed to see it , hard like rod 6″ long and so thick and hot. , throbing and pulsating with heart beat. She gripped the shaft “IT IS TOO THICK”She got in b/w my legs , I grabbed her hair and pulled her down on to my dick and said ” TAKE IT IN UR MOUTH AND SUCK IT”.First she kissed the mushroom shaped head than licked it with her devine tongue , she licked the whole length upto the base of my cock and licked my balls , she took one ball in her mouth and suck it , than wide open her lips and took my sex tool in her mouth. First just the head gone in and than she took half of the shaft in mouth and started sucking. I was out of control , a beautiful sexy girl b/w my legs sucking my dick and me playing with her full tits.

I started making fucking movements in her mouth and pulled her by hairs forcefully to take full length , her hands squeezing my balls.. OOOOOOHHHHH YYYEEEEHHHHHHH I shouted in pleasure. She looked up in my eyes still having my dick in her mouth .After 10 min I was abt to come so I stoped her .She had lust in her eyes , she took my hands and placed it on her pussy. I understand what she wants. I opened the knots of her shalwar and freed her of it. She had a beautiful pussy cleanly shaved , she croosed her legs in embarresment , so I moved forward and kissed her on the lips , a great full sexy french kiss , pulled her legs apart with force and touched her cunt , she sighed AAAAHHH , I got b/w her legs and kissed her thighs not touching her main part .I tickled her libia with my two fingers than planted a hot kiss on her cunt lips UUUUMMNNNNNNNN I started licking her pussy , my tongue was like snake ,going in and out of her small love hole . She was moving her head wildly and moaning in ecstasy OOOOO YYYYEEESSSS SUCK IT HAAAARRRRDDD . I tickled her clit with my tongue and sucked it hard , while my both hands busy kneading her swelling tits and pinching her long nipples . She was pulling me on her cunt by my hairs, AAAAAHHH DONT STOOOOOP PLLZZZZZZ. After 15 min of great sucking I got up. She was lying on her back on the bed , I knelt b/w her legs and positioned my rock hard cock on her pussy lips , I rubbed my cock head on her libia up n down and tell her to feel the heat of my dick .

She said that she is afraid of getting pregnant and want to keep her virginity for her husband . I realised the situation but both of us were on fire and the heat of sex was almost unbearable and we had to reach orgasm so we decided for oral pleasure . I bent forward and took her lusious lips in my mouth and started sucking her tongue while exploring her boobs and pussy . she was playing with my cock and balls and pumping the shaft up and down vigorously . I than told her abt 69 position , she agreed , so I layed on my back on the bed and she got on top of me in opposite direction . she took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it while I licked her pussy and sucked her clit . It was a mind blowing experiencing of my life , sucking a cunt and getting sucked my cock at the same time. She was also licking my balls and lightly biting it. With in a few minutes we both came together. I exploded in jets in her mouth and she was almost chocked by the amount of my sperm but drank it all , and at the same time she shuddered in orgasm . she kept on sucking my cock for a few min more and squeezed my balls to draw more of my sperm. After that we both lay exhusted in each others arms , kissing and touching . It was the first and only sexual exp of my life b/c next day she went back to Islamabad , might be b/c she was ashamed of what we did , but we never did it again .The memories of that great day , each and every second are still fresh in my mind.

I am still a virgin guy . Being new in karachi , I m looking for some new friends. All the GIRLS are invited to mail me for wat ever the type of friendshiip they want . Dont feel shy, remember ” who dares wins “. I’ll give u my contact no. All the females are invited to pass their comments , mail me at

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